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Therefore behold, thus saith the Lord,

Great wars upon thy house shall be, Because thou hast my laws abhorr’d,

Much ill, be sure, I'll raise on thee.

I'll take thy wives before thy face,

And give them to thy neighbour's use; And thou thereby shall have disgrace,

For men shall laugh at thine abuse,

Then David cried out piteously,

Sore have I sinned against the Lord, Have mercy, God, therefore on me,

Let not my prayers be abhorr’d,

But as the prophet told to him,

So did it after chance indeed, For God did greatly plague his sin,

As in the Bible you may read. .

The scourge of sin thus you may see,

For murder and adultery,
Lord grant that we may warned be,

Such crying sins to shun and fly!



Whose dwelling was neere unto Bassings Hall in


To the tune of Flying Pame.

Sore sick, dear friends, long time I was,

And weakly laid in bed,
And for five hours, in all men's sight,

At length I lay as dead.

The bell rung out, my friends came in,

And I key cold was found,
Then was my carcase brought from bed

And cast upon the ground.

My loving wife did weep full sore,

And children loud did cry,
My friends did mourn, yet thus they said,

All flesh is born to die.

My winding sheet prepared was,

My grave was also made,
And five long hours, by just report

In this same case I laid.

During which time my soul did see

Such strange and fearful sights, That for to hear the same disclos'd,

Would banish all delights.

Yet sith the Lord restor’d my life,

Which from my body fled,
I will declare what sights I saw,

That time that I was dead.

Methought along a gallant green,

Where pleasant flowers sprung, I took my way, whereas I thought

The Muses sweetly sung.

The grass was sweet, the trees full fair,

And lovely to behold,
And full of fruit was every twig,

Which shin'd like glistering gold.

My cheerful heart desired much

To taste the fruit so fair :
But as I reached, a fair young man

To me did fast repair.

Touch not (quoth he) that's none of thine,

But wend and walk with me,
And see thou mark each several thing,

Which I shall show to thee:

I wonder'd greatly at his words,

Yet went with him away, Till on a goodly pleasant bank,

With him he bade me stay.

With branches then of lillies white

Mine eyes there wiped he,
When this was done he bad me look,

What I far off could see.

I looked up, and lo at last

I did a city see,
So fair a thing did never man

Behold with mortal eye!

Of diamonds, pearls, and precious stones,

It seem'd the walls were made; The houses all with beaten gold

Were tiled, and overlaid.

More brighter than the morning sun,

The light thereof did show, And

every creature in the same, Like crowned kings did go.

The fields about this city fair,

Were all with roses set,
Gilly-flowers, and carnations fair,

Which canker could not fret.

And from these fields there did proceed

The sweet’st and pleasant'st smell That ever living creature felt,

The scent did so excell.

Besides such sweet triumphant mirth,

Did from the city sound, That I therewith was ravished,

My joy did so abound.

With musick, mirth, and melody,

Princes did there embrace, And in my heart I long'd to be

Within that joyful place,

The more I gaz'd, the more I might,

The sight pleas'd me so well ; For what I saw in every thing,

My tongue can no way tell.

Then of the man I did dem

What place the same Whereas so many king

In joy and melody?

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