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And they shot for twenty pounds a bow, -
Besides great cheer they did bestow,
I never saw a gallanter show,
Except I had been at London.

York, York for my money, &c.

These matches, you shall understand,
The Earl of Essex took in hand,
Against the good Earl of Cumberland,

As if they had been at London,
And agreed these matches all shall be
For pastime and good company,
At the city of York full merrily,
As if it had been at London.

York, York for my money, &c.

In York there dwells an alderman, which
Delights in archering very much,
I never heard of any such

In all the city of London,
His name is Maltby, merry and wise,
At any pastime you can devise ;
But in shooting all his pleasure lies,
The like was never in London.

York, &c.

This Maltby, for the city's sake,
To shoot, himself, did undertake,
At any good match the Earls would make,

As well as they do at London :

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And he brought to the field with him
One Speck, an archer proper and trim,
And Smith, that shoot about the pin,
As if it had been at London.

York, York, &c.

Then came from Cumberland archers three,
Best bowmen in the north country,
I will tell you their names what they be,

Well known to the city of London:
Walmsley many a man doth know,
And Bolton how he draweth his bow,
And Ratcliffe's shooting long ago
Well known to the city of London.

York, &c.

And the noble Earl of Essex came
To the field himself to see the same,
Which shall be had for ever in fame,

As soon as I come to London :
For he shew'd himself so diligent there,
To make a mark and keep it fair,
It is worthy memory to declare
Through all the city of London.

York, &c.

And then was shooting out of cry;
The skantling at a handful nigh,
And yet the wind was very high,

As it is sometimes at London :

They clápt the clouts so on the rags, There was such betting and such brags, And gallopping up and down with nags, As if it had been. at London.

York, &c.

And never an archer gave regard, To half a bow nor half a yard, never see matches ġo more hard,

About the city of London : For fairer play was never play’d, Nor fairer lays were never laid, And a week together they kept this trade, As if it had been at London.

York, &c.

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The mayor of York, with his company,
Were all in the fields, I warrant ye,
To see good rule kept orderly,

As if it had been at London :
Which was a dutifull sight to see,
The mayor and aldermen there to be,
For the setting forth in archery,
As well as they do at London.

York, &c.

And there was neither fault nor fray,
Nor any disorder any way,
But every man did pitch and pay,

As if it had been at London :


As soon as every match was done,
Every man was paid that won,
And merrily up and down they run,
As if it had been at London.

York, &c.

And never a man that went abroad,
But thought his money well bestow'd,
And money laid on heap and load,

As if it had been at London:
And gentlemen there, so frank and free,
As a mint at York again should be,
Like shooting did I never see,
Except I had been at London.

York, &c.

At York were ambassadors three,
Of Russia lords of high degree,
This shooting they desired to see,

As if it had been at London:
And one desir'd to draw a bow,
The force and strength thereof to know,
And for his delight he drew it so,
As seldom seen in London.

York, &c.

And they did marvel very much,
There could be any archer such,
To shoot so far the clout to touch,

Which is no news at London :

And they might well consider then,
An English shaft will kill a man,
As hath been proved where and when,
And chronicled since in London.

York, &c.

to run,

The Earl of Cumberland's archers won
Two matches clear, ere all was done :
And I made haste

To carry these news to London :
And Walmsley did the upshot win,
With both the shafts so near the pin,
You could scant have put three fingers in,
As if it had been at London.

York, &c.

I pass not for my money it cost,
Though some I spent, and some I lost,
I wanted neither sod nor roast,

As if it had been at London :
For there was plenty of every thing,
Red and fallow deer for the king,
I never saw so merry a shooting,
Since first I came from London.

York, &c.

God save the city of York therefore,
That hath such noble friends in store,
And such good aldermen send them more,

And the like good luck at London :

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