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Give me my yellow hose again,

Give me my yellow hose,
For now my wife she watcheth me,

See yonder where she goes.



I gave him thanks and bad him go,

And so he did indeed,
And told my wife she was a shrew,

But that was more than need.
Saith he, thou hast an honest man,

And one that loves thee well, Saith she, you are a fool, good Sir, It's more than you can tell.

Give me my yellow hose, &c.

And yet in truth he loveth me,

But many more beside,
And I may say, good'Sir, to thee,

That cannot I abide.
For though he loves me as his life,

Yet now, Sir, wot you what,
They say he loves his neighbour's wife,
I pray you how like you that?

Give me, &c.

Saith he, I hope I never shall

Seek fancy fond to follow, For love is lawful unto all,

Except it be too yellow. Which lieth like the jaundice so,

In these our women's faces, That watch their husbands where they go, And haunt them out in places.

Give me my yellow hose, &c.

Now comes my neighbour's wife apace,

To talk a word or two,
My wife then meets her face to face,

And saith, Dame is it you,
That makes so much of my good man,

As if he were your own,
Then clamp as closely as you can?
I know it will be known.

Give me, &c.

Now when I saw the woman gone,

I call'd my wife aside,
And said, why art thou such a one,

That thou canst not abide
A woman for to talk with me,

This is a woeful case,
That I must keep no company,
Except you be in place.

Give me, &c.

This maketh bachelors to halt

So long before they wed,
Because they hear that women now

Will be their husband's head.
And seven long year I tarried

For Jakaman my wife, But now that I am married, I'm weary of my life.

Give me, &c.

For yellow love is too too bad,

Without all wit or policy, And too much love hath made her mad,

And fill'd her full of jealousy.
She thinks I am in love with those

I speak to passing by:
That makes her wear the yellow hose
I gave her for to dye.

Give me, &c.

But now I see she is so hot,

And lives so much at ease, I will go get a soldier's coat,

And sail beyond the seas : To serve my captain where and when,

Though it be to my pain, Thus farewell, gentle Jakaman, Till we two meet again.

Give me, &c.

Quoth she, good husband, do not deal

Thus hardly now with me,
And of a truth I will reveal

My cause of jealousy:
You know I always paid the score,

You put me still in trust :
I saved twenty pound and more,
Confess it needs I must.

Give me, &c.

But now my saving of the same,

For aught that I do know, Made Jealousy to fire her frame

To weave this web of woe;
And thus this foolish love of mine

Was very fondly bent,
But now my gold and goods are this,
Good husband be content.

Give me, &c.

And thus to lead


life anew I fully now purpose, That thou may'st change thy coat of blue,

And I my yellow hose.
This being done, our country wives

May warning take by me,
How they do live such jealous lives,

As I have done with thee.


Give me my yellow hose again,

Give me my yellow hose ;
For now my wife she watcheth me,

See yonder where she goes.


Countryman's Bill of Charges for his coming up to

London, declared by a Whistle.

Tune--King Henry, &c.

Diogenes that laugh’d to see

A mare once eat a thistle,
Would surely smile and laugh the while,

To hear me sing my whistle,
For now 'tis meant we must invent

A silent way of ringing,
And so for fear least some should hear,

Must whistle 'stead of singing.
With a hey down, with a how down
With a haw down, down, down derry,

Since that we may

Nor sing, nor say
We'll whistle and be merry.

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