The American Physician, Volume 27

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C.C. Taylor., 1922 - Medicine

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Page 499 - over reason is a degree of insanity; but while this power is such as we can control and repress, it is not visible to others nor considered as any depravation of the mental faculties.
Page 248 - LIVER. By Dr. L. Oser, of Vienna; Dr. E. Neusser, of Vienna; and Drs. H. Quincke and G. Hoppe-Seyler, of Kiel. The entire volume edited, with additions, by Frederick A.
Page 68 - Atrophy it is difficult to give fat in sufficient amounts to satisfy the nutritive needs; therefore, it is necessary to meet this emergency by substituting some other energy-giving food element. Carbohydrates in the form of maltose and dextrins in the proportion that is found in MELLIN'S FOOD are especially adapted to the requirements, for such carbohydrates are readily assimilated and at once furnish heat and energy so greatly needed by these poorly nourished infants. The method of preparing the...
Page 75 - Syringe is that The Marvel, by its Centrifugal action, dilates and flushes the vaginal passage with a volume of whirling fluid, which smooths out the folds and permits the injection to come in contact with its entire surface.
Page 656 - Court, is a cooperative organization, incorporated under the Membership Corporations Law of the State of New York, its members being individuals who are either proprietors or representatives of about 950 daily newspapers published in all parts of the United States.
Page 72 - Chicago for five days' free trial. It will sell itself, but if you are not satisfied that this is the greatest typewriter you ever saw, you can return it at my expense. You won't want to return it after you try it — you cannot equal this wonderful value anywhere.
Page 605 - Samples and authoritative literature dealing with the general and special uses of Nujol will be sent gratis. See coupon below.
Page 233 - Lardaceous granulations, the result of chronic inflammation, line the tract of the fistula and contain many new-formed blood vessels. The granulations prevent healing of the sinus by- keeping the walls apart. A recent fistula is, however, sometimes lined with healthy granulations which form new tissue, and such a fistula may heal spontaneously. Blind internal fistulae are the most difficult to diagnose and are found only after a careful examination of the interior of the rectum.
Page 656 - To collect, collate and disseminate information concerning the symptoms diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer ; to investigate the conditions under which cancer is found and to compile statistics in regard thereto.
Page 102 - DIARSENOL has been accepted by the council on Pharmacy and Chemistry of the American Medical Association for inclusion in "New and Nonofficial Remedies.

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