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of any Commissioner. He shall authenticate all special tax bills against property owners chargeable with special taxes for work performed or materials furnished under ordinances of the city, which said bills shall be made out and certified to him by the head of the department under which said work is done or material furnished.

SEC. 42. Assembly May Provide Additional Duties for Board. --The Municipal Assembly shall provide by ordinance such additional duties of and requirements from the Board of Public Improvements and its several members, as it may deem necessary, and for the appointment by them of such assistants and employes as the demands of the several departments may require.

Sec. 43. Oath of City Officers-Bond of Same. -Every officer of the city and his assistants, before entering upon the duties of his office, shall take and subscribe to an oath or affirmation before some judge or justice of the peace or the Register, that he possesses all the qualifications prescribed for his, office by the Charter; that he will support the Constitution of the United States, and of the State of Missouri, and the Charter and ordinances of the City of St. Louis, and that he will faithfully demean himself in office. And every officer of the corporation, when so required by law or ordinance, shall, within fifteen days after his election or appointment, and before entering upon the discharge of the duties of his office, give bond to the city in such sum as shall be designated by ordinance, conditioned for the faithful performance of his duties, and that he will pay over all moneys that belong to the city as provided by law. If any person elected or appointed to an office shall fail to take and subscribe such oath or affirmation, or give bond as herein required, his office shall be deemed vacant. For any breach of the condition of said bond, suit may be instituted thereon by the city, or by any person in the name of the City of St. Louis, for the use of such person or persons.

Officers Defined. The term "officers," whenever used in this Charter, siiall include all persons holding any situation


under the city government or its departments, with an annual salary or for a definite term of office; and the term "fiscal officers," whenever used, shall include all persons engaged in any relation in the collection and disbursement of the city's money.

Forfeiture of Office for Failure to Pay Over Money.Any failure on the part of any city officer to pay into the treasury of the city the balance reported by the Auditor to be due from him to the city, upon the adjustment of his account, shall cause a forfeiture of his office, and such balance shall bear interest at ten per centum per annum from the time it should have been accounted for until it shall have been paid into the treasury. The Mayor shall immediately order suit to be commenced in the proper court against the delinquent officer for such balance.

Sec. 44. Mayor to Settle Disputes Between Officers.All questions of difference between the officers of the city affecting their relative powers and duties may be referred by either of them to the Mayor, who shall examine and determine such questions, and his decision shall be final as between such officers.

SEC. 45. Power of Assembly to Create Offices. — The Assembly shall have power, by ordinance passed by a vote of two-thirds of the members-elect of each house, to create any other office which it may deem necessary, and to provide for the manner of filling the sanie.

Sec. 46. Mayor to Enforce Contracts, Officers to Report Violations of Contract. -The Mayor shall see that all contracts and agreements with the city are faithfully kept and performed, and to this end he shall cause legal proceedings to be instituted and prosecuted against all persons or corporations failing to fulfill their agreements with the city. And it is the duty of every city officer, when it shall come to his knowledge that any contract with the city, relating to the business of any office, has been violated by the other contracting party, forthwith to report the fact to the Mayor.


Sec. 47. Chiefs of Departments to Report Annually to the Mayor and Quarterly to the Comptroller-Books, Papers, Etc., to be open to Inspection by Members of Assembly, Mayor and Comptroller-Mayor to Submit All Reports to Assembly.-The chief of every department shall report annually to the Mayor, and as often as may be required by him, and quarterly to the Comptroller, a full itemized account of all the money received and paid out by or tlirough said department, and their books, papers, and everything connected with their offices, shall be open for examination and inspection by any miember of either house of the Municipal Assembly, and the Mayor and Comptroller. All annual reports shall be submitted by the Mayor, with his message, to the Assembly.

SEC. 48. Report of Comptroller.-The Comptroller shall, at the opening of each stated session of the Assembly, submit his report of the financial condition of the city and of the business in his office, and therewith the reports of all other fiscal officers. His report shall contain his estimates of the receipts and of the necessary appropriations to meet all the wants of the current year.

Report of Auditor. — The report of the Auditor shall comprise full and complete tables of facts in relation to the receipts and expenditures of the revenues since his last annual report, and an exhibit of the condition of the several general and special revenue accounts, individual funds and other accounts on his books, and their balances.

Report of Treasurer.—The Treasurer's report shall exhibit the amount of cash on hand at the date of the last annual report, the amount since received and paid out, respectively, on account of each class of funds, and what balance remains to the credit of each.

Report of Collector.—The Collector's report shall embrace all his collections since his last annual report from all the different sources, respectively, and the expenses of his office in detail.

Report of Marshal.—The Marshal's report shall state how much he has collected from fines, fees and penalties respect


ively, of all kinds, and how much from all other sources, and how much he has paid into the treasury, and also the expenses he has incurred and charged, and which were either deducted from his collections, or paid out of the treasury, and on what account, in detail ; also the amount of all uncollected bills of fines and fees.

Report of Board of Public Improvements. The report of the Board of Public Improvements shall set forth in detail the condition of the public works of the city, under appropriate headings, and description of each contract, the names of the contractors, the authority for and amount appropriated to each piece of work or contract, the amount paid thereon prior to the last annual report, the amount since, and an estimate of what is necessary to complete the same; how much, for what purpose, and under what authority expenditures have been made without written contract approved by the Assembly, and all other things in their department of interest to the administration or the public.

SEC. 49. Commissioners on Charitable InstitutionsTheir Duties and Powers-May Remove Officers of Institutions.--The Commissioners on Charitable Institutions shall have a general visitorial supervision over all penal and charitable institutions supported wholly or in part by the city. They shall have power by an unanimous vote, to remove any appointed officer or employe of such institution, and shall, in case of such removal, notify the Mayor, and request him to fill the vacancy. The Mayor shall have no power to reappoint any person removed by the Commissioners.

SEC. 50. Commissioners on Charitable Institutions to Meet Monthly at City Hall and Visit Institutions Monthly—May Recommend Ordinances to AssemblyShall Receive No Compensation.—The Commissioners shall meet at least once in each month at their office in the City Hall, and shall visit all the institutions under their supervision at least once in each month. They shall recommend to the Assembly such ordinances as they may deem necessary for the welfare of the persons under their supervision, and in the interest of the city. They shall receive no pay for their services.

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*Section 1. Municipal Assembly to Levy and Collect Taxes-Rates for Various Purposes Specified-Rates for Erecting Public Buildings, How Increased- Revenue for Erecting Public Buildings.-For the support of the government of the city, the improvement thereof, and the payment of the public debt, the Municipal Assembly shall, by ordinance, annually levy, assess and collect taxes on all subjects and ob

* This section is an amendment to the Charter, adopted at the charter amendment election held on October 22, 1901.

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