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SECTION. 1. Boundaries. Territory of new

county. 2. City and county declared sepa

rated; authority of County

Court annulled. 3. Election of officers for St. Louis

County; judicial and representative districts established ;

county seat. 4. Present County Court to order

election in November, 1876 ; duties and responsibilities of Court in connection with sep

aration. 5. Election of Sheriff, Coroner and

Public Administrator for city ;

duties and compensation. 6. City Marshal to assume duties

of former County Marshal. 7. Sheriff of County ex-officio Col

lector; Clerk of County exofficio Recorder; present Recorder continued in office.

SECTION. 8. Assessment and collection of

taxes under Scheme; duties of Collector and Treasurer as to moneys; uncollected tax bills; office of County Auditor abol

ished. 9. County Court to transfer public

buildings, moneys, etc., to city ; Mayor may retain or discharge

appointees of Court. 10. Title to public buildings, parks,

&c., transferred to city; assumption of county debt by

city. 11. Municipal Assembly to provide

for payment of county debt. 12. City officers to qualify under

Charter; election of Municipal
Assembly; city offices to be

filled in April, 1877. 13. Board of Finance and its duties;

term of County Treasurer to cease, when ; tax col

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lections for school purposes ;
debts due county payable to

14. Metropolitan Police.
15. Justices of the Peace and Con.

stables ; bonds of Constables

and Notaries. 16. City and County Surveyors. 17. Notaries Public. 18. Powers of Sheriff of city; du

ties of City Marshal; powers

of Sheriff of county. 19. Judges of Election for Novem

ber, 1876; returns, &c. 20. Public officers to assist in carry

ing out Scheme. 21. City may hold real estate in

county. 22. Salaries of judicial officers. 23. Tax bills on property intersected

by city limits. 24. Authority of Municipal Assem

bly. 25. Admissions to Poor House, In

sane Asylum, &c. 26. Prosecuting Attorneys and

Clerks of Eighth Judicial District continued in office.

27. Grand Jury; how selected and

28. Grand Jury; how paid.
29. Costs in criminal cases.
30. Petit Jurors; how selected and

summoned ; Jury Commissioner

continued in office.
31. Petit Jurors ; how paid.
32. Collections payable into City
Treasury ; payments

County Treasury; appropria-

tions by Municipal Assembly. 33. Powers of former County Col

lector vested in Sheriff of

34. Authority of Municipal Assembly

as to revenue.
35. Regulations as to animals run-

ning at large.
36. School Districts intersected by

city limits.
37. School property transferred to

St. Louis Public Schools.
38. Enumeration of children within

school ages; division of school

39. Expenses of Board of Free-


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The following Scheme for the separation of the governments of St. Louis City and County, the definition of the boundaries of said city as enlarged, the reorganization of the government of said county, and the adjustment of the relations between said city and county so that they shall hereafter be independent of each other, is hereby adopted as the organic law thereof.

SECTION 1. The boundaries of the City of St. Louis are hereby enlarged, settled and established as follows:

The corporate limits of the City of St. Louis shall comprise all that district of country situated in the County of St. Louis and State of Missouri, to-wit: Beginning at a point in the middle of the main channel of the Mississippi river, and running thence westwardly at right angle to said channel, to a point on the west bank of said river 200 feet south of the center of the mouth of the River des Peres; thence westwardly and parallel to the center of the River des Peres, and 200 feet

south thereof, to the eastern line of the Lemay Ferry road; thence westwardly to a point in the west line of said Lemay Ferry road at its intersection with the center of the Weber road; thence westwardly along the center of the Weber road to its intersection of the east line of lot (1) of the Carondelet Commons, south of the River des Peres; thence westwardly to the southeast corner of Rudolph Overman's, or northeast corner of B. H. Haar's land; thence westwardly to said Haar's northwest corner; thence northwestwardly to a point in the center of the Gravois road (600) six hundred feet southwardly from the center of the bridge across the River des Peres; thence northwestwardly to the southeast corner of lot (31) thirty-one of the subdivision of the Mackenzie tract in United States Survey 1,953; thence northwestwardly in continuance of said last mentioned line to the southern line of lot twenty-one (21) of the subdivision of the said Mackenzie tract; thence northwestwardly to a point in the southern line of United States Survey 2,035 twenty-six (26) chains eastward from the southwest corner of said survey; thence northwardly to a point in the north line of the subdivision of East Laclede, (600) feet west of the McCausland road; thence northwardly and parallel to the center of the McCausland road, to a point on the Clayton road (600) six hundred feet west of its intersection with the McCausland road; thence northwardly and parallel with the Skinker road, and (600) six hundred feet west thereof, to its intersection with the old Bonhomme road; thence northeastwardly to the intersection of the center lines of McLaren avenue and Mead street; thence in a northeastwardly direction to a point in the Bellefontaine road (600) six hundred feet north of its intersection with the Columbia Bottom road; thence northwardly and parallel with center line of the Columbia Bottom road to the northern boundary line of United States Survey number (114) one hundred and fourteen; thence eastwardly along said line to the center of the main channel of the Mississippi river; thence with the meanderings of said channel southwardly to the point of beginning ; and the residue of what now constitutes the County of St. Louis shall hereafter be called St. Louis County.

SEC. 2. The City of St. Louis, as described in the preceding section, and the residue of St. Louis County, as said county

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is now constituted by law, are hereby declared to be distinct and separate municipalities, and all authority heretofore exercised by the County Court of St. Louis County, or any officer of said county, is hereby forever abrogated and annulled, except for the purposes and in the cases as hereinafter provided.

SEC. 3. At the general election for State and other officers, on the Tuesday next following the first Monday in November, 1876, and every two years thereafter, there shall be elected officers for St. Louis County, as follows: A Sheriff, who shall be ex-officio Collector, Coroner, Assessor, Treasurer,--a Clerk of the County Court, who shall be ex-officio Recorder of Deedsthey shall hold their offices for the term of two years, and shall perform such duties as are now provided by law for such officers, until their successors are duly elected and qualified ; also, a Public Administrator, who shall be elected at said election, and every four years thereafter, and shall hold his office for four years, and perform the duties now prescribed by law. There shall also be elected at said election three Justices of the County Court, who shall constitute the County Court of said county, and their powers, duties and terms of office shall be as defined and governed by the general law at present applying to other counties in this State. And for that purpose the County of St. Louis as established by this Scheme, shall be divided into two districts by a line commencing at a point where the Clayton road intersects the boundary between the City and County of St. Louis, as established by this Scheme and Charter, and running thence westwardly with the Clayton road to the eastern boundary of Bonhomme township as now established; thence north with the eastern boundary of said township to the Missouri river. So much of said county as lies north and east of said line shall constitute district number one, and so much of said county as lies south and west of said line shall constitute number two. One Justice of the County Court shall be elected by the qualified voters of each of said districts, and the Presiding Justice of said County Court shall be elected at large by the qualified voters of said county. Said county shall be divided and numbered in the same manner into two Representative Districts, and until otherwise districted by law, one Representative in the General Assembly of the State shall be elected by the qualified voters of each of said dis

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