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GEORGE W 00 D F A L L AND SON, Angel court, skin NER STREET.

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Re-assembling of Parliament, after the Christmas Recess, on the 3rd of February–The West India Question becomes the first subject of Discussion —Lord George Bentinck moves for a Select Committee of Inquiry—His Speech-Speeches of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. James Wilson, Mr. T. Baring, Mr. Bernal, Mr. Disraeli–The Motion is agreed to without a Division—Loan of 200,000l. to some of the West Indian Colonies proK. by the Chancellor of the Exchequer—Discussion thereon—Unavourable Intelligence received respecting the Condition of the West Indian Interest—Remedial Measures—Lord John Russell proposes his Plan in the House of Commons on the 16th of June—He reviews the past Legislation and existing Position of the Question at great ... }. Ministerial Scheme is unfavourably received—Sir John Pakington moves an Amendment on the 18th of June, asserting the Claim of the Colonies to more effectual Relief–Speeches of Sir E. Buxton, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. K. Seymer, Mr. Hume, Lord George Bentinck, Mr. Hawes, and other Members—A warm personal Discussion arises touching the Administration of the Colonial Office—The Debate is continued by Adjournments at great length—Important Speech of Sir Robert Peel in favour of the Ministerial Measure—The Amendment is rejected by 260 to 245—Several other Amendments are moved, but without success, by Mr. Bright, Mr. Barkly, Mr. Bouverie, and other Members—Lord John Russell's Resolutions are finally agreed to and embodied in a Bill, which passes through the House of Commons—Debates in the House of Lords on West Indian Affairs—Earl Grey introduces the Question discussed in the House of Commons affecting the Colonial Office, and vindicates his own Conduct—Speeches of Lord Stanley, Lord Brougham, the Marquis of Lansdowne, and other Members—Debate on the Second Reading of the Sugar Duties Bill—Speeches of Earl Grey, Lord Redesdale, and Lord Denman—The Second Reading is agreed to, and the Bill becomes Law - - - - - - - - - - Page [1


Finance—Division of Public Opinion, at the commencement of the Session,

respecting the National Defences—Views of the Free-Trade Leaders on the Subject—Lord John Russell makes a Financial Statement on the 18th of February—His Speech—Detail of the Income and Expenditure—Pro

ition for continuing the Income Tax for Three Years at the increased É. of Five per Cent—Unfavourable reception of the Ministerial Statement by the House—Sir Charles Wood endeavours to propitiate the Opposition by moving that the Army, Navy, and Qrdnance Estimates be referred to a Select Committee—Observations of Mr. Hume, Lord George Bentinck, and other Members—Great Agitation excited in various parts of the Country by the proposed augmentation of the Income Tax—The

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