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From the County of Columbia. *Horace Stevens,

#Julius Wilcoxsan. *Jacob Shafer,

From the County of Cortland. *Barak Niles,

*Aaron Brown,

From the County of Delaware. *William B. Ogden,

*Dubois Burhans.

From the County of Dutchess. *Stoddard Judd,

*Theodore V. W. Anthony, *Stephen Thorn,

*David Barnes junior.

From the County of Erie. *William A. Moseley,

*Ralph Plumb.

From the County of Essex. #Thomas A. Tomlinson.

From the County of Franklin. *Asa Hascall.

From the County of Genesee. *Truman Lewis,

*Samuel Richmond. *Amos Tyrrel junior,

From the County of Greene. *Anthony Van Bergen, *David Ingersoll.

From the County of Herkimer. *Henry Tillinghast,

*Charles Gray. *Peter P. Murphy,

From the County of Jefferson. *Charles Strong,

#Calvin Clark. *Eli Farwell,

From the County of Kings. Philip Brasher.

From the County of Lewis. *Charles Dayan.

From the County of Livingston. *George W. Patterson,

*Hollom Hutchinson.

From the County of Madison. *Joseph Clark,

*William I. Hough. *Jason W. Powers,

From the County of Monroe. *Derick Sibley,

*Enoch Strong. *George Brown,

From the Counties of Montgomery and Hamilton. *Henry Adams,

* Ashbel Loomis. *Collins Odell,

From the City and County of New York. *Benjamin Ringgold,

*Job Haskell, * Andrew C. Wheeler,

*Thomas N. Carr, *James J. Roosevelt junior, *Christopher C. Rice, Charles Henry Hall,

*Herman I. Quackenboss, *Charles P. Clinch,

*Thomas Herttell. *Prosper M. Wetmore,

From the County of Niagara. *Hiram M'Neil.

From the County of Oneida. *Amos Woodworth,

*David Wager, *Merit Brooks,

*Riley Shepard. *Dan P. Cadwell,


From the County of Onondaga. *George Pettit,

*John Wilkinson, *Sandford C. Parker,

*David C. Lytle.

From the County of Ontario. *Mark H. Sibley,

*Ariel Hendee. *William Hildreth,

From the County of Orange.
Robert Fowler,

*Merit H. Cash.
*Robert Denniston,

From the County of Orleans. * Asa Clark.

From the County of Oswego. *Jesse Crowell.

From the County of Otsego. *Joseph Peck,

*Cornelius Jones, *Henry Harvey,

*Joseph Carpenter.

From the County of Putnam. *Daniel Kent.

From the County of Queens. *Thomas B. Jackson.

From the County of Rensselaer. *Martin Springer,

*Daniel Simmons, *Chester Griswold,

*Jacob W. Lewis.

From the County of Richmond. *Lawrence Hillyer.

From the County of Rockland. *Edward Suffern.

From the County of Saratoga. *Asahel Philo,

*Eli Beecher. *William B. Van Benthuisen,

From the County of St. Lawrence. *Preston King,

*William S. Paddock.

From the County of Schenectady. *David Ostrom.

From the County of Schoharie. *Jonas Krum,

*John F. Hiller.

From the County of Seneca. - *John D. Coe,

*Caleb Barnum.

From the County of Steuben. *Joshua Healy,

*Jeremiah Baker.


From the County of Suffolk. *George S. Phillips,

*George L. Conklin.

From the County of Sullivan. *James Eldred.

From the County of Tioga. #George Fisher,

*Green Bennet.

From the County of Tompkins. *Charles Humphrey,

*Caleb Woodbury. *Parvis A. Williams,

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From the County of Ulster. *Henry I. Davis,

*William Woodworth.

From the County of Warren. *Truman B. Hicks.

From the County of Washington. *George M'Kie,

*Allen R. Moore. #Jonathan K. Horton,

From the County of Wayne. *William-D. Wylie,

Elisha Benjamin.

From the County of Westchester. *Horatio Lockwood,

*Prince W. Paddock. *Edwin Crosby,

From the County of Yates, *Meredith Mallory.

John A. Dix, Secretary of the State of New York, then attended in the Assembly chamber, and duly administered to the members present the oath prescribed by the tenth article of the Constitution of this State.

The House then proceeded to choose by ballot a Speaker; and the ballots having been taken and counted, it appeared that Charles Humphrey was duly elected, and he was placed in the chair accordingly.

On motion of Mr. Livingston, Resolved, That Philip Reynolds junior, be, and he is hereby appointed Clerk of this House.

On motion of Mr. Lockwood, Resolved, That Daniel Dygert be, and he is hereby appointed Sergeant-at-Arms of this House.

On motion of Mr. Quackenboss, Resolved, That Nathan Manson junior, be, and he is hereby appointed Doorkeeper of this House.

On motion of Mr. Jackson, Resolved, That James M. D. Carr be, and he is hereby appointed Assistant Doorkeeper of this House.

On motion of Mr. Cash, Resolved, That the Speaker appoint the usual standing committees.

On motion of Mr. Roosevelt, Resolved, That the rules and orders of the last House of Assembly, be adopted as the rules and orders of this House, subject to such alterations as may from time to time be made therein.

On motion of Mr. Palmer, Resolved, That the Clerk be directed to furnish each member with a copy of the rules of this House.

On motion of Mr. Dayan, Resolved, That the Clerk be directed to furnish to each member of this House, during the present session, such newspapers as they may respectively direct, not exceeding in price two daily papers, and defray the expense out of the contingent fund of this House.

Mr. Herttell offered for the consideration of the House, a resolution, in the words following, to wit:

Resolved, That the Clerk cause to be procured for the use of this House, diagrams of the Senate and Assembly chambers; Constitution of the United States and of the State of New-York, with marginal notes; Articles of Confederation of the States; order of business in the Senate and Assembly; joint rules and orders, and the rules and orders of the Senate and Assembly; an alphabetical list of the members of both Houses, with their places of residence; a list of the members of this House by counties, and a list of senators arranged according to their districts; the standing committees of both Houses; the select committees of both Houses on the Governor's message; a list of the State or salary officers, and their respective salaries; an alphabetical list of the several towns and counties in this State, with the number of inhabitants in each, according to the last census of this State and of the United States; the estimated quantity of acres of land, and the value of real and personal estate; the amount of canal tolls received at each of the offices in the State; a list of the banks and insurance companies in the State, with the amount of their capital, and the time when their charter will expire; statement of rates of toll on the NewYork canals; list of banks subject to the Safety fund law; statement of the funds of the State for 1834; list of members of the twenty-third Congress, and a calendar for 1835, and a map of the State of New York: And to have the same bound in a pocket volume, and deliver a copy thereof to each of the members and officers of this House. Ordered, That the said resolution be laid upon the table.

On motion of Mr. Wager, Resolved, That petitions which are the subject of reference to standing committees, and which may be presented previous to the appointment of those committees, shall be referred directly to those committees; and it shall be the duty of the Clerk to hand them to the chairman of the appropriate committees when appointed, in the order as to priority in which they are presented to the House.

Ordered, That Mr. Quackenboss and Mr. Pettit be a committee to wait upon the Governor, and inform him that this House has organized, and is ready to proceed to business.

Ordered, That Mr. Lockwood and Mr. Wager be a committee to wait upon the Senate with a like message.

A message from the Senate, delivered by Mr. Van Schaick and Mr. Fox, was received, informing that they were a committee to announce to this House that the Senate had met, and was ready to proceed to business.

On motion of Mr. Palmer,
Resolved, That the Clerk be directed to furnish each member

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