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afterward known as the Eleventh Ohio independent battery, were named as follows:

M. D. Butler, H. C. Worley, J. W. Bibby, C. Miller, Ira C. Swazze, M. N. Worly, John Crocheron, James Dewine, James B. Mitchell, M. V. B. Hall, Milo Allen, J. S. Barger, John Ettle, Jerome Woolsey, Lewis Ridling, Henry McLaughlin Oscar Carpenter, Sherlock Stofer, John F. Hefflebower, John Holland, F. Welch, J. F. Hoover, J. B. Brooks, James W. Towers, J. B. Mowry, S. D. Welch, H. M. Welch, John R. Jurey, J. W. Brewer, Stephen Trimble, W. H. Woodcock, W. H. Swazze, Louis B. Henry, Elias Bringman, John Bringman, Amos B. Alger, D. Baughman, Theodore Allen, Matthew Free, Jacob Everhart, Zachariah Welch.


Besides the companies and regiments of which mention has already been made, there were many others containing Wyandot county men whose record is equally as brilliant. But from the fact that these men served in organizations in each of which the county had but very few representatives, it is an impracticable task to do otherwise than to arrange their names in classified lists as follows:


Second—Company F, John Pausch.

Third—Company I, J. K. Waltermire; Company–, E. Cowgill.

Fourth—Company D, N. G. Case, Charles Case, Philip Wickiser; Company H, Joel Straub, Charles Warner, William Burns; Company G, John F. Myers, A. W. Napers.

Sixth—Company I, John C. Lynch.

Eighth—Company A, Sergt. L. Snover, D. G. Watson, John Beatty, J. H. Nichols, Hiram B. Brown.

Ninth—Company A, Jonas Wohlgamuth; Company F, Buell D. Chapman, corporal; Charles Moessner, private; Company H, J. H. Warner.

Eleventh-Company A, William Reiber.
Fourteenth-Company —, Joseph Snider.
Sixteenth-Company G, Thomas Hanna.
Eighteenth-Company H, J. M. Huff, fifer.

Twentieth-Company K, D. B. Rinehart, first lieutenant; Company A, R. B. Conant, sergeant; Company B, C. 0. Oldfield; Company —, Henry Inman,

Twenty-first—Company C, O. L. Cleveland; Company H, J. W. Daish, corporal.

Twenty-third-Company G, J. A. Brown; Company F, Robert Ewart.

Twenty-fourth—Company K, Joseph Lehman.

Twenty-fifth—Company D, Sergt. T. A. Van Gundy; privates, Jonas Kamble, G. W. Long, W. H. Mann, Joel Milum, George W. Bogart; Company G, Sergt. G. W. Kriling; Private J. K. Hawk.

Twenty-sixth-Company B, Francis Dawson, Barton Dawson.

Twenty-seventh-Company A, R. I. Murphy.

Thirty-second-Company I, Daniel Stam; Company H, J. S. Van Marter, second lieutenant.

Thirty-third—Company A, Jacob Reuter; Company C, Jacob Stam; Company D, Milton Tong; Company K, D. W. McConnell.

Thirty-fourth—Company E, Edward Quaintance, corporal; George W. Rex, G. W. Eckert, John Lumberson.

Thirty-sixth—Company D, J. E. Goodrich, sergeant; A. G. Barger.

Thirty-seventh-Asst. Surg. A. Billhardt.
Company F-First Lieut. M. W. Blucher.
Sergt. Jacob Schneider.

Privates-Henry Wuscher, Sebastian Glamser, Fred Fahrni, Peter Fahrni, John Michelfetter, J. Altenberger, Jacob Bastel, William Buehrle, Fredrick Waechter.

Other companies:
A-E. G. Bates.

K–Henry Gerster, John Keller, Oswald Voegel, Nicholas Volker.

Thirty-eighth—Company C, C. Stury.
Thirty-ninth—Company K, Joel Cole.

Forty-fifth—Company B, W. R. Ramsdell; Company I, William Earp, George Morrison, George H. Morrison, J. W. Wickiser, William Wickiser; Company K, Adam Lambert, Jesse Lambert, Isaac N. Lane, A. G. Straw.

Company D-Nathan Rovert, Oliver Robinson.
Fifty-first—Company A, John Bart.

Fifty-third—Company H, H. W. Gillingham.

Fifty-fourth—Company G, Privates David Dysinger, David Kauble, Samuel Stalter, Oregon Kerr.

Company K—Capt. William H. Hunt; Private William Brown.

Fifty-seventh-Company F, Privates, Lewis Morehart, Leander Tong, Isaac Wohlgamuth, Lewis Switzer, Jerome Propes, James Switzer, Isaac Switzer, Joseph Glick, Joseph Newel, Andrew Amrine, Marion Esterly.

Other companies in Fifty-seventh:
B–Sergt. J. F. Kemmel; Private Jacob Rumple.
C-Private George A. Gibbs.
D—Capt. David Ayres, Jr.
G–Capt. E. A. Gordon.
1-Private Samuel Gordon.
Fifty-eight—Company D, Christ Woessner.

Sixty-first-Company K, Sergeants, A. Bope, J. W. Brewer; Corp. Matthew Walton; Privates, J. C. Spencer; Isaac Lott, H. Keller, Samuel Longabaugh, Jacob Greek, Nicholas Mott, P. H. Brewer.

Company G-Sergt. Israel Walterhouse.
Jac. Ludwig, Jacob Eckleberry.

Sixty-second-Company K, John Kriechbaum; Company A, Jacob Kennedy; Company D, Emmanuel Bowlby.

Sixty-fourth-Company A, Joseph Haupt; Company B, Joseph Richmond, E. B. Messenger; Company —, 0. E. Fox,

Sixty-fifth—Company D, Privates George W. Finnell, S. Perry, Theodore Stubbs, F. F. DeTray; Company C, Privates, J. C. Miller, George Zabriska.

Sixty-sixth-Company B, M. A. Parlet; Company E, Isaac Wood; Company H, S. H. Stricker; Company K, John Burk.

Sixty-seventh-Company C, J. C. Duffield.
Sixty-eighth—Company K, H. C. Kime.

Seventy-first-Company C, Jacob McPike; company not known, John DeBolt, S. Barnhiser.

Seventy-second-Company C, A. P. Kelley; Company D, Orsin Bower, corporal.

Seventy-third-Company A, Thomas Dawson.
Seventy-sixth-Company K, John McMullen.

Seventy-eighth—Company C, Rush Holloway; Company G, I Hart, N. Willoughby, L. W. Scott.

Eightieth—Company A, Peter D. Newell.

Eighty-seventh-Company G, Theodore Dame.

Ninety-sixth-Company C, C. 0. Oldfield, first lieutenant; Company E, Thomas H. Carter; Company F, J. E. Breese.

One Hundredth—Company G, Patrick Farley.

One Hundred and Second—Company C, Samuel Miller; Company G, Chester Bowsell; Company D, Samuel Lutz.

One Hundred and Sixth-Company I, F. Shrank.

One Hundred and Seventh-Company D, John Russell; Company F, Frederick Bush.

One Hundred and Ninth—Company G, William Van Marter.

One Hundred and Thirteenth-George W. Kemp, assistant surgeon.

One Hundred and Twentieth-Company B, W. W. Chew.

One Hundred and Twenty-first-Company E, E. G. Bartram; Company G, Job Hoffmire.

One Hundred and Twenty-second—Company F, McDonald Savage.

One Hundred and Twenty-sixth-Company A, Titus Lowmiller, John Whittaker.

One Hundred and Twenty-eighth—Company C, M. M. Starr, sergeant; George W. Starr; Company D, F. M. Brown.

One Hundred and Thirty-second-Company A, William Plott.

One Hundred and Seventy-fourth--Company H, W. E. Webber, first lieutenant.

One Hundred and Seventy-fifth-Company I, Sergt.J. H. Plott; Corp. William Baker; Privates Elias Wentling, J. D. Wickiser, David Spoon, Daniel Spoon, G. H. Carey, A. J. Shellhouse, W. H. Kimmell, Jesse Edgington, Henry Cram, L. A. Cole.

One Hundred and Seventy-sixth—Company B, G. Spitzer.

One Hundred and Seventy-seventh-Company B, S. B. Bechtel.

One Hundred and Seventy-eighth_Company G, W. Lundy; Company F, James Williams.

One Hundred and Seventy-ninth—Peter Grubb, lieutenant colonel; Company B, Privates B. F. Smith, T.C. DeJean, John Keller, G. W. Gregg, G. S. Barber, Joseph Ralston, William Washburn, William Limberson, L. Wilson; Company G, Corp. E. Mutchelknaus; Company H, Jacob Hawdenshield; Company I, Privates Uriah Bechtel, F. Caldwell, F. H. Chatlain. One Hundred and Eightieth—Company C, Privates, E. Reynolds, Reuben Inman, J. E. Healey, Martin Inman; Company E, Private Samuel Bare; Company G, Corp. Frederick Scheufler; Company K, Privates Jacob Opp, drummer, S. D. Blue, Simon Kachly, P.J. Liles, W. H. Moore, William Robey, Thomas M. White.

One Hundred and Eighty-second—Company K, E. R. Earp; Company I, S. G. Liles, second lieutenant; Company – A. P. Inman.

One Hundred and Eighty-seventh-Company G, C. Wilt.

One Hundred and Eighty-eighth—Company G, Alfred Epley.

One Hundred and Ninety-second-Privates, Company E, John J. Mayer, John Tirey, J. L. Barick, John Weaver; Company H, Private G. W. Halsay; Company I, Privates Isaiah McCleary, John Loubert, Theodore Henry, J. P. Berleen.

One Hundred and Ninety-fifth-Company B, Park Ludwig, John Wise, A. Hemrick; Company —, C. S. Sherwood.

One Hundred and Ninety-seventh-Company B, W. H. Spore; Company E, Hosea Tong.

One Hundred and Ninety-eighth—Company A, Robert Gerster, J.J. Gerster.


One Hundred and Thirty-fifth-Company,

Charles Wooley; Company I, L. E. Landon.

One Hundred and Thirty-sixth-Company C, Wilbur Brown; Company E, Robert Seaton.

One Hundred and Fifty-fifth—Company F, Henry W. Peters.

One Hundred and Sixtieth-Company G, L. Chilcote.

One Hundred and Sixty-third-Company C, Wesley Cashel, first lieutenant.

One Hundred and Sixty-fourth—Company C, C. W. Longwell, corporal; Company G, H. Dwire.

Regiment not known—Company E, John Freet.


Second-Napoleon B. Brisbine, surgeon; Company D, F. A. Singer.

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