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Account of James's remonstrance for the rights

of kings. Praise of the French protejiants.

Lord Shaftfbury\s description of our prince

'writer. Page 132—135'.

James -writes a counterblafte to tobacco. Lays
a great imposition on it. Ill policy hereof


Of James'* translation of the Psalms; and his

other poems. 137, 138.

James , averse. to war. Refections on the
meekness and magnanimity of princes.


James concludes a peace with Spain greatly in

her favour. Ill fate of Spain. The peace

bought by Spzni{hgold, with James* consent.

Refections on ministers taking bribes from

foreign princes. 140—146.

The peace ill observed by the Spaniards. Cru-

elties exercised by them on the English.

Merchants complain of their ill-treatment.

Remarks on their several treaties with

Spain. 146—150.

The elector Palatine marries the princess Eliza-
beth; is made king of Bohemia \ defeated
at the battle of Prague, and loses his domi-
nions. His conduct jus if ed. James'j be-
haviour towards him. The meanness of it.
The scorn and dishonour with which 'he was
treated-* by the house o/' Austria. Palatine

family restored. 150—158.


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