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so ung[ov]ernable would Doe but little service, for Newbery men here are none those that came were Volunteers and forthwith more Willingly returned home. So that I humbly propose in order to serving the people that are here left to prserving the place that an addition of [34 ?] men to these 36 wth a Discreet conduct may suffice at present for this place, wch I beg yor Honrs to consider and faver me with an answer forth with for besides the afflicting Providence of God upon my family befor I came from hence in bereaving me of two children, I have just now advice of the death of a third together with the indisposition of my wife & the exterordinary illness of another of my children all which necessitates my hasting home, however I am so Disposed to the Defence of the countrey and the preservation of this place in order to it yt am very unwilling to give ye people of this place any Discouragement by my removal till I have yor Honors answer hereto wch I humbly pray you to hasten wth all expedition and if you se cause to send yor possetive order for the stay of these men of Salem & Rowley that were Imprest men, who are full of expectation of returning home wth me. As to the enemy we have had no appearance of any considerable number, but sundery skulking rougues are Daily Seen both here (,) at Kittery & Oyster River, or employment here hath been to range the Wods an to guard & assist the people in getting in their corn which we are still Daily psuing. This wth my Humble service is all at Psent. from your Humble servt.


[Col. N. H. Hist. Soc., vol. iii. p. 43.] Extracts from the Journal of Rev. John Pike, the fourth settled

Minister of Dover, 1690.

“March 18. Salmon Falls was surprised by the Indians and French, just after the manner of Cochecho —(1689). The whole place was destroyed by fire; 27 persons slain, and 52 carried captive.

July 4. Seven persons were slain, and a lad taken at Lamprey River. July 5. The enemy advancing towards Exeter, set upon Hilton's Garrison, which Lt. Bancroft endeavoring to relieve, 8 or 9 of his men were slain. July 6. Captain Floyd fought the enemy at Wheelwright's pond, but was forced to retire, with the loss of 16 men. July 7. The enemy came down upon Amesbury, took Capt. Foot alive, killed Philip Rowell, and two more.

Aug. 22. Phenehas Hull with his wife, and Robert Young, travelling betwixt York and Kittery, the said Young was killed by the Indians, and Hull's wife taken, but himself escaped.

Sept. 14. Amariscoggin fort taken on Sabbath day. Sept. 22. Fight at Mequoit near Casco, the enemy fled, after they had by surprise and ambushes slain and wounded 32 of our men; 8 of whom were killed, rest wounded.

1691. January 25. Monday, ten o'clock in the morning, the Indians fell upon York, killed about 48 persons, whereof the Rev. Mr. Dummer was one, and carried captive 73.

Sept. 28. David Hamilton, Henry Childe, &c. were slain by Indians at Nuvichawannock. Sept. 29,- Many persons, to the number of 20 or 21 killed and carried away at Sandy Beach.

Some time in July or August, this year, the French and Indians came upon the English forces under the conduct of Capt. John March, Capt. Daniel King, Capt. Samuel Shelburne, &c. at a place called Mequoit, when most of the soldiers were gone aboard the vessels; the officers on shore had a sharp conflict with them, but were forced to retire on shipboard, with the loss of Capt. Sherburne and some others. Lt. John Allen was here wounded, with many more."

Commission of Gov. Samuel Allen, with Instruc

tions, 1692.

WILLIAM and Mary, by the Grace of God of England, Scotland,
France and Ireland, King and Queen, Defenders of the
Faith, &c.,

To our trusty and well beloved SAMUEL ALLEN, Esq., GREETING. WEE reposing especial trust and confidence in the prudence, courage and loyalty of you, the said Samuel Allen, out of our especial grace and certain knowledge and mere motion, have thought fit to Constitute and Appoint, and by these Presents do constitute and appoint you, the said Samuel Allen, to be Our Governor and Commander-in-Chief of all that part of Our Province of New Hampshire, within Our Dominion of New England, in America, lying and extending itself from three miles northward of Merrimac River or any part thereof unto the Province of Maine, with the south part of the Isle of Shoals; and we do hereby require and command you to do and execute all things in due manner that shall belong unto your said Command and the trust we have reposed in you, according to the several powers of directions granted or appointed you by this present Commission, and the Instructions herewith given you, or by any further powers or Instructions which shall at any time hereafter be granted or appointed you under our Signet or Sign manual, and according to such reasonable Laws and Statutes as now are or hereafter shall be made and agreed upon by you, with the advice and consent of Our Council, and the Assembly of our said Province and Plantation, under your Government, in such manner and form as is hereafter expressed. And we do hereby give full power to you, the said Samuel Allen, after you shall have first taken the oath for the due Execution of the office and trust of our Governor and Commanderin-Chief in and over our said Province of New Hampshire (which the said Council, or any five of them, have hereby full power and authority, and are required to administer unto you) to give and administer to each of the members of our said Council, as well the oaths appointed by act of Parliament to be taken instead of the oaths of Allegiance and Supremacy, as the test and Oath for the due Execution of their places and trust. And we do hereby give unto you full power and authority to suspend any of the members of


our said Council from sitting, voting, and assisting therein, if you shall find just cause for so doing; And Our will and pleasure is, that if, by the death, departure out of Our said Province, or Suspension of any of our said Councillors, there shall happen to be a vacancy in Our said Council, any five whereof we do hereby appoint to be a Quorum, we do hereby require you to certify us by the first opportunity of such vacancy, by the death, departure, suspension or otherwise of any of Our Councillors, that we may, under our Signet and Sign manual, constitute and appoint others in their room; and if it shall at any time happen that there are less than seven of them residing in our said Province, we do hereby give and grant unto you full power and authority to choose as many persons out of the principal freeholders, of the Council, inhabitants of our said Province, as will make up the full number seven, and no more; which persons, so chosen and appointed by you, shall be, to all intents and purposes, Our Councillors in Our said Province, till either they are confirmed by us, or until, by nomination of other Councillors by us by our sign manual and signet, the said Council hath above seven persons in it. And we do hereby give and grant unto you full power and authority, with the advice and consent of our said Council from time to time as need shall require, to summon and call assemblies of the freeholders within your Government, in such manner and form as by the advice of our Council you shall find most convenient for our service and the good of our said Province; and our will and pleasure is that the persons thereupon duly Elected by the major part of the freeholders, and being so returned and having before their sitting taken the oaths appointed by act of Parliment, to be taken instead of the oaths of allegiance and supremacy, and subscribed the test which you shall commissionate fit persons under the Public seal to administer, and without taking and subscribing none shall be capable of sitting though elected, shall be called and held the Assembly of our said Province; and that you, the said Samuel Allen, by and with the advice and consent of our said Council and Assembly, or the major part of them respectively, have full power and authority to make, constitute and ordain Laws, Statutes and Ordinances for the public Peace, welfare and good government of our said Province and Plantation, and the people and inhabitants thereof, and such others as shall resort thereto, and for the benefit of our Heirs and successors, which said Laws, Statutes and ordinances are to be (as near as may be), agreeable to the Laws and Statutes of this Our Kingdom of England.

Provided, That all such Statutes and Ordinances, of what nature or duration soever, be, within three months, or sooner after the making of the same, transmitted unto us, under the Public Seal for Our Approbation or disallowance of them, as also Duplicates thereof by the next conveyance; and in case all or any of them, being not before confirmed by us, shall at any time be disallowed and not approved, and so signified by Us, our Heirs and Successors, under our or their Signet or Sign manual, or by our or their Privy Council, unto you, the said Samuel Allen, or to the Commander-in-Chief of our said Province for the time being, then such, or so many of them as shall be so disallowed, and not approved, shall, from thenceforth cease, determine, and be utterly void and of none effect, anything to the contrary thereof in any wise notwithstanding. And to the end nothing may be passed or done by the said Council or Assembly to the prejudice of Us, our Heirs and successors, we will and ordain that you, the said Samuel Allen, shall have and enjoy a negative voice in the making and passing of all Laws, Statutes and Ordinances as aforesaid; and that you shall and may likewise from time to time, as you shall judge it necessary, prorogue and dissolve all General Assemblies as aforesaid; and Our will and pleasure is, that you may and shall keep and use the public Seal appointed by us for that, our Province; and we do further give and grant unto you, the said Samuel Allen, full power and authority from time to time, and at all times hereafter, by yourself or by any other, to be Authorized by you in that behalf to administer the oaths appointed by act of Parliment to be given instead of the oaths of allegiance and supremacy, to all and every such person or persons as you shall think fit, who shall at any time or times pass into your said Province, or shall be resident or abiding there. We do hereby give and grant unto you full power and authority to erect, constitute and establish such and so many Courts of Judicature and public justice within Our said Proyince, as you and they shall think fit and necessary for the hearing and determining of all cases, as well Criminal as Civil, according to Law and equity, and for awarding of Execution thereupon with all reasonable and necessary powers and authorities, fees and privileges belonging unto them.

And we do hereby authorize and impower you to constitute and appoint Judges, Justices of the Peace, Sheriffs and other necessary officers and ministers in our said Province for the better administration of justice and putting the laws in execution, and to administer or cause to be administered such oath or oaths as are usual for the due execution and performance of Offices and places of trust and for the Clearing of truth in Judicial Causes. And,

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