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er-in-Chief of his Maj’ties forces now bound eastward, for the assistance of a Pilot or two and some other necessaries for that expedition,

Ordered, that he be supplied as far as we are able, & that an order be sent to the Secretary from this Board to Jno. Abbott forthwith to appear before ye President, John Hinks Esq to take further orders for attending his Maj’ties service in the expedition above said, & that Capt. John Pickering or some other officer be ordered to impress an able man to supply the place of Jno. Abbott, in his fishing boat during his absence.

At a Council held at New Castle Wednesday 1st 7 bris, 1697.


John Hinks Esq. President.
Nath. Fryer )
Peter Coffin

Wm. Vaughan / Robt. Elliott

Rich. Waldrons Whereas John Wintworth commander of ye Ship Portsmouth, together with the owners of ga Ship addrest this Board that he might have license & Commission for attacking, subduing, surprising and destroying of his Maj'tys enemies ;-By virtue of his Maj’tys Commission to the President and Council, ordered a Commission be accordingly drawn and given to go Wintworth, for Capt. of said Ship_Copy of the Commission is in file.

Ordered, Lieut. Governor Stoughton be written unto to signify we are now hopeful ye greatest danger of a sea Invasion is now over, and that we are not capable of sustaining soldiers any longer than utmost necessity requires; we are therefore now hopeful in a little time to get money to pay them off, & desire his order for yo drawing off the soldiers accordingly.



New Castle, Primo 7 bris, 1697. Honorable Sir.

Being now hopeful that ye danger of an invasion from the enemy by sea is over for this year, & finding ye poverty of our People soe extreme that we are not able to sustain the charge of soldiers any longer than utmost necessity requires ; These are therefore to let your Honor know that the money given by our Assembly for payment of your soldiers is now collecting ; & we hope in ten days or thereabouts sufficient will be brought in to discharge them ; so that we pray your Honor's order seasonably for the drawing them off, and a signification of your pleasure whether an acc' of their service here should be adjusted with the Captain, & the money paid him, or how your Honor shall otherwise order. We are, Honorable Sir,

Your Honors' most humble servant. By order of President and Council.

HEN. PENNY, Secrit.

Whereas sundry persons have deserted His Maj’tys service from on board his Majesties Ship Fauckland, Capt. Robt. Hancock, Command", who it is supposed have been harbored and concealed by some ill-minded persons, the inhabitants of this Province:

Ordered yt a Proclamation be sent from this Board to be published in the several towns of this Province by the Command of the militia, their forbidding all persons to harbor or conceal any deserters as aforesaid, requiring all persons to endeavor the discovery of any such, & where any person appears to be suspected to give notice thereof to the next Justice of the Peace, who are hereby required to examine all such persons, & such as they find to be deserters as above forthwith to return them to this command.


Province of New Hampshire.

By the President and Council,

A Proclamation. P. XXXIII.

Whereas sundry persons have deserted his Maj’tys service from on board his Maj’tys Ship Faukland Capt. Robert Hancock command", who have doubtless been harbored and concealed and forwarded in their escape by some illminded persons inhabitants of this Province: These are therefore to require & command all persons in the several towns within this Province to use their utmost endeavors for the discovery of any deserters as aforesaid; & when any appears to be suspected to carry him or them before the next Justice of the Peace to be examined, and if found to be such, the said Justice of the Peace is hereby required forthwith to send him or them with a sufficient guard to their command' Capt. Rob. Haucock at New Castle, & whosoever shall harbor, conceal or further the escape of any such deserters shall be proceeded against with the utmost severity of the law: dated in New Castle this 1* 7 bris, 1697, in the ninth year of his Maj'tys reign. By order President and Council.

HEN. PENNY, Secrit.

Ordered, that the Field Marshal with aprobation of the Major of the regiment have liberty to make a Deputy.

Ordered, that notice be given from this Board to advise the selectmen of Exeter to notify to the constables of the town not to collect the first payment of the rates of those who have lately subsisted any of the Mathathusetts soldiers.

Allowed Jno. Lows for baking the soldiers bread one pound a P— not on file.

Ordered, that eight men be continued in his Maj'tys Fort at New Castle until the last of Sber next and what now are wanting to make up that number to be detached from Hampton & Portsmouth, & the Treasurer to supply a barrel of pork and some corn for their subsistence if be in the Treasury.

Ordered, that notice be given to the inhabitants of the several towns in this Province who have any claims to bring in for any disbursement since the 21st of June last that they bring in the same at New Castle to ye Council on Monday next, being the fourth of Sber, at 2 of the clock in the afternoon; and that the Captains of the several towns proclaim this accordingly.


Ordered, that the Captains of Portsmouth & Hampton send two able men each at New Castle to serve in his Maj’tys Fort with sufficient arms.

Adjourned to Monday next at New Castle the 4th Sber 1697, at two in the afternoon.

(Prov. Rec. B. I. p. 224.] The account of Oyster River's people for their subsistence of soldiers from May, the twenty fourth, 1697, unto this instant, is as followeth : Joseph Smith for 2 soldiers, 18 weeks,

07:04:00 Jemes Buncker for 1 soldier 18 weeks

03:12:00 Ensign Jones for 1 soldier 18 weeks

03:12:00 Mr. Thomas Edgerly 1 soldier 18 weeks

03:12:00 John Woodman 2 soldiers 18 weeks



John Woodman, Captain.
October 4: 1697.
The names of the soldiers, are,

John Gray
William Henenen[?]
Thomas Degens
Henry Nayl
Edwerd May
Jems Furber
Jems Mecker



At a Council held by adjournment at
New Castle, monday 4 Sber 1697.


Jno Hinks Esq. President. Peter Coffin ,

Wm. Vaughan , Rob. Elliott

Rich. Waldrons After the receipt of several claims brought in to the Council, adjourned to morrow 12 of the clock as on file.

At a Council by adjournment to this present Wednesday, 6 Sber 1697.


John Hinks Esq. President. Peter Coffin )

Wm. Vaughan Esas. Rob. Elliott Esqs.

Rich. Waldrons Nath. Waer )

Ordered, that what provisions are in yo custody of Treasurer Vaughan may be delivered to Jno. Hinks Esq. or order for the use of the soldiers at the Fort.

Rich. Waldron Esq. making it appear to this Board that twelve hhd. of Rum imported into this Province by the Richd and Mary, Samuel Alcock master from Barbadoes, were again exported out of this Province within the time limited by law, whereby the draw back of 2-3ds custom De comes payable to him the said Waldron, ordered, the sco retary is to signify to the Collector from this Board au order him to make payment thereof accordingly.

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