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in to the Province and exerts his power and authority as formerly, ordered, that a proclamation be forthwith published of the tenor.following

By the President and Council,

A Proclamation. Whereas, his Majesty hath been graciously pleased by Commission under the great seal of England bearing date ye 26 day of June last past to nominate and appoint William Partridge, Esq. to be Lieut. Governor of the Province of New Hampshire, and therein his Majesty having also been pleased to make null & void the power and authority of Jno. Usher late Lt. Governor of this Province in these words following: “And whereas by our commission under our great seal bearing date the first day of March in the fourth year of our reign we have constituted & appointed our trusty and well beloved Sam. Allen, Esq to be our Governor, and John Usher Esq. to be our Lieut. Governor of our said Province of New Hampshire, Wee do hereby revoke so much of our said Commission whereby the said John Usher Esq. is constituted and appointed to be our Lieut. Governor of our said Province of New Hampshire, and all the powers and authorities thereby granted to him declaring the same to be for the future void and of none effect, so far as it relates to the said Jno. Usher.” And whereas, upon the arrival of Wm. Partridge, Esq. by orders from Sam. Allen Governor of this Province, the commission and Instruction were delivered unto John Hinks, Esq. President, who with the Council hath the power of Government in the absence of the Governor & Lt. Governor: These are therefore to give public notice to all his Majesties good subjects inhabiting this Province, that John Usher Esq. has no farther power or authority here, nor are any persons to obey his orders or warrants for the future, but that the present power of Government is vested in the President and Council, till Governor Allen arrive, or Lt. Governor Partridge please to publish his Commission and take upon him the Government accordingly; and this all persons are to take notice of and conform themselves thereto accordingly: From the Council Board at Portsmouth this gth February 1696. By orders of the President and Council. God save the King.



Ordered, that Major Wm. Vanghan take with him as many men as he can readily get mounted, to march at Hampton & Exeter to suppress any tumult and disturbances that may happen in the Province.


At a Council held at Portsmouth 8th February, 1696.


John Hinks, Esq. President Peter Coffin )

Wm. Vaughan Rob. Elliott (Esqs. Rich. Waldron Hen. Greene )

Ordered, that Major Wm. Vaughan forthwith take with him so many men as he can readily get mounted, and with them to march to Hampton and Exeter and there cause the proclamation herewith given him to be published ; as also notice from this Board, that all Captains and other inferior military officers continue in their place until further orders, and if the said Vaughan can meet with any person or persons, that have given or doe give any disturbance to this his Majesties government, that he seize and secure the same and all officers military and civil, and all others are hereby required to be aiding and assisting to him the said Vaughan in the execution hereof.

By order of the President & Council. HENRY PENNY Sect.

[Prov. Rec. B. I. p. 213.) Letter from Board of Trade.

In his Majesty's special service. To the Honble John Usher, Esq. her Majesty's Lt. Governor and

Commander-in-chief of her Majs Province of New Hampshire, in New England, or to the Commander-in-chief of that Province for the time being.


New Hampshire: Sir

Since his Majesty's having been pleased to constitute us with others his Commissioners for promoting the trade of this Kingdom, and for inspecting and improving his Plantations in America and elsewhere, we have received several letters from you directed to the Lords of the late Committee for trade and plantations; and in the last place, by Mr. Story, dated the 16th and 8th of February


What you have therein represented to us about the present disorders in the Government of New Hampshire, hath seemed to us so considerable, that we have laid the same before their Excellencies, the Lords Justices, according to the account of your proceedings and the protest in your aforementioned letter of the 16th of February; and having thereupon offered to their Excellencies our opinion, that in the interval till either Mr. Partridge do qualify himself for the exercise of his Commission, or till the Earl of Bellomont do arrive in that country, or till their Excellencies think fit otherwise to determine; their Excellencies would be pleased to give directions that his Majestys authority may not be trampled in your person, but that all persons in that Province be strictly required to pay you due obedience according to the tenor of your Commission.

These are therefore to acquaint you, that their Excellencies have thereupon been pleased by their order in Council to declare their approbation of what we so represented unto them, and to require us to signify their pleasure therein to you, that you may in pursuance thereof (till provision be otherwise made in some of the methods before mentioned) require all persons in that Province (at their peril) to pay you due obedience, according to the tenor of your Commission, from bis Majesty. So we bid you heartily, farewell,

Your loving Friends,


Indorsed — “Copy of the Lords
Justices Lett? to Jno. Usher."
[On the margin_“ Whitehall,

Aug. 3, 1697." - ED.]



At a Council held the

9th February 1696. Present.

John Hinks Esq. President.
Peter Coffin

Wm. Vaughan F.
Robt Elliott Esqs.

Richd. Waldron Hen. Greene

Ordered, that answer be given to Lt. Governor Stoughton's letter.

Portsmouth 9th Feb. 1696. Honorable Sir.

We find a letter from your Honor of the 24th December, which has for some time lain dormant, and not brought before the Council; wherein you are pleased to signifie your interdicting all intercourse of trade unto Port Royal, and which we are very well satisfied with and shall take effectual care the same be done by this Government, notwithstanding some late overtures (on very specious pretences) have been made us to the contrary. We have further to let your Honor know that his Majesty hath now been pleased by commission under the great Seal, to nominate and appoint Wm. Partridge Esq. to be our Lt. Governor, and therein to null and make void the power and authority of John Usher, Esq. late Lt. Governor. Our Governor Allen also wrote and ordered Mr. Usher to deliver Mr. Hinks said Allens' Commission and Instructions, and desired said Hinks with the Council to take upon them ye Government accordingly, till Mr. Partridge should receive and publish his Commission, Mr. Usher not being now on the place.

The Commission and instructions then in the hand of Mr. Fryer were delivered to Mr. Hinks as President aforesaid, but notwithstanding all this, Mr. Usher is pleased to exert his weak endeavors to give us some disturbance; to ytt end appeared at Hampton on the last Sabbath day, and we hear, in the forenoon before Sermon, made a large comment on the copy of this Commission. He also gave out orders to sundry officers civil and military, to meet him at Hampton the next morning, and the two First Companys of the towne to be then in arms; but miserably failing of his expectations, he withdrew and left the Province on Monday afternoon ; assuring some of his creatures that Lt. Governor Stoughton had promised him if he met with any opposition here to give him assistance; and this account of Mr. Ushers motion we offer not your Honor as matter of moment, but rather of discussion, * being well assured your Honor will never give assistance to any further than may have a tendency to his Majestys service, and the good of his subjects; and therein according to onr poore measures we shall always endeavor a joint compliance with you. Being, much honored, Your Honor most humble serv'ts.


By order of President and Council. HENRY PENNY, Sect. Council adjourned to morrow 9 of the clock.

Portsmouth. At a Council held 10th February, 1696-7.

John Hinks Esq. President.
Peter Coffin

Hen. Greene )
Robt. Elliott S

Rich. Waldron
Adjourned to morrow, 11 of the clock.

* This word is doubtful,—perhaps discretion.

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