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At a Council.

The Councill being moved that a leave may be given for the freeholders of New Castle to convene together and choose commissioners, selectmen, and other officers, for carrying on the Prudential affairs of the town — the which • was granted.

That the Treasurer pay for the use of the House and man's attendance.

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B. II. p. 64.

At a meeting of ye Councill at

Grt. Island, the 25th Aug. 1693.
Present - John Hincks, Esq. President
Nath'. Fryer)

Wm. Vaughan .
Robt. Elliott Esqrs.

Richd Waldron Esqs.
Peter Coffin )
Upon advice from y Lt Govern'. that Col. Fletcher has given
information to ye Government of Boston of his fears of some of
ye 5 Nations being drawn over to the French enemy, & that a
considerable number of French and Indians are come over the
Lake(1) with a design of an attack upon some of these his Majes-
ties' Provinces: For ye better security of their Maj’ties' subjects
within this Province, it is ordered That the several Capts. & com-
mittees of Militia in the respective towns, doe take especial care
to continue their Garrisons, watches, wards and scouts; & that
ye soldiers posted in yo frontier garrisons doe continue in their
several posts till further order.


The Submission and Agreement of the Eastern Indians, at Fort

William Ilenry in Pemaquid, the 11th day of August, in the fifth
year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord and Lady, William and
Mary, by the grace of God, of England, Scotland, France, and
Ireland, King and Queen, Defenders of the Faith, &c. 1693.

[Copied from Math. Mag., Vol. II. pp. 625-626. Hart. Ed. 1853.]
• Whereas a bloody war has for some years now past been made
and carried on by the Indians within the Eastern parts of the said

(1) [The “ Five Nations” of Indians were composed of Mohawks, Oneidas, Onondagas, Cayugas, and Senecas; they inhabited at that time in Western New York and about the shores of Lake Ontario, and were classed under the general name of Iroquois.}-ED.

Province, against their Majesties' subjects, the English, through the instigation and influences of the French; and being sensible of the iniseries which we and our people are reduced unto, by adhering to their ill council: We, whose names are hereumto subscribed, being Sagamores and Chief Captains of all the Indians belonging to the several rivers of Penobscote and Kennebeck, Amarascogen and Saco, parts of the said Province of the Massachusetts Bay, within their said Majesties' soveraignty, having made application unto his Excellency Sir William Phipps, Captain General and Governour-in-Chief in and over the said Province, that the war may be put to an end, do lay down our arms, and cast ourselves upon their said Majesties' grace and favour. And each of us respectively for ourselves, and in the name and with the free consent of all the Indians belonging unto the several rivers aforesaid, and of all other Indians within the said Province, of and from Merrimack River unto the most easterly bounds of the said Province: bereby acknowledging our hearty subjection and obedience unto the Crown of England; and do solemnly covenant, promise and agree, to and with the said Sir William Phips, and his successors in the place of Captain General and Governour-in-Chief, of the aforesaid Province or territory, on their said Majesties' behalf in manner following: viz.

“That at all time and times for ever from and after the date of these presents, we will cease and forbear all acts of hostility towards the subjects of the crown of England, and not offer the least hurt or violence to them, or any of them, in their person or estate: But will hence forward hold and maintain a firm and constant amity and friendship with all the English.

"Item.- We abandon and forsake the French interest, and will not in any wise adhere to, join with, aid or assist them in their wars or designs against the English, nor countenance, succour or conceal any of the enemy Indians of Canada, or other places, that shall happen to come to any of our plantations within the English territory, but secure them, if in our power, and deliver them up unto the English.

"That all English captives in the hands or power of any of the Indians, within the limits aforesaid, shall with all possible speed be set at liberty, and returned home without any ransom or payment to be made or given for them, or any of them.

"That their Majesties subjects the English shall and may peaceaply and quietly enter uponi, improve, and forever enjoy all and singular their rights of lands, and former settlements and possesslons within the eastern parts of the said Province of the MassaChusetts Bay, without any pretensions or claims by us, or any

er ludians, and be in no wise molested, interrupted or disturbed


That all trade and commerce, which may hereafter be allowed ween the English and Indians, shall be under such management I regulation as may be stated by an Act of the General Assem; or as the Governour of the said Province, for the time being, I the advice and consent of the Council shall see cause to



direct and limit.

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to arise between any

any controversie or difference at any time hereafter happen e between any of the English and Indians, for any real or

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supposed wrong or injury done on one side or the other, no private revenge shall be taken by the Indians for the same, but proper application be made to their Majesties government upon the place, for remedy thereof, in a due course of justice; we hereby submitting ourselves to be ruled and governed by their Majesties' laws, and desire to have the benefit of the same

“In the full manifestation of our sincerity and integrity in all
that which we have herein before covenanted and promised, we
do deliver unto Sir William Phips, their Majesties Governour as
aforesaid, Ahassombamett, brother to Edgeremett, Wenonga-
hewitt, cousin to Madockawando, and Edgeremett, and Bagataw-
awongon, alias Sheepscoat John, to abide and remain in the
custody of the English, where the Governour shall direct, as
hostages or pledges for our fidelity, and the true performance of
all and every the foregoing articles, reserving liberty to exchange
them in some reasonable time for a like number, to the acceptance
of the Governour and Council of the said Province, so they be
persons of as good account and esteem amongst the Indians as
those which are to be exchanged. In testimony whereof, we have
hereunto set our several marks and seals the day and year first


WENOBSON of Teconnet, in behalf Robin DONEY
of Moxus.

AHANQUIT of Penobscot.






B. II. p. 112.

At a Councill held at New Castle

on Monday, the gth of Jan. 1691.


John Hincks, Esq. President
Nath'. Fryer

Henry Green ).
Robt. Elliott (

Wm. Vaughan Esqs.
Peter Coffin Esqs.

Richd Waldron ) Nath' Wear) Ordered, That whereas there has been presented into this Board a petition from Elizath Fabens concerning the proof of her will, in that Capt. Packer hath taken from her the sum of three pounds for probate of sd will; that Capt. Packer forbear to grant any Probate of Wills, or Letters of Administration, till farther ordered; & that he attend this Board on the last Tuesday this inst., to answer the sd complaint.

Ordered, That Capt. Walton attend this Board on the last Tuesday in this month to give an acct. of their Maj'ties' stores.

Capt. Smith's acctts, for two soldiers posted at Edward Hilton's garrison & billeting, amt to £3: 17: 0. was allowed, and it is ordered that the Treasurer pay the same.

Ordered, That Mr. Elliott, Mr. Wear, and Mr. Green inspect the Treasurer's accotts; and to return an accot of the same to the next Councill Board.

Ordered, That the dept Secry give orders from this Board to the Committee of Militia of each frontier towne that they take care that the several garrisons be kept in repaire; & where any be defective to be amended as the Militia think fitt.

Ordered, That Mr. Richard Waldron should draw up a letter to be sent for England.

Mr. Richd Waldron having drawn up a letter to be sent for England, it was read in Coimcill and approved of.

Ordered, That the deputy Secretary transcribe the said letter fairly, with copies of the order of Council sitting on 4th December last, to be sent for England: which letter is on file.(1)

B. II. p. 113.

At a Councill held at New Castle'

the 20 February, 1691.


The Lieut. Govern".
Jno. Ilincks, ,

Hen. Green,
Nath? Fryer, Esas.

Nath'. Wear,

Robt. Elliott, EST

Wm. Vaughan,
Peter Coffin,

Rich. Waldron, The Lt. Govern demanded of this Board the state of the Province since he went from hence:

Mr. Rich. Waldron answered, that it was as his IIonor had left it: nemine contradicente [No one contradicting].

The Lt. Govern made a speech and presented a letter which he wrote to Sir Wm. Phipps and Councill, which was read in Councill concerning the running of the line between the Province of Massachusetts and New Hampshire: and ordered it to be en


The letter cannot now be found. -ED. me following imperfect minute, B. II. p. 65, seems to be the substance of the

letter referrel to.)-ED.

and commander-in-chief o

Is Majesty having granted his Royal commission to Samuel Allen, Esq. Governor

unler-in-chief of all that part of the Province of New Hampshire within

Ordered, That the selectmen of Hampton take an acct of what persons live three miles of this side of Merrimack River.

The petition of widow Fabens was read in Councill concerning Capt. Packer's taking three poids for Probate of a Will. It being debated in Councill, Mr. Peter Coffin declared that he judged the same was through ignorance, & that the money ought to be returned to the widow: Nemine contradicente.

Ordered, That Capt. Tho. Packer return back the money to the widow.

Ordered, That the fees as on the list is for granting administration, &c. be the stated fees for the Judge & Secretary for Probate of wills & granting letters of Administrations.

Capt. Pickerings petition was read in Couucill concerning fees. The Ltt. Govern" asked, What fees he would have allowed? Capt Pickering answered that he thought two s. was enough for serving a writ.

Whereas that Capt. Pickering did in his petition say, that he knew of no fees settled by the General Assembly; — the order for the settlement of fees was read in Councill out of the General Assembly Booke.

Capt. Walton appeared before the Board as ordered to give acct of their Maj’ties' stores: The Lt. Govern' asked this Board if there was any complaint of his embezzling their Maj’ties' stores.

Mr. Waldron answered, Noe. Nemine contradicente.

the dominion of England, in America, being and exten·ling itself from three miles northward of Verriin ick river or any part there if unto the Province of Main, with the south part of Isle a Shoals, and power of Almiralty within said Province - whether the bou is frow 3 miles northward of Merrimack river to Province of Maine should be asserted and maintained; and the Inhabitants within the – and bordering upon the town of Hampton shall be assessed by the town of Hampton, to pay rates and taxes in the sai i town.”

Under date," New Castle, November - 1693" is found also the following letter, B. II. P. 66] - ED.

“Province New Hampshire. Gentlemen - I am directed by order of the Lt. Governor and Council of this Province to acquaint your Excellency and Council upon receipt of yours ditel th 7th inst. signed by Isa. Adlington, secretary, concerning the running of the Boumis between the Province Hampshie, and the Province Massachusetts Bay: the honorable Jno. Usler, Esq. Lt. Governor of this Province is requested to discourse your Excellency or any other persons, coinmissionated for the purpose abont running the lines betwen the two Governments that so, between this and the last Tuesday of March, the same be accoinplished; - there being persons commissionated for effecting the same - which is the needful at present.

Gentlm. your humbl servant

REDFORD, Deputy Secretary. " To his Excel. Sr. Wm. Phipps, Gerbranl Councill, in Province Massachusetts Bay."

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