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B. II. p. 52, 1693.

At a Councill held at Great Island

the 8th May, 1693.


The Lieut. Governor.
John Hincks

Peter Coffin
Nath. Fryer Esqrs. Henry Greene Esqrs.
Robt. Elliott

Rich. Waldron ) Ordered, That the Treasurer give out his wart to the constables of the frontier Towns to pay out of the moneys by them collected for the rates, to the several Capts. so much money as they have caused to be disbursed for the subsistence of the soldiers, & that the Lieut. Govern' or President issue out their warrt. accordingly.

Ordered, That Mr. Coffin & the treasurer discourse Mr. Buckley and demand of him 10 lb. that was ordered to be payd for the subsistence of the soldiers at Oyster River & Exeter, out of the Massachusetts pay.

Ordered, That a day of Humiliation be kept throughout this Province, and that an order be issued out accordingly for Tuesday next come fortnight.

Ordered, That the General Assembly be prorogued until the last Tuesday in July next, and that they doe not meett according to the last Proroguegation.

The Lieut. Govern" demands to know by what due course of Law Matthew Carey was discharged, - he having been committed for so high a crime as his mittimus expresses.

Resolved, It was done by order of the Presid' and Councill. Ordered, That a Letter be sent by Mr. Hincks to the Governor and Council of Conettecott to desire their assistance as to provis. ions and money.(1)

(1) [The following seems to be a copy of the letter sent by Mr. Hincks, addressed to the Governor of Connecticut.) Hon'ble Sirs

By and with the advice of their Maj'ties' Council for the Province of New Hampshire, I here lay before your Excellency the great hardships & difficulties the inhabiants of this Province labor under: Sir Wm Phipps, Governor of the Massachusetts Bay in New England. having all this winter aided and assisted this Province with about - soldiers, whom this Province has been at the charge of maintaining, has now (though in the greatest time of danger) drawne off the same, and left this Province wholly to defend itself, which it is not able to do, ueless aided and assisted by some other of the neighboring Provinces; for that the Indian and French enemies are frequently making incursions and desolations, cutting off our frontier places and the Inhabitants thereof.

We therefore request your Excellency (it being for their Maj'ties' service and the preservation of their subjects here) to afford such assistance to the Province of New Hampshire, by sending some soldiers & provisions, as your Excellency shall think necessary for their aid and relief. And on the like occasion we shall be ready to assist you as occasion shall offer to the utmost of our ability. Expecting your speedy answer I subscribe, gentlemn your humble servant.

J. U.

Ordered, That the Treasurer give order to the constables of Hampton for to discount out of the prsent Rates in their hands, the sum of 10 lb. 14s. 8d., being soe much already disburst by the Inhabitants, and that he charge the several garrisons, to whom the same was delivered, therewith; & that an order be issued out to the Treasurer accordingly.

B. II. p. 56.

Province of New Ilampshire.

By John Usher, Esq. Govern' & Commander-in-cbiefe of sd Province, and

Vice Admirall of the same. These are, in their Maj’ties name to require and command you, Capt. Thomas Packer, to grant and issue forth your Warrant, directed to the clerke of your company, to levy by distress and sale of the several persons goods hereunder mentioned, the sum of five shillings on each person, for their not appearing with their arms, on Thursday the 11th day of May, instant, according to an Act of the Assembly entitled an Act for settling the Militia; and hereof you are not to fail at your perill. Dated this 18th day of May, 1693. William Comes

Richard Waterhouse, jun.
Ferdinando Husse

John Clarke
George Snell

Richard Claye
William Richards

Daniel Duggins
Benjamin Sargeant

Daniel Libbe
Daniel Fogg

John Geere
Samuel Smith

Samuel Rawlings
Hugh March

Robert Almery
Thomas Lewis

John Plasted
Samuel Sackford

John Jackson
Joseph Sheward

John Libbe
John Miller, sen.

Richard Rogers
Joshua Broune

Thomas Pickering
Samuel Babb

Hugh Bamfield
Matthew Libbe

James Layton
Richard Davis

Henry Savage
Jolin llam

Nathaniel Knight
John Jackson, sen.

William Davis
Peter Babb.

Marke Hunkins.

B. II. p. 57, 1693.

At a Councill held at Great Island the 30th day of May, 1693.


The Lieut. Governor Nath Frver )

Henry Greene Rob'. Elliott Esqs.

Nathi Weare Esqs Peter Coffin )

Willm Vaughan ) Ordered, That the Treasurer pay James Randall out of the treasure soe much money as will make up what he has already rec'd, the sum of 100 lb. toward paymt. of his Bill.

The Councill being this day informed, that, pursuant to an order of Council made the 17th of March last, for making the Great Island a Towne, the Grant of the same was prepared and engrossed: the which, being read this day in Councill and none making any objection why the same should not be signed & sealedsave Major Vaughan, who desired his dissent might be entred against the passing the same, for that he thinks the King's Commission gives liberty to the Lieut. Govern' to make Towns but not to divide Towns; whereupon the Lieut. Govern" in Councill signed and executed the same grant.*

* CHARTER OF THE TOWN OF NEW CASTLE. [Copied from the original, written on parchment, in black-letter or old English. Fur

outside of the fenced land of Sagyamo

nished by Rev. LUCIUS ALDEN, of New Castle.- ED.) WILLIAN AND MARY, by the Grace of God, of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, King and Queen, Defenders of the Faith, &c., to all people to whom these presents shall Come Greeting. Know yee that Wee of our especiall Grace, certain knowledge, and meer motion, have Given and Granted And by these presents as farr

mus lyes, Doo give and Grant to our beloved Subjects, Men and inhabitants, within and upon Great Island, within our Province of New llam

Island, within our Province of New Hampshire, in New England. e lands to them belonging, Running from a point of Land there on the South of Saggamores Creek, called Sampsons point, and from thence Southwest by the

the fenced land of Sagpamores Creek to the heart of Aaron Moses field to an nlock Tree by the side of the Roal way, and from thence upon the aforesaid

s point to the Road way, between Sandy Beach and Greenland, leaving eenland about three miles to the Westwaris soe forwards upon the same point to lampton Bounds, and then East to the Sea, that the same be a Towne Corporate by name of New Castle to the men and Inhabitants thereof forever. And Wee doe

e presents Give and Grant unto the said Men and Inbabitants of our Towne of Castle, all and every, the streetes, lanes and highways within the sail Towne, for que use and service of the Men and Inhabitants thereot' and travellers there,

th full power, lycence and authority to the said inen and inhabitants within " towne forever, to establish, appoint, order and direct the establishing, making, g out, orilering, amending and repairing of all streetes, lanes, highways, terry

ani Bridges, in and throughout the said Towne, necessary, needltul and convenfor the Men and Inhabitants of the said towne, and for all travellers and passen

Southwest point to the Ros

by these presents Give

the Publique use and service o together with full power, lycence the said towne forever

places an l Briilges, il ient for the M

B. II. p. 61.

At a Council held the 1st of August,



John Hincks, Esq. Pres.
Nath'. Fryer

Nath'. Weare )
Robé. Elliott

Wm. Vaughan Esqs.
Peter Coffin

Richd. Waldron) Henry Greene ) The other House having sent up a Bill for raising 200 lb.; upon

gers there: Provided always that our said Lycence soe as above granted for the establishing, making and laying out of streetes, lanes, highways, ferry places and Bridges, be not extended or construed to extend to the taking away of'any person or persons Right or Property without his, her, or their consent, or by some knowne law of our Province: To have and to hold and enjoy, all and singular, the premisses aforesaid, to the said Men and Inhabitants of the said Towne of New Castle and their successors forever, Rendring and paying therefore unto us, our heirs and successors, or to such other office or officers as shall be appointed to receive the same yearly, the annual quitt rent or acknowledgement of Owne Peppercorn in the said Towne, on the five & twentieth day of October, yearly, forever. And for the better order, rule and government of the said Towne Wee doe by these presents Grant for us and our successors unto the men and Inhabitants of the said Towne, That yearly and every year upon the first Tuesday of March, forever, they, the said men and Inhabitants of our said Towne shall elect and choose by the major part of them two sufficient and able men, householders in the said Towne, to be Constables for the year ensuing, which said men so chosen and elected shall be presented by the then next precedeing Constables to the next Quarter Sessions of the Peace, to be held for the said Province, there to take the accustomed oaths appointed by Law for the Execution of their offices, under such penaltyes as the Law of our said Province shall appoint and direct upon refusall or neglect therein. And Wee doe by these presents Grant for us, our Heirs and successors, unto the men and Inhabitants of the said Towne, That yearly and every year upon the said first Tuesday of March, forever, they, the said men and Inhabitants of our said Towne, or the major part of them, shall elect and choose three men, Inhabitants and householders, within our said Towne, to be overseers of the poor and highways, or selectmen for our said Towne, for the year ensueing, with such powers, privileges and authorities as any overseers or selectmen within our said Province have and enjoy or ought to have and enjoy. And Wee doe further by these presents Give and Grant for us, our Heires and successors, unto the men and Inhabitants of the said Towne and their successors, forever, That they shall have and enjoy and use the Ferry the days of the Fairs of New Castle, aforesaid, forever, to be held there every Wednesday, and one Fair for two dayes, to witt, on the first Tuesday and Wednesdayes of July, forever, together with all issues and profits to the said Market and Fair accrewing or happening, and all liberties and free customs, priviledges and emoluments to the said Market and Fair belonging or appertaining: To have and to hold the said Market and Fair with issues and profits and liberties and free customs, priviledges and empoluments to the same or either of them accrewing or happening, belonging or appertaining to the said men and Inhabitants of our said Towne of New Castle and their successors, forever. In testimony whereof Wee have caused the Seal of our said Province to be hereunto affixed. Witness, John Usher, Esqr., our Lievetennt. Gorernor and Commander in Chiefe of our said Province at our said Towne of New Castle, the thirtyeth day of May, in the fifth year of our Reigne, Annoque Domi, 1693.

Jx. USHER. By the Lievt. Governours Command,

Tho. Davis, Sec'ry.

reading the same, the other House was sent for; — whoe, attending

The Presid' desired to know what should be done with the 200 lb.; say, 118 lb. was to pay the treasurer; the rest to goe to de'fraye the charge of the out garrisons which they conceive would be sufficient for 2 months.

Mr. Waldron is excused from attending the house until Thursday next. Adjourned to 10 o'clock, tomorrow.

At a Councill held the 24 of August,

1693. [Present— the same except Rich. Waldron.] That it be referred to Mr. Elliott and Mr. Coffin to consider of the Bill sent from the other House concerning the importation of goods from Boston, & to report what they think fitt to be done therein.

Adjourned to 10, tomorrow. [Present — the same]

Adjourned to 12, tomorrow.

B. II. p. 62.

At a Council held the 4th of August, 1693.


John Hincks, Esq. President
Vath'. Frver, )

William Vaughan,
Rob Elliott, ŞEsqs.

Richd Waldron, 3
Henry Greene, S
The Bill concerning Ministers &c. sent from the other House,
being agreed to as it was, sent down.

The Bill for preventing profanation of the Lord's day, agreed to by both Houses.

The Bill concerning the Post Office, sent from the other Ilouse, to which this House concurs.

An addition to the Bill to compel constables to gather the Rates sent up & agreed to by the other blouse, as it was sent down.

Ordered, That the Secretary carry the several Bills to the Lieut.


Adjourned to 10 o'clock, tomorrow.

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