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58. The Sabbath. (P. M.)
1 H AIL, peaceful morn! thy dawn I hail !
11 How do thy hours my mind regale

With feasts of heav'nly joy!
Nor can I half thy blessings name,
Which kindle in my soul a flame,

And all my pow'rs employ.
2 Thou hallow'd season of repose,
Thou balm to sooth the throbbing woes

Of this care-stricken breast:
Thy sacred hours I'll ever greet,
And with the faithful will I meet,

To taste thy holy rest.
3 How shall I best improve thy hours ?
Lord, on me shed, in copious show'rs,

Thy spirit and thy grace!
That when thy sacred courts I tread,
My soul may eat the heavenly bread,

And sing Jebovah's praise !
4 May every sermon, like the dew,
Gently distil, refresh, renew,

And consolate the mind :
Receiv'd with meekness, truth, and love,
Engrafted, fruitful may it prove,

And leave its joy behind.
5 Then to my chamber I'll repair,
With awe to talk with God in pray'r,

And all my griefs to tell :
His kind compassion will relieve,
His bounteous hand will mercies give,

With mourners he will dwell.

6 Thus may my Sabbath pass away,
My best, my holiest, happiest day,

The sweetest of the seven ;
But yet a rest for saints remains,
A Sabbath free from cares and pains,

Eternal and in heav'n !


For a Spirit of Prayer. (P. M.)

1 JESU, thou sovereign Lord of all,

The same through one eternal day, Attend thy feeblest followers call,

And O instruct us how to pray! Pour out the supplicating grace, And stir us up to seek thy face!

2 We cannot think a gracious thought,

We cannot feel a good desire,
Till thou, who call’dst a world from nought,

The power into our hearts inspire;
And then we in the spirit groan,
And then we give thee back thy own.

3 Jesus, regard the joint complaint

Of all thy tempted followers here! And now supply the common want,

And send us down the Comforter: The spirit of ceaseless prayer impart, And fix thy agent in our heart.

4 To help our souls infirmity,

To heal thy sin-sick people's care,
To urge our God-commanding plea,

And make our heart a house of prayer ;
The promis'd Intercessor give,

And let us now thyself receive. 5 Come in thy pleading Spirit down,

To us who for thy coming stay:
Of all thy gifts we ask but one,

We ask the constant power to pray :
Indulge us, Lord, in this request;
Thou canst not then deny the rest.

Christian Fellowship. (C. M.) . 1 IVER of concord, Prince of peace,

J Meek Lamb-like Son of God,
Bid our unruly passions cease,

O quench them with thy blood.
2 Rebuke the seas, the tempest chide,

Our stubborn will controul ;
Beat down our wrath, root out our pride,

And calm our troubled soul.
3 O let thy love our hearts constrain,

Jesus, the crucify'd ;
What hast thou done our hearts to gain ?

Languish’d, and groan’d, and dy'd ! 4 Who would not now pursue the way,

Where Jesu's footsteps shine ?
Who would not own the pleasing sway

Of charity divine!

50 let us find the ancient way,

Our wond'ring foes to move,
And force the heathen world to say,

“ See how these Christians love!"

61. The Throne of Grace. (P. M.) W HEN Hannah, press’d with grief,

V Pour'd forth her soul in prayer;
She quickly found relief,

And left her burden there;
Like her, in every trying case,
Let us approach the throne of grace.
2 Though men and devils rage,

And threaten to devour:
The saints, from age to age,

Are safe from all their power ;
Fresh strength they gain to run their race,

By waiting at the throne of grace!
3 Numbers before have tried,
· And found the promise true; .
Nor one been yet denied,..

Then why should I or you?
Let us by faith their footsteps trace,
And hasten to the throne of grace...

02. Encouragement to Pray. (P. M.)

TNCOURAG’D by thy word
1 Of promise to the poor,
Behold a beggar, Lord,
Waits at thy mercy's door ;
No hand, no heart, O Lord, but thine,
Can help or pity wants like mine.

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The beggar's usual plea
Relief from men to gain,
If offer'd unto thee,

I know thou would'st disdain ;
And pleas which move thy gracious ear,
Are such as men would scorn to bear.

'Twere folly to pretend
I never begg'd before;
Or, if thou now befriend,

I'll trouble thee no more :
Thou often hast reliev'd my pain,
And often I must come again.

Nor can I willing be,
Thy bounty to conceal,
From others, who, like me,

Their wants and hunger feel;
I'll tell them of thy mercy's store,
And try to send a thousand more.

. The Lord's Prayer, Paraphrased. (L. M.) 1 O UR holy Father, all thy will,

We fain would perfectly fulfil,
But each has left thy law undone,
Unworthy to be call’d thy son.
2 Who art in heaven, enthron'd on high,

Diffusing glory from the sky,
Reigning above, on earth reverd,

By saints belov'd, by sinners fear'd. 3 For ever hallow'd be thy name,

The triune God, the bright I AM;
At which seraphic choirs, and all
The hosts of heaven, adoring, fall.

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