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Hymn. Glory to thee, Almighty Lord

.. 727 Glory to thee, my God, this night

106 Go, worship at Immanuel's feet

459 God, in his earthly temple lays

513 God is a Spirit, just and wise

618 God is the refuge of his saints

133 God moves in a mysterious way God of eternal love God of love, whose truth and grace God of my childhood and my youth

249 God of my life! thy constant care

712 God of my life, thy various praise

193 God of my life, to thee

246 God of my strength, to thee I cry

22 God, who in various methods told

510 Good is the Lord, the heav'nly King

200 Grace, how exceeding sweet to those

680 Grace, 'tis a charming sound

325 Great God, attend while Sion sings

2 Great God, at thy command Great God, at whose all powerful call

209 Great God, did pious Abram pray

136 Great God, how infinite art thou

334 Great God, I own thy sentence just

257 Great God, let all my tuneful powers

194 Great God, my early vows to thee

105 Great God, now condescend

71 Great God, the nations of the earth

181 Great God, this sacred day of thine

50 Great God, to thee my evening song Great God, what do we see and hear

695 Great God, when heaven and earth and seas .... 176 Great God, whose universal sway

169 Great is the Lord ; his works of might

305 Great Lord of angels, we adore

129 Great Ruler of the earth and skies

156 Great Shepherd, who didst condescend

238 Great was the day, the joy was great

175 Guide me, O thou great Jehovah

606 Guilty and vile, before my God




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Hymn. Hail, everlasting spring ............ .... 431 Hail, sov’reign grace, that first began

642 Hail the day, that sees him rise

428 Hail, thou once despised Jesus

412 Happy beyond description he (P. M.)

552 Happy beyond description he (C. M.)

587 Happy is he that fears the Lord

115 Happy soul, thy days are ended

273 Happy the friend of God and mau

187 Happy the man who finds the grace

645 Happy the heart where graces reign ... 592 Happy the man, to whom his God ..... 566 Hark, hark! the gospel trumpet sounds ...... 534 Hark! how the watchmen cry

......., 635 Hark! from the tomb a doleful sound

267 Hark, my soul, it is the Lord

596 Hark! the glad sound, the Saviour comes

373 Hark! the herald angels sing

371 Hark! the loud trumpet of our God

140 Hark! the voice of love and mercy

409 Hasten, sinner, to be wise

40 He comes ! he comes ! the Judge severe

291 He dies ! the Friend of sinners dies !

413 He lives! the great Redeemer lives ...

S h .......... 454

454 He reigns, the Lord, the Saviour reigns ...... 295 Head of the church triumphant

627 Hear what the voice from heav'n proclaims

257 Here at thy cross, my dying God ..... ...... 443 High in the heav'ns, eternal God

45 Ho! every one that thirsts, draw nigh

531 Holy, and just, and righteous God

402 Holy Ghost, dispel our sadness

682 Holy Child, our children take

........ 74 Hope, sweetest comfort, steady friend

576 Hosanna to Jesus on high ...

284 Hosanna to our conqu’ring King

........ 157 Hosanna to the Royal Son

481 Hosanna, with a cheerful sound

104 How are thy glories here display'd

193 How are thy servants blest, O Lord

353 How beauteous are their feet ....

518 How blest is our brother, bereft

285 How blest the union, how divine

469 How can I sink with such a prop How condescending and how kind






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Hymn. How did my heart rejoice to hear

510 How firm a foundation, ye saints of the Lord ... How glorious the Lamb

386 How happy is our peaceful lot

118 How happy the sorrowful man

703 How heavy is the night

711 How lovely, how divinely sweet

........ 21 How oft have sin and satan strove

583 How pleasant, how divinely fair

... .. 1 How pleas'd and blest was I

516 How sad our state by nature is


360 How shall I praise the eternal God

311 How shall we, Lord, secure our hearts ....

509 How short and hasty is our life

216 How should the sons of Adam's race

307 How soft the words my Saviour speaks

243 How strong thine arm is, mighty God

385 How sweet and awful is the place

86 How sweet the name of Jesus sounds ...

497 How vain are all things here below

218 How vain a thonght is bliss below

250 How vast the treasure we possess

646 How wond'rous great, how glorious bright ... 310

I hate the tempter, and his charms
I my Ebenezer raise .............
I send the joys of earth away
I shall not always make my moan
I sing my Saviour's wond'rous death
I will arise, and go to my Father
If God succeed not, all the cost
I'll praise my Maker with my breath
I'll speak the honours of my King
Impressive view, while life we trace
In all my troubles, sharp and strong
In cheerful songs of artless praise
In God's own house, pronounce his praise
In Gabriel's hand a mighty stone
In heaven the raptrous song began
In the soft season of thy youth
In vain my fancy strives to paint
In vain we lavish out our lives
In this world of sin and sorrow
Indulgent sovereign of the skies

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Hymn. Infinite grief, amazing woe

559 Israel in ancient days

..461 Is there ambition in my heart

649 J. Jesus, and can it ever be ...

492 Jesus, at thy command

626 Jesus, full of all compassion

421 Jesus, I love thy charming name

487 Jesus, in thee our eyes behold

458 Jesus invites his saints .

81 Jesus, kind inviting Lord

76 Jesus, let thy pitying eye

660 Jesus, Lord, we look to thee

............. 598 Jesus, lover of my soul

641 Jesus, our Lord, ascend thy throne

382 Jesus, my all, to heaven is gone

479 Jesus, Saviour! we adore thee

........... 122 Jesus shall reign where'er the sun .......... 170 Jesus, that sweet, that charming name

480 Jesus, thou sovereign Lord of all

......... 59 Jesus, thy blood and righteousness ...... . 474 Jesus, upon our children lay

237 Jesus, we bless thy Father's name

395 Jesus, where'er thy people meet

64 Jesus, who died a world to save

. 55 Jesus, who died the world to save

....... 683 Jesus, with all thy saints above

........ 431 Jesus! within thy courts we meet

......... 123 Jehovah reigns, his throne is high

312 Jehovah speaks, let Israel hear

365 Jerusalem, my happy home

669 Join all the glorious names

460 Join, ye redeemed heirs of grace

494 Joy to the world, the Lord is come


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Hymn. Let all the heathen writers join

508 Let children hear the mighty deeds

233 Let earth and heav'n agree

687 Let every creature join .

151 Let every mortal ear attend

523 Let everlasting glories crown

685 Let me but hear my Saviour say

612 Let me dwell on Golgotha

416 Let party names no more

597 Let the bold sceptic still deride

440 Let them neglect thy glory, Lord

154 Let Zion's watchmen all awake

127 Lift your heads, ye friends of Jesus

300 Lift up your heads, in joyful hope

374 Life is the time to serve the Lord

215 Light of those, whose dreary dwelling

390 Lo! he comes, with clouds descending

296 Lo! he cometh! countless trumpets

299 Lo! our Jesus, now ascended

........... 125 Lo! the young tribes of Adam rise

234 Lo, what a glorious sight appears

383 Lo! what an entertaining sight

686 Look up, ye saints, direct your eyes

342 Long as I live I'll bless thy name

330 Long have I sat beneath the sound

663 Lord of all power and miglit

.......... 716 Lord, dismiss us with thy blessing

721 Lord, at thy temple we appear ........... 260 Lord, I am thine, but thou wilt prove

540 Lord, I am vile, conceiv'd in sin

......... 356 Lord, hast thou cast the nation off ...... .. 134 Lord, how divine thy comforts are

85 Lord, how secure and blest are they ..

648 Lord, how secure my conscience was

358 Lord, if thine eyes survey our faults .. Lord, if thou the grace impart

651 Lord' in thy churches now appear .....

186 Lord, in thy great, thy glorious name

251 Lord of my life, O may thy praise ......... 25 Lord of the Sabbath, hear our vows ....... 56 Lord of the worlds above ............... Lord, shall we part with gold for dross ........ 224 Lord, thou hast search'd and seen me through 327 Lord, thou wilt hear me when I pray ......... Lord, 'tis a pleasant thing to stand

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