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209. Autumnal Hymn. (L. M.)

REAT God! at whose all pow'rful ci

At first arose this beauteous frame, Thou bidd'st the seasons change, and all

The changing seasons speak thy name.
2 Thy bounty bids the infant year,

From winter-storms recover'd, rise ;
When thousand grateful scenes appear,

Fresh op’ning to our wond'ring eyes.
3 O how delightful 'tis to see,

The earth in vernal beauty drest!
While in each herb, and flow'r, and tree,

Thy blooming glories stand confest!
4 Aloft, full beaming reigns the sun,

And light and genial heat conveys :
And while he leads the seasons on,

From thee derives his quick’ning rays.
5 Around us from the teeming field,

Spring the rich grain, or purpled vine ;
At thy command they rise to yield,

The strength’ning bread, or cheering wine.
6 Indulgent God! from ev'ry part,
Thy plenteous blessings largely flow;

we taste, - let ev'ry heart, With grateful love and duty glow.

We see,


10. The Fall of the Leaf. Isaiah xxxiv. 4. (P. M.) I SEE the leaves around us falling,

, Dry and wither'd, to the : Thus to thoughtless mortals calling,

In a sad and solemn sound : “Sons of Adam, (once in Eden, “When like us, he blighted fell,) Hear the lecture we are reading,

" "Tis, alas, the truth we tell. 2 " Virgins, much,—too much presuming, On your

boasted white and red ; “ View us late in beauty blooming, ,

Number'd now among the dead :
Youths, though vet no losses grieve you,
“Gay in health, and many a grace;
Let not cloudless skies deceive you,

“ Summer gives to autumn place. 3“ Yearly in our course returning,

“Messengers of shortest stay; Thus we preach this truth concerning. “Heaven and earth shall pass away.' On the tree of life eternal,

Man, let all thy hopes be staid ; Which alone for ever vernal,

Bears a leaf that shall not fade. 11. We all do fade as a Leaf. Isaiah lxiv. 6. (P. M.) 1 CAN I view the pleasing season,

Now in autumn to expire ; And not find another reason, Works so glorious to admire !

Great Creator, may I ever,
While I see thy works, adore ;
Thee from nature never sever,

Know my God by nature more ! 2 Will not nature's fading foliage,

Talk to me in strains divine :
Tell me of my youth, and old age,
Every fading leaf a line :
In the book of nature placed,
Useful lessons to impart;

truths be ever traced, That will fix and teach the heart. 3 Let all nature's glories vanish,

Let her beauties swift decay;
Jesus, -all my gloom shall banish,
Jesus,-all my fears allay!
Fade I must, but Christ resplendant,
Must by right for ever shine;
'Tis on him that I'm dependant,
Faith can call his glories mine!



Winter. (C. M.) 1 STERN winter tbrows his icy chains, STEI

Encircling nature round,
How bleak, how comfortless the plains !

Late gay with verdure crown'd.
2 The sun withdraws his vital beams,

And light and warmth depart,
And drooping, lifeless nature seems

An emblem of my heart.

3 But if my soul's bright sun impart

His all enlivening smile,
The vital ray shall cheer my heart,

Till then a frozen soil.
4 Then faith, and hope, and love, shall rise,

Renew'd to lively bloom,
And breathe accepted to the skies,

Their humble sweet perfume.
5 Return, O blissful sun, and bring,

Thy soul-reviving ray;
This mental winter shall be spring,

This darkness, cheerful day.
6 But while to this low world confin'd,

Where changeful seasons roll,
My blooming pleasures will decline,

And winter pain my soul.
7 0 happy state, divine abode,

Where spring eternal reigns,
And perfect day, the smile of God,

Fills all the heavenly plains.


The same. (L. M.)
EE how rude winter's icy hand,

Has stript the trees, and seal'd the ground!
But spring shall soon his rage withstand,
And spread new beauties all around.
2 My soul a sharper winter mourns,
Barren and fruitless I remain;
When will the gentle spring return,
And bid my graces grow again.

3 Jesus, my glorious sun, arise !

'Tis thine the frozen heart to move;
0! hush these storms, and clear my skies,

And let me feel thy vital love!
4 Dear Lord, regard my feeble cry,

I faint and droop till thou appear;
Wilt thou permit thy plant to die?

Must it be winter all the year?
5 Be still, my soul, and wait this hour,

With humble prayer, and patient faith ;
Till he reveals his gracious power,

Repose on what his promise saith.
6 He, by whose all-commanding word,

Seasons their changing course maintain,
In every change a pledge affords,

That none shall seek his face in vain. 214. Jesus seen in the Seasons ; or, I will praise tu

Lord at all Times. (P. M.) 1 WIN

TINTER has a joy for me,

While the Saviour's charms I read, Lowly, meek, from blemish free,

In the snow-drop's pensive head. 2 Spring returns, and brings along

Life-invigorating suns :
Hark! the turtle's plaintive song,

Seems to speak his dying groans ! 3 Summer has a thousand charms,

All expressive of his worth ;
'Tis his sun that lights and warms,
His the air that cools the earth.

I ,

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