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8 Father in heav'n, thy will be done,-

I cheerfully resign;
Make me in life, in death, thine own;

This year, for ever thine.


194. The same. (L. M.)

REAT God ! let all my tuneful powers,

Awake, and sing thy mighty name: Thy band revolves my circling hours,

Thy hand from which my being came. 2 Seasons and moons still rolling round,

In beauteous order, speak thy praise ; And years, with smiling mercy crown'd,

To thee successive honours raise. 3 To thee I raise the annual song,

To thee the grateful tribute give; My God doth still my years prolong,

And ʼmidst unnumber'd deaths, I live. 4 He bids each season on my soul,

Its sweetest, kindest influence shed; And all the periods, as they roll,

Shower countless blessings on my head. 5 My life, my health, my friends, I owe,

All to thy vast, unbounded love; Ten thousand precious gifts below,

And hope of nobler joys above. 6 Thus will I sing, till nature cease,

Till sense and language are no more ;
And, after death, thy boundless grace,

Through everlasting years, adore.

195. New Year's Day; or, the right Improv

of Life. (C. M.) 1 AND is this life prolong’d to me? Shall I not then prepare to be

A fitter heir for heaven ?..
2 I will not let these moments pass,

These golden hours be gone :
Lord, I accept thine offer'd grace,

I bow before thy throne.
3 Now cleanse my soul from every sin,

Through my Redeemer's blood :
Now let my flesh and heart begin,

The honours of my God.
4 Let me no more my soul defile,

With sin's deceitful toys :
Let cheerful hope increasing still,

Approach to heavenly joys.
5 O may my thankful lips proclaim,

The wonders of thy praise,
And spread the savour of thy name,

Where'er I spend my days.
6 On earth let my example shine ;

And when I leave this state,
May heaven receive this soul of mine,

To bliss divinely great.

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196. The Year crowned with the Divine Goodness.

Psalm lxv. 11. (L. M.) ITTERNAL source of every joy!

Well may thy praise our lips employ; While in thy temple we appear,

Whose goodness crowns the circling year. 2 While as the wheels of nature roll,

Thy hand supports the steady pole:
The sun is taught by thee to rise,

And darkness when to veil the skies. 3 The flowery spring at thy command,

Embalms the air, and paints the land;
The summer rays with vigour shine,

To raise the corn, and cheer the vine.
4 Thy hand in autumn richly pours,
Through all our coasts redundant stores ;
And winters, soften'd by thy care,
No more a face of horror wear.
5 Seasons, and months, and weeks, and days,
Demand successive songs of praise ;
Still be the cheerful homage paid,

With opening light, and evening shade. 6 Here in thy house shall incense rise,

As circling sabbaths bless our eyes ;
Still will we make thy mercies known,

Around thy board, and round our own. 70 may our more harmonious tongues, In worlds unknown pursue


songs ; And in those brighter courts adore, Where days and years' revolve no more.

197. Reflections on our Waste of Years. (C. 1 REMARK, my soul, the narrrow boun How swift the weeks complete their rouni

How short the months appear ! 2 So fast eternity comes on,

And that important day,
When all, that mortal life has done,

God's judgment shall survey. 3 Yet like an idle tale we pass,

The swift advancing year ;
And study artful ways t' increase

The speed of its career.
4 Waken, O God, my trifling heart,

Its great concern to see ;
That I may act the Christian part,

And give the year to thee. 5 So shall their course more grateful roll, If future


arise ;
Or this shall bear my smiling soul

To joy, that never dies.

198. A New Year's Thought and Prayer. (P.N 1 THE

VIME, by moments, steals away,

First the hour, and then the day;
Small the daily loss appears,
Yet it soon amounts to years :
Thus another year is flown,
Now it is no more our own,
If it brought or promis'd good,
Than the years before the flood.

2 But (may none of us forget)

It has left us much in debt;
Favours from the Lord receiv'd,
Sins that have his Spirit griev'd,
Mark'd by an unerring hand,
In his book recorded stand ;
Who can tell the vast amount,
Plac'd to each of our account?

3 Happy the believing soul!

Christ for you has paid the whole ;
While you own the debt is large,
You may plead a full discharge:
But, poor careless sinner, say,
What can you to justice pay?
Tremble, lest, when life is past,

Into prison you be cast !
4 Will you still increase the score?

Still be careless as before?
Oh, forbid it, gracious Lord,
Touch their spirits by thy word !
Now, in mercy, to them show
What a mighty debt they owe!
All their unbelief subdue;

Let them find forgiveness too. 5 Spar'd to see another year,

Let thy blessing meet us here;
Come, thy dying work revive,
Bid thy drooping garden thrive :
Sun of righteousness, arise!
Warm our hearts, and bless our eyes ;
Let our prayer thy pity move,
Make this year a time of love.

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