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4 The humble souls who mourn and pray,

The Lord approves and knows; His mark secures them in the day,

When vengeance strikes his foes.


Pleading with God for a guilty Land.

Gen. xviii. 23. (L. M.)

1 CREAT God! did pious Abram pray

V For Sodom's vile abandon'd race? And shall not all our souls be rous'd, For Britain to implore thy grace ?

2 Base as we are, doth not thine eye.

Its chosen thousands here survey?
Whose souls, deep humbled, mourn the crouds,

Who walk in sin's destructive way?
3 0 Judge supreme ! let not thy sword,

The righteous with the wicked smite; Nor bury in promiscuous heaps,

Rebels, and saints, thy chief delight. 4 Jesus the intercessor hear,

And for his sake thy grace impart,
Which, while it stops the fiery stream,
Dissolves the most obdurate heart.

5 Sodom shall change to Zion then,
And heavenly dews be scatter'd round,
That plant of paradise may spring,
Where baleful poisons curs'd the ground.

137. A guilty People pleading Divine Mercy. (I

1 W HILE justice waves her vengeful h

V Tremendous o'er a guilty land,
Almighty God, thy awful power,

With fear and trembling we adore. 2 Where shall we fly but to thy feet?

Our only refuge is thy seat ;
Thy seat, where potent mercy pleads,

And holds thy thunder from our heads. 3 While peace and plenty bless'd our days,

Where was the tribute of thy praise ?
Ungrateful race ! how have we spent

The blessings which thy goodness lent? 4 Look down, O Lord ! with pitying eye!

Though loud our crimes for vengeance cr
Let mercy's louder voice prevail,

Nor thy long-suffering patience fail.
5 Encourag'd by thy sacred word,
May we not plead thy blest record,
That when a humble nation mourns,

Thy rising wrath to pity turns ?
6 O let thy sovereign grace impart

Contrition to each rocky heart,
And bid sincere repentance flow,

A general, undissembled woe.
7 Fair smiling peace again restore,

With plenty bless the pining poor,
And may a happy, thankful land,
Obedient own thy guardian hand.


In Time of War. (L. M.)

10N thee, great Ruler of the skies,

On thee our stedfast hope relies: When hostile powers against us join, What aid so present, Lord, as thine ?

2 By thee secur'd, no fears we own,

Though earth, convuls'd, beneath is groan,
Though tempests o'er her surface sweep,
And wbirl her hills into the deep ;-

3 Though, arm’d with rage, before our eyes,

That deep in all its horrors rise,
While, as the tumult spreads around,
The mountains tremble at the sound.

4 Behold fair Sion's blest retreat,
Where God has fixt his awful seat;
Whose walls to heaven's almighty Lord,
His chosen residence afford.

5 No tempests there licentious stray,

But soft along their level way,
The sacred streams their course maintain,
And crown with health her happy plain.

6 God, ever watchful, ever nigh,

Bids storms around her barmless fly; .
His early care each foe withstands,
And backward turns the yielding bands.


The same. Second Parte (L. M.)

1 SEE! rous'd by discord's fierce alarms

The headlong nations rush to arms; But God aloud asserts his sway,

And earth's whole fabric melts away. 2 0 come, behold a scene of dread,

Behold a world with slaughter spread;
And know, 'tis God, who bids each land,

Thus feel the terrors of his hand. 3 'Tis his, again the earth to cheer,

To break the bow, to snap the spear,
To wrap in flames the glittering car,

And hush the tumult of the war.
4 Be still, ye sons of pride, and own,

That I am God, and I alone;
Exalted o'er each heathen land,

Exalted o'er the earth I stand. 5 On heav'ns high Lord our trust we build

The God of Jacob is our shield;
His arm exerted in our right,
Shall turn each adverse power to flight.


The same. (C. M.)

1 LTARK! the loud trumpet of our God,

11 Sounds an alarm of war :
Attend, O Earth; ye nations hear,

And tremble from afar!

2 With humble reverence, and with awe,

We hear the sacred word;
And, trembling, own the sentence just,

Which dooms us to the sword.
3 Not e'en in war would we repine,

The murd’ring sword to view,
Might the same stroke that wastes the land,

Destroy its vices too.
4 But we shall hail the happy day,

Which ends the painful doom;
When earth shall, like the world above,

In peace and virtue bloom.
5 Still let our songs declare his name,

Who guards the British race;
The God of justice we adore,

And bless the God of grace.


41. Blessing God for his Goodness to Souland Body.

(L. M.) I PLESS, O my soul, the living God,

D Call home thy thoughts that rove abroad; Let all the pow'rs within me join,

In work and worship so divine.
2 Bless, O my soul, the God of grace ;

His favours claim thy highest praise ;
Why should the wonders he hath wrought,
Be lost in silence, and forgot?

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