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After serving customers affected with a visible skin disease the hands and instruments of the operators shall be immediately cleansed and sterilized.

Regulation 6. Copies of regulations 4 and 5 to be posted. Every barber or other person in charge of any barber shop or place where manicuring or chiropody is done shall post a copy of regulations 4 and 5 of this chapter in a conspicuous place therein.

Regulation 7. Health officer to file monthly reports with the state commissioner of health. The health officer shall submit monthly reports to the state commissioner of health on forms to be prescribed by the state commissioner of health.

Regulation 8. Transportation of dead bodies by common carriers. The transportation of dead human bodies by common carriers shall be conducted in such manner as not to be a menace to health and the manner of transportation shall be subject to the special administrative regulations of the state commissioner of health.

Regulation 9. Midwives. No person shall practice midwifery, or hold herself out as a midwife, within this municipality unless she is duly licensed for that purpose as required by the public health law and the sanitary code.


HERMAIN M. Bigas, N. D., Commissioner of Health, Albany,

N. Y.. SIR.-- I have the honor to submit the following report for the Division of Communicable Diseases for the year 1917.

Respectfully submitted,


Acting Director The Division of Communicable Diseases, as the title implies, is organized and maintained for the purpose of the control and suppression of communicable diseases in the State. While it would be out of place to enter into a detailed discussion of the many duties having to do solely with the control of communicable diseases, which devolve upon the Division, the writer may perhaps be permited to express his opinion that in a state in which in a year comparing favorably with previous years, approximately 107,000 cases of communicable disease are reported (not including New York City) the work of communicable disease control should command the entire time and attention of the present personnel of the Division. Until the time comes -- as it undoubtedly will — when this opinion has become generally accepted, and it becomes possible to organize with this end in view, many activities which might otherwise be carried on, and which would react favorably upon the morbidity and mortality rate of the State, must necessarily be omitted.

Within the past two years, however, there has also fallen to the lot of the Director of the Division the supervision and coordination of the activities of the staff of district sanitary supervisors, formerly carried on by a Director of a Division of Sanitary Supervisors.

Perhaps because of the relative importance of communicable disease control among the duties of local health officers, to the Director of this Division has also been assigned the custody and supervision of the monthly reports of health officers, involving correspondence in regard to delinquency in reporting, numerous inquiries made upon reports etc.

On June 1, Capt. Fred J. Veader, Director of the Division, was called to service in the Medical Reserve Corps, U. S. Army, and the present Acting Director was appointed. During the year

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