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Prospectus of the Journal,
Constitution of the Journal of the Rhode Island Institute of Instruction;
Officers of the Rhode Island Institute of Instruction,
Act for ascertaining the condition of the Public Schools, and the better management

and improvement of the same,

Circular of Governor Fenner.


1. Mode of ascertaining the condition of public schools and other means of popular


1. By personal inspection and inquiry:

2. Ry Circulars addressed to teachers and schoni committees.

3. By official returns and reports of school committees.

4. By statements in public meeting.

II. Measures adopted to improve the public schools under

their present organiza-

tion, and prepare the way for a more complete and efficient system of public


1. By public lectures,

2. By conversation and letters,

3. By circulating tracts, periodicals and documents relating to schools, school

4. By establishing a Library of Education in each town.

5. By associations for school improvement. .

6. By assisting in the selection of good teachers.

7. By the more extensive employment of female teachers.


8. By a gradation of schools.


9 By teachers associations or institutes."

10. By an itinerating normal schonl agency.


11. By preparing the way for one Normal School.


12. By making known plans of school-houses.


13. By school apparatus and library, .


14. By lyceums, lectures and library associations.


15. By preparing the draft of school act.


III. Defects in the former organization and administration of the system, with the
outline of the existing organization.


1. Summary of defects.


2. Outline of the system as reorganized..

IV. Condition of the public schools, with remedies for existing defects, and sugges-

tions for their increasing usefulness.

1. Organization.

2. School houses.

3. School attendance.

4. Classification of schools.

5. Agricultural districts.

6. Manufacturing districts,

7. City districts.



I. Circular to Teachers and to School Coinmittees,

II. Topics of Lectures on Education.

III. Associations for the improvement of Public Schools


Washington County Association.

do, do. Teachers' Institute.

Rhode Island Institute of Instruction,

IV, Educational Tracts.

v. Books and Pamphlets, relative to education, circulated in the State;


VI. Catalogue of Books in Library of Education,


Educational Periodicals.


VII. History and condition of the legislation of Rhode Island respecting public schools, 97

VIII. Draft of an act respecting public schools, with remarks explanatory of its pro-



JX. Act relating to Public Schools, passed June, 1845.


X. Statistical Tables, relating to population, valuation, expenditures of the State

and of the several Towns.


XI. Apporsionment of the state appropriation for public schools, for 1846.


XII. School-house Architecture.


xili. Names of different kinds of text books used in the siate.

XIV. Public Schools in cities and large villages.


XV. Rules and Regulations of School Committees,




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Index to Journal,


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Prospectus of Journal,

Circular respecting Teachers' Institutes,

Notices of Institutes' Public Meetings,

Teachers' lnstilutes, origin of,

Teachers' Institute at Scituate,

Notices of Institutes and Public Meetings,

Receipts for Journal,

Circular of Commissioner,

Names of County Inspectors,


Westerly Lyceum,

Progress of education,--Vermont,


Teachers' Institutes,

Scituate and Foster Association,

Receipts for Journal,

Modes of school improvment,

Books on Education,

Progress of Education-Virginia,


Educational Tracts,

Death of Francis Dwight,

Modes of school improvement,

Educated men and the education of the people,

Normal school at Kruitzlingen,

Rules for the good behavior of Pupils,

Notices of Public Meetings,

Receipts for the Journal,

Annual Meeting of the Rhode Island Institute of Instruction,

Mr. Kingsbury's Report,

Modes of school improvement,

Duties of Parents in relation to their schools,

Receipts for the Journal,

Letter from a Teacher to his pupil,

School motives and school vices,

Teachers' meetings and associations,

District School Journal of the State of New York,

Progress of education in other states,

Receipts for the Journal,

Progress of education in Massachusetts,

Annual Report of the Superintendent of Common Schools in New York,

Progress of education in New York,

Annual Report of the Superintendent of Common Schools in Pennsylvania,

Progress of education in Michigan,

Report of the Superintendent of Common Schools in Ohio,

Smithsonian Bequest-National Normal School, and National Library,

Organization of School Districts,

Receipts for the Journal,

Progress of education in Connecticut,

Receipts for the Journal,

History of the English Language, by E. R. Porter,

Adaptation of the Universe to the cultivation of the mind, by R. G, Hazard,

Address on Education, by R. G. Hazard,

Individual and Associated effort,

A Father's prayer for his son,

Index to Extra Journal,

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RHODE ISLAND INSTITUTE OF INSTRUCTION. The following Constitution was adopted at a public meeting of the friends of popular education from all parts of the State, held in Westminster Hall, Provi. dence, January 24, 1845.

ARTICLE 1. This association shall be styled the RHODE ISLAND INSTITUTE OF INSTRUCTION, and shall have for its object the improvement of public schools, and other means of popular. education in this State.

ARTICLE 2. Any person residing in this State may become a member of the Institute by subscribing this Constitution, and contributing any sum towards defraying its incidental expenses.

ARTICLE 3. The officers of the Institute shall be a President, two or more Vice-Presidents, a Recording Secretary, a Corresponding Secretary, a Treasurer, (with such powers and duties respectively as their several designations imply,) and Directors, who shall together constitute an Executive Committee.

ARTICLE 4. The Executive Committee shall carry into effect such measures as the Institute may direct; and for this purpose, and to promote the general object of ihe Institute, may appoint special committees, collect and disseminate information, call public meetings for lectures and discussions, circulate books, periodicals and pamphlets on the subject of schools, school systems and education generally, and perform such other acts as they may deem expedient, and make report of their doings to the Institute at its annual meeting.

ARTICLE 5. A meeting of the Institute for the choice of officers shall be held annually in the city of Providence, in the month of January, at such time and place as the executive committee may designate, in a notice published in one or more of the city papers; and meetings may be held at such other times and places as the executive committee may appoint.

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