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1. By the chairman of the school committee of any town, or the sub-committee appointed for this purpose, which shall be valid for one year from the date thereof, in any public school or district in said town, unless annulled ; or,

2. By an inspector for the county, which shall be valid for two years from the date thereof, in every town and district of the county for which such inspector shall be appointed, which last certificate, when signed by the Commissioner of Public Schools, shall be valid in any public school of the State, for three years, unless the same is annulled.

Provided, That neither of the above authorities shall sign any certificate of qualification, unless the person named in the same shall produce evidence of good moral character, and be found on examination, or by experience, qualified to teach the English language, arithmetic, penmanship, and the rudiments of geography and history, and to govern as school.

Sec. XXI. Every teacher in any public school, shall keep a register of all the scholars attending said school, their ages, their parents or guardians, the date when each scholar entered and left said school, and their daily attendance, together with the day of the month on which said school was visited by any of the authorities named in this act, with the names of the visitors.

MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS. Sec. XXIII. No child shall be excluded from any public school in the district to which such child belongs, if the town is divided into districts; and if not so divided, from the nearest public school, except by force of some general regulation, applicable to all children under the same circumstances, and in no case, on account of the inability of the parent, guardian, or employer of the same, to pay his or her tax, rate, or assessment, for any school


whatever. Sec. XXIV. The school committee of any town, or the trustees of any school district, are authorized to make arrangements with the committee of any adjacent town, or the trustees of any adjacent district, for the attendance of such children, as will be better accommodated in the public schools of such adjacent town or district, as the case may be, and to pay such a portion of the expense of said schools, as may have been agreed upon, or as may be just and proper.

Sec. XXV. Any money appropriated to the use of public schools, which shall be applied by a town, school district, or any officer thereof, to any other purpose than that specified by the law, shall be forfeited to the state ; and any officer or person who shall fraudulently make a false certificate or order, by which any money appropriated to public schools shall be drawn from the treasury of the State, or the town, shall forfeit the sum of fifty dollars to the State ; and it shall be the duty of the Commissioner of Public Schools to bring a suit to recover said forfeitures in behalf of the State. * Sec. XXVI. In the construction of this act, the word "town” shall include the city of Providence, so far only as to entitle the same to a distributive share of the money appropriated to the support of public schools, on making the annual report required of the several school committees, in matter and form as prescribed by the Commissioner of Public Schools.

Sec. XXVII. Any person conceiving himself aggrieved in consequence of any decision made by any school district meeting, or by the trustees of any district, or the committee of any town, or by a county inspector, or concerning any other matter arising under this Act, may appeal to the Commissioner of Public Schools, who is hereby authorized and required to examine and decide the same: and the decision of said Commissioner, when approved by any Judge of the Supreme Conrt, shall be final and conclusive.

Sec. XXVIII. All general acts and resolutions heretofore passed relating to public schools, and all acts authorizing particular towns and districts to build school houses, and perform other duties now provided for in the preceding sections, are hereby repealed.

Provided, That all acts and resolutions relating to the public schools in the city of Providence, and the town of Newport, are hereby continued in force.

Provided further, That all rights vested in any person or persons by virtue of any of the acts hereby repealed, shall remain unimpaired and unaltered by this act; and that all matters commenced by virtue of any of the laws aforesaid, now depending or unfinished, may be prosecu ted and pursued to final effect, in the same manner as they might have been, if this act had not been passed.

Sec. XXIX. This act shall not take effect till after the next ses sion of the General Assembly, and in the mean time the existing law relative to public schools shall continue in force. Passed June Session, 1845.

HENRY BOWEN, Sec. NARRAGANSETT INDIANS. Sec. XXII. The General Treasurer shall pay to the treasurer of the town of Charlestown, the sum of one hundred dollars annually, to be expended under the direction of some suitable person or persons to be appointed annually by the Governor, in support of a school for the use of the members of the Narragansett tribe of Indians, and for the purchase of books and other incidental expenses of said school ; and an account of the expenditure of said money shall be rendered annually to the General Assembly, and a report of the condition of the school be transmitted to the Commissioner of Public Schools, on or before the first Monday of May; Provided, that in the apportionment of the public money, by the said Commissioner, and by the school committee of the town of Charlestown, the number of the Narragansett Indians in such town shall not be included. AN ACT TO PROVIDE FOR THE EDUCATION OF THE INDIGENT BLIND, AND THE


[Passed January 25, 1845.] It is enacted by the General Assembly as follows :

Section 1. The sum of fifteen hundred dollars is hereby annually appropriated for the education, at “the American Asylum at Hartford, for the instruction of the deaf and dumb," of the indigent deaf mutes of this State; and for the education of the indigent blind of this State, at the institution for education of the blind located at South Boston.

Sec. 2. Said sum shall be paid out of the General Treasury to the orders of Byron Diman, of Bristol, who is hereby appointed commissioner for the distribution of said appropriation, with full authority to determine which of said persons in this state shall be admitted to the benefit thereof, and the portion which such shall receive: Provided, that no one person shall receive any portion thereof for more than five years, nor a greater sum in any one year than one hundred dollars.

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ADDRESSES, duty of Commissioner to make, III, T 5
ADMISSION, of pupils to schools, regulated by school committee, V, 11 9.
ALTERATION of school districts, may be made by town, IV. 1 1.-by school committee, V.

1 3.-in certain caser prohibited, V. 1 1, proviso
ANNUAL MEETING of school district, when held, XII. 1 2.-notice of, how given, XII. 1 2.
ANNUAL REPORT, of Cominissioner, III. T 10.-school committee, V. 1 13.
ANNUAL RETURN of school committee, V. T 13.
ANNUL certificates, by whom done, V.16.
APPORTIONMENT of school monry by Commissioner, ITI. 1 1.-by school committee. V 1 11.
APPEAL TO COMMISSIONER, in all cases provided for, XXVI.
APPENDAGES to school housesgin be provided by district XIII. 1 3.

whom apportioned, III. 1 1.-by whom, and in whose favor drawn, III. 1-2-by whom

payable, il.
ARITHMETIC, XX. proviso.
ASSESSORS, duty of when called on by trusters of districts, XV. 1 2.
ASSISTANT TEACHERS, must be examined, XX.
ATTENDANCE, register of to be kept by teachers, XXI.-average daily, half of state school

money to be apportioned according to, V. T 11.
BILL. See rate bill-tuition.
BLACKBOARDS, districts may furnish by tax. XIII. 1 3.
BOOKS used in schools-subject in regulutions of school committee, V. I 9.-Commissioner

may recommend, III. 1 6.-may have uniformity, do.—to be provided by trustees, when

parents neglect or refuse to furnish them, XIV. 1 5.
BOOKS for school retums, to be prepared by Commiesioner, III. 1 3.
CHAIRMAN of school committee, V. 11.
CHARLESTOWN, Indians in. See Narragansett Indians.
CERTIFICATE of qualification to teach, io whom given, XX. proviso.-by whom, XX. T 1,

2. III. 11 9.-by whom annulled, V. 16.-to run one year when given by school com:

mittee.-do. two years, by county inspector.-three years by Commissioner.
CLERK of district, XIÍ, 11 8.-of school committee, V. II.
COLLECTOR of school district, how appointed, XIll. [ 8.–10 proceed like collector of town

taxes, XIII. 18.
COMMITTEE of town. See schonl committee.
COMMISSIONER OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS, office created, 1.-appointed by Governor, 1.-
term of service, I.-compensation, I.--duties of, III. It'1-10.

CONDITIONS on which public money can be enjoyed by towns, III. 1 2.-by school districts,

V. 1 12.
CONSOLIDATION of school districts, XI.
CONTIGUOUS school districts, in adjoining towns, XIX. 11.
CONTROVERSIES, on any matter relating to schools, Ul. T 4. XXVI.
CUSTODY of school house, XIV. 1 1.
CORPORATE POWERS, given to school districts, XIII.
COINTY INSP_CTORS, see Inspectors.
DECISIONS of Commissioner, final in all cases referred to him by parties interested, III. TA

-in all cases when approved by a Judge of the Supreme Court, XXVI.
DISCIPLINE of Schools, subject to regulations of school committee, v. 1 9.
DISTRICT. See school district.
DUTIES of Commissioner of public school, III.- Towns, IV-IX.-School committee of towns,

V.-District, X-XX.-Trustees of district, XIII.-Teachers, XXI.
DISPUTES arising under this Act, III. 1 4.
DIVISIONS of districts, corporate property, how divided, XI.
ELECTION of school committee by town, IV. 1 4.-of chairman and clerk by school com-

mittee, V.11 1.-of sub-committee to examine teachers, V. 1 5.-of uustees by school

districis, XIII. 17.-of clerk, collector and treasurer, XIII. 11 8.
EXAMINATION of candidates to teach by county inspector, III. 1 8.-by school committeo,

V. 15.-by sub-comınittee, V. 1 5.
EXCLUSION from school cannot be made on account of poverty of parents, XXII.
EXPULSION of pupils from school, by school coinmittee, V. 11 8.
FUEL, properly prepared, to be supplied by trustees, XIV. 1 3.
FIFTY scholars, average daily attendance of, enough for one teacher, XIV. T 3.
FIRST MEETING, of school districts, XII, 1 1.
FURNITURE of school room, XIII. 1 3.
FORFEITURE, of school money, XXIV.
FORMS for returns, &c., to be furnished by commissioner, III. 1 3.- distributed by town clerk,

VIII.-III. 1 3.
GEOGRAPHY, XX. prodiso
GRADATION of schools provided for, IV. 1 2.
GRAMMAR OR SECONDARY SCHOOLS may be established, XVII. ff 1,%.
AIRE, school rooms, districts may, XIII. 1 3.
HISTORY, XX. proviso.
INSPECTION OF SCHOOLB. See supervision, visitation.
INSPECTORS, county, appointed by Commissioner, III. 1 8.--duties of, III. $ 8.
JOINT DISTRICTS may be formed from adjoining districts in two or more towns, XX

powers of, when formed, do.
LENGTH of district school, V. f 12.
LIBRARY, public school, for towns, V].-for districts, XIIL 1 4.
LIMITs of Mhool districts, to be defined and recorded, X.
LOCATION of school houses, Y. 4.
MAPS for schools may be furnished by districts, XIII. 91 3.
MEETINGS of school consmittee, V. 12. uf school districts, annual, XII. 1T 2-special, do.

MISCONDUCT of pupils when incorrigible, V. 1 6.
METHODS or modes of teaching, to be inquired into by school committee, V. 17.
MONEY, when forfeited to state, xxiv.
NORMAL SCHOOL duty of Commissioner to establish, III. 7.
NUMBER of pupils for one teacher, XIV. 13.
NOTICE of district meetings, XII.
OATH or affirmation, all facts in cases submitted to commissioners to be verified by, III. 4.-

to be taken by school committee, V.-by trustees of districts, XIV.-may be administered

by chairman or clerk of school committee, V. 11. ORDERS on general treasurer, III. 11 2.-on town treasurer, made and signed by chairman of

school committee, IX. PENMANSHIP, every teacher must be able to teach, xx. proviso. PRESIDENT or chairman of school comınittee, duties of, V. f 1.-pro.tem. PRIMARY SCHOOL DISTRICTS. See school districts. PUBLIC SCHOOLS, open to all children, XXII. PURCHA-E, real or personal property, power to give to districts, XIII. 1 2. QUALIFICATIONS, of teachers, XX. proviso.-certificate of, required, XX.--of voters in

school district meeting, XII. 1 7. QUARTERLY MEETINGS of school committee, V. 1 2. RATE BILL, for luition may be established by district, XIII. 11 6.--amount of, limited, XIII.

16, proviso.-to be made out by trustees, XIV. 1 6. REAL ESTATE, when not distinctly valued in tax bill of town, how to be assessed, XV. 12. RECORD, of decisions, &c., to be kept by Commissioner, III. T 10.-of towns relating to public

schools, VIII.--of alterations of school districts, X. REGISTER of school to be kept by teachers, XXI, REGISTRY tax, how apportioned, V. 111 REGULATIONS respecting books, studies, attendance, &c., to be made by school committee

V. 19. RENT or hire. See hire. REPAIRS of school houses to be made after plans approved by school committee or Commis

sioner, XII. 1.3. REPEAL of all former acts to take place after Octoher session, 1845. XXVIII. REPORT of Commissioner, III. 97 13.-of school committee, V. 1 13. REPORTS, form and regulations for making, to be prepared, and forwarded to town clerks, by

Commissioner, III. $ 3. RESTORATION of pupils suspended or expelled, V. 1 8. RESIDENTS OF SCHOOL DISTRICTS, how far they vote, XII. 117, RETURNS to Commissioner, to be made by school committee, V. 1 13.—by trustees of districts,

XIV. 17. RULE : respecting books, &c. see Regulations. SCHOOL HOUSĒ, may be provided by town, XVII. -by districts, XIII. 1 3.-plan of, to be

approved, do.proviso.-furnished with maps, furniture, do.-located by school commit. tee, V. 1 4.-duly of trustees respecting, XIV. T 1, 3.-how provided for joint district,

XIX. 14-for secondary schools, XVII. T I, 6, 7.' SCHOOL, LIBRARIES, Commissioners may assist in establishing and selecting books for III. I

6 ser Libraries SECONDARY school, defined, XVUL II 1.-how established, do.-how supported, do. I 2. srre for school house, V. T 4. STATE CERTIFICATE of qualifications, may be given by Commissioner, III, 1 9. STUDIES in school, subject to regulation of school committee, V. 11 9. SUB.COMMITTEE of examination, V. 1 5. SUPERVISION of schools. See Visitation. SUSPEND or expel pupils from school, by whom done, V. 78. SCHOOL BOOKS. See Books SCHOOL COMMITEE, appointed by towns, IV. 1 4.-number of, IV. 114.-duties of, v.

11-13, when town is not districted, VI. SCHOOL DISTRICTS, how created and altered, IV. T 1.- powers of, X-XIX. SPECIFICATIONS for the building and repairs of school houses, must be approved, XIN 1 3. SPECIAL MEETING of school districts, XII. 3. SUITS for school money falsely drawn or illegally applied, to be brought by Commissioners,

XXIV. SUPREME COURT, Judge of, when to be called on, XXVI. TAX, towns empowered to raise money by, for school purposes, IV. 1 3.-must raise a sum

equal to one third received from state, IV. 113, proviso.-school districts empowered to raise money by, XIII. 1 6.-10 be levied according to tax list of the town, XV. 1 1.-town

or district to be laid and executed like any town tax, IV. 1 3. XIII. 1 8. TAX AND RATE BILLS to be made out by trustees of districts. XIV, 16. TEACHERS, qualification of, XXX. proviso.-certificate of, by whom glven, XXI, 11, 2

by whom annulled, do.- must keep register, XXI.
TEACHERS' MONEY, what designated, V. 1111,-how apportioned, V. T 12.
TOWN CLERK, duties of, respecting public schools, VIII.
TOWN school libraries, VII.
TREASURER, general or state, do. II.
TRUSTEES of school districts, how chosen, XIII. 17.-

duties of, XIV. TUITION,rale of, may be fixed by districts, X[II. 1 6.-subject to approval of school commit

ter, do. proviso. UNIFORMITY of school books in same town, commissioners may secure, III. 1 6. VAIANCIE, in school comiittee, in trustee of districts, to be filled by school committee V.1 10. VILLAGE, or popular school districte, cannot be subdivided, except with the approbation of

Cominissioner, U11, 1 1. VISITATION of schools by Commissioner, III. 17 5. --school committee, V.7.-county inspector

III. 11 8.--trustees of school districts, XIV. 114. VOTERS, who may be in district meetings, XII. 77.

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Table 1 presents, in the aggregate of children between the ages
of five and fifteen, the usual, but not exclusive subjects of public in-
struction, and in the whole number, under fifteen years, the basis on
which the annual appropriation from the General Treasury will be
apportioned among the several towns, through which the children
are distributed.

TABLE 2 indicates to some extent the modification in the organization and instruction of public schools, required by the predominant occupation of the people in different sections of the State, and of the same town; the number of certain classes, for whose education and well-being special provision should be made ; and the results of neg. lect somewhere, by which so many of the adult population are returned as ignorant of the lowest form of intellectual instruction.

Table 3 presents a general view of the population of the different States; the compactness or sparseness with which that population is distributed; the comparative rank of each state in the downward scale of ignorance, and in other particulars, as indicated by the census of 1840, taken under the authority of the United States.

TABLE 4 exhibits the amount of real and personal property in the State, as estimated by the assessors of the several towns, as the basis of the town tax, in 1844, together with the aggregate valuation in 1822, as made by a committee appointed by the General Assembly.

Table 5 presents a comparative view of the valuation of several states.

TABLES 6, 7 and 8, exhibit the annual expenses of the State and of the several towns, for schools and other purposes.

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