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on shore—Anxiety to be employed again—Appointed to the Agamemnon in
1793–Cruises in the Channel with a Squadron under Vice-Admiral Hotham
–Goes to the Mediterranean with Lord Hood–Surrender of Toulon—Departs
for Turin and Naples–Forms acquaintance with Sir William and Lady Hamil-
ton, and Sir John Acton, Bart.—Returns to the Fleet—Receives sealed Orders,
and proceeds to Cagliari—Falls in with a Squadron of French Frigates off
Sardinia, and engages the Melpomene—Protects the Trade off Corsica—
Account of the Evacuation of Toulon . - - - 29–47

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Nelson rejoins Lord Hood, and proceeds in search of the French Fleet—Sent

with Dispatches to Genoa-His reception by the Doge—Placed under Vice-

Admiral Hotham, he is sent to look after the French Fleet at Toulon—At St.

Fiorenzo—1795, Cruises with the Fleet—Falls in with the French Fleet—

Admiral Hotham's Action Nelson engages the Ca Ira—Takes the Ca Ira

and Le Censeur—Goes into Porto Especia—Made a Colonel of Marines—In

another action with the French Fleet, Rear-Admiral Man commanding—Co-

operates with General De Wins on the Coast of Genoa-Is chased by the French

Fleet—Appointed Commodore–Captures a Corvette, Gun-boats, and a Convoy

to Alassio–Reports to Vice-Admiral Sir Hyde Parker the state of the Ships in

Toulon–His indignation at being charged at conniving with the Enemy to

admit supplies for the French Army on the Riviera of Genoa-His address to

Lord Grenville on the occasion—1796, Sir John Jervis's arrival at St. Fio-

renzo—Nelson departs for Leghorn–Sent to Toulon–Returns to St. Fiorenzo,

and is directed to wear a Broad Pendant – Captures four Vessels off Loano-

two others and five Transports off Oneglia, making fifty in the course of two

years—Quits the Agamemnon for the Captain–Blockades the Port of Leghorn-

Takes Porto Ferrajo-Fired upon by the Batteries of Genoa- His remon-

strances—Arrives at Bastia—Takes the Island of Capraja-Evacuation of Cor-

sica–Demand to the Genoese Government for the restitution of British Ship-

ping and Property–Sails with the Fleet for Gibraltar – Removes into La Minerve

—Captures the Santa Sabina, which is retaken by the Spanish Admiral-

Exchange of Prisoners—Takes a French Privateer–1797, Arrives at Gibral-

ar—Joins the Fleet off Cape St. Vincent–Battle of St. Vincent—Takes pos-

session of the San Josef and the San Nicolas–Presents the Spanish Admiral's

Sword to the City of Norwich – is made a Knight of the Order of the Bath—

J.ieutenant-Colonel Drinkwater's account of the Battle - ... 61 – 95



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Francisco Caracciolo—His history–Trial and execution—State of Naples--Sur-
render of Fort St. Elmo – Reception of the King upon his return to Naples—
Fores on the occasion—Receives Lord Keith's orders to send Ships to Minorca
—Nelson's neglect of them—His conduct disapproved by the Admiralty—
Capture of Leghorn–Surrender of Capua and Gaeta-Evacuation of the
City of Rome and Civita Vecchia – Returns to l'alermo with the King

Lord Nelson made Commander-in-chief in the Mediterranean—Disposition and

Condition of the Squadron—Receives presents from the Grand Signior and the
Presidents of Zante—Lord Keith resumes the Command in the Mediterranean—
Nelson hoists his Flag in the Foudroyant, and sails for Palermo–in Leghorn
Roads, with Lord Keith—then at Messina and Malta–Off Cape Passaro,
captures Le Généreux, and a Frigate—Nelson's Squadron ordered to the
Blockade of La Valetta—Nelson's Correspondence upon Malta–Letter to the
Emperor Paul, soliciting the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, for Captain Ball
and Lady Hamilton–The Emperor's compliance with his desire—Returns to
Palermo-Dissipation of the Court of Naples at Palermo - 293–344

Sir William Sidney Smith–Convention of El Arish—State of affairs in Egypt
and Turkey—Capture of Le Guillaume Tell by Sir Edward Berry—Nelson
receives the Order of St. Ferdinand and Merit—Sails for Malta–Sir William
Hamilton superseded as Minister at the Court of Naples—Departure of Nelson
for Palermo–Conveys the Queen and her Children to Leghorn—Their Letters
of thanks to Nelson, and expressions of attachment to England—Nelson ad-
dresses the Pope-Strikes his Flag, and proceeds to Vienna—His triumphal
reception—Grand entertainments given by Prince Esterhazy, the Archduke
Albert—Count Bathyany, Mr. Arnstein—The Archduke Charles—Arrives at
Hamburgh, and makes acquaintance with General Dumouriez—His arrival at
Yarmouth– His enthusiastic reception and progress to London—Dines with the
Lord Mayor, and receives the Sword from the City of London–Takes his seat
in the House of Lords—Death of the Lieutenant-Governor of Greenwich Hos-
pital—Nelson attends his Funeral—Receives from Governor Ball an account of
the Surrender of La Valetta—Sir William Hamilton applies for a Pension—
Assistance afforded to him by Lord Nelson–Negotiation with Mr. Beckford—
Visits Fonthill, Salisbury, &c. - - - - 345–107

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Letters of Congratulation on the Victory of Copenhagen from the Duke of Cla-
rence, Mr. Addington, King of Naples, Sir Brooke Boothby, General Du-
mouriez, &c.—Paper on the Armistice—Proceeds to Revel Roads—Alarm of
the Russians—Withdraws his Fleet - - - - 37—76

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Death of Maurice Nelson — Nelson's kindness to his Brother's widow – Receives
the Duke of Mecklenburg Strelitz—Ships of War at Copenhagen – Investiture
of Sir Thomas Graves as a Knight of the Bath—Nelson performs the ceremony

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