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At a Council held at Philadelphia, yo 29th of y® 6th month, 83.


WM. PENN, Prop' and Gov".
Jam. Harrison, Tho. Holmes, Chris. Taylor.
John Symcock, Wm. Clayton,

The Gov' put yo Question whether a Proclamation were not Convenient to be put forth for to Impower Masters to Chastise their Servants, and to punish any y' shall Inveyle any Servant to goe from his Master. They Unanimously agreed and Orded it accordingly.

Adjourned to y® 7th 7th Mo., 83.

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WM. PENN, Prop' and Gov".
Edmond Cantwell, Edwd Southern, Jobn Roads,
Lasse Cock,

Tho. Holmes, John Hilliard,
ffran. Whitwell, John Symcock, Wm. Biles,
Ja. Harrison, Wm. Clayton, Christ. Taylor.

The Petition of Hugh March and Other Persons against James Kilner, M" of the Levce of Leverpoole, was read, and ye Council proceeded to Examine into yo Business.

Hugh March Comp's Saith y* M“. James Kilner Trode upon him on board the Ship, whereupon, he said Dam it, cannot the man see ! for which ye M" beat him and made his mouth bleed.

James Kilner Confesses he being in a Storme, trode on him by chance, and ye Other Daming of him and calling him foole, Caused him to Cuff him.

John Fox complaineth against James Kilner, and Saith he bid him cleane the Deck, he answered it was cleane already, whereupon ye Master beat hiin.

James Kilner answered that one night he Spake to Jno. fox to cleane ye Deck, who said he would not, and also gave him ye Lie, whereupon ye M". Struck him.

Edward Jones said he drew some Water, and afterwards The M“ seeing ye bhd of water open, fell upon ye sd Jones, and beat him with a staff and made his nose bleed, and afterwards drew hin by ye hair of the head to the Mainmast, kickt him on the side, and run his fingers up his nose.

James Kilner answereth y' he asked y® said Jones why he lett ye water run at wast, who said he did not let it run at wast and gave him ye like and other ill words, whereupon ye M" struck him.

Nich. Newtin declareth between both, that there was a Caske web wanted a pege, That was almost out, and ye Master spake to Edwa Jones to put a pegg into it, which he did, but still it runn out, whereupon the M" struck him several blows.

Adjourned till yo gth 7th Mo. 83.

At a Councill held at Philadelphia y® gth of yo 7th Mo. 1683.

WM. PENN, Prop' and Gov".
Chr: Taylor, Jno. Symcock, Jam. Harrison,
Tho: Holmes, Wm. Clayton, ffra. Whitwell,
Jno. Roads,
Wm. Biles,

Jno. Hilliard,
Lasse Cock, Edwd Southern, Edm" Cantwell...

The Gov' proposes a Law to be drawn, That Servants which run away should serve five days for Every days absence after ye time of their Servitude, & pay the Costs and Damages the Master shall Susteine by their absence.

The Gov' Stateing ye Question, it was Carried in ye Affirmative, N. C.

Capt. Edma Cantwell, Wm. Biles, Jno. Symcock & Jno Roads appointed a Comittee to bring in a Bill concerning horses goeing out and coming into this Province.

Wm. Shute's Petition Conncerning his Son, detained by Denis Rocheford, was read; he is referred to the County Court.

The Comittee brought in these following Bills, Viz': one Con. cerning Importation of horses; and one for Exportation of horses; both which were read.

Phillip England made his Complaint against James Kilner, who denyeth all alledged against him, only ye Kicking of the maid, and that was for Spilling a Chamber Pott upon ye Deck; otherways he was Very Kind to them.

George Green Saith that Phillip England went to Said Kilner to the overplus Water, also Beer which was his own, and was denied it.

Tho. Brinket Saith that James Kilner said he must take care of their water, having but a Little Left, but never denyed them water at any Time.

Also ye Ship rouled sometimes when y Caske was almost out, and soe made it Like pudle. He further saith ye Seamen drunk more of ye Passengers beer then they themselves, and chainged 5 Barrells of ye Passengers beere and then the had not performed halfe their Voige, and the Ship beer being spent, drank wholy of the Passing's; he also saith y' Seamen drunk sometimes one Cann, some times two a day, more then ye Passingers that owed the drinke. The Master saith the Passingers Left the Ordering of the Drink to him, but they deny it.

The Govern gave the Master a Repremand and advised him to goe with the Passingers and make up the Buisness, wch accordingly he did.

Adjourned till ye 10" 7th Mo., 83.

At a Councill held at Philadelphia ye 10th of the 7th Mo., 1683.

WM. PENN, Prop' and Gov".
Thomas Holmes, Jno. Symcock, Edwa Southrin,
Chr. Taylor,
Wm. Biles,

Wm. Clayton,
Edmo Cantwell, ffra: Whitwell, Lasse Cock.
James Harrison, Jno. Hilliard.

The Petition of Peter Groenendick, desireing a Special Court, was read. Francis Whitwell answered that being there aught to be a Court every Two months. Only he would not answer to a Speciall Court, there being no jury to Try it. It is the result of this board that noe more Speciall Court shall be granted.

A Bill was read concerning Servants; past a first reading without Desent.

Thomas Holmes, Edmo Cantwell, James Harrison, Chris. Taylor, appointed a Committee to draw Bills for Warrants, Bills, Bonds, repleanens, Sumonses and attachm" to be brought in ye afternoone.

A Bill concerning Sumonsing of Jurys was read, & past a first reading without desent.

A Bill concerning Justices Sitting in their own Cause upon an appeal, although a Prov" Councillor should Sitt in Prov! Councill upon that appeal, read ; past the first reading without Desent.

A Bill concerning bringing in of horses, past a second reading without Desent.

A Bill concerning carrieing of horses out of this Province, past a Second reading without Desent.

A Bill concerning ye Priviliges of Prov" Councill men, Assembly men, and Courts of Justice, past y first reading without Desent.

POST MERIDIEM. The Bills above said, wch are six, were againe read a Second time & past without desent.

These persons following, did solemnly promise before this honourbile board, faith and allegiance to yo King, and fidelity and Lawful Obedience to Wm. Penn, Prop' & Governor.

Capt. Gabriell Rappe, Mr. Andrew Learrin, Andrew Inbert, Petter Meinardeau Uslee, Lees Cosard, Nich. Ribouleau, Jacob Raquier, Louis Boumat.

Several Bills were brought by the Committee, concerning Bonds, bills, attachm's &c.

Which were read a first reading & past without Desent.
Adjourned till ye 11th 7th Mo., 83.
At a Councill held at Philadelphia yo 110% of ye 7th Mo., 1683.

WM. PENN, Prop and Gov'.
Edma Cantwell Jno. Halliard, James Harrison,
Edwa Soutbrin, Wm. Clayton, Thos. Holmes,
ffran. Whitwell, Wm. Biles,

Jno. Simcock,
Job Roads, Chris. Taylor, Lasse Cock.

VOL. I. -4.

Several Bills concerning Sumonses, Bonds, Bills, attachm* &c. Others concerning Sheriffs and making up of accts, were read a second time; past without Desent.

Whereas, there is a Petition preferred against francis Whitwell by Peter Gronendick, fran : Whitwell, complayning against so Peter Gronendick, They doe joyntly agree to have yo Differance Tryed before the Gov' and councill the 20th 8th month next Ensuing. .

A Bill ordered to be drawn for clark's Fees to be recovered ; also an Other for sitting up of Bouyes in the River & Bay.

Adjourned till the 12th 7th Mo., 83.

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At a Councill held at Philadelphia the 12th of ye 7th Mo., 1683.

WM. PENN, Prop and Gov".
Chris. Taylor, fran. Whitwell, Wm. Biles,
Jam. Harrison, Jno. Hilliard, Edwd Soutbrin,
Tho. Holmes, Edmo Cantwell, John Road,
Jno. Symcock, Wm. Clayton, Lasse Cock.

All the Before mentioned Laws were read a third time, & past without Desent.

John Hill was attested to the Truth of these severall accts and Bills, which are as followeth :

Due to Wm. fframpton, Viz': Philip Morris, 5611b. Tobaco. Dr. Contra Cr. L. Wm. Clark, 9541b. pork, 61281b. Tabac. Cr. 3600 lb Tabac.

Diet & Storidg. Wm. Emitt, Dr. 686 lb. Tobaco.) Cr.

Indian Cor 26 Bus" 21" } Sam" Grey, Dr. 573 lb. pork, 393 16. Tobac. & 21b. 4s. 11 mony, Cr.

557 lb. pork. Wm. Keening, Dr. 30 lb. pork. -

Cr. Wm. Carter, Dr. 2 lb. 16, 8, 11 in mony, 112 lb. pork, Cr. Wheat

1 lb. 10, 00. Pork 130. Henry Strecher, 325 lb. pork, 340 lb. Tobaco. Cr. Alexander Moleston, 115 lb. pork, 815 lb. Tobaco. Cr. pork, 130 lb. Luke Watson, Dr. 7084 lb. pork, 1367 lb. r Cr. Tobaco 113 lb. Tobaco.

3 pork 329 lb. Balance due 379lb. 254 lb. 2.

(mony 3 lb. 00, 00.
Andrew Dewpree, Dr. to 171b. 33p. Indian Corn. Cr.
Jno. Johnson, Dr. £0, 16, 6. Cr. Olb. 5She. 00.
Jno. Vines, Dr. to 663 lb. pork, 1893 lb. Tobaco. Cr. 500 lb. Tabac.
Henry Skidmore, Dr. 1243 lb. pork, 350 lb. Tabaco. Cr. 60 Tabac.
Jno. Oakey, Dr. 1, 1, 31.
Joseph Low, Dr. 452 lb. Tobaco.
Roger Gom, Dr. 30 lb. Tabaco.

Rich. Patty, 2 Bars Indian Corne,
Wm. Bradford, Dr. 28 lb. porke, Cr.
Geo. Young, 3 Bush. 2 pecks Wheat, Cr.

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