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this province, took occasion in company in a publick house, to vtter those words agt the Proceedings of the Govern", Provl Councill & Assembly, as that they have this day broken the Charter, & therefore all that you do will come to Nothing, & that hundreds in England will curse you for what you have done, & their children after them, and that you may hereafter be impeacht for Treason for what you do: Whereupon, the Govern' and Councill did order that Nicholas Moore should appeare before them. He accordingly did appeare, & being charg'd with such Discourse, said that he spoke rather by Query than assertion, and if he had said as it was represented, he had been too blame indeed, but he said that he spake not wh such an Intent; however, his Discourse being unreasonable and imprudent, he was exhorted to prevent the like for the future.

Adjourned till 13th 1» Mo., 83,

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WM. PENN, prop'y & Govern' of Pennsylvania & County' an-

Capt. Wm. Markham, James Harrison, John Simcox,
Capt. Thomas Holmes, Jno. Halliard, John Moll,
Wm. Clarke,

Wm. Clayton, John Richardson, Wm. Haige,

Wm. Biles, Francis Whitwell, Christo. Taylor, Edmo Cantwell, Lasse Cock,

Wm. Haige desiring leave to be absent this Day, it was granted him. Thomas Wynn, Speaker, accompanied wh Thomas Bracey & Wm. Yardley, members of ye Assembly, came in yo name of the whole Assembly, to desire a conference with ye Govern', which the Governour and Council yields to.

The Result was Viz': That Twelve makes a Quorum in all businesses relating to the former part of the fifth and Sixth articles of the Charter relating to the latter part of the same Article. That during the present infancy of things, that the business of four comittees in the 13th Article, be performed by the Councill for the time being, in such way and manner as their numbers will give leave. Whereas, it is said in the 7th Article of the Charter, that the Govern' and prov" Council shall prepare & propose to the Gen" Assembly all bills that they shall at any time think fitt to be past into Laws within ye said province & Territories; It be added, provided they are not inconsistent with the powers granted by the King's Letters Pattent's.

Adjourned till 14th 1* Mo., 83.

Att a Councill held at Philadelphia ye 14th of yo 1* Mo., 1683.

PRESENT : WM. PENN, propery and Govern' of Pensilvania & countys annexed. Capt. Wm. Markham, Wm. Clayton, Fran. Whitwell, Capt. Thom: Holmes, Jno. Simcox, Jno. Moll, Christ : Taylor, Ralph Withers, Jno. Richardson, Jam : Harrison, Wm. Haige, Jno. Hilliard, Lasse Cock,

Wm. Biles,

Wm. Clarke. Edma Cantwell.

The Prov" Councill resolved into a Grand Comittee, whilst yo Gov' retired vpon urgent business. Capt. Wm. Markham, Chairman: they reca & read sevrall peticons, but referred their answer to ye Councill. Adjourned till two of the Clock in the afternoon.

POST MERIDIEM. A Petieon of Peter Isgoe and Abraham Mann read, was referred to the County Court.

The Peticon of Geo: Oldfield & his wife read and referred to the County Court, where the Land meneoned in the Pat: lyes.

The Petieon of Abrahan Mann, Jno. Tost & Jno. Vines, Sherifs, about Establishment for their fees, was read, & Ordered that a Table of fees should be forth with established.

The petieon of John Day read, and will be considered amongst other things.

The Petieon of the Inhabitants of Duck Creek, about the Cutting of the way through the Marsh for Vessels to pass, was referred to the County Court in which the same doth lye.

Adjourned till 15th 1" Mo., 83.

Att a Councill held att Philadelphia yo 15th of y® 15 M. 1683.

PRESENT. WM. PENN, Prop'y & Govern' of Pensilvania & Countys annexed. Capt. Wm. Markham, Jno. Simcox, Wm. Clarke, Capt. Tho. Holmes, Jam: Harison, Jno. Moll, Capt. Edma Cantwell, Jno. Hilliard, Wm. Clayton, Ralph Withers, Jno. Richardson, Francis Whitwell. Christo. Taylor.

Ordered that John Richardson pay five shillings for being disored in Drink, and be reproved.

The Question being putt whether the Govern' should have power to Secure himself, his heirs and Assigns, It was resolved in the Affirmative.

The Question being putt whether two of ye members of this Coun

cill should go to ye house of Assembly to have a Conference about it, resolved in the affirmative.

A Conference was held wth the assembly and they withdrew to consider of it, and returned this answer by the Speaker.

And John Cann that the Assembly have Nemine Contradicente agreed that all Laws Should be prepared & proposed by the Govern' & Councill. Adjourned till three of the Clock in the afternoon.

POST MERIDIEM. The Governour yet again offering that if they had any other Expedient yet to offer or propose, they might, though they had agreed to it in the morning, and after some consideraeon it was putt to ye Question whether an Other Expedient could be found out more seaf to the Govern' & people; past in the negative. It was resolved (none dissenting) that the words Jointly assenting should be added to that part of the bill relating to the

article of the charter.

Thomas Pearce's Petieon concerning a Sloope he bought for the service of the Society was read, and his allegation not being proved, the matter fell.

Adjourned until ye 16th of ye 1* Mo., 83.

At a Councill held at Philadelphia yo 16th of yo la Mo., 1683.

PRESENT : WM. PENN, Propery and Govern' of Pensilvania & Countys an

nexed. Capt. Wm. Markham, Jno. Moll,

ffran. Whitewell, Christo. Taylor, Edmo Cantwell, Jno. Hilliard, Jam : Harrison,

Wm. Biles, Jno. Richardson, Wm. Clarke,

Wm. Clayton, Wm. Haige, John Simcox,

Ralph Withers, Lasse Cock. A Letter rece from Nicholas Moore, President of the Society, to ye Gov', Desiring that the Law ag' Fornication might be explained not to extend to Serv's, because the present penalty would be to the Master & Mrs., wherefore prayed some severe punishment may be Enacted more consistent wth the Mr. & Mrs. Interest.

These Bills were prepared and drawn up to pass into Laws :
A Bill for planting filax and hemp.

A bill for building a house of Correction in each County, 24 foot by 16.

A bill to binder the Selling of Serpt into other provinces, and to prevent Runaways.

À bill about Passes.
A bill about burning woods and Marshes.
A bill to have Catteil marked & to Erect Bounds.
A bill about Fencing.

Three Comittees appointed to prepare bills for the Councill.

Capt. Wm. Markham, Francis Whitwell,
Jno. Simcox,

Jobn Halliard.
Wm. Clarke.
The paper of Proposals from Kent County Comitted to them to
put into a Bill or bills.
James Harrison,

John Moll,
Christo : Taylor,

Ralph Withers,

Edmund Cantwell. To whom it is referred to prepare bills about Prisons, Sowing of hemp and Flax, Runaways, Passes, Selling of Serp into other provinces, for Destroying Wolves, to raise Money, & a bill for Hogg stealers. Wm. Clayton, Wm. Biles,

Thomas Holmes, Wm. Haige, John Richardson, Lasse Cock.

To whom is refered the burning of woods and Marshes, to have Chattell marked, To erect Bounds of ffences.

Adjourned till 17th 1 Mo. 1683.

At a Councill held at Philadelphia yo 17th of ye 1"' Mo. 1681.

PRESENT : WM. PENN, propery and Govern' of Pensilvania and Countys An

nexed. Capt. Wm. Markham, Capt. Lasse Cock, Jno. Moll, Wm. Haige,

Fran. Whitwell, Jam. Harison, Wm. Biles,

Christ : Taylor, Jno. Hilliard, Wm. Clayton, Jno. Simcox, John Richardson. Capt. Tho: Holmes.

The Comittees presented several bills to the Councill, and adjourned till Three of ye Clock in the afternoon.

POST MERIDIEM. The Speaker and the whole House of Assembly attended the Gover and Councill wth a Bill of Settlement, acquainting them that he was commanded by the whole house to let them know they had past the bill wth one Consent.

Adjourned till 19th of 1• Mo., 83.

At a Council held at Philadelphia y* 19th of 1" Mo., 1683.

WM. PENN, propery and Govern' of Pensilvania & Countys annexed.
Capt. Wm. Markham, Wm. Biles,

Jno. Richardson,
Capt. Tho. Holmes, Wm. Clayton, Wm. Clarke,
Jno. Simcox,

Fran. Whitwell, Lasse Cock,
Jam. Harison, Jno. Hilliard, Jno. Moll.
Edmo Cantwell, Wm. Haige,

The Speaker with divers Members came, wth the bill of Settlement and divers amendments, wch were yielded to by the Govern' & Councell.

Several Bills relating to Carried by order of Councell to the Ag. sembly by Wm. Clarke and ffrancis Whitwell.

Several bills relating to carried by order of Council to ye Assembly by Thomas Holmes & James Harrison.

The bill of Settlem' being amended, was returned to this Councill by two of the Members of ye Assembly; namely, Robert Wade & Griffith Jones.

The Petieon of the Mariners belonging to the Friends Adventure, Concerning their wages, was read, & Ordered y' they shall have a bearing to-morrow at three of ye Clock in the afternoon. Adjourned till four of ye clock afternoon.

POST MERIDIEM. Ordered that Wm. Clarke and John Moll, Compare the Fees of New York and Delaware, and make a report to this Councill.

Ordered that Capt. Edma Cantwell and John Moll turn over the Duke's Laws, & give a Report proper for them to Consider on.

Adjourned till 20th 1st Mo., 83.

At a Councill held at Philadelphia ye 20th 1st Mo., 1683.

WM. PENN, Propery and Gov' of Pensilvania & Countys annexed.
Tho. Holmes, Jno. Richardson, Fran. Whitwell,
Jno. Moll,

Wm. Haige, Lasse Cock,
Wm. Clayton, Jam. Ilarrison, Jno. Simcox,
Jno. Hilliard, Edmd Cantwell, Wm. Biles.
Wm. Clarke.
Adjourned till three of y® Clock afternoon.

POST MERIDIEM. The Speaker wth two of the members of the Assembly, attended the Gov' and Council wth several Bills that were sent up to them, after weh the Gov & Council desired a Conference with the whole House & Freemen, about the Charter, and then the Question being asked by the Gov' whether they would have the old Charter or a new one, they unanimously desired there might be a new one, wh the amendin putt into a Law, wch is past.

The petieon of Nathaniell Allen was read, shewing that he had sould a Servi to Henry Bowman, for Six hundred weight of beefe, with ye hide & Tallow, & Six pounds sterl., which ye said Bowman delayed to pay ye said Petieoner, shewing likewise that ye said Henry Bowman & Walter Humpbrey, hired a boat of the sa Petitioner only for one month, & kept yo same boat 18 weeks from yo petieoner, to his great prejudice; then it was ordered ye Wm. Clarke, John Simcox & James Harrison, should speak to Henry Bowman concerning this matter.

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