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explained by later resolutions, or altered by subsequent acts of parliament; but as these acts are sometimes very long, consisting osmany clauses, the reader is desired to use the same caution here, which is recommended by our author (t) with regard to those recited in the work itself, viz. "that he rely not barely upon the abstracts thereof here "given, but peruse the statutes themselves in the books at large."

I am sensible many slips and omissions must needs have happened in the supervising so large a work of so critical a nature, but hope that will plead my excuse, at least to those, who consider the wide difference between perusing it in a fair print and in a difficult manuscript.

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Chap. X. Concerning the offense of high treason, the person again/1 whom committed, and the reason of the greatness of the offense; and touching aljigeance Page '8

Chap. XL Concerning treason at the common law, and their uncertainty 76

Chap. XII. Touching the statute of 25 E. 3. and the high treasons therein declared 87

Chap. XIII. Touching high treason in compassing the death of the king, queen, or prince 91

Chap. XIV. Concerning levying of war against the king 130

Chap. XV. Concerning treason in adhering to the king's enemies within the land or without 159

Chap. XVI. Concerning treason in counterfeiting the great seal, or

Chap. XVII. Concerning high treason in counterfeiting the king's coin, and in the first place touching the history of the cojn and coinage of England 183

Chap. XVIIL Concerning the adulteration or impairing of coin, and the antient means used to remedy it 205

Chap. XIX. Concerning the counterfeiting of the king's coin, what it is, what the penalty thereof' antient ly, and what at this day 21Q

Chap. XX. Concerning treason in bringing in false money 225

Chap. XXI. Concerning high treason in killing the chancellor, &c. 230

Chap. XXII. Concerning principals and accessaries in treason 23S

Chap. XXIII. Concerning forfeitures by treason 23!J

Chap. XXIV. Concerning declaring of treasons by parliament, and those treasons that were enailed or declared by parliament between the 2.5 E. 3. and the 1 Mar. 258

Chap. XXV. Concerning treasons declared and enacted from 1 Mar. till this day, viz. 13 Car. 2. 307.

Chap. XXVL Concerning the judgments in high treason, and the particulars relating thereunto, and to attainders 342

Chap. XXVII. Touching corruption of blood, and restitution thereof loss of dower, forfeiture of goods, and execution '354

Chap. XXV 111. Touching the crime of misprision of treason and felony, isfe. 371

Chap. XXIX. Concerning petit treason. 377

Cljap. XXX,

Chap. XXX. Concerning heresy and apostacy, and the punishment

thereof - Page 383

Chap. XXXI. Concerning homicide and first o/sejf-killing, er felo de

se' ■ i 4U

Chap. XXXII. O/deodands 419

Chap. XXXIII. Of homicide, and its several kinds, and first of those

considerations, that are applicable as well to murder as to man-

slaughter 424

Chap. XXXIV. Concerning commanding, counselling, or abetting of

murder or manslaughter 435

Chap. XXXV. Concerning the death of a person unknown, and the

proceedings thereupon . 447

Chap. XXXVI. Touching murder, what it is, and the kinds thereof 449

Chap. XXXVII. Concerning murder ty malice implied presumptive, or

malice in law 455

Chap. XXXVIII. Ofmanslaughter, and particularly of manslaughter

exempt from clergy by the statute of 1 Jac. cap. 8. 466

Chap. XXXIX. Touching involuntary homicide, and first of chance-

medley, or killing per infortunium 411

Chap. XL. Of manslaughter ex necessitate, and first se defendendo 473

Chap. XLI. Concerning the forfeiture of him that kills in his own de-

fense, or per infortunium 492

Chap. XLII. Concerning the taking away of the life of man by the

course of law, or in execution of justice 498

Chap. XLIII. O/larciny and its kinds 503

Chap. XLIV. Concerning the diversities of grand Jarcinies among them-

selves in relation to clergy 5IT

Chap. XLV. Concerning petit larciny 530

Chap. XLVI. Of robbery 532

phap. XLVII. Concerning restitution of goods stolen, and the con-

fiscation of goods emitted in the indifiment or the appeal 538

Chap. XLVIII. Of'burglary, the kinds and punishments 541

Chap. XLIX. Of arson, or wilful burning of houses 566

Chap. L. Concerning felonies by the common law, relating to the

bringing of felons to justice, and the impediments thereof, as escape,

breach of prison, and rescue; and first touching arrests 515

phap. LI. Of felony by voluntary escapes, and touching felony by

escapes of felons 590'

phap. LIL Of negligent escapes 600

Chap. LIII.

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