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Guide des tribunaux militaires, ou legislation criminelle de l' armée, par M. L. J. G. de Chénier. 2 vol. [Military tribunals'guide, or criminal law of the army.] Lettres sur la magistrature de l'ordre judiciaire ; par un magistrat de cet ordre. [Letters on the magistracy of the judiciary order.J

Principes et jurisprudence du code civil ; par M. Laurens. Tom. II.

[Principles and jurisprudence of the civil code.] Actes de l'etat civil : Instructions élémentaires; par M. Claparède. 2me. ed. Des principes du gouvernement represéntatif et de leur application ; par M. Duvergier de Hauranne. [On the principles of representative government and their application.] Le droit des gens ; par Vattel. Tome III. Notes et table générale analytique de l'ouvrage ; par M. S. Pinheiro-Ferreira. Législation simplifiée, ou application de la méthode synoptique aux actes et contrats, par M. N. H. Cellier.

[Law simplified, or an application of the synoptical method to acts and contracts.]

Notions eléméntaires de droit français ; par M. Alph. Grün. [Elementary notions of French law.] Traité des droits d'auteur, dans la littérature, les sciences et les beaux arts : par M. Augustin Charles Renouard. Tome 1er. [A treatise on the rights of author, in literature, science and the fine arts.] Des institutions de prévoyance et particulierement des assurances, par M. Nestor Urbain. De la democratie en Amerique ; par M. Alexis de Tocqueville, 6e édition, revue et corrigée. Traité du bénéfice d'inventaire et de l'acceptation des successions ; par M. Bilhard. [On the benefit of inventory and the acceptance of successions.] Des progrès de la jurisprudence en France ; par M. Frederic Taulien. Esquisse de l'origine et des résultats des associations de femmes

pour la réforme des prisons en Angleterre ; traduit de l'anglais par mademoiselle Ulliac Tremadure.

Des maladies mentales considérées sous les rapports médical, hygiénique, et medico-legal ; par M. E. Esquirol. 2 vol. plus un atlas.


Commentaries on the Law of Bailments, with illustrations from the civil and the foreign law. By Joseph Story, L.L.D. Dane Professor of Law in Harvard University. London: John Richards & Co. See page 466. The Practice of the Petty sessions, &c.; by John Stone, Esq. 3d edition. The Law of Real Property, in two volumes. By Owen Flintorff, Esq. Volume I. The Duties of Overseers of the Poor and Assistant Overseers. By George Dudgeon, clerk of the Settle Union. The Principles of the Laws of England in the various departments, and also the Practice of the Superior Courts, in the form of question and answer. By a Solicitor. A Practical Treatise on Sheriff Law; by George Atkinson, Esq. A treatise on the Office and Practice of a Notary of England, as connected with Mercantile Instruments, &c. By Richard Brookes, solicitor and notary. The Doctrine and Practice of Equity. By G. Goldsmith, A.M.

An Introduction to Conveyancing. By William Hayes, 4th edition. The Country Attorney's Practice, in conducting actions in the Superior Courts. By John Gray. 4th ed. An historical treatise of an action or suit at law. By R. Boote. 7th ed. with notes. By G. S. White. A treatise on the new rules of pleading. By C. R. Kennedy. Outlines of the jurisdiction of all the courts in England and Wales; or Readings from Blackstone and other text writers, altered according to the present law, &c. By R. Maugham.

A Practical treatise of the Law of Bills of Exchange, &c. By J. B. Byles. 3d edition, enlarged. Manual of Political Ethics. By Francis Lieber. See page 487. A treatise on the Medical Jurisprudence of Insanity. By J.

Ray, M. D.
See page 487.

By Messrs. Charles C. Little and James Brown, Boston.

A Treatise on the Law of Insurance. By Willard Phillips. 2 vols. 8vo. Second edition. Commentaries on Commercial Law.—Agency. By Hon. Joseph Story. Commentaries on Equity Jurisprudence. Second edition revised and enlarged. 2 vols. 8vo. Same. A Treatise on the Rights and Duties of Merchant Seamen, according to the British, the American, and the Foreign Law : with a Supplementary Chapter on the Interest and Distribution of Prize, on board private and public ships of war. By George T. Curtis, of the Boston Bar. The American Conveyancer; by a member of the Boston Bar.

This work, now in the process of being stereotyped, contains all the varieties of legal forms of conveyancing and certifying, that may be useful to the practical or the professional man, in all parts of the United States. It will contain a complete system of forms and directions for applicants for letters patent; for the organization of corporations; for the formation of joint stock companies; and the copies intended for use in this commonwealth, will embrace the entire system of insolvency under the act of April, 1838. The publishers believe that both to the lawyer and the layman, it will be a work of great utility, avoiding many of the defects and improving upon many of the excellencies of the books of conveyancing heretofore in use in this country.

Digest of Massachusetts and Pickering's Reports. Including Pickering, Vol. 16. By J. C. Perkins and A. H. Ward, Counsel

lors at Law. 8vo.

The following English Reports are in a course of republication by the same, in connection with a London house :

Henry Blackstone's Reports, edited by F. W. Meynutt. Royal 8vo.

Shower's Reports, with indices and notes, by S. F. Hughes, 8vo.

Lord Raymond's Reports, edited by C. J. Gale, and Notes by Sir John Bailey, Knt. Royal 8vo.

Burrow's Reports, edited by Hargrave, Hill & W. H. & T. H. Tirrell. 8vo.

Strange's Reports, edited by Thomas J. Arnold. Royal 8vo.

By Messrs. T. & J. W. Johnson, successors to Nicklin & Johnson, Philadelphia.

A Law Dictionary, adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the

United States of America, and of the several states of the Ameri

can union; with references to the civil and other systems of foreign law. By John Bouvier.

This work, the fruit of o: of seven years' labor, will contain all the terms of art in the common law, used either in the United States or England; those peculiar to the civil, canon, or ecclesiastical law; those among the French, Scotch, German, Spanish and other foreign systems, within reach of the author, which may be useful to professional gentlemen, or to men of business; those relating to commerce and manufactures, as connected with law; those used in medical jurisprudence, international law, and the law of nature. All terms of art, technical and peculiar expressions, to be found in the constitution and laws of the United States, and of the several states, relating to the executive, legislative or judiciary departments, and all their various branches, and those relating to the rights and duties of citizens, will be severally explained and considered. In the execution of the plan, the author has, in the first place, defined and explained the various words and phrases, by giving their most enlarged meaning, and then all the different shades of signification of which they are susceptible; secondly, he has divided the subject in the manner, which to him, apared the most natural, and laid down such principles and rules of law as to. to it; in these cases he has been careful to give an illustration, by citing a case wherever the subject seemed to require it, and referred to other cases supporting the same point; thirdly, whenever the article admitted of it, he has compared it with the laws of other countries, and pointed out their concord or disagreement; and fourthly, he has referred to the authorities, and the abridgments, digests, and ancient and modern treatises, where the subject is to be found, in order to facilitate the researches of the student. Every word and subject to be found in English Law Dictionaries, which can by any possibility be useful, has been retained; those which are not strictly applicable to the United States, have been condensed, as have been all those which belong exclusively to some foreign system of law. About two thousand new articles will be found in the work, which are not in any dictionary extant, and those subjects which have been treated of in other dictionaries, have been written anew, without any regard to the form or matter which may be found in such works. It is presumed the work will contain one thousand pages of close printing, or perhaps make two handsome octavo volumes, containing six to eight hundred pages each.

Hilliard, Gray & Co. have in press,

A Digest of the Decisions of the American Courts of Law and Admiralty. By Theron Metcalf and J. C. Perkins.

This Digest will contain the American cases (exclusive of the decisions in chancery), down to the year 1838. It will be published in three volumes of about seven hundred s each. Five hundred p of the first volume are already printed, and the first volume will be published in the course of the present year.

[We are requested to state that Messrs. Nicklin & Johnson never wished nor intended that it should be supposed Mr. Justice Story had any editorial $*exion with the fourth volume of the Laws of the United States recently Published by them. They endeavored to make the title page of that volume

w its origin clearly.]


Abjuration of the realm, 8.
Agents and Attorneys, contracts by, 19.
Aliens, contracts by, 16.
Archives of Civil Practice, 467.
Austria, penal code of, 60; civil code of, 70.

Bacon, Lord, biographical sketch of, 346.
Ball & Beatty's Chancery Reports, 239.
Betts's Summary of Admiralty Practice, 235.
Brazil, Penal Code of, 64.

Chitty on Contracts, 244.

Codification and Reform of the Law, 352–372.

Consideration of Contracts, 257; benefit to promisor, 267; damage to pro-
misee, 269; benefit to a third person, 270; forbearance, 271; moral obli-
gation, 276; mutual promises, 281; gratuitous promises, 281; assignment
of a chose in action, 284; acceptance &c. in satisfaction, 285.

Contracts, Law of 1–29; 257–286.

Corporations, contracts o 27. -

Criminal Law of Massachusetts, Report on, 286–352.

Curtis's Admiralty Digest, 111–137.

Cushing's (Abel) Letters on the First Charter, 459.

Cushing's (L.S.) Translation of Pothier's Contract of Sale, 455.

Danforth, Thomas, biographical sketch of, 75–80.
Digest of Cases, 146–207; 389–449.
Drunkards, contracts by, 5.

Eden's Chancery Reports, 241.
Ellesmere, Lord Chancellor,340.
English Judges, sketches of 340–352.
Equity, Uncertainty of the Law of, 30–39
Excommunicated persons, contracts by, 16.
Executors and Administrators, contracts by, 25.

Felony and Benefit of Clergy, 80–103.
Florida, proposed constitution of 242.
Foucher, Victor, Collection of Laws, 56–75.
Geneva, Code of Procedure of, 72.
Germany, codification in, 70.
Guardians, contracts by, 26.

Hickey v. Eggleston, 241.
Hilliard's Abridgment of the Law of Real Property, 470.
Imprisonment for debt, under the laws of the United States, 246; in Eng-
land, 246.
India, Project of a Penal Code for, 103–111.
Indiana, Revised Statutes of, 462.
Insurance, in contravention of foreign laws, 138–145.
International Copy-right Law, British, 478.
Judiciary, independence of 51.
Julius, Dr., New Work on United States, by, 484.
Jurist, The (English) 237.
Kinne's (Asa) Blackstone's Commentaries, 236, 486.
Legislation, 229–231; 450–454; Mississippi, 229; Tennessee, 230; Massa-
chusetts, 450; Indiana, 453; South Carolina, 454.
Lieber's Political Ethics, 40–56; Legal and Political Hermeneutics, 388.

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