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the following varieties, - Light and Dark Brahmas, Plymouth Rocks, Games, Partridge and White Cochins. At two o'clock the ploughing-match took place on the society's grounds. There were five contestants, and the work was all well done.

Following the above were several athletic games, for which various prizes had been offered by the society. They proved a source of entertainment to both old and young. The first on the list was the “ running high jump,” for which there were ten entries. R. Coffin jumped away with the first prize. He cleared the crossbar at four feet four inches; J. M. Folger, jun., four feet two inches ; and W. Gardner, at four feet.

The second of the games was “putting the heavy stone.” The stone weighed twenty-one pounds and a half. J. M. Folger, jun., "put it” twenty-five feet two inches ; A. Chase, twenty-three feet four inches ; and E. Young, twenty-two feet. The third game was the ball target game, in which there were twenty-six entries. Out of this number but three hit the target at all, and not one was fortunate enough to secure the prize. The attractions of the ground closed with the game; and the people slowly wended their way homeward to prepare to visit the hall or fair, where was to be seen one of the finest displays of vegetables, manufactures, &c., ever presented for inspection. The main hall presented a very attractive appearance in its dress of bunting, flags, &c., while the tables themselves were loaded down with pretty fineries. On the wall over the rostrum was the motto, “ Glorious is the work of the Husbandman;" on the east side, - Welcome to our Island Fair; west side, 66 The Farmer's Crop is the Blessing of God;' south side, “ Industry in Agriculture is the Twin-Brother to Thrift.” Directly under the chandelier, in the centre of the hall, was a square table, on which was a pot of plants from a number of cultivators. On the square in the centre was a miniature building of a style of architecture altogether unknown to us, but certainly very pretty. The outside covering was of glass, and filled with a number of plants, making a very handsome centre-piece. The building was made by Capt. Manter of the Island Home. Thursday was devoted to the show of horses and colts. Quite a goodly number were entered in the several classes. The show of colts was very good. One owned by Charles F. Coffin was a superior animal.

Vegetables. — The show of vegetables was good, the root-crops in particular. There was a basket of Early Rose potatoes from a lot of three hundred and twenty bushels to the acre.

Of butter there were six entries; and the quality was excellent: indeed it was extremely difficult for the committee to decide where to make the awards.

Fruit. — The display in this department was good for the season.

Fine Arts. - The number of articles in this department was quite large, and the paintings of a high order of excellence.

Fancy Articles. Many of the articles in this department were finely executed, and deserve more than a passing mention.

Manufactured Articles. — The manufactured articles were few in number, but seemed to be new. Mrs. R. G. Folger (seventy-seven years old, and totally blind) exhibited a box of knit hosiery. A large number of quilts of various styles and patterns adorned the sides of the hall, among which was one containing twenty-five hundred pieces.

A show case of old coins, ancient crockery, brackets made from the olive-tree at Jerusalem, wax beads, and a shell, — the Lone Star of Texas, were exhibited by Mrs. L. H. Wendal.

A very handsome miniature set of furniture, consisting of bedstead, bureau, washstand, table, two chairs, and a rocker, also a very handsome picture-stand, a carved comb-case, and one carved and worked worsted slipper-case, &c., attracted great attention.

The members of this society have reason to be greatly encouraged, when they remember the success of their last exhibition, in spite of drought and all other obstacles with which the farmer must contend.

The society seems to be in a thriving condition, and supported by many zealous and intelligent farmers; yet much of its success is due to the untiring efforts of its officers.

F. C. Knox.


I attended the Nineteenth Exhibition of the Martha's Vineyard Society Oct. 2 and 3.

The territory of this society is necessarily limited. Surrounded by the sea, you might expect the hall to be rich in trophies from this source, rather than rich with products of the land. The fact that it had so many and such fine products convinced me that the society had done, and was doing, a good work on that island.

I found some very good cattle in their pens. There were very few thoroughbreds; but some good grades and natives showed that the people here are not indifferent to the improvement of their stock.

Horses of all the classes usually shown were there, and, on the whole, of fair quality. The farms of the island afford good sheep

pastures. Some fine animals attest to care in breeding and good management. It was evident that the island not only affords good mutton, with its prized game flavor, but also tender lambs, that might gratify the palate of an epicure.

The swine were of fair quality and in good numbers.

The poultry of all kinds presented points of much interest, as worthy of study as those exhibitions representing very much larger territory. In such a region as this it evinced a care that indicates a rapid advance in this line of improvement.

The dairy products, though not large in quantity, presented butter of very marked excellence.

We were also surprised at the great variety of cereals. The plump clear kernels in almost every variety showed them unusually fine for the purposes of the table.

Turning to vegetables, the variety increased, and the quality and quantity was most marked ; cabbages, pumpkins, melons, and roots, all seeming to vie with each other as to symmetry and size.

Fruits, both green and dried, of almost every name, looked toothsome and healthy. Pears, peaches, and grapes were good; but the apples seemed to have found an especial Eden on this island in which to grow this year. And, as I looked on the goodly display, I was disposed to think the salt air and the sea winds exercised some good influence on both vegetables and fruits.

The grand rally came in women's work of various kinds. The hall was well adorned by them with color, taste, and usefulness. The articles ranged from the most practical to the ornamental and decorative. Substantial bread, delicate cake, rich preserves, elaborate needle-work, and intricate meshes of worsted, spoke of both inventive brains and patient industry. An endeavor to gain a full conception of these mysteries served to convince me that the women were not only interested in the exhibition, but added to its power by a most painstaking diligence. In fact, it was very evident that the agricultural society promoted the best interests of home and social life. This is the evidence of its good work. It stimulates the farmers to improvements, draws all classes together, and in this way develops, in some measure, both mind and heart.




Permanent fund.

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Middlesex South
Middlesex North
Worcester West
Worcester North
Worcester No.-West
Worcester South
Worcester So.-East
Hampshire, Frank-

lin, and Hampden
Ilampden East
Deerfield Valley
Ilonac Valley

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3,614 09 1,572 00
1,195 86 1,035 75
2,873 60 1,146 80
3,690 92 1.3909 76
2,183 27 1,200 00
4,414 65 2,623 00
3,497 79 1 2,274 00

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2,803 88
3,670 73
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MASSACHUSETTS. - In bank stock, railroad stock and bonds, mortgages and mort. HAMPDEN. - - In land and buildings known as Hampden Park.
gage bonds and policies in Massachusetts Hospital Life Insurance Company.

HAMPDEN EAST. – In fair grounds, buildings, &c.
Essex. - In bank stock, railroad bonds, farm, cattle-pens, tent, and other fixtures. UNION. – In park, barn, hall, &c.
MIDDLESEX. - In land and buildings.

FRANKLIN. — In grounds, buildings, fixtures, and bank stock.
MIDDLESEX SOUTH. - In grounds, buildings, &c.

DEERFIELD VALLEY. - In real estate.
MIDDLESEX North. – In land and buildings.

BERKSHIRE. - In real estate.
WORCESTER. — In real estate.

Hoosac VALLEY. - In real estate and personal property.
WORCESTER WEST. — In real estate and fixtures.

HOUSATONIC. - In real estate and personal property.
WORCESTER NORTH. - In real estate, buildings, &c.

HINGHAM. - In hall and grounds.
WORCESTER NORTH-WEST. - In grounds, track, buildings, fixtures, &c.

BRISTOL. - In real estate.
WORCESTER South. - In grounds, track, buildings, fixtures, &c.

PLYMOUTH. - In real estate, fixtures, furniture, &c.
WORCESTER SOUTH-EAST. - In grounds, track, buildings, fixtures, &c.

MARSHFIELD. - In exhibition grounds and buildings.
HAMPSHIRE, FRANKLIN, AND HAMPDEN. – In real estate and personal property. BARNSTABLE. – In land and buildings.
ILAMPSHIRE. - In real estate.

NANTUCKET. — In fair grounds, building, fixtures, &c.
HIGHLAND. - In real estate.

MARTHA'S VINEYARD. — In hall and fair grounds, and notes of members.

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