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No. 1.-John Senex's map, A.D. 1710.
No. 2.- Map of N. America, by William Delisle, First Geographer to

the King, Amsterdam, A.D. 1739. No. 3.- Jeffery's map of the North part of North America, A.D. 1762. No. 4.—Peter Bell's map of the British Dominions in North America,

according to the Treaty of 1763. Date A.D. 1772. No. 5.—Mr. D'Anville's map of North America, with the boundaries

as laid down by the King in Council, &c. Date A.D. 1775. No. 6.—Governor Pownall's


of North America. Date a.d. 1776. No. 7.- Kitchen's map of North America, showing the boundaries of

Canada after the Treaty of 1783. Date 1794. No. 8.—Map of North America, showing the territories claimed by

France in 1756, with the French forts marked. No. 9.—Map of the boundary line between the northern colonies and

the Indians, established by the Treaty of Fort Stanwix, 1768. No. 10.—Map of the French settlements in Illinois, by Thomas Hutchins,

Captain in His Majesty's 60th Regiment,

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