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reth, and finds that there is a great mixture of pure and spurious motives at work among them; but yet he is convinced that there are individuals who really seek the saving truth, and, at any rate, there is a good opportunity for preaching the Gospel in Galilee.

'Finally, beloved brethren, I thank all those of you who have hitherto helped and supported us—by your prayers, your advice, and your money— to carry on the work entrusted to us; especially the London Society for Promoting Christianity amongst the Jews, and the Church Missionary Society.

'And, commending myself and fellow-labourers, both lay and clerical, together with all the subjects mentioned above, to your intercessory prayers,—I remain, your humble servant and brother,

'Jerusalem, Oct. 30M, 1851.' 'S. Angl. Hierosol.'

Some sound 'Letters on the Supremacy,' (Masters,) have been published by Mr. Jones, of Bideford.

The Reports of the 'Tithe Redemption Trust' and the • Scottish Church Society' are of unusual interest.

'The Herb of the Field,' (Mozley,) is the title of a reprint of 'Chapters on Flowers,' originally published in the ' Magazine for the Young.' There is much information, as well as proof of a poetical spirit, in this collection; it betrays a reverent and religious appreciation of scenery, and exhibits the notiou of a Flora Christiana, and this without affectation.

Of single Tracts and Sermons, and works of a similar practical cast, we have to mention—1. and with especial commendation, Mr. Carter's ' Day of Prayer ;' also, 2. ' Devotional Aids for the private Use of the Clergy;' both published by Masters. Tn the latter Manual, some affectations may be pardoned for its general propriety of aim. 3. 'The Mirror of Young Christians,' (Masters,) translated and adapted from the French, and which received an imprimatur from the Bishop of Brechin. 4. 'The Christian Servant,' (Masters,) an excellent idea well worked out. 5. 'The Slavery of Sin,' (Macmillan,) an unusually practical Prize Essay, by Mr. Alfred Lee. 6. 'The Church's Office towards the Young,' (J. H. Parker,) a beautiful Sermon by Mr. Armstrong. 7. 'The Healing of the Conscience,' (Bedford: Timajus,) a Visitation Sermon by Mr. Carr. 8. 'A Voice from Mines,' (Wolverhampton: Parker,) a volume by Mr. Pearce. 9. 'Sermons to the Blind,' by Mr. Johns, (Simpkin,) suitable, however, to others also.




Alforil's Greek Testament, vol. II., 125—164.
Mr. Alford and the 'Christian Remem-
brancer/ 126—128. General character of the
present vol. 130—164.

Apocalypse, the [Wordsworth, Elliott, Stuart,
*c.],383—409. Popularity of the subject, 384.
Four Schools of Interpretation, 385. The
anti-papal theory, 386. Dr. Wordsworth, 390.
The anti-pagan view, 401—409.


Canterbury Settlement [Adam/ Spring in the
Canterbury Settlement], 300—422. New Zea-
land, 301. The Canterbury Association, 302.
The First Colonists, and voyage, 303—307.
Arrival at the Coast, 308. State of the
Country, 308—322.

Charles V., Cloister Life of [Stirling's CloUter
Life of the Emperor Charles V.], 99—124.
Biography, 99. Charles V. 100. Materials,
101. Robertson, 103. Mr. Stirling's work,

Church Penitentiary Association [Bishop of Ox-
ford's Sermon, Src], 203—213. Origin of the
movement, Mr. Armstrong, 203. Mr. Carter,
204. The Association, 205. Penitentiaries and
Houses of Refuge, 206. Bishop of Oxford's
Sermon, 209. A Mission to fallen women,


Davidson on Biblical Criticism [Treatise on
Biblical Criticism], 375—382. The subject,
375. Dr. Davidson's work, 376—382.


England and France under the House of Lan-
caster, 410—430. Wycliffe and Lord Cobham,
410. WycliftVs doctrine, 411—414. Did he
confer Orderst 414. Wycllfle's doctrine,
415—427. Itinerant preaching, 428. Reme-
dies, 429.

Eucharist, Doctrine of the Holy [Archdeacon
Witherforce's Doctrine, (*.], 263—299. The
Doctrine of the Sacraments, 264. The Holy
Eucharist, 265. Faith and Feeling, 266. Dif-
ferent aspect of the subject, 267. The Pre-
sence, 274. Review of Wilberforce, 275—299.


Haydon, the Painter [Taylor's Life of Haydon],
323—374. Journal keeping, 323. General
character of Haydon's lite, S25. The Aulo-


biography. 326. His birth, tec. 327. General
Review, 328—874.


Irish Characteristics [Head and Keave on Ire-
land], 431—460. The phenomena of Irel
land,431. Our increased knowledge of Ireland-
433. Irish character, 434. Irish poetica,
temperament, 435. Irish affirmations, 440.
Language, 442. General illustrations, 442—


Metaphysics, Recent [Hickok, Hamilton, Gio-
berti, tc], 1—32. Unpopularity of the sub-
ject, 1. Dr. Hickok, 2. Analysis of his work,
3—26. Gioberti, 27. Sketch of his philo-
sophy, 27—32.

Mozarabic Liturgy, the [Mone's Liturgies, Qc],
461—500. The Spanish Church, 461, 462.
The Liturgy, 465. Classes of Liturgies, 466.
The Mozarabic form, 467—500.


Palmer's Dissertations [Dissertations on the Or-
thodox Communion], 64—98. Dissertations,
64. Extent of the Eastern Communion, 65.
Palmer's theory, 66. Reviewed and ana-
lyzed, 67—98.

Poetry, Modern [Poems by Patmore, Arnold,
A. Smith, Sec], 165—202. Abundance of
recent Poetry, 165: is it readable? 160.
General characteristics of modem Poetry,
167—169. Mr. Coventry Patmore, 170—174.
Arnold, 174,175. Alexander Smith, 175—182.
C. Magnay, 183—186. Read, 187 — 189.
Lowell, 190—194. Monro's' Parish,' 195—202.


Spicilegium Solesmense [Spicilegium, £c. by
Dom Pitra], 214—250. Patristic collections,
214. The Benedictines,215. Dom Pitra's work,
216. Analysis of, 217—250.


Ynnge, Miss, her Novels [Langley School,
Abbeychurch, £c.], 33—63. Miss Austen's
School, 33, 34. Miss Yonge, 35. Her cha-
racter, 36. Her Historical works, 37—39.
Abbeychurch, 40. Henrietta's Wish, 41.
Kenneth, 44. The Two Guardians, 45.
The Heir of Redely Be, 47—63.



Jclt—Sir George Stephen's 'Review of Mr.
Barber's Case'—Scrivener's Col la t ion of Greek
Manuscripts—Sermons preached in Village
Churches—Voyage Religieux en Orient, par
M. 1'Abbe J. H. Miction—Newman's Trans-
lation of the Odes of Horace—The Book of
Psalms—' What is the Church V the Problem
solved—Three Letters to the Bishop of Lon-
don, on Foreign Chaplaincies — Pamphlets
on the Education Question—Reform your
Arches, &c, by Edward Dodd, B.D.—Poems
by Archer Gurney—Theological Colleges and
the Universities—Life of Mrs.*Godolphin—
Meditations for a Week on the Lord's Prayer
—Bolton's Hulsean Prize Essay—Mayor's
Juvenal — Maurice's Theological Esrayi —
Birch Church—Neale's Church History for
Children—Cox'a Life of S. Boniface—Na-
turalist's Rambles on the Devonshire Coast
—Sea-weed Collector's Guide—Correspon-
dence between Archdeacon Denison and
Bishop Spenser; and Supplement—Wilber-
force on the Eucharist—Arvlsene's Memo-
riale Vits Sacerdotalis—Forms, of Family
Prayer—Prayers for the Sick and Dying—
Sickness, its Trials and Blessings—Manual
for Mourners—Eight Weeks' Journal in Nor-
way, and Month in Norway — Mozley's
Monthly Packet—Parker's National Miscel-
lany—Rout ledge's Dryden—Tasso's Jerusa-
lem Delivered, by Robertson—Sennons by
Bishop of Oxford, Dr. Jeune, Messrs. Jones,
Rcichel, Lush, Giraud, Fowle, Liddell, Gan-
dell, Collingwood, and Wilmott.

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tophilus—Sir A. Edmonds tone'* Meditations
in Verse—La'thbury's History of Convocation
—Letter to a Convocation Man—Flower's
Choral Service—Appendiciaet Pertinentiae—
Lectures on the Non-metallic Elements-
Stories and CatechUings in illustration of the
Collects — Watchfulness the Duty of the
Clergy—Tupper's Sermons on the Creed-
Humphry's Treatise on the Book of Common
Prayer—The Sympathy of Christ—Mail land'i
Missions urged on the State—Macbride'i
Lectures on the Articles—Lord Cranbome'i
Great Monarchs—The Psalter and the Gospel
—Fern-Leaves from Fanny's Portfolio—Mere-
wether's Pamphlet on Church Rates—The
Day of Trial—Archdeacon Berens' Advice to
Freshmen—Pusey's Parochia' Sermons -The
Warnings of Advent—Archdeacon Wilber-
force on the Holy Eucharist—Mitman's Lore
of the Atonement—Thoughts during Sick-
ness—Cookesley's Letter to the Archbishop
of Dublin—Who was S. TRusf—Spelman on
Sacrilege—Newland on Confirmation, &c—
Foreign Chaplaincies—Church Expansion-
Translations from Calileron—Murray's Hand*
Books — Caswall's Scotland and Scottish
Church—Garden on the Beatitudes—Points
of Difference, &c. — Donaldson's Hebrew
Grammar—Black's Messias and Anti-Metnas
—Wilson's new edition of the Holy Bible—
Bolton's Prize Essay—Hardwiek's Church
History—Napier's Biographical Sketches—
Pitcairn's Island—Analysis of Church Cate-
chism— Russia and Turkey — Episcopal
Documents—Letters on the Supremacy-
Tithe Redemption Trust—Scottish Church
Society—The Herb of the Field—Tracts and
Sermons by Messrs. Carter, Lee, Armstrong,
Carr, Pearce, and Johns.


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