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From the Temptation of Christ, to the commencement of his more public Ministry

after the Imprisonment of John.
1. Farther testimony of John the Baptist. John i. 19-34. /Bethabara. 4739
II. Christ obtains his first Disciples from John. John i. 35-41, Bethabara-

Road to Ga-

JII. (Marriage at Cana in Galilee.

John ii. 1-11. Cana in Gali-

IV. Christ goes down to Capernaum, and con- John ii. 12. Capernaum.

tinues there some short time.
The Buyers and Sellers driven from the John ii. 13. to Jerusalem.

the end..
VI. Conversation of Christ with Nicodemus. John iii. 1-21. Jerusalem.
VII. John's last Testimony to Christ.

John iii. 22. to Judea.

| the end.
VIII. Imprisonment of John the Baptist. Matt. xiv. 3-5.

Mark vi. 17-20.
Luke iii. 19.1

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From the Commencement of the more public Ministry of Christ to the Mission of

the twelve Apostles.
1. General Introduction to the History of Mat. iv. 12-17. Judea. | 4740 | 27
| Clurist's more public Ministry.

Mark i. 14, 15.

Luke iv. 14,15.
II. Christ's Conversation with the Woman of John iv.1-42. Samaria.

III. Second Miracle at Cana in Galilee. John iv. 43, to Cana in Ga--

the end. lilee.
|First public preaching of Christ in the Luk. iv. 16-30. Nazareth.
· Synagogue at Nazareth, and his Danger

V. Christ sojourns at Capernaum.

(Luk.iv. 31, 32. Capernaum. --
VI. The miraculous Draught of Fishes, and Mat. iv, 18-22. Sea of Gali-

the calling of Andrew, and Peter, James, Mark i. 17-20. lee.
and John.

(Luke v. 1-11.

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From the Mission of the twelve Apostles to the Mission of the Serenty.
1. Christ's Commission to the twelve Apos- Matt. x. and xi. On a Pro- | 47415

Mark vi. 7-13. gress, pro-

Luke ix. 1-6. bably in Ga-
II. Death of John the Baptist-Herod desires Matt. xiv. 1-12. lilee.
to see Christ.

Mark vi. 14-29.

Luke ix. 7-9.
III. (The Twelve return, and Jesus retires with Mt. xiv. 13, 14. Desert of
them to the Desert of Bethsaida. Markvi. 30-34. Bethsaida.

Lukeix, 10, 11.1

John vi. 12.
iv. Five thousand are fed miraculously. Mt. xiv. 15-21. On the way

Mark vi. 35.44. to Jerusa-
Luke ix. 12-17. lem.
John vi. 3-14.1

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From the Mission of the Sevenly Disciples, to the triumphal entry of Christ into

Jerusalem, six Days before the Crucifixion.
1. The Mission of the Seventy.

Luke x. 1-16, Galilee. 4741 28
H. Christ goes up to the Feast of Taber-Matt. xix. 1. Jerusalem.

Mark x. 1.
John viii. 2-10.1

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