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Elias Runyon, Henry Vandyke, as representatives for the county of Middlesex ; William H. Sloan, John W. Kline, Sutphin Garrison, William Marshall, William McKee, as representatives for the county of Hunterdon; Daniel B. Ryall, Annaniah Gifford, Thomas G. Haight, as representatives for the county of Monmouth; Israel Biddle, Benjamin Fish, Amos Stiles, Thomas Page, as representatives for the county of Barlington; Samuel B. Lippencott, Joseph Rogers, William R. Cooper, as representatives for the county of Gloucester; Samuel Humphreys, Isaac Johnson, 2nd, Joseph Lippincott, as representatives for the county of Salem ; Thomas E. Hunt, Isaac Newcomb, Ephraim H. Whitaker, as representatives for the county of Cumberland; and Richard Thomson, as a representative for the county of Cape May; appeared in the House, and produced the respective certificates of their election, which being read and approved, Benjamin Hamilton, Esquire, was appointed agreeably to the constitution, to qualify Daniel B. Ryall, Esquire, who being duly sworn, took his seat; and the remaining meinbers present, being qualified by the said Daniel B. Ryall, Esquire, took their seats in the House.

The members proceeded to the choice of Speaker-when Daniel B. Ryall, Esq., of Monmouth, was nominated, and no other person being nominated, he was unanimously appointed Speaker of the House, and took the chair accordir gly.

The House then proceeded to the choice of a Clerk, when Richard P. Thompson, of Salem, and Davi 1 Johnson, of. Hunterdon, were nominated, and upon a call of the members present, the votes were as follows:

For Richard P. Thompson.

Messrs. Brotzman,

H. Hilliard,

Messrs. Hamilton,

S. B. Lippencolt,
Ryall, (Speaker)

For David Johnson.

Messrs. Ackerman,

J. Lil'pencott,

Messrs. Parsons,

Van Dyke,

Whereupon, it appearing that Richard P. Thompson, of Salem, had a majority of the whole number of votes present, he was declared duly elected Clerk of the Ilouse, and after being qualified, took his seat accordingly.

Thomas Combs was appointed door keeper. ,

Ordered, That the Clerk inform Council that the House have this day met and elected the Hon. Daniel B. Ryall, their Speaker, and Richard P. Thompson, their Clerk, and have proceeded to business.

Ordered, That Messrs. Hardenberg, Muir and Whitehead, be appointed a Committee to prepare and report rules and regulations for the Government of the House.

Ordered, That the Speaker at his leisure proceed to appoint the standing committees of the House.

A message from Council, by James D. Westcott, Esquire, their Secretary, informed the House that Council have this day met, chosen the Hon. Jehu Patterson, of Monmouth, Vice President, and James D. Westcott, Secretary, and have proceeded to business.

The House adjourned till 10 o'clock, to-morrow morning.



Wednesday MORNING, Oct. 29, 1834.

Ten o'clock A. M., the House met.

The Speaker announced to the House, the appointment of the following standing Committees of the House :

To examine and settle the accounts of the State. Prison Messrs. C. L. Hardenbergh, Fish, Sloan, Muir, and Hunt.

To settle the Treasurer's accounts-Messrs. Thos. G. Haight, Hamilton, Bryant, Fild, and Rogers.

To dispose of the current printing of the House-Messrs. Wm. D. Stewart, Haight, Crowell, S. B. Lippencott, and Flummerfelt.

To report upon the unfinished business of the House Messrs. Whitehead, Brotzman, Marshall, Cooper, and Biddle.

To introduce Tax Bill-Messrs. Jos. Dickerson, Brees, Gifford, Hopper, and J. Lippencott.

To intro uce an Incidental Bill-Messrs. Greer, H. Hilliard, Garrison, Thompson, and Johnson.

Ordered, That the Clerk inform Council of the appointment of the three first above named standing committees, and request Council to appoint corresponding committees on their


Mr. Hardenberg offered the followir'g resolution : ..

Resolved, That a committee of Council and Assembly (Council concurrirg,) be appointed to inform the Governor, that both Houses have met and organized, and are ready to receive any communication he may be pleased to make.

Read, and
Agreed to, and

The Speaker appointed on the part of the House, Messrs. Hardenbergh, Lindsley, and Lydecker.

Mr. Muir offered the following resolution :

Resolved, 'That the Clerk inform Council that the House of Assembly is ready to go into Joint-Neeti g for the purpose of appointi g a Governor and Serator, Judge of the Supreme Court, Clerks of Essex and Salem, and such other Civil and Military officers as may be necessary.

Which was read, and
Agreed to.

Mr. Hankinson offered the following resolution:

Resolved, That a Committee be appointed to inquire whether ary, and if any, what alterations ought to be made in the act passed the 10th day of June, 1799, for the collection of Taxes, and that they have leave to report by bill or otherwise.

Read, and
Agreed to, and
Referred to Messrs. Hankinson, Shay, and Ross.

Mr. Haight presented a petition from William Potts, a revolutionary soldier of the county of Monmouth, praying pension, &c.

Read, and
Referred to Messrs. Haight, M'Kee, and Runyon.

Mr. Hardenbergh, from the committee on that subject, reported Rules for the Government of the House.

Which were read, and
Agreed to,

And one hundred copies ordered to be printed for the use of the House.

Mr. Sloan offered the following joint resolution :

Resolved by the Council and General Assembly of this State, That the Commissioners appointed by the Governor of this State under the joint resolution of the Council and Assembly of this State, of 17th January, 1833, authorizing him to appoint Commissioners to meet Commissioners on the part of the State of Pennsylvania, to examine and report according to the provisions of the said resolution, be authorized and required to employ a competent and disinterested Engineer to examine the obstructions at and near Wells' Falls, in the river Delaware, and at Scudder's Falls, at the head of the Delaware Falls Water Company, and report to said Commissioners. Which joint resolution was read, and

The rule being dispensed with, it was read the second time, and

Ordered to be printed.
House adjourned till 3 o'clock, P. M.


House of Assembly met at 3 o'clock.

Isaac Hilliard, Esq., member elect of the county of Burlington appeared, presented his certificate of election, was qualified, and took his seat in the House. · The joint resolution relative to the appointment of an En. gineer to survey obstructions in the river Delaware, Was called up, and The rule being dispensed with, the same was Read a second time, Amended, and Ordered to be engrossed for a third reading. And the rule being again dispensed with, The said joint resolution having been first engrossed, Was called up on iis final passage, and Upon a call of the House was Passed unanimously.

Ordered, That the Clerk inform Council of the passage of said joint resolution, and request their assent thereio.

Mr. Hamilton offered the following resolution :

Resolved, That a committee be appointed to examine and take into consideration the Poor Laws of this State, and report to the House by bill or otherwise, what alteration, if any, in their opinion, is necessary.

Which was read,
Agreed to, and
Referred to Messrs. Hamilton, Parsons, and Kline.

Mr. M'Kee offered a resolution, directing the Door Keeper to employ a boy to assist him in the discharge of his duties.

Which was agreed to.

Mr. Greer presented the abstract of rateables of the county of Sussex.

Mr. Runyon the abstract of Middlesex.
Mr. Jos. Lippencott the abstract of Salem; and
Mr. Ackerman, the abstract of Bergen county.
Which was severally laid on the table.

Mr. Hamilton offered a resolution relative to the supply of newspapers for the use of the members of the House:

Which, after being amended
On motion of Mr. Whitehead,
Was agreed to as follows:

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