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1186 I-21 1187

1-20 1189 III-46 1190

1191 III-5 1192 V-18 1199

1203 VI-25 1203


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615 South Ferry and Prospect Park Railroad Company.
616 The South Ferry and Sea Side Direct Transit Company.
617 The South Ferry Railroad Company.
618 The South Ferry Railway Company
619 Southfield Beach Railroad Company.
620 South Flatbush Railroad Company.
621 South Shore Traction Company.
622 The South Side Railroad Company of Long Island
623 Speer's Quick Transit Company.
624 The Spuyten Duyvil and Port Morris Railroad Company.
625 Staten Island and New Jersey Bridge and Railway Company.
626 Staten Island and New Jersey Suspension Bridge and Railroad

627 The Staten Island and Northern Railroad Company.
628 The Staten Island Belt Line Railroad Company.
629 The Staten Island Central Railroad Company.
630 Staten Island Electric Railroad Company.
631 The Staten Island Horse Railroad Company.
632 Staten Island Interior Railroad Company..
633 The Staten Island Midland Railroad Company.
634 Staten Island Midland Railway Company...
635 The Staten Island North and South Shore Railroad Company..
636 The Staten Island Rail Road Company.
637 The Staten Island Rail Road Company.
638 The Staten Island Railway Company
639 Staten Island Rapid Transit Railroad Company.
640 The Staten Island Rapid Transit Railway Company.
641 The Staten Island Sea Beach Railroad Company.
642 The Staten Island Shore Railroad Company

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1209 III-45 1209

1214 III-44 1215 III-47 1228

1229 III-48 1232 III-49 1250


1253 VI-39 1254 VI-40 1255 VI-38 1257 VI-37 1260 III-41 1263

1263 III-43 1264 III-46a


1266 III-51 1266 III-20 1267 III-15 1271 III-17 1272 II-11 1276 II-30 1282

643 The Staten Island Shore Railroad Company.


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644 Staten Island Terminal Electric Railroad Company
645 The Staten Island Terminal Railroad Company.
646 Staten Island Traction Company..
647 Steinway and Hunter's Point Railroad Company.
648 Steinway Avenue and Bowery Bay Railroad Company
649 Steinway Railway Company of Long Island City.
650 The Suburban Rapid Transit Company..
651 Suburban Traction Company...

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1284 1284 1285

1286 II-26 1287 II-20 1290 II-18 1308

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652 The Tenth Avenue and Grand Street Ferry Rail Road Company.
653 The Terminal Railroad and Tunnel Company.
654 Terminal Underground Railroad Company...
655 The Third Avenue and Fordham Rail Road Company
656 Third Avenue Bridge Company..
657 The Third Avenue Railroad Company.
658 Third Avenue Railway Company...
659 The Thirty Eighth and Thirty Ninth Street Crosstown Railroad


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1315 Chart Page


1316 1-31 1316

1-32 1319 1-30 1320

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660 The Thirty-first Street Railway Company.......
661 Thirty-fourth Street Crosstown Railway Company.
662 The Thirty-fourth Street Ferry and Eleventh Avenue Railroad

663 Thirty-fourth Street Railroad Company.
664 Thirty-ninth Street, Brooklyn Ferry and Suburban Railroad

Company 665 The Thirty-second Street Railway Company. 666 Triborough Railroad Company. 667 Tubular Transit Company of Staten Island. 668 Tunnel Extension Railway Company. 669 The Twenty-eighth and Thirtieth Streets Railroad Company... 670 Twenty-eighth and Twenty-ninth Streets Crosstown Railroad

Company... 671 The 28th and 29th Street Crosstown Railway Company. 672 The Twenty-eighth and Twenty-ninth Streets Railroad Com

pany.. 673 The Twenty-third Street District Railway Company. 674 The Twenty-Third Street Ferry and Newtown Railroad Com

pany. 675 The Twenty Third Street Railroad Company. 676 Twenty-Third Street Railway Company.

1321 1322 1322 1323

1323 I-27 1324

1-26 1324


I-28 1328



1332 1-8 1332


1334 IV-64 1335

1338 1342

IV-52 1342

677 Underground Railroad Company of the City of New York...
678 The Union Elevated Railroad Company of Brooklyn.
679 Union Passenger Railway and Transfer Company of New York.
680 The Union Pneumatic Railway Company..
681 Union Rail Road Company of the City of Brooklyn..
682 The Union Rail Road Company of Westchester County, State

of New York.
683 Union Railway Company of New York City.
684 The Union Street Railway Company..
685 The Union Terminal Company of New York.
686 United Railroad Company.
687 United States Harveyway Construction Company.
688 Upper Broadway Railway Company.
689 Uptown Fifth Avenue Railway Company.

1343 II-28 1344


1372 IV-41 1373

1373 1374 1374

690 The Van Brunt Street and Erie Basin Rail Road Company.. 691 Van Nest, West Farms & Westchester Traction Company.

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II-34 1378
I-41 1379


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692 Wakefield & Westchester Traction Company.
693 Wall and Cortlandt Street Ferries Railway Company
694 The Wall Street Ferry Railroad Company..
695 The Washington Bridge, Tremont and Westchester Railroad

696 West Brooklyn Electric Railway Company
697 West Brooklyn Railroad Company..
698 The Westchester and Long Island Tunnel Railroad Company.
699 The Westchester and Williams Bridge Traction Company..


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1381 IV-82 1381

1383 1383 Chart Page


1384 1385

1385 II-39 1385

1387 1387

1388 II-31 1388

II-1 1389 VI-28 1391

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700 The Westchester County and New York City Railroad Company..
701 The Westchester County Rail Road Company
702 The Westchester County Railway Company.
703 The Westchester Electric Railroad Company.
704 Westchester Rail Road Company.
705 The Westchester Railway Company
706 West Eighty-sixth Street Railway Company.
707 West Farms & Westchester Traction Company.
708 West Side and Yonkers Patented Railway Company
709 West Side and Yonkers Railway Company...
710 West Side Elevated (Patented) Railway Company (of New York

711 West Side Railroad Company of New York City.
712 West Tenth Street Connecting Railway Company
713 Whitestone and College Point Railway Company.
714 Whitestone and Westchester Railroad Company.
715 Williamsbridge and Westchester Traction Company.
716 Williams Bridge, Woodlawn and Westchester Railroad Company.
717 The Williamsburgh and Coney Island Rail Road Company..
718 The Williamsburgh & Flatbush Rail Road Company
719 The Williamsburgh and Newtown Rail Road Company..
720 The Williams Terminal Railway Company..

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721 Yates Avenue and Flatbush Railroad Company.
722 The Yonkers and New York Rail Road Company.
723 Yonkers Railroad Company.
724 The Yonkers Railroad Company.
725 The Yonkers Rapid Transit Railway Company.
726 The Yonkers Rapid Transit Railway Company, New York


IV-5 1401


1403 II-44 1404 VI-30 1405


VI-31 1406




The Astoria and Hunter's Point Railroad Company



Incorporation. April 23, 1867; chapter 662, laws of 1867; for the purpose of constructing a single or double track street railroad, to be operated by horse power; capital stock, $100,000, which may be increased to $200,000; route, as follo

From Astoria ferry through Fulton and Main streets, Newtown avenue, Crescent street, Grand, Second, Pierce and First avenues, Ridge road, Academy street, Paynter, Harris and East avenues, East Sixth street and West Sixth street, West avenue, West Third and Front streets, to West Second street (now Borden avenue) near the Long Island Railroad ferry.

Charter amended April 27, 1868, by chapter 411, laws of 1868; change of route authorized from Wilbur avenue along Academy and Jane streets or old Astoria road, and Jackson avenue to ferry at Hunter's Point; May 21, 1872, by chapter 789, laws of 1872, extension authorized from Jackson avenue along Thompson avenue to easterly limits of Long Island City.

Special franchises. Franchise granted by village of Astoria, June 28, 1867. Right to construct and operate road as provided for in amendment to charter, April 27, 1868, obtained by the consent of the Hunter's Point, Newtown & Flushing Turnpike Company, by agreements dated March 10 and September 30, 1868.

Stock and bonds. Original charter permitted issue of bonds to the amount of $50,000. Charter amendment, May 21, 1872, provided for $100,000 increase of capital stock and a bond issue of $50,000 secured on the new branch of the railroad.

Intercorporate relations. (See also chart III, no. 12.) Property and franchise sold under foreclosure August 15, 1875, and transferred by deed October 19, 1876, to Alexander H. Stevens and James Tisdale, trustees; transferred by Stevens, sole supervising trustee, January 28, 1880, to the reorganized Astoria and Hunter's Point Rail Road Company (see no. 2).

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