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FIRST ORDER OF MERIT Awarded to LEOPOLD HOFF, Hamburg, at the Melbourne

(Australia) Exposition, 1889, and

A BRONZE MEDAL At the Hamburg Industrial Exposition, 1889, for quality and

excellence of his Malt Extract.

This original article can only be obtained in the United States under the label of


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CAUTION.-- Beware of the substitution of a so-called Malt Extract put up in a squatty bottle with the name Johann Hoff and Moritz Eisner on neck, the proprietors of which have just been convicted, in a Berlin court, of publishing a false court decision and of supporting the same by the false affidavit of one of their firm. The original and genuine HOFF'S MALT can only be obtained in the United States in bottles as per cut. scribing, please write for HOFF'S MALT EXTRACT TARRANT'S, which will alone prevent substitution.

When pre



278 Greenwich St., cor. Warren St.,


Established 1834.

AT SEND FOR a full description of AVENA SATIVA; Its preparations and Compounds; also, othee pocialties, with prices and doses of full list annexed, and Testimonials; also, REVISED and ENLARGED HANUAL ON PURE CONCENTRATED MEDICINES, CONCENTRATED TINCTURES, etc.



Paralysts, Epilepsy, St. Vitus Dance, Alcoholism, the Morphia or Opium Habit, Chloral Habli, stooplasman

Nerve Exhaustion, Etc. DOSE.-From ten to thirty drops or more, as often as may be indicated to meet the urgency of the cure

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WHITESVILLE, ALLEGHANY COUNTY, N. Y., NOVEMBER 19th, 1886. 2. KIITH & Co., 75 William Street, New York.

Gentlemen -At the time of receiving yours of October 26th, I was treating my first case of the “Oplum Addiction" with con, tinc. avena sativa., and was waiting to know the result before answering. I saw the patient on the 17th Inst., throu Teal after she took her last dose of opium. She has also stopped taking the evena. Is able to do considerable light wort Does not have any desire for opium, is looking well and able to walk a half mile, which she did on the 16th Inst. She had been taking opium about tour years, and at the time I commenced treating her, she was taking an ounce a week. I com menced with 15 drop doses (of the con. tinc. avena sativa.) every four hours, gradually increasing to 85 drops every two honn I gave her opium once in twenty-four hours for six days, diminishing each dose, the last dose being one grain. I saw her co the eighth day, she was feeling quite well and declared she had'nt the slightest desire for opium. I count this case cured. I now treating one of over ten years with the habit, but have to use a much larger dose (of the avena). The case is now on the foarth day of treatment, and taking at present 70 drops (of avena) every two hours, and is doing splendidly. will report raras In the future. If the above report is of any use to you, you are welcome to use it as you see it

Yours truly,

January 18th, 1886. Under above date Dr. C. advises us of cure of second case of Opium Addiction mentioned above, by use of con. hinc. comme sattue. administered under same general plan.-B. K. & Co.

RIVERSIDE, R. I., September 10, 1889. B. KEITH & Co., 75 William Street, N. Y.

Gentlemen : Six years ago I wrote you in reference to the success I had met with in the use of yonrCON. TINC. AVENA SATIVA." Now, after six years more experience with this remedy. I am prepared to say that in the treatment of Nervous Prostration (from whatever cause), in Sleeplessness, Chronic and Acute Alcoholism, and last (but far from least) in the treatment of those formerly addicted to the use of Morphia, I consider it a Nerve Tonic par excellence. I have used this in my practice for ten or twelve years, and, until I find something better, shall continue to do so. One thing I think the Profession sbould be cautioned in reference to, viz: the substitution of other preparations of Aveda in place of yours. I always specify "Kei h's." and have yet to be disappointed in the result. Wishing you continued success, I am, gentlemen,

Very truly yours,



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ounces combined Con. Tinc's, etc., to the pound Bi-Carb. Sodan A positive remedy for the relief and cure of Dyspepsia when caused by the Irritation of mucous membrano of stomsad nd bowels, acidity, flatuelncy and a want of stimulation of the parts. DOBB: Ono teaspoonful in water immediately after each meal.

STAMPOBD, OON, Gentlemen. I have used Elicar Dyspepsia Comp. In my practice, and And it an invaluable rencedy for the nees is tecommended.

C. 8. DARBY, Y.D.

NEWARK, N. J. Gentlemen, I have treated twelve very severe cases of Dyspepsia with the Elixir Dyspepsia Comp., all of which han Deon cured by its use. The case of a lady of ten years' standing, is worthy of special notice. Was obliged to take to her bed be Beptember, 1884. Even & teaspoonful of water, milk or beef tea would cause excruciating pain for at least half an hour. W onlod to see her Christmas evening. Administered the Elixir Dr pepsia Cornp. in hot water every four hours, or just a attempting to eat, and in less than two days she could take half & teacupful of beef tea without any inconvenience.) Gyopepada I find it especially valuable, in combination with the avena.

Yours truly,

8. .. FBAM, ID.


No. 75 WWam Street, New York,

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The price is is leather covered and elegant, and the best bargain for the price that we only 50 cents; should be 50 per cent. more, but we make it only 50 cents to make even $2.00 with our Visiting List. Don't fail to have it, even if you use some other list, as it can be used with any list, and is the only pocket ledger that we ever saw. But our List with Ledger will save you much time, laever saw. bor and money



our No. 76 Cart, that has become the most popular vehicle for Physicians that has ever been made. Without much effort it has found its way into the hands of this profession, many of whom have had the second and third and would not ride in anything else. It has the loose endshaft, which is Perry's Patent, and the only device ever discovered that positively counteracts all motion of the horse. It draws from the axle by Jong leaf springs that connect with the shafts in front where the shafts are attached to the steel frame that supports the body. The springs being very elastic, relieve entirely all jolts and jar over rough roads, make it comfortable and not tiresome to ride in all day long. This fact, the Physician has not been slow to discover

Please send for descriptive circular, containing hundreds of testimonials, and learn nearest agent, or have your local dealer send for same. We prefer to sell through dealers who will guarantee to purcha-ers all representations we make or no sale. The ordinary cheap carts on the market may be good for jogging purposes, or for breaking colts, but for business they are no good at all.

ABBOTT BUGGY CO., Prop'rs, 371 Wabash Ave., Chicago, 111.


You have often noticed that many patients, after a course of typhoid fever, erysipelas, diphtheria and kindred diseases, undergo a long, tedious convalescence. For many weary weeks they sit around the house or drag their emaciated bodies feebly along. Their flame of life is so dim that it is easily puffed out by any slight indisposition or intercurrent malady that may chance to attack them, and hence we see so many cured cases become easy victims by the predisposition which their debility constitutes.

Now, what is the true condition in such a case as this?

Why, simply that in the febrile process immense hosts of the tissue cells have been consumed or carried away, and most of those remaining are worn out and only await a vigorous circulation to remove them and deposit healthy cells in their places.

In addition to the emaciation you notice that the tissues still left are flabby and apparently lifeless. The nutritive organs are so weakened that they are barely sufficient to maintain life without furnishing the required new material to carry on the process of repair. Thus the individual remains an easy prey to pathogenic influences which one in robust healih can successfully resist.

Can anything be done for such cases ?

But you would better leave them to the unassisted reparative powers of nature than to dose them with the irritant alleged tonics” now so much in vogue. The organs of nutrition only want to be supplied with true cell and tissue food in an assimilable form.

This you will find in McArthur's Compound Syrup of the Hypophosphites of Lime and Soda. This is a CHEMICALLY PURE preparation, a quality so rare in Hypophosphite preparations. It is prepared in such a manner that the important ingredients go entirely to the rapid rebuilding of the tissues.

Give this to your convalescent patient and you will see a remarkable increase in flesh, strength and buoyancy of spirits. The convalescence will be greatly shortened, and in every way the Hypophosphites will prove to them to be a true Elixir of Life. • You can also make an enviable reputation for yourself by prescribing it in Phthisis and all Tubercular affections, Scrosula, Throat and Bronchial diseases, Nervous disorders and degenerations, and Fibroid Tumors.

Send for our pamphlet on “ The Curability and Treatment of Consumption " (free), and a full size bottle of McArthur's Syrup, free, if you will agree to pay express charges.




Please read ALL of this page carefully, and order as per opposite page.

EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD:-I am more than pleased with the “Visiting List” and “Ledger of Monthly Balances." I cannot imagine how any physician would be willing to use a bulky visiting Ust when yours can be obtained. There is no comparison. I will never use any other.

WN. E. WYSHAM, M. D. Catonsville, Md.

TREMONT, PA. DEAR DOCTOR TAYLOR :- I received the Visiting List and am very much pleased with it. With the many works of the kind in the market, it seems strange now that no one ever conceived this style before. I think It 14 as nearly perfection as one ean get. I have been using one kind or another for thirty-eight years, and this beats them all.

Yours truly, JOS. W. BIRD.

Of all visiting lists, this strikes me as being by far the best I have ever seen. The objection to the ordinary call-book or visiting list are the great bulk, and specially that entries are made in cipher or by means of signs; a list of visits thus kept will not be allowed in court in case of a contested bill; but in the World list this is obviated, entries being made just as in an ordinary account book. There are twelve sots of blanksone for each month, the morocco case being emptied each month and new blanks inserted, thus preventing a too large and unhandy book for the pocket. A lodger of monthly balances goes with it, making it, as before stated, by far the most convenient book of the kind yet devised.-- Kansas City Med ical Inder.

The following from the pen of the genial Dr. I. N. Love, we find among the editorials in the Weekly Medical Review:

To aid in the securement of easy and reliable bookkeeping on the part of doctors, many visiting lists and legers have been devised, all requiring signs and symbols in order to accomplish the requisite compactacss necessary to enable the book to be carried in the "inside pocket" of the owner, forgetting the fact that these signs and symbols would not "pass current" in the courts, in case of litigation. The Medical World has presented us with the most convenient and in every way the ideal monthly account book for the busy doctor. The book is small and most ingeniously arranged. After long years' experience, and a trial of all the books of like character in the market, I am convinced, my dear Taylor, that you have the best.

The visiting list along with the ledger I propose to use to the exclusion of all others, and one great advantage along with its superiority is its greater cheapness, and the fact that the pages are plain and easily understood, and he who runs may read. He that seeketh a "sign" will find none; a little child even could understand the presentment of an account on the Medical World Visiting List.

DR. W. F. WILLIAMS, of Hazen, Arkansas, writes : “Your Visiting List is the quintessence of convenience. Lodger appropriate."

The fact is that it is the only physician's lodger made for the pocket. What an advantage it is to be able to carry your lodger acoounts in your pocket, and without being burdensome, either.



EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD :- I lost my visiting list out of my pocket in September, and all my record of practice for eight months. With your Visiting List no such calamity could have occurred.

It seems to be the very thing needed, and no physjolan should be without it.

Yours respectfully,
Catonsville, Md. WM. E. WYSHAM, M.D.

_Their visiting sections (removable each month) and ledger for monthly balances is captivating to the man who is a laggard at book-keeping or too engaged to give time to posting his work-indispensable and cheap.-Medical Chips.

You can begin using the MEDICAL WORLD Visiting List during any month in the year. It never goes out of date.

| RE you tired of carrying a bulky, heavy visiting list in your pocket constantly?
ARE you tired iransterring your originai entries into secondary books?
ARE you tired of running the risk of losing what you have earned by keeping your accounts in signs?


relieves you from all this. It consists of an elegant leather case and twelve removable sections (one for each month of the year). This case has a pocket for prescription blanks, an erasible tablet for pencil memoranda, and a place for fastening the visiting list section. Each section has forty-six pages ruled for monthly accounts, each date being printed, and space for name and address of patient, services for each separate day of the month and amount charged for each day, monthly, total, credits and balance. Any section can be used for any month, or part of any month.

When a section is full it can be removed and a new one inserted; thus the list is never large nor heavy, yet its capacity is unlimited, as it can constantly be renewed.

Sufficient space is given to write each entry in words, thus avoiding the use of signs, which are not recognized by courts of law, To be legal, an account must be originally entered in words.

The monthly arrangements of accounts is a great convenience.

This list, together with its companion, “Ledger of Monthly Balances," (price 50 cents), makes a complete set of Account books for a physician, and are the most convenient ever produced.

PRICE OF LIST (Case and Twelve Removable Sections), - - - $1.50.


Cross of anything that you may not want, and an out blan) bolow.

THE MEDICAL WORLD, 1520 Chestnut St., Phila., Pa.

Please send me the following:

................ .78
Back numbers for 1888, except November, can be supplied.

THE MEDICAL WORLD for 1889.... (December number received). ...... 1.00

. 1.00 Thro. MEDICAL WORLD Bindors...........

............ 1.00 (See Cute 85 Cents Each, or three for one dollar.) OFFICIAL FORMULÆ OF AMERICAN HOSPITALS................. . 1.00

New Edition, with Appendix; 272 Pages. Bound in Cloth. Dr. Lowe' uhart, THE URINE IN DISEASE. (Simplifies this difficult subject.).......

..................... 26 Dr. Lowla' Ohart of SKIN DISEASES. (A marvel of cheapness and usefulness.)....................

(On Strong Ledger Paper, 19 x 24 inches, Mounted on Rollers, ready to hang in your office.) MEDIOAL WORLD VISITING LIST......................

.......... 1.80 (See adv. elsewhere.) Extra sections, without case, 10 cts. each, or $1.00 per dozen. LEDGER OF MONTHLY BALANCES............................................................................... 66 A companion to the Visiting List, with Alphabetical Index at margin. Shows any account in a moment. For which I onoloro

Should you wish safe delivery Insured, inclose Ton Oonts registration fee for each of the above


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Name, (write plainly.)..
Town, (It City, stroot and number,)_

State distinctly when you want subscription to begin.

Goods can now be malled to Canada.

We will furnish TIMES-REGISTER ($3.00) for $2.25.

NOTE.-Money sent by P. O. Money Order or Registered Letter will be at our risk. It is generally mate to send money in an ordinary letter, 11 carefully And properly directed, but this will be at the sender 8 risk Postal Notes (1ksued for any sum less than $5) cost only three cents, and are convenient and generally safe, but we cannot assume risk on them. Express orders are considered safe. Draft on Philadelphia or Now York banks may be sent, but don't send personal check for a rum less than $5.

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Also, don't fail to add
Official Formulæ of Ameri-
can Hospitals to your library.

These formulæ
were never accessible until
we published this book.

See above Order Blank
for back numbers of WORLD
that we can supply.

Do you use our binder?
It is so cheap and useful
that many buy them by the
dozen and use them for other
journals as well as for THE

You will be disappointed
if you omit above Charts
Only $1.
from your order.



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