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AT INTERNATIONAL EXPOSITIONS MALTINE 18 superior in nutritive and diastatic value to any Malt Extract manufactured in the world. There Do reconstructive that excels Maltine in Phthisis and many wasting diseases.

MALTINE, In its different forms, is the only Malt Preparation we now employ, being so palatable, digestible, and easily assimilated. Of its efficiency in appropriate cases, there is no more doubt in our minds than there is of the curative power of Quinine, Cod-Liver Oil, the Bromides, and the Iodides.

It deserves to stand in the front rank of constructives; and the constructives, by their preventive, corrective and curative power, are probably the most widely useful therapeutical agents that we possess.


MALTINE Is a valuable food, a food of priceless value at times of emergency. In fact, in very grave gastric cases It is a food which may often be resorted to when at one's wits end what to do.


Out of 14 trade samples of Malt Extract examined by Messrs. Dunstan & Dimmock, only three possessed the power of Acting on starch. These brands were MALTINE, Corbyn, Stacey & Co.'s Extract, and Keppler's Malt Extract.


I have subjected "Maltine” and “Trommer's Extract of Malt” to an exact quantitative comparison or their diastatio activity.

The results demunstrated conclusively the far greater diastatic value of Maltine, and enable me to state, without any quallfication whatever, that it far exceeds in diastatic power any of the six preparations of Malt which

I have examined.
Professor of Physiological Chemistry in Yale College.

At the International Health Exhibition held in London, England, the only gold medal and the highest award of merit were given to Maltine by a jury composed of the best chemists in Europe ; and recent analyser made by the most reliable authorities in Europe and America prove conclusively that Maltine-in nutritive and diastatic value—is superior to all other Malt preparations now in the market.

NOTE.-Physicians will observe that Maltine, as now prepared, is not so viscid as formerly made being of a more fluid consistency; and, while retaining the nutritive and diastatic value, which has given it precedence ovel an other Extracts of Malt, it is rendered entirely agreeable to the taste of the most fastidious, and is more easily administered. As now prepared we positively guarantee that Maltine will nnt ferment or congeal in any climate or at any season of the year.


MALTINE with Phosphates, Iron, Quinia and Strychnia MALTINE with Alteratives.

MALTINE Ferrated. MALTINE with Cod-Liver Oil.

MALTINE with Hypophosphites.

MALTINE with Peptones.

MALTINE with Cascara Sagrada.
MALTINE with Pepsin and Pancreatine.

Physicians may obtain Maltine from all druggists in every part of the world. In cases where the physician intends to rescribe Maltine, the word "MALTINE" should be written, and not simply the words “Malt Extract " or "Extract of Mall."

Send for Pamphlet giving comparative analyses by 100 of the best Analytical Chemists in this country and Europe.

We will be happy to supply any regular practitioner with eight ounces each of any three Maltine compounds that may o selected from our list, providing he will agree to pay express

on same.


54 Warren Street, New York.

The Acutely Ill. When a patient is acutely ill, the digestive powers share in the general condition, and consequently the food supplied should be of the most easily assimilable character. The predigestion of starchy matters outside the body, as in Mellin's Food, is necessary, and the soluble carbohydrates of which this food consists, soluble because predigested, form the true food of the acutely ill.— J. Milner FOTHERGILL, M.D., Edin. A sample of Mellin's Food will be sent to any physician, free of expense,.

upon application.
Doliber-Goodale Co., Boston, Mass.

Lio. Tong. Sal.

TONGALINE INDICATIONS: Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Nervous Headache, Cout, Sciatica, Dysmenorrhea, Diphtheria, Asthma, Headache from Excessive Dissipation, and Neuralgic and Rheumatic Pains of all kinds.

FORMULA.- Each fluid drachm represents Tonga, thirty grains ; Extractum Olmicifugæ Racemosa, two grains ; Sodium Salicylate, ten grains; Pilocarpin Salicylato, one-hundredth of a grain ; Colchicin Salicylate, one five-hundredth of a grain.

DOSE.—Teg ponful-in a small quantity of water if preferred; in acute cases, every hour until pain coases, thon discontinue; in chronic forms, four to six times per day, at regular intervals; to prevent a recurrence, every two hours.

Produces no unpleasant nor injurious reactionary effects-contains no opium in any form whatsoever.

TESTIMONIALS: " For Nervous Headache or Muscu- Have been well satisfied with its lar Rheumatism it is almost a results." Specific."

R. A. VANCE, M. D., New York. PARK RITCHIE, M. D., St. Paul, Minn.

Have Derived Particularly Grati“ In strictly Neuralgic Forms it is fying Results from its use in Dys."

menorrhea." 0. D. NORTON, M. D., Cincinnati, O. T. F. FRAZER, M. D., Commerce, Mo

The Proprietors will send a sample bottle to the address of any Physician applying for same, who will agree to pay Express charges on package.







(MPERIAL GRANUM, W. C. WILE, M. D., in the New England Medical Monthly, January, 1888—"In

the delicate conditions of the stomach, when every thing else has been rejected I have saved many

lives by giving IMPERIAL GRANUM. I consider this as one of the very best foods the physician can find to assist him in carrying through his patient to recovery; and I have found it of inestimable value in the later stages of Phthisis, Gastritis, Gastric Catarrh, Dyspepsia and Dysentery. It requires little effort of the stomach to digest, and I have never known it to be rejected if properly prepared, given in small quantities and at frequent intervals. The great care used in its manufacture will lead the physician to expect the same product all the time, and we can assure him that he will never be disappointed, as we have fully tested it in our extended experience."

We speak from experience when we say that the IMPERIAL GRANUM is both safe and nutritious. It has been on the market for many years, and the largely increasing sales show that many others have found like results attending its use.- - The Christian Union, N. Y.

As a Medicinal Food IMPERIAL GRANUM, which is simply a solid extract from very superior growths of wheat, is unexcelled. It is easy of digestion, is not constipating, and is to-day the STANDARD DIETETIC preparation for invalids, for the aged, and for the very young.–North American Journal of Homeopathy, N. Y., Dec.,

'87. IMPERIAL GRANUM has now been before the public for many years, and is generally admitted to be a standard preparation. There can be no doubt that this is due to its uniformly superior quality, and the successful results obtained with it in all cases where an artificial food is required.—Popular Science News, Boston, February, '88.

"IMPERIAL GRANUM.—A neighbor's child being very low, reduced, in fact, to a mere baby skeleton from want of nourishment, as nothing could be found which the child could retain, at the urgent request of friends the parents were induced to try IMPERIAL GRANUM, which proved such a benefit to the child it grew and thrived beyond all comprehension. At the same time I had a child sick with cholera infantum; on being presented with a box of Granum, with the high recommend from this neighbor, used it and continued its use to raise the child on, and I firmly believe this had all to do in saving the former child's life and the greater part in restoring my own child to health. A. C. G.”—Leonard's Ilustrated Medical Journal, Detroit, Mich., Oct. '87.

> P. VARNUM MOTT, M. D., Boston, Mass., in the Microcosm, New York, February, 1886.—"There are numerous Foods that are much vaunted, and all have their adherents. The 'IMPERIAL GRANUM,' in my hands, seems to be all that is claimed for it, and experience has brought me to rely on its use where its special properties are indicated. In infantile diseases it has proved very efficacious, and I always direct its use when a child is being weaned."

The lives of untold thousands of infants have been saved by IMPERIAL GRANUM, and careful mothers are loud in their praises of this well known food, and pharmacists con safely recommend its — Proceedings Ilinois Pharmaceutal Association, 1887.

That standard preparation for Infants and Invalids, "IMPERIAL GRANUM," is steadily moving forward as the years roll by, winning hosts of friends wherever its merits become known. We have been familiar with it for many years, having known several instances where babies have been brought up entirely on it, whose healthy condition is the best possible recommendation of its practical benefits. — The Cottage Hearth, Boston, Mass.

“On some other Planet there may be a better Dietetic Preparation than IMPERIAL GRANUM, but not on this."— The American Analyst, New York.






Recent improvements in our Hypodermic Compressing Machines enable us now to manufacture these tablets entirely free from any foreign material, thus ensuring immediate solution and Freedom from all possibility of Local Irritation.

Put up in cases of 10 tubes, each tube containing 20 tablets. Also, in bottles of 100 each. 1 Morphina Sulphas 1-2 grain.

38 Cocainæ Hydrochlor. 1-6 grain. 2 Morphinæ Sulphas 1-3 grain.

39 Cocainæ Hydrochlor. 1-8 grain. 3 Morphinæ Sulphas 1-4 grain.

40 Cocainæ Hydrochlor. 1-10 grain. 4 Morphine Sulphas 1-6 grain.

4 1 Duboisinæ Hydrochlor. 1-60 grain. 5 Morphina Sulphas 1-8 grain.

42 Duboisinä Hydrochlor. 1-100 grain. 6 Morphinæ Sulphas 1-12 grain.

43 Duboisinæ Hydrochlor. 1-60 grain, 7 Morphinæ Sulphas 1-2 grain,

Morphinæ Sulphas 1-4 grain. Atropinæ Sulphas 1-100 grain.

44 Duboisinä Hydrochlor. 1-100 grain, 8 Morphina Sulphas 1-3 grain,

Morphinä Sulphas 1-8 grain. Atropinæ Sulphas 1–120 grain.

45 Hyoscyaminæ Sulphas 1-60 grain. 9 Morphina Sulphas 1-4 grain,

46 Hyoscyaminæ Sulphas 1–100 grain. Atropina Sulphas 1–150 grain.

47 Hyoscyaminæ Sulphas 1-60 grain, 10 Morphinæ Sulphas 1-6 grain,

Morphina Sulphas 1-4 grain. Atropinæ Sulphas I-180 grain.

48 Picrotoxini 1-40 grain. 11 Morphinæ Sulphas 1-8 grain,

49 Picrotoxini 1-60 grain. Atropinæ Sulphas 1-200 grain.

50 Picrotoxini 1-80 grain, 12 Morphinæ Sulphas 1-12 grain,

Strych. Sulph. 1-80 grain. Atropinæ Sulphas 1-250 grain.

5 1 Coninæ Hydrobrom. 1-80 grain. 13 Atropin Sulphas 1-60 grain.

52 Coninæ Hydrobrom. 1-100 grain. 14 Atropinæ Sulphas 1–100 grain.

53 Coninæ Hydrobrom. 1-100 grain, 15 Atropinæ Sulphas 1-150 grain.

Morphinæ Sulphas 1-6 grain. 16 Strychninæ Sulphas 1-60 grain.

54 Curarinæ Sulphas 1-60 grain. 17 Strychninä Sulphas 1-100 grain.

55 Curarinæ Sulphas 1-80 grain. 18 Strychninæ Sulphas 1-150 grain.

56 Curarinæ Sulphas 1-100 grain. 19 Apomorph. Mur. 1-10 grain.

57 Eserinæ Sulph. 1-60 grain. 20 Apomorph. Mur. 1-20 grain.

58 Eserinä Sulph. 1-80 grain. 2 1 Pilocarpinæ Mur. 1-4 grain.

59 Eserinæ Sulph. 1-100 grain. 22 Pilocarpinæ Mur. 1-8 grain.

60 Eserinæ Sulph. l-100 grain, 23 Pilocarpinä Mur. 1-20 grain.

Morphinæ Sulph. 1-6 grain. 24 Pilocarpinæ Mur. 1-2 grain.

61 Physostygminæ Salicylas 1-40 grain. 25 Pilocarpinæ Mar. 1-3 grain.

62 Physosty gminæ Salicylas 1-60 grain. 26 Pilocarpinæ Mur. I-10 grain.

63 Caffeinä 1-2 grain. 27 Aconitina 1-60 grain.

64 Caffeina i grain. 28 Aconitinæ 1-130 grain.

65 Quin. Carbam. Mur. 1 grain. 29 Aconitinæ 1–260 grain.

66 Quin. Carbam. Mur, 2 grains. 30 Morph. Bi-Meconas 1–3 grain.

67 Quin. Carbam. Mur. 3 grains. 3 1 Morph. Bi-Meconas 1-4 grain.

68 Hyoscin Hydrobrom. 1-100 grain. 32 Morph. Bi-Meconas 1-6 grain.

69 Hyoscin Hydrobrom. 1-50 grain. 33 Morph. Bi-Meconas 1-8 grain.

70 Spartein Sulphas 1–30 grain. 34 Hydrarg. Chlor. Corros. 1-30 gr.

7 1 Spartein Sulphas 1-60 grain. 35 Hydrarg. Chlor. Corros. 1-60 gr.

72 Trinitrin 1-100 grain. 36 Digitalini 1-100 grain.

73 Trinitrin 1-150 grain. 37 Atropinæ Sulphas. 1–200.

74 Trinitrin 1-200 grain.
We claim for our Hypodermic Tablets :
Absolute Accuracy of Dose.
Roady and Entire Solubility,

Perfect Preservation of the Drug.
Their convenience and utility will at once be apparent on examination.

They are put up in Cylindrical Tubes, convenient for carrying in Hypodermic or Pocket case, ten tubes in a box, with twenty tablets in each tube.

NOTE. - It will only be necessary in ordering to specify the numbers, as above.-Wyeth's Manufacture. These Tablets will be sent by mail, on receipt of the proper amount.



Superior to All Others !




PATENT TIP BATTERY. Shown Without Lid.


FOR PHYSICIANS USE ONLY. 20 Contains the Anodyne and Soporifio Alkaloids, Codeia, Narceia and Morphia. Excludes the Poisonous and Convulsive Alkaloids, Thebaine, Narcotine

and Papaverine. SVAPNIA has been in steadily increasing use for over twenty years, and whenever used has given great satisfaction.

To PHYSICIANS OF REPUTE, not already acquainted with its merits, samples will be mailed on application.

SVAPNIA is made to conform to a uni. form standard of Opium of Ten per cent. Morphia strength. JOHN FARR, Manufacturing Chemist, New York C.N.CRITTENTON, Gen'l Agent

, 115 Fulton S.., N.Y To whom all orders for samples must be addressed SVAPNIA IS FOR SALE BY DRUGGISTS GENERALLY

Highest Awards From American Institute for Sixteen
Consecutive Years, and wherever k xhibited

in Competition.

To distinguish the genuine from the spurious, send for a copy of the ELECTRO-ALLOTROPIC PHYSIOLOGY, mailed FREE if MEDICAL WORLD is mentioned. ADDRESS: JEROME KIDDER MANUF'G CO.,






FOR PHYSICIANS' AND FAMILY USE. This Battery has the advantage over any in the market in the following points of superiority: A Patent Hard Rubber. Removaole Screw Top Cell (like a pocket inkstand), containing the Carbon and Zinc Elements, can be carried in the pocket charged ready for use; water-tight, no leaking : for durability, compactness, and strength of current it excels all others. Two nickel-plate sponge electrodes with each battery. No small wire connections on bottom of ihis machine, as in all others, that rust easily and are difficult to repair.

Sold by the trade. Price, $10.00, and every Battory warranted. Send for Circular 28, giving special price to physicians for a sample battery prepaid.

CAUTION! Beware of imitation batterles copied after ours.

You will avoid trouble by buying only “The Improved American Battery," made at Kalamazoo, Mich. Use no screw top rubber cell, unless stamped, (Pat. Nov. '82.) Address,


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