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my patient to bed and produce free diaphoresis "doctor factory" may be gained from the folby the administration of jaborandi.

lowing address, which J. B. Campbell, the With the appearance of free sweating there “president" and owner of the institution, will be an amelioration of all the violent symp

made to each member of the last class which toms, and a speedy and perfect cure within “graduated" there : three or four days. A temperature of 105° in “Brother, you have learned the Vitapathic congestion of the lungs has, time and time system, graduated at its college, partaken of its again in my practice, been reduced to 99.5° in higher sacrament and holier spiritual baptism, twenty-four hours.

and are ready to take on the higher office of What has been said of congestion of the Vitapathic minister. We now, therefore, by lungs can also be said of pleurisy.

authority of our country's laws and heaven's The doctor also recites the well-known vir

highest power, ordain you a Vitapathic minister tues of the drug in erysipelas.

and physician, with full authority and power to

preach the gospel of life as contained in the He also gives it a high place in uremia and

great Vitapathic system, in all its fulness and dropsy resulting from defective kidney func

power, to all people in all worlds, in all time tion.

and eternity; to attend funerals, solemnize He also used it with much benefit in scarla- marriages and to do whatever a Vitapathic tina.

minister physician can do to comfort the afHe next recites its valuable properties as a flicted, relieve the distressed, heal the sick, galactagogue.

commune with angels, receive higher inspiraLastly, the doctor cites its value as an antidote tion, cast out devils, raise the dead, perpetuate in belladonna poisoning and snake poisoning. existence, and make human life immortal. All All these curative properties of the drug seem

power is now yours. Go and perform your duty to be due to its wonderful power in stimulating well; and all the life and power and love of excretion, especially in arousing the action of Vitapathy be with you forever." the sweat glands.

Buchanan, in his palmiest days, would have To these we would add its value in breaking

blushed to hear such a speech, and Cagliostro up an impending attack of coryza, bronchitis himself never laid claim to such extraordinary or muscular rheumatism. Also its reputed value powers as are thus, for a paltry $100, granted in the early stages of peritonitis and puerperal

by the high priest of Vitapathy.-Druggist's fever.

Circular. The ordinary mode of administration is twenty drops of the fluid extract repeated every two

Vitapathic Physicians. hours until diaphoresis; or one tenth to one- A special dispatch from Baltimore to the fifth grain of muriate of pilocarpine.

Philadelphia Inquirer reads: "A man re cently applied for registration as a practicing

physician to the secretary of the Board of A“ Vitapathic" College.

Health, exhibiting a document purporting to One of the most reprehensible developments be a diploma issued by The American College of medical humbuggery is the Vitapathic Amer- of Health and Vitapathic Institute of Cincinican Health College, of Cincinnati, which, al- nati, J. B. Campbell, President (which turns though in operation for the past fifteen years, out doctors in five weeks). The caller was rehas but recently beon brought to public atten- fused registration, as they would not recognize tion.

his diploma ; but he afterward showed a letter The curriculum of this school embraces no

from J. B. Campbell, which said:

• Vitaregular course of instruction; there are pathic minister physicians need not register; scientific lectures, no study of therapeutics, no health boards have nothing to do with us, as demonstrations in anatomy, no pharmacologi- we never let patients die, but if they do or will cal study nor clinical lectures; in fact none of die, call in an M. D. in time.' the study of details which it is generally deemed

“ The secretary informed him that the laws advisable for embryo physicians to pass through. of this state in regard to the practice of mediOnly a two months' course, a fee of $100, a

cine are so loose that almost any one can pracgraduating exercise which is a sacrilegious paro- tice, but in the event of a patient dying the dy of the service of ordination, and the student

coroner would order an autopsy, and should comes out with the titles Doctor of Medicine

any malpractice be revealed, the practitioner and Doctor of Vitapathy.

would be summoned before the grand jury." Some idea of the charlatanry which is practiced by the founder and promoter of this Subscribe for this journal and get it regularly.


Scheme of Ectopic Gestations-(in Tubo-ovarian Tract.)
II. Tubal, in free part of tude is (a) contained in tube up to fourteenth week, at or before which time primary rupture

Ovarian, possible but not yet proved. *

occurs, and then progress of the gestation is directed into

tion; (6) Abdominal or intra-peritoneal gestation uniformly fatal (unless removed by abdominal | (c) Broad ligament or extra peritoneal gesta

section), primarily by hemorrhage, secondarily by suppuration of the sac and peritonitis;

or intra-peritoneal gesta

tion by secondary rupture.

as lithopedion;
(d) May develop in broad() May die and be ab: (1) May die and the sup-|(8) May remain quiescent (h) May become abdominal

purating ovum may be
discharged at or near um-
bilicus, or through blad.

der, vagina or intestinal
III. Tubo-uterine or interstitial is contained in part of tube embraced by uterine tissue, and, so far as is known, is uni-

sorbed as extra-peritoneal
formly fatal by primary intra peritoneal rupture (as c) before fifth month.

at viable
ligament to full time and
be removed
period as living child;

* It may be of interest to refer to the description of the specimen presented to the American Gynecological Society at its last meeting, by Dr. Mann, of Buffalo.-From a review of Lawson Tait's work in Practice.

that it abolishes the inhibitory function of the pneumogastric nerve is correct;' at the same time he observed that the capillaries, and possibly also the smaller arteries, were conveying far more blood than they had done before its administration. This was evidenced by the flushing of the face and the increased warmth of the extremities, while the radial pulse beat fuller, freer and more rapidly.

Dr. Kloman ordered the drug in a case of cardiac asthma, in a man eighty-two years old. There was no evidence of cardiac disease per se, but simply a weakness of the heart's action, with a want of coördination of the action of the right and left side of the heart, due to senile degeneration. Strophanthus had been given, but it failed to be prompt enough to avert the attacks of asthma.

He was obliged to give three drops of a one per cent. solution of nitro-glycerine to obtain any sensible effect in this case. On November 29, 1888, Thanksgiving day, the patient spent the afternoon and evening away from home, and returned thoroughly chilled, feeling also the commencing shortness of breath. His wife administered to him a three-drop dose of the solution of nitro-glycerine, and the patient assured Dr. Kloman the next morning that the effect was almost instantaneous: he soon became warm and was relieved.

Dr. Kloman concludes as follows:

“Now, reasoning from its physiological and its therapeutic action in this case, it seems to me that it would act highly beneficially in cases, of threatened gangrene of the extremities. So far as I know, this idea is original with me, and I should be glad to hear of the results of a trial in a case of this kind.”—Med. Surgical Reporter

Beta-Naphthol in Typhoid fever. J. Mitchell Bruce communicates a paper on B-Naphthol in enteric fever to the Practitioner, December, 1888. He gave the naphthol suspended in milk, and a small quantity of pure milk was taken after the dose. It must be given frequently, he says, in order to keep up a constant effect, and small doses have also the advantage of not causing the pungent after-taste in the throat which is liable to be produced. To adults it may be administered in gelatin capsules, or by the following formula, which seems the most satisfactory after several trials:

Tr. aurantii.

3 ii
Syr. limonis

.f3 ss Mucil, tragacanth.

.f? Aquam.. vj M. Sig.-Dose, one ounce. In four cases, two of which were in boys


gr. xx

Suggestion of a New Use for Nitro-Glycerine.

Dr. W. C. Kloman writes to the Maryland Medical Journal, December 15, that he has recently had occasion to prescribe nitro-glycerine and to observe its physiological action. He has come to the conclusion that the statement

3 iij

twelve years old, the naphthol was taken in It is a well-known fact that as our knowledge doses of three and a quarter grains every two increases the number of remedies entering into hours during the whole course of the disease, our prescriptions diminish; and having until the temperature remained normal for five watched this matter for some time, I am peror six days.

suaded that it is not a bad rule by which we The number of cases would seem to be too may determine the amount of knowledge a phy. few to furnish trustworthy conclusions. Never- sician carries with him. It is true that a doctheless, Mr. Bruce concludes:

tor who prescribes a single remedy may grossly "1. That the production of intestinal anti- miss the mark; but having failed in selecting sepsis is a rational mode of treatment of enteric the right remedy does not invalidate the prinfever, and that B-naphthol is a safe and toler- ciple that he has adopted. The principle is a ably efficient agent for this end.

good one, though he may have erred in his 12. That by its use in the above cases the judgement in selecting the right remedy. If a duration of the disease was shortened, and the physician has cured a certain patological state intensity of the symptoms directly arising from or removes a certain symptom with his comprofound disturbance in the alimentary canal pound, he is scarcely entitled to the credit. was lessened.

This thought, however, must not be pushed “3. That the tendency to the occurrence of too far under the present state of our knowlsplenic enlargement, albuminuria, and of sec- edge. We do not fully understand the comondary complications, such as boils, abscesses, plex relations of every part of the human etc., of purulent infective origin, is diminished. body; neither have we fully determined the

“4. That complete convalescence is more manifold laws of physiology and pathology; speedily and satisfactorily attained ; and that and, so long as we do not fully understand all there is less risk of a propagation of the disease things belonging to the intricate, we may be to others.

compelled to harbor this element of empiri“Finally, we must bear in mind that in some cism. Is it lawful to call the compounding of patients naphthol may excite so much gastric drugs empiricism? We believe it is, and disturbance as to prevent its use.”-Med. & none of us may be entirely free from it. But Surg. Reporter.

the method of single remedies is an approach

to science; and he who maintains and pracSingle Remedies.

tices it most is the farthest from being an em[The following article accords so well with piric.-Amer. Medical Journal. our views, frequently expressed in our columns, that we desire to place it before our readers, The following was sent to the Berks Co., Pa., and to call their especial attention to it.-Ed.) Medical Association by the oldest physician in

The administration of medicine by single the county, born in 1800, who was unavoidably remedy is certainly the most intelligible absent form the meeting : method of treating disease. When I see a

The Old, Retired Physician. prescription with but one drug written by the hand of a physician, I am almost certain to

Born about the year 1800, still living, but unavoidably conjecture that the doctor knows just what he

absent from the Banquet, January 8, 1889. is doing that he is settled in his convictions as What did he do, how did he do,

The old, retired physician? to the diagnosis of his case; and if he has

And must I give an answer true, acted intelligibly, I can almost tell what the

And show his grand position ? difficulty is. On the other hand, a mixture of six or a dozen drugs so mixes my mind that it

Well, first, he bled, he always bled,

No matter what the ailment; is impossible for me to tell, and I begin to con

Too much bad blood, he wisely said, clude that the author of this is terribly mixed

Will work your life's curtailment, himself. It is a well-known fact that, in years gone by, the old botanic practice was com

And then he puked, he always puked,

No matter what the trouble. posed of men who knew nothing of anatomy,

And if opposed, he stern rebuked, physiology and pathology; and their method

And if it turned you double. of compensating for this defect in knowledge was to throw together at times as high as twenty

And then he purged, he always purged,

No matter what disorder : and thirty of their ground roots and herbs into Your stomach must, he stoutly urged, one compound—so as to hit the case, though Be brought to proper order. they were unable to hit the diagnosis. They

He blistered you and poulticed you did, unquestionably, cure many of their cases,

With many a hot digestion, but which drug did the work none could tell.

And steamed your body through and through,

And cleansed beyond a question.



And then he gave, he always gave,

No matter what th' affliction, A mighty dose, and looked as grave

As Deacon Doart of fiction.

A bolus, not a sugared pill;

For granules draughts astounding; He does but scorn the dainties born

Of modern art's compounding.
What were his drugs ? now let me see-

In pain or chill or fever,
What did he give? he had but three

To combat health's deceiver.

There's anti-seps and septi-seps,

And there's the great zymosis ;. And germicides and vermicides,

And there's the big thrombosis. Histology—what can it be

But some new-fangled pathy ? Typhli-perityphli-tis

Away-you make him wrathy. “O, shades of Greece and Latium,"

Exclaims the old physician; And straight proceeds with heart that bleeds,

To give this sage decision : With dignity he says, “ I see

(0, why did man begin it), Your searching to infinity,

And naught but nonsense in it.” “And those great words-alas! alas !

Whose sense don't fih a thimble; They're but a mass of sounding brass,

And but a tinkling cymbal.”

And he was right-these three are right,

And will stand head forever; Opium, Bark and Potass-nite,

You cannot spare them-never.
All herbs he knew that ever grew

At homes or in Virginia,
And he had heard (though but a word)

Of Morphine and of Quinia.
I do him wrong in this, my song;

He had his pukes and purges;
And they were swift and they were strong-

Of billiousness the scourges. And then again I do him wrong,

His chiefest hobby failing ; No tongue can tell how Calomel

He lavished on the ailing.
And did he see a fever be

A-marching for your slaughter,
He ordered blankets mouniain high,

But not a drop of water.
To plenteous air and strength’ning fare

In this your serious trial,
With heavy tread and shake of head

He gave a stern denial.
This man of old was surgeon bold

As ever walked on leather;
And all alone he'd saw a bone,

And fractures bind together,

No anästhetics blessed his day,

And hence his greater glory,
His wondrous skill in mortal ill

Fills Æsculapian story.
The women dear of far and near,

They loved and half they feared him; In many an hour of anguish souris

With thankfulness they cheered him.


[From The College and Clinical Record.] -In cases of fracture by muscular action, there is generally some structural change, mo frequently syphilis.

-(Dr. Mears.) -As a rule, in all cases of catarrh causing eyes troubles, as swelling of the lids, etc., are located in the lower part of the nasal cavity, viz., below the inferior turbinated bones.

(Sajous.) – Never give mercury in syphilis before secondary symptoms occur; you only mask these symptoms and are unable to ascertain the severity of the case. -(Prof. Gross.)

-Always tie two ligatures on the umbilical cord. The ligature on the placental end prevents the placenta from becoming emptied of its blood, and thus promotes its separation.

-(Prof. Parvin.) -To relieve the state of the digestive organs in inflammation characterized by coated tongue, constipation, nausea, etc., when the stomach will bear it, Prof. Gross directsB Hydrargyri chloridi mitis......


āā M. Ft. pil. j.

Sig.–12 hours after take two drachms each of Rochelle and Epsom salts.

-To antisepticize silk ligatures, boil in covered vessels half an hour and keep wrapped u in gutta-percha tissue until ready to use ; then put in ordinary solution of corrosive sublimate, I to 1000.

-As a covering for small wounds, Prof. Forbes uses at the Jefferson clinic:

.gr, v

He does not know, he tells you so,

Your thousand modern potions, He laughs at germs—ideal worms,

And microscopic motions. He never saw a microscope,

Nor any other scopey; Through them he fears your eyes and ears

Are filled with hypertrophy.
Bacteria germs and such like terms

As spores, ferments, bacilly-
He sneers at these, and, if you please,

He calls you very silly.

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.gr. ij

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gr. j
gr. M.

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gr. ij


R Olei ricini....

etc., an occasional laxative of Rochelle salts, Collodii...


and Hydronaphthol.

10 per ct. M.

R Caffeinä, Sig.–Apply locally.

Sodii salicylat....

āā iij -The best drainage tubes are either real rub

Syrup aurantii, ber or glass; make the rubber aseptic by scrub

Aquæ destillat.........

... āā pp. æq. ad f3 iv bing with soap and water, and keeping in i to -For a case of rheumatoid arthritis in a man 1000 corrosive solution; the glass by boiling aged 36, Prof. Da Costa ordered the joints to for ten minutes in simple water. (Prof. Gross.) be sprinkled over with sulphur confined by oiled

---For secondary syphilis in broken down silk, causing the joints to perspire freely, andsubjects, Prof. Gross advises

R Liquor potassii arsenitis...........gtt. iij R Pil..hydrarg.

Sig.-- Ter die, and increase to to drops ter die. Quiniæ sulphat.,

-In the treatment (medicinal) of the vomitFerri sulph. exsiccat.

ing of pregnancy, Prof. Parvin prefers 3 to 5 Pulv. opii.. Sig.-One to be taken after each meal.

drops of tinct. nucis vomicæ given ter die. - In the case of a lady having pseudo-angina

--Never use cold applications in the locar pectoris, Prof. Bartholow directed the admin- treatment of gout; they may cause retrocession istration of trinitrin (nitro-glycerine); cut off

and cerebral symptoms which are dangerous alcohol and fat-forming foods from the diet,

-(Prof. Da Costa.) and also ordered liquor potassii arsenitis, gtt. ij -For a case of antero-lateral sclerosis in t. d.

the early stage, Prof. Da Costa ordered to --As a stimulating wash to chancroids, the grain hyoscine hydrobromate morning and eve following may be used :

ning and R Acid tannic,

R Hydrargyri chloridi corrosivi.

.gr. st Extract opii aquos. āā. Ammon. muriat......

.gr. )
Cupri sulph.

.gr. 18
Aquæ destillat...

.f3j M Aquæ destillat,

Sig.–Three times a day. Sig.--Apply locally.

-(PROF. Gross.)

- In the case of a man with acute parenchy-As an application to papular cruption of matous nephritis, with scanty urine, pain in the syphilis, which is often prominent on the face, loins and swelling of limbs, Prof. Da Costa diProf. Gross directed the following on exposed rected dry cups to back, saline purgatives parts of the body :

(Rochelle salts Zss daily), absolute milk diet; B Hydrarg. oleat., 5 per cent.... 3, and three times daily a fluidrachm of infusion ol. rosæ vel gelsemii

gtt. j M.

of digitalis. Sig.-Rub on morning or night. -For leukemia, in a youth aged 20, with the

-For hysteria in a girl, aged 17, having atspleen and one lobe of the liver enlarged, the

tacks of rigidity, delusions, but never at night white blood corpuscles being 1 to 60 red, Prof.

or when alone, with scanty menstruation, Prof. Da Costa directed one drop oleum phosphora- and at night

Da Costa directed apiol for the latter condition, tum three times a day and R Iodinii.....

R Chloral hydrat..

.gr. x Ol. begamot.

Potassii bromid. ..gtt. j

Əj M Lanolin

Also zinc valerianas, gr. iij, 4 times daily. Sig.-Rub over spleen morning and evening.

-In the case of a man, aged 21, with cardiac -In a case of phlegmasia dolens (milk leg) hypertrophy, Prof. Da Costa directed the diet to following typhoid fever, Prof. Da Costa or

consist of milk, fish, vegetables. No coffu or dered elevation and gentle massage, and

tobacco. Also— R Chloral hydrat...

B Tinct. aconiti...

gtt. j
Olei terebinth..

Tinct, verat, viridis,

gtt. iij
Liniment, saponis..

3 vij. M.
Syrup zingiberis....

.gtt. vij M. Sig.-Rub on morning and evening.

This dose t. d. -For a man aged 25, at the clinic, with -A favorite prescription at the Lying-insecondary syphilis, Prof. Gross ordered the Charity Hospital, Phila., for albuminuria of following:

pregnancy, is :R Hydrarg. iodidi viridis.....


☆ Acid benzoic...
Antimonii et potassii tartrat.,

Potassii bicarb..
Morph. sulph...
āā o. M.

Spirit chloroform.
Ft. pil. j. Sig.-One t. d.

Syrup simplicis...

.f3 ss -For a man with chronic interstitial nephri

Aquæ destil....

. q. s. ad. fz ss. M tis, Prof. Da Costa ordered a diet of milk, fish,

Sig.- Every two hours,


.gr. x

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gr. V .gr. XXV ·m v

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