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The knoroledge that a man can use the only real knowledge; the only knowledge that has le and groroth in t and converts itself into practical power. The rest hängs like dust about the brain, or dries like raindrops of the stones.-FBOUDÉ.

The Medical World.

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No. 3

a happy, sweet-tempered child. The teeth are usually the scape-goat for this state of affairs, whether guilty or not. Do not lance

the gums until you have carefully examined ONB DOLLAR per year. To England and the British Col. of

for other causes of irritability. onies FIVE SHILLINGS per year. Postage free. These rates must be paid invariably in advance.

How shall the phimosis be reduced ? The Notice is given on the wrapper when your subscription old Mosaic operation of circumcision is an expires. You are invited to renew promptly, when this notice is given. This is necessary if you wish to continue excellent hygienic procedure, but is rather a to receive THE WORLD, as it 18 sent only as long as paid for. We cannot always supply back numbers. Should a num.

delicate operation, and always a bloody one. ber fail to reach a subscriber, we will supply another, if notised before the end of the month.

Prof. Stewart, of the Medico-chirurgical Pay, no money to agents for this journal anless pub- College, Philadelphia, has devised an ingenious Usher's receipt is given.

instrument, called Stewart's Preputial Dilator, C. F, TAYLOR, M. D., LOUIS LEWIS, M. D., M. R. C. 8.,(Eng.) EDITORS.

by which the contracted fore-skin is gently J. J. TAYLOR, M. D.,

dilated and can then be stripped back, washed ADDREAS ALL COMMUNICATIONS TO

and anointed with cosmoline, the whole opera"THE MEDIOAL WORLD,"

tion seldom bringing a drop of blood. It then 1530 Chestnut Street,

requires close attention on the part of the PHILADELPHIA, PA.

mother for a few days, washing and anointing

it, to prevent it from contracting and adhering VOL. VII. MARCH, 1889.

again. We think this is the best operation in

the hands of the general practitioner. Congenital Phimosis.

When should it be performed? From one We wish to call the attention of our readers week to twenty years of age, as soon as the to the importance of recognizing this condition

condition is clearly diagnosed. The sooner, early and correcting it. Many cases of con- the more easily it is performed and the better vulsions and other reflex nervous disturbances

the results. in male infants can be traced to a contracted and adherent prepuce, and at once disappear

An article in the Medical Era calls attenupon a correction of the defect. But more

tion to the fact that phimosis of the clitoris of important than this is the fact that many cases

girl babies may also often be the cause of vaof nervous irritability, hardly recognized as a

rious otherwise obscure neuroses. The hood or distinct pathological condition, and hence not prepuce should be stripped back and the usually treated at all, are due to the constant groove cleansed of smegma, and kept so. irritation of an imprisoned glans, and the accumulation of smegma behind the corona.

J. J. T. This constant irritation, kept up until, in after

Surgical Dressings. years, the boy reduces it himself, exerts a very When the pendulum has swung to its limit deleterious influence upon his health. It ren- it at once starts back. The tendency to comders him nervous, timid, more liable to incon- plication in antiseptic surgical dressing having tinence of urine, and to contract vile habits developed far beyond a reasonable limit, there at puberty. It lowers the general tone and seems to be a desire to a return to practical vitality of the individual.

simplicity. The question now seems to be, inRemove this condition, and you soon have stead of “how many things can we use ?"



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"how few and inexpensive articles can we get some cardiac stimulant, as morphine, brandy along with and still do good work ?" We or digitalis, to guard the heart. We would welcome this sentiment, because it makes anti- suggest one other important procedure-reducseptic surgery possible under any and all cir- tion of the quantity and fuidity of the blood. cumstances. While the dry antiseptic dressing, This may be done by a strictly dry diet for undisturbed until healing has taken place, is several days preceding the occasion, or, when best where it can be applied, yet we know that it there is not time enough for that, the induction is possible to do good surgical work without it. of gentle diuresis, diaphoresis and hydragogue

Chloride of ammonium, in solution of an catharsis for a day or two preceding. Of course ounce to a pint and a half of water, with a this plan is adapted only to premeditated opeslight addition of alcohol, makes an ideal lo- rations, and not to cases of injury requiring tion in all kinds of surgical operations, cuts, immediate surgical attention. J. J. T. crushes, lacerations, etc. The chloride of ammonium, besides being antiseptic, has the

We notice in an eclectic medical journal power of stimulating organic cells to action,

that the hospital of Springfield, Ohio, is to be so that apparently dead tissue is stimulated to

under the administration, during alternate contraction by it as by galvanism. Try this on the heart of a chicken, rabbit or fish, and years, of the physicians and of the eclectic on the heart of a chicken, rabbit or fish, and physicians of that city, that the two modes of you will see the demonstration. By this means

practice may be observed and compared. We bad crushes may often be successfully treated heartily approve of this, as we think that the that would otherwise require amputation or

absolute truth can be better brought out by result in death of the part; also a constant lo

this means than by all the discussions in the tion of this mixture will often restore parts in

universe. We believe that there is much merit which gangrene is actually threatening.

in both methods of practice, and that they are A solution of the hyposulphite of sodium, yearly coming closer and closer together by one to two ounces to the pint, has proven a very the influence of sensible men of each system, efficient surgical lotion in our hands; as much

who are selecting the best out of the other, so, in fact, as we could wish.

until, finally, there will be no difference at all As lotions from the plant world, tincture of

-nor will there be any distinctive title other calendula stands easily at the head, with a

than physician or doctor. reliable preparation of arnica next. They are much more expensive, however, and, we think,

Doctor, you owe it to yourself and to your not a bit better than those above suggested.

family, as well as to your profession, that you For a powder to be used in the dry dressing send out your bills regularly, and collect closely we prefer oxide of zinc, thoroughly triturated

from all those who are able to pay, and to with one part of corrosive sublimate to one

strictly refuse, further attention to those who are thousand, instead of iodoform. This makes a

able to pay but neglect or decline to do so. pleasant agreeable and safe dressing, and is not open to the many objections of smell, poisonous absorption, etc., which we meet in the use

A great many have failed to notice the anof iodoform. We think the process of surgi

nouncement in January WORLD, page 38, that

the price of the Red Cross M. D. Badge was cal diessing is destined to be progressively necessarily advanced to $2.00, as their cost is simplified during the next year or two.

much greater than we at first thought. J. J. T. We are pleased to see that those who are

ordering them are men who can bring the best Prophylaxis in Chloroform Anesthesia. of credentials, men of spirit, who approve an There are certain anesthetics which are

idea upon their own independent judgement.

County medical societies are adopting it officidangerous by reason of their action upon the

ally, and gradually it is becoming the modest heart. It has long been recognized as proper insignia of friendly recognition among the betto precede the administration by a dose of ter class of medical men.

INDEX OF DISEASES. (In this index the diseases are taken alphabetically, and prescriptions embodying the latest and best treatment for each disease are given. The index will be continued from month to month until the catalogue of diseases is exhausted. Began in March number, 1886.-L. L.]

...dr. j

m 80

B Calcii chloridi...

..dr. iss

..oz. vj Two tablespoonfuls after each meal, in glandular enlargements and diarrhea. & Phosphori......

.gr.j Ol. morrhuæ.

....oz. vj (Dissolve with heat.) One teaspoonful three times a day.

One teaspoonful before each meal (adult), in extensive ulceration and suppuration of glands.

Hot salt-baths, sea-bathing, sea air, hydrotherapy, etc., chalybeate mineral waters.

B Liq. arsenicalis..

Tinct. ferri perchloridi..
Aq. dest...:

.ad oz. ij One drachm three times a day, in scrofulous ophthalmia and enlarged glands.

& Hydrargyrı c. creta..
Pulv. xxxvj Divide into twelve powders.

One thrice daily, in glandular enlargements and scrofulous discharges from eye, ear, etc. xij gr. vj

Sacch. alb.....

Calcii sulphidi, gr. } four times daily, in suppuration of scrofulous glands.

B Calcis phosphat.

.dr. ss Calcis carbonat.

.dr. ss Ferri phosphat.

.dr. ss Divide into fifteen powders.

One powder three times a day in scrofulous sores and caries.

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" Parrish's Chemical Food,” one teaspoonful three times a day. R Syr. ferri iodidi......

....oz. iij Glycerini.....

....02. j One teaspoonful four times a day in scrofulous enlargements.

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Amyli iodidi, one teaspoonful in thin gruel three times a day, gradually increased to a dessertspoonful, in scrofula generally. B Aq. calcis, Lactis.....

......ā oz. ss
Four times daily, in old scrosula.
Aq. calcis, as a lotion, for scrofulous ulcers.
B Tinct. iodi.....

oz. j
Aq. dest..

.oz, iij As a lotion for scrofulous sores. Syr. ferri bromidi, dr. ss ter die, in scrofulous growths. B Ferri bromidi.

.dr. j

As an ointment, for scrofulous swellings.

B Liq. soda chlorinatæ (Labarraque),
Tinct. myrrhæ, ..

āä oz, SS Aq. rosa.

.oz. j Aq.

oz. Vj As a mouth-wash.

R Calcis chlorinatæ.

..dr. j


......dr. iij

.oz. j .oj

.ad oz. )

Aq..... As a mouth-wash.

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The Current Medical Thought.


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Nerve Impulses. All day long, and every day, multitudinous afferent impulses, from eye, and ear, and skin, and muscle, and other tissues and organs, are streaming into our nervous system, and did each afferent impulse issue as its correlative motor impulse, our life would be a prolonged convulsion.

As it is, by checks and counter-checks of cerebral and spinal activities, all these impulses are drilled and marshalled and kept on hand in orderly array till a movement is called for ; and thus we are able to execute at will the most complex bodily maneuvers, knowing only why, and unconscious or but dimly conscious how we carry them out.”


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Atropia, hypodermatically.
R Creasoti...

Mist. amygdala.

..oz. ) For a draught.

The Naval Medical Examining Board Is now in session at the U. S. Naval Hospital, Philadelphia, for the examination of candidates for admission into the Medical Corps of the Navy as assistant surgeons. The Board will remain in Philadelphia until the 31st of March, 1889. After the ist of April, 1889, the Board will hold its sessions at the Naval Hospital, Brooklyn, N. Y. There are fourteen vacancies in the grade of assistant surgeon. Further information may be obtained by addressing the President of the Examining Board.

J. Mills BROWNE,

Surgeon General U. S. Navy. Navy Department, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery,

Washington, D. C., January 16, 1889.

Simple Treatment of Diphtheria. Dr. Lorey, of Frankfort-on-the Main, uses a simple application of pulverized sugar to the throat, by means of a powder blower. This, he says, is uniformly successful, in a series of eighty cases, in loosening the membrane and ameliorating the disease.

He also administers apo-morphine in onetwenteth grain doses, in a suitable menstruum. After the acute stage he gives tincture of the chloride of iron in glycerine.

Vertigo from Constipation.

Of London, England. Persons who are accustomed to have a regular action of the bowels every morning are usually affected with giddiness or vertigo, or with a sense of faintness, if the natural habit be, by any accident, omitted. The reason is a very simple one, and is purely mechanical. The regular habit causes the rectum to be loaded with feces, and when the rectum is loaded there is pressure on the surrounding veins. But, as I have shown by direct experiment, the cerebro spinal fluid finds its way into the venous circulation by the inferior vena cava and the common iliac veins.

When, therefore, there is pressure, causing impediment to the venous circulation in the pelvis, there is at once an interference with the process of escape of the cerebro spinal Auid, and pressure upon the whole of the cord, up to the cerebrum itself.

The form of constipation here referred to is in the rectum, and must not be confounded with constipation due to accumulation or inaction in the colon. Vertigo with constipation, and with the patient connecting the uneasy cerebral symptoms with the constipation, is an indication that the rectum is loaded, and that relief will follow from a brisk aloetic purge. --The Asclepiad.

TREMONT, Pa. Dear Doctor TAYLOR.-I received the Visiting List and am very much pleased with it. With the many works of the kind in the market, it seems strange now that no one ever conceived this style before. I think it is as nearly perfection as one can get.

I have been using one kind or another for thirty-eight years, and this beats them all. Yours Truly,

Jos. W. BIRD.

On the Effects of Acids on the Functions of Curious Facts Regarding Various Liquors. the Stomach, and Their Therapeutic Application.

Glycerine and succinic acid are constantly W. Jaworski (Ctrlblatt für klin. Med.,

present in all wines in varying proportions.

Fusel oil is found in low class whiskey and 1888, No. 10) draws the following conclusions, brandy, especially in those prepared from potaafter extensive experiments with acids on the

toes and beets. It is a most deleterious and gastric function :

objectionable product of fermentation, and has 1. The acids throw down a considerable

to be removed by rectification with sulphuric, precipitate of mucus.

muriatic, or nitric acid. This process causes 2. They (especially hydrochloric acid) in

the formation of acetic ether and acetate of crease the cellular elements of the gastric con

amyl, giving a pleasant, “fruity” favor to the tents.

spirit; whereas, fusel oil is pungent and pene3. Their introduction is followed by in- trating, causes gagging and nausea, and injures tense butyric reaction, most marked after hy.

the coats of the stomach. The best spirits are drochloric acid.

made from rye, wheat, or barley, or a combina4. Larger quantities of the acids produce a

tion of these. Rum is made from molasses, or considerable effusion of bile into the stomach.

from the sugar cane direct. Pelargonic ether 5. They stimulate, very actively, the secre

and essence of pineapple are used as flavoring tion of pepsin, but have no more influence ingredients. An inferior brandy is made in upon the secretion of hydrochloric acid than

Germany from potatoes, and sold as cognac. It so much distilled water would have.

contains much fusel oil. Good spirits are also 6. Their long. continued administration is

distilled from old wines in France and Spain. followed by marked diminution of the secre

They produce the best brandies : and the resition of hydrochloric acid.

due of these old wines left over after distillation 7. Even in large quantities hydrochloric contains sufficient glycerine to be utilized for acid produces no gastric disturbances. On the

other purposes. contrary, a continued administration of the acid is attended with a feeling of well-being. 8. The difference in the effect between

Bloodless Treatment of Ingrowing Nail. acids and the alkaline salts on the gastric func- Dr. Patin recommends the following procetions consists in the fact that the alkaline salts dure for removal of ingrowing toe-nail, which dissolve the mucus and decrease the secretion he has employed with excellent results in all of of pepsin, while the acids precipitate the mu- his cases. After thorough cleansing of the cus and increase the secretion of pepsin. The nail, a solution of gutta percha 10 parts, in 80 disappearance of the alkaline salts from the parts of chloroform, is applied with a brush to stomach is followed by a decided increase of the interstices between the nail and the granuthe hydrochloric acid secretion. This does lations. This is repeated several times on the not occur, or only to a slight degree, in the first day, and subsequently at longer intervals. case of acids. Both the acids and salts, in By exercise of care and patience it will be found large quantities in continued use, have the that the nail is gradually lifted from the undersame effect in lowering the activity, and finally lying parts, and can then be removed without in destroying the function of the glands se- pain with the scissors. If a properly fitting shoe creting hydrochloric acid.

is worn no recurrences need be apprehended. Experiments with the introduction of car- The solution applied in this manner exerts a bonic acid into the stomach, either in gaseous

double effect, the chloroform is anesthetic, and form or dissolved in water, show that this acid the gutta-percha acts mechanically, forcing its has the property of stimulating the peptic and way between the granulations and the nail, and acid functions of the stomach, and in that way

finally liberating it from its abnormal position. increases its digestive power.-N. Y. Med. - Gaz. des Hopitaux.-The Clinical Reporter. Journal, Jan. 19, 1889.

To Remove Tattoo Marks.

In an article in the Medical and Surgical Tattoo marks may be entirely obliterated by Reporter, Dr. J. B. Carrell, of Hatboro, Pa., pricking each spot with a needle until it bleeds, recites the value of this drug in a variety of then injecting a solution of tannin, and finally diseases. He says, “In the early stages of cauterizing with nitrate of silver. The mark is pneumonia—that is, in the congestive stageeffaced in about four weeks, after passing characterized by sudden rise of temperature, through many shades of color, like the slow throbbing pulse, dryness of skin, hurried and disappearance of a “black eye.'

difficult respiration, chilliness, etc., I will put

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