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hear from you.


sequently both respiration and pulsation beEditor MEDICAL WORLD :

came more frequent, but the coma increased, Will you or the readers of The WORLD have and the patient died about forty-eight hours the kindness to give me your experience with

after beginning of the initial stupor. antifebrin in cases of pneumonia ? My two last

Sometime after this I was called to see a son cases of pneumonia were given antifebrine with of this man whose symptoms resembled very very satisfactory results. I think it puts quinine much those of his father ; but in his case the in the shade for that disease. Brothers let us

malarial features were so distinct that I did not L. G. WALKER, M. D.

hesitate as to the treatment, and my patient Pounds, Wis.


In the light of subsequent events, on investiEditor MEDICAL WORLD:

gation, I am thoroughly convinced that patient Will you or some confrères suggest treat

No. I was affected with a pernicious intermit. ment for the following case? Mrs. X., aged

tent of the comatose type, and that his life 70 years, nervous temperament, mother of

could have been saved by the heroic exhibition eight children, suffers almost daily for one to of quinine. I was then a mere tyro in the prosix hours, with an internal sensation of heat,

fession, and my regrets in this matter are ame. but my thermometer will not register anything liorated by the fact that the old practitioner could above normal. She is poorly nourished, weak

throw no light on the case. I have written the and has a peculiar transparent skin well covered

above hoping that it may be of benefit to some with tortuous blue veins.

of my medical brethren, and that it may be the She has headache whenever the atmosphere means of prolonging the life of some poor mortal. is moist as before a storm.

Crichton, Va. C. W. ASTROP, M, D. She has been partially deaf for over thirty years, the trouble following typhoid fever.

Opinions Wanted ? She complains of a blowing sensation in the

Editor MEDICAL WORLD : head and has frequent attacks of hoarseness.

I should be pleased to have you and the many I hope from this meagre history you will be able to advise me as to treatment.

truth-seeking readers of The World to give Muscoda, Wis.

opinions as to the utility of a knowledge of the D. B. COLLINS.

human temperaments and phrenology in diag

nosis and therapeutics. My opinion is that a What Was the Diagnosis ?

scientific knowledge of such studies is of great Editor MEDICAL WORLD :

importance to the physician. Sometime ago I was called at night to see a

J. C. BATESON, M. D. middle aged man who had been suffering with

Hollisterville, Pa. chills and fever, one of the most d stressing symptoms of which was an intense cephalalgia.

Is Emphysema of the Cellular Tissue Pathog. His medical attendant, an old practitioner,

nomonic of Traumatic Gangrene? 70 years old, had been administering, for the

Editor MEDICAL WORLD : relief of this condition, quinine and one fourth On October 11, 1888, a freight conductor on gr. doses of morphine. I arrived at the house the B. & O. R. R., aged 57 years, and of exabout 9 P. M; he took one-fourth gr. morphine cellent constitution, had his left leg crushed by for the relief of the headache. From this time a car wheel just above the ankle, making ampustupor set in, becoming more and more pro. tation necessary. There were no other injuries found, until it culminated in the following con. perceptible at the primary examination ; but ditions: deep coma, stertorous breathing, con during the time that elapsed in preparing to tinued subsultus tendinum, six to ten respira operate, which was about forty minutes, a tions per minute, pulse about normal, skin cov- slight thickening of the integument was obered with a clammy sweat. No marked con observed on the inner aspect of the leg, extendtraction of pupil, no paralysis, retention, but ing as high as the tubercle of the tibia, which no suppression of urine.

to the tactile sense gave the impression that Don't think I took temperature, but consid the connective tissue was filled with minute air ered it about normal. Diagnosed opium pois- ! bubbles imparting an emphysematous crepitation oning and treated accordingly, for eight or ten (if the term is allowable) upon pressure. The hours, with no improvement of symptoms. amputation was done at the commencement of Next day patient became affected with a de the calf under antiseptic precautions, and the cided jaundice, which commenced with the case progressed fairly well, with the usual lower extremeties, and procee led upwards, moderate acceleration of pul-e and temperature. having a well defined line of demarcation. Sub As the patient complained of a sense of weigh

the femoral artery

and slight pain in the stump, the primary dressings were removed in thirty hours after the operation with a view to conducing to his Comfort

, when the parts overlying the emphy. Sematous tissues were in a state of commencing gangrene, which in a marvelously short time invaded the entire limb, causing death just seventy-two hours after the injury, the primary cause being undoubtedly an embolus high up in

I have the history of another case of railroad injury, in which a large part of muscular struc ture of the thigh was involved, in which this same condition of emphysema was present which was early followed by traumatic gangrene and death. My object in reporting these cases is to elicit some expressions from those of your numer ous readers who are experienced in surgical work, as to the significance of emphysema as a symptom of traumatic gangrene.

Martinsburg, W. Va. S. N. MYERS, M, D.

[For the syphilitic ulcers we should recommend succus alterans, a teaspoonful four times daily. Also twelve doses daily of lactophosphate of calcium one grain and sulphide of calcium one-tenth grain. For external applications, iodoform, or one of the articles mentioned in article on editorial page on “Surgical Dressings.”_Ed.]

Prescription Difficulty.
Is it possible to combine
Sul. quinine.....

.80 grains,
Fl. ex. nux, vom.

4 drachms, Sol. chloridi iron..

4 drachms, Con. sol. phos. acid.

6 drachms. in any menstruum that will make either eight or sixteen fluid ounces, and remain permanent? I have tried elixir, glycerin, spirits, syrups, and various mixtures of the same.

After a few weeks a deposit sets up. The remedy is of value, but is not permanent.

Northumberland, Pa. J. A. ELLIOTT, M.D.


.gr. vj gr. iij

.gr. iv

Syphilic Ulcers. Editor MEDICAL WORLD :

I gather much varied and useful information from reading The World's pages. Everybody must that reads it. In 1884 I published in the St. Louis Medical Review a paper on the benefit arising from the use of the post- nasal syringe in diphtheria and other throat diseases needing topical applications, cleansing and astringent in effect. I now reiterate and more than ever would emphasize the good effects produced in using this convenient little syring, and could Dame lives it surely has helped to save.

Alum, zinc sulphate, carbolic acid, tincture of iodine (solutions), are the usual medicaments, except in infants with a catarrhal sore throat or tonsillitis, where the borate of sodium solution may answer.

Use often and give calomel or other antiphigistics and stimulants as needed.

The lancet, treatment by bleeding, has got to be raised again. It has been too long laid away as the "fruit of many bone orchards" might testily. Try it on the first case of acute pneu. monitis.

Ammonia chloride is a great remedy in liver, lung and many intestinal and gastric disorders. Let us hear from those that have used it their success or failure.

Should like to hear the editor's treatment for lower extremity ulcers of syphilitic origin. The patient cannot take iodide of potassium. It produces iodism in a 5 gr. dose. Is it not the ruling fashion now-a days to discard old and welltried remedies for those of newer invention, the true merits of which are yet to be proven?

Portland, Ct. J. L. GARDNER, M. D.

Chronic Gonorrhea. R Morphia sulphatis..

.gr. ij Ext. geranii...

.f3 ss Aqua

z vj M. Sig.–Use as an injection every six hours.

Flatulent Dyspepsia. R Tinct, nucis vomica.

3j Spts. myristicæ.

3 ss Spts. frumenti.

iss M. Sig.-Teaspoonsul aster meals.

Congestive Headache. R Ext. aloes.....

Resinæ podophylli.

Ext. colcynthi comp.
M. ft. pilulæ No. xij. Sig.-One pill every night,

R Tinct. belladonna,.
Spts. myristicæ..

- 3 ss
Spts. ætheris comp..

3) M. Sig.–Teaspoonful every three hours.

Chronic Dysentery. R Pulv. Doverii....

3 ; Pulv. aluminis.

3 iss M. ft. charta No. xij. Sig.–One powder every four hours.

Hemoptysis. R Sodii chloridi...

.3 ss Magnesii sulphatis.

3 ij M. st. charta No. viij. Sig.-One powder every hour in water.

Chorea. B Strychnia sulphatis.

Tinct. belladonna, .

Vini Portense.....
M. Sig.-Twenty drops every three hours.

me x]

.gr. ss

3 ss 3 iiss

3 iiiss

3 iss

.gr. ss

Scrofula. R Tinct. nucis yom cæ..

3 ij Acidi sulphurici dilut.

. 3 ss Aqua M. Sig.–Teaspoonful, well diluted, four times daily.

Erysipelas. R Tinct. aconiti rad..

.3 ss Ext, pilocarpus..

.f3 ss Syr. simp.... M. Sig.–Teaspoonful every three hours.

Whooping Cough. B Ext. belladonna.

.fm iv Creasoti.

m vj Vini Portense.

.. 3 iij M. Sig.– Teaspoonful every three hours.

Chronic Cerebral Congestion. R Sodii bromidi,

3 ss Ext. ergotæ....

fï iiss M. Sig.-Teaspoonful every four hours.

R Spts, myristicæ...

. 3 ss
Strychninæ sulphatis.
Tinct. cinchonæ comp

. 3 iij M. Sig.–Teaspoonful four times daily.

Anemia. R Tinct. nucis vomica..

3 ij Tinct. ferri chlor.... M. Sig.–Twenty drops, well diluted, after meals.

A Good Tonic. R Tinct. capsici,...

Tinct. calendula,

Tinct. gentianæ comp..
M. Sig.– Teaspoonful before meals.

B Tinct. opii..

.3j Tinct. capsici

.3 ss Vini Portense

.3 iss M. Sig.-Teaspoonful every hour.

Irritable Bladder.
B Morphia sulphatis...
Liq, potassa..

3 ss

iss M. Sig.-Teaspoonful every two hours.

B Tinct. veratri viridi....

Potassii bromidi..

iv M. Sig. -Two teaspoonfuls every three hours.

Cystitis. R Tinct. aconiti rad.....

.3 ss Tinct. belladonna.

.m xx Insusi tritici repens,

•3 vj M. Sig.–Tablespoonsul every two hours.

Malarial Neuralgia. B Tinct. opii..

..3 ss
Quinia sulph

.3 ss
Syr. yerba santa.
Syr. simp..

Z iij
M. Sig.-Two teaspoonfuls every three hours.


gr. ij



gr, xy

.gr. xij

. grs. XV ..grs. ij

me ij

āā 3j

3 iv
Z iss

R Tinct. veratri viridi.

m xviij Tinct. guaiaci.

-Z ss
Syr. simp.

. 3j M. Sig.–Teaspoonful, in water, every three hours.

To Break Up a Cold.
B Camphor

Ether sufficient to make a thin paste.

Then add:
Carbonate of ammonia ..
Pulverized opium .... iij M. Sig.–Take from three to ten grains, according to age or opium idiosyncrasy, every four to six hours, in the beginning of a cold.

Ophthalmia Neonatorum.
R Sodii boratis.

Sodii chloridi
Acidi carbolici.
Aq. destil.,

Aq. camph.
M. Sig:-Drop into the eyes p. r. n.

R Sulphur. sublim...

3j Balsam, Peru,

Butyri petrolii . M. Sig.-Rub over entire body twice a day. (The above besides being very effective is pleasant to the smell.)

John Specht, M.D., of Duluth, Minn., in Northwestern Lancet.

Rheumatism (Acute). In cases where the attack is sudden with considerable pyrexia I use: R Sodii salicylatis

3 ij Vin. colch, sem.

3 ij Syr. sacch....

...q. S. ad ziv M. Sig.-One teaspoonful every hour. -(Ibid.)

Rheumatism (Chronic).
R Potassii iodid...

3 ir
Tinct. cimicifuga.
Vin, colch, sem.

3 ij

q. s. ad ž iv M. Sig.-One teaspoonful in water or milk three times a day.

If there is much inflammatory deposit in the tissues about the joints and extremities, I have the paris painted with sol iodin. comp. It much pain, apply tinct, aconit. rad.

-(lbid.) Conjunctivitis. In the acute and inflammatory stage I use: B Hydrarg. oxidi flav.. Butyri petrolii..

3) M. Sig.–Apply at the inner corner of the eye.

-(Ibid.) Conjunctivitis (Chronic). в Argenti nitratis..

M. Sig.-One drop in the eye twice a day.

For Tape Worm.
R Ol. tiglii..

..13 j Glycerini..

f3j M.S.–To be taken in the morning fasting.

-Med. Record.

3 iss ss

.gr. v
..3 ss

gtt. j


M. S.-Inject two to three drops in the gum or between the gum and tooth, three to five minutes before operating

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BOOK NOTI. ES, Favorite Prescriptions of Distinguished Practitioners. By B. W. Palmer, A. M., M. D.

Cloth, 256 pages, $2.75: E. B. Treat, 771 Broadway, N. Y.

This is a useful work compiled from the experience of Barker, Bartholow, Gross, Flint, Clark, Loomis, Burnstead, Thomas, Wood, Goodell, Fotherg l), Davis, Sims, Bylord, Janeway, Da Costa, Cohen, Clymer, Smith, Thompson, Brown-Sequard, Pallen, Hammond, and others of distinguished ability. There occasional blank forms in which the owners can record others that he may pick up. The work is divided into departments for the different diseases and well indexed

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A Treatise on Headache and Neuralgia, including Spinal Irritation and a Disquisition on Normal and Morbid pleep. By J. Leonard Corning, M. A, M. D. Cloth, 231 pages, $2.75. E. B. Treat, 771 Broadway, N. ".

The title of this work is sufficiently descriptive of its contents, and the well known conscientious work of its author is sufficient guarantee of its value to the practicing physician.

Pictorial History of Ancient Pharmacy and Medicine.

By Hermann Peters. Translated from the German and revised, with numerous additions by William Netter. Cloth, 184 pages and 83 illustrations, $2.00. G. P. Englehard & Co,, Chicago.

This is • fascinating historical sketch of early pharmacy and medicine, dealing largely with that portion of its history characterized by the rule of rank superstition. The mystical theories, potions, philters, symbols, love-draughts, incantations, spells and charms are reviewed in a scholarly manner. After reading this work we are constrained to believe that there is much of superstition yet abounding in medical practice. The Vest Pocket Anatomist.

(Founded upon Gray.") C. Henri Leonard, A.M., M.1., Professor of the Medical and Surgical Diseases of Women and Clinical Gynecology in the Detroit College of Medicine. Fourteenth revised edition containing 193 illustrations, “ Dissection Hints” and Visceral Anatomy. Cloth, 12mo., 304 pages; price $1.00. ILLUSTRATED MEDICAL JOURNAL Co., Publishers, Detroit, Mich.

The new fourteenth edition of this work has been increased in size by the addition of over 100 pages of text and one hundred engravings; the page of the book has also been somewhat enlarged to accommodate hetter the engravings. The Brain and its Membranes, the Eye, Ear and Throat, in fact the entire Viscera and the Generative Organs of both Sexes, forms the new subject matter in this edition. Besides being a very popular dissecting room companion, it has become also a very popular surgical case companion for the practitioner, since the illustrations show at a glance (heing photoengraved from the English cuts of Gray) the positions of all the important blood-vessels, nerves, muscles and vicera.

Physician's Visiting List. P. Blakiston Sons & Co., Phila., price $1.00.

This list contains many useful tables, besides blank pages for recording, in signs only, visits to 2; patients

per week.

Medieal Bulletin Visiting List. For 70 patients, $1.25; for 105 patients, $1.50. F. A. Davis, publisher, Phila.

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This book contains many useful tables, besides blank pages for recording, in signs only, medical services, which may be continued for one month without rewriting the name,

The Case of Emperor Frederick III. Full Reports by the German Physicians and by Sir Morell Mackenzie. 276 pages, paper cover, 75 cents; cloth, $1.25. Edward S: Werner, 48 University Place, New York.

This compilation contains full reports of the contestants on both sides of the celebrated case, with illustrations of the condition of the larynx and growth at different stages of the malady. The general interest aroused in this case will create a large demand for this book.

Diseases of the Kidneys. Their modern treatment, By Dujardin-Beaumetz, M. D. Translated by E. P. Hurd, M. D., 169 pages.

Hysteria and Epilepsy, with observations on Epileptic Insomnia. By J. Leonard Corning, M. D.

These are two volumes in the Physician's Leisure Library series, 175 pages, published by Geo. S. Davis, Detroit, Michigan, at 25 cents per copy in paper covers, or $2.50 per year for the entire monthly series. The physician thus gets, at a small price, the latest medical information.

Pocket Medical Formulary Therapeutically Arranged in Alphabetical Order. By A. Hazard, M.D. Revised and enlarged by A. S. Gerhard, A.M., M.D., of the Medico-chirurgical College, Philadelphia. With useful appendices. Cloth, 334 pages, in convenient pocket form, with clasp. A. L. Hummel, M.D., publisher, 224 South 16th St., Phila., Pa.

Annals of Surgery. A Monthly Review of Surgical Science and Practice, $5 per year in advance. J. H. Chambers & Co., 914 Locust St., St. Louis, Mo. An excellent journal which the scientific surgeon must have.

Messrs. Eli Lilly & Company, of Indianapolis, have issued a work entitled Hand-Book of Pharmacy and Therapeutics. The aim, as stated in the introduction, is to furnish the busy practitioner a reliable means of ready reference, at once concise, systematic and authoritive, to which he may refer with confidence in cases of doubt. Younger members of the profession and medical students will find this work full of suggestions. It will be sent free to any physician, druggist or medical student by addressing Eli Lilly & Co., Indianapolis, Ind., mentioning this Journal.

Warner's Physician's Formulary, Warner's Physician's Visiting Record, and Warner's Book of Prescription Blanks will all be sent free to any reader of this Journal who will mention our name in asking for them.

We welcome to our table “ The Trained Nurse," a bright and useful monthly, at one dollar a year, published by the Lakeside Publishing Co., Buffalo, N. Y.

We call our readers' attention to the following pamphlets :

The Annual Address of the President of thc American Gynecological Society. By Robert Battey, M.D., Rome, Ga.

Report on Hydrophobia. By C. W. Dulles, M.D., Philadelphia, Pa.

Why Electrolytic Treatment Does not Succeed in all Hands. By G. C. H. Meier, M.D., 215 East 53d St., New York.

Pulmonary Consumption Considered as a Neurosis. By Thos. J. Mays, M.D,, Philadelphia Polyclinic, Philadelphia, Pa.

Retrojection in Gonorrhea. By E. R. Palmer, M.D., 721 West Jefferson St., Louisville, Ky.

Report of the Pennsylvania State Board of Health. Cloth, 1056 pages, accompanied by five valuable statistical maps and charts of the State. Benjamin Lee, M, D., Secretary, 1532 Pine St., Phila., Pa. This is an instructive

and entertaining volume, which every physician in the State should possess.

A very fine exhibit was made at the American Institute by the Jerome Kidder Manufacturing Company, 820 Broadway, New York, makers of Dr. Kidder's electro-medical apparatus. The company may well take pride in their exceptionally fine line of instruments, medical batteries, etc. The company have received the highest awards from the Institute since 1872, and so far from falling off in their productions manifest a steady onward and upward tendency. They show a full line of galvanic batteries, galvano-caustic batteries, many styles of Faradic batteries for family and physicians' use, tip batteries, surgical instruments, cauteries and special appliances for an endless variety of medical and surgical operations.-Electrical World.

Dr. Esguive, Colonization physician to the ParisLyons-Mediterranean Railway, Bon-Medja, France, March 28, 1887, says:

“I tried Bromidia (Battle) nn :wo cases of insomnia, which I had already treated for some time, with a mixture of equal parts of bromid of potassium and chloral. I noticed that hypnül': results were produced with much smaller do es of Bromidia than of the mixture of bromide and chloral. In a large number of cases it is important not to push too iar the quan. tiiy of bromide of potassium. On this account I believe Brominia is destined to be of real value, particularly in insomnia of cardiac origin, and I deem it vastly superior to the simple mixture of bromide of potassium and chloral."

The agents of Nestle's Milk Food send out a beauti. ful calendar this year. On the front is an interesting picture of Cupid whispering his counsel to the stork. Send for it, if you want something handsome and arustic.

OPPORTUNITIES. If you want an attractive Medical Almanac send your address to the New York Pharmacal Association, box 1574, N. Y., and mention THE MEDICAL WORLD.

Have you tried London Essence of Beef?

Parke, Davis & Co., Detroit, Mich., will furnish you reliable preparations of old and standard di ugs, as well as the best new ones that are constantly coming into notice.

We have recently had satisfactory success in our practice with Eli Lily & Co.'s Succus Alterans. Address them at Indianapolis, Ind.

Wm. R. Warner & Co., 1228 Market St., Phila., will send you valuable prescription books and other things convenient for a physician's use.


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