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Jefferson Medical College, and practicing thirty-eight (Hydriodate and hydrobromate).—The best

years, think I am entitled to an opinion.

Mooresville, N. C. J. R. McCORKLE, M. D. working dose in delirium, mania, insomnia, subcutaneously, is to grain ; this may be in

Scientific Temperance. creased in some cases to y grain. These doses

The effect of the alcohol habit vary enormay be increased by one-quarter if the drug is iven internally.

mously with the amount consumed and with

the form in which it is taken, but they are PHENACETIN. An aniline compound, therapeutically similar either as a poison or a food. It is strictly a

always bad. Alcohol should not be regarded to antipyrin, antifebrin and quinine, in the

It belongs to that class of substances treatment of febrile diseases, neuralgia, rheu: drug;

which, like opium, Indian hemp, and tobacco, matism and whooping-cough. Dose, from 4 to

produce effects which habit renders agreeable, Io grains in pill form.

but which are followed by constant increase in SALOL. Each five grains of salol contains two grains increasing dependence upon alcohol is one of

the craving for larger doses of the drug. This of phenol. Rheumatism, suborbital neuralgia,

the worst effects of its habitual use, and with etc. Dose, 5 to 30 grains, three times a day.

most persons it is inseparable from its use even

in small amounts. It is true that nearly all Phytolacca Decandra.

can digest without apparent damage a small Dr. J. D. Ely, in The Medical Age, of Oct. quantity of alcohol, in sufficiently dilute form, 11, recommended phytolacca in the treatment if taken only occasionally. It is certain that of bronchocele and reported a case illustrating the highest possible health may be enjoyed its use. In the same journal for the following without the use of alcohol. This being so, its July, he says: “Give the phytolacca a fair use, even occasionally and under the restrictrial, and I am confident it will prove all that tions above stated, is attended with risk both I have claimed for it as a superior remedy for physical and moral. But when alcohol is taken bronchocele.

in large amounts, or in stronger forms, or is “There are few agents in the materia medica used habitually even in moderation, it does that I prescribe with more confidence, or that positive harm; and this harm increases rapidly give more prompt and satisfrctory evidence of as the habit strengthens. In its lightest degree therapeutical value. It has long been a favor there is some irritation of the stomach and ite remedy for subduing inflammation and pre- impairment of digestion, with slight disorders venting suppuration of the mammary gland; of circulation and secretion and intellection. and so certain in its effects that it has well Often enough these cause a false feeling of earned the reputation of being a specific for weakness which leads to larger excess, and that troublesome condition.” He commonly of course to great harm. Perfect health can combines it with tr. aconlte root, with a view scarcely ever be enjoyed continuously by one to allaying the sebrile excitement manifested, who uses alcohol even in strict moderation. I but remarks that "phytolacca has been tested make an exception in favor of some elderly persingly, and proved its efficacy in many cases of sons with slow and feeble digestions and with this character.” Internally, he orders : weak circulation; for in them small quantities

of dilute alcohol taken daily with their princiTinct. phytolaccæ decan.

gtt. x Aquæ, ..

When once Ziv

pal meal improve their health. M. S.-One teaspoonful every hour, and have applied we pass the lesser degrees of the use of alcohol to the gland equal parts of tinct. phytolacca and water the effects of its habitual employment are erery three hours.

striking and disastrous. The mucous memA case of metastasis of mumps to the testicle,

brane of the stomach becomes the seat of and one of chronic follicular pharyngitis were

chronic catarrh. The function of the liver is

disordered and the most importont processes of cured with prescriptions “not materially different from the above."

nutrition are disturbed. The nervous system A tincture from the fresh roots only should

suffers, and mind and character alike deterior. be used ; that made from old, dry material, is directly from alcohol which we note in such

ate. It is not only the injury which comes comparatively worthless.

cases; there are associated with it neglect of Editor MEDICAL WORLD:

proper diet and of proper hours of rest, and

avoidance of exposure, which contribute to the You may consider me a life subscriber to The Med. ICAL WORLD. I like it better than any other medical

sum of damage wrought upon the system. The journal, or than any medical society I ever attended.

alcohol habit if at all excessive causes organic I am now sixty years of age, and, after graduation from disease directly and ruins body and mind. Its habitual use, even in very moderate amounts, very rapidly, and the heat and tension strikrenders health unstable and increases the ingly decreased. When the treatment was liability to disease, and the danger of disease resorted to at an early stage, no suppuration, when it occurs. The true use of alcohol is in but a steady resolution ensued. In the case of the treatment of disease. There, when pre suppuration, the dressing promoted a speedy scribed judiciously, it does great good and is healing of the incision, as well as a rapid resoat times indispensable. But even there it lution of indurated nodi. White clay is a should never be prescribed unnecessarily, nor favorite remedy with the Russian peasantry. It without a clear recognition of the fact that the is very cheap. Its method of application is tendency to the alcohol habit is great, and that easy, simple, and very much liked by the this habit when formed is destructive.Dr. patients. Its therapeutic properties are thought William Pepper, in the Chautauquan for De- to be very considerable.

White clay possesses cember.

a mighty heat-absorbing power, and hence can

be employed as a most effective and convenient Creasote in Phthisis.

substitute for ice-bags and cold compresses,

which are rather disliked by patients, and, at Flint, in the N. Y. Med. Journal, gives the all events, involve far more trouble and time. histories of ten patients treated by creasote in. By virtue of its producing an equal continuous ternally and by inhalation. The results which

pressure on the whole breast, the clay dressing the author considers fairly attributable to the

promotes absorption of morbid products. In treatment were as follows:

conclusion Dr. Maisel draws attention to the 1. Weight. Increase from 2 to 20 lbs., in

fact that sculptor's clay, used in the same way, nine cases. None in one case.

renders the best possible service as a milk inhi. 2. Temperature. Became normal in a few biting means in irritable and nervous or weak days, in seven cases; in one was not taken,

women who are unable to suckle their babies. and in two there was no fever.

Pain, tenderness and swelling of breasts dis3. Sweats. Stopped in three cases, dimin

appear, under a clay cake in about 24 hours.ished in six, not affected in one.

Vratch, No 21, 1888.-Annals of Surgery. 4. Cough and Expectoration. Almost disappeared in three cases; improved in all. 5. Physical Signs. Improved in seven cases.

Gargle for Chronic Pharyngitis. In one case examinations for bacilli were made, Eneler recommends the following as a gargle and in that their number was diminished. in chronic pharyngitis : 6. General Condition. Three cases said they

R Zinci sulphatis.... were well. All showed improvement in strength. Aquæ menth. pip.

Sig.–Use as a gargle four times a day.
Sculptor's White Clay in Mastitis.

He says that his own pharyngitis, which had

existed for three months, was cured after using

this solution continuously for eight days; and Sculptot's white clay, having been used with

that his patients obtained the same successful success in epididymitis, Dr. E. L. Maisel has

results. In especially sensitive persons a followed the same plan of treatment in 12 cases of mastitis.

weaker solution may be employed.Berlin. In of them, parenchymatous klin, Wochenschrift. mastitis (3 in the stage of suppuration) was present, and in 5 phlegmon (in 4 of which resolution, and in 1 suppurtation took place). Hav

The Prevention of Mammary Abscess. ing prepared a homogeneous (lumpless) paste Miall says that when mammary abscess is on by mixing clay with water, he spread it in a the point of forming, he has frequently seen all thick, even layer over a circular piece of calico the symptoms disappear in a few hours under or soft gauze, sufficiently large to cover the the influence of fomentations with hot water whole mamma, and containing a hole in its and carbonate of ammonia. He uses an ounce centre for the nipple. Then, having sponged of the carbonate in a pint of water, and, when off the breast and covered it with a piece of soft solution is accomplished, the temperature of gauze, he placed above it the clay cake to fit it the fluid will be hardly too high for fomentafirmly and accurately all over the parts. The tion to be commenced with cloths dipped in dressing was fixed by a handkerchief passing the liquid. He applies them from half an over the opposite shoulder and across the axilla hour to two hours, at the same time protecting of 'the affected side. It was changed twice a the nipples. He has often had immediate reday—in the morning and evening. The results lief, and seldom requires more than three apwere said to be excellent. Pain was relieved 'plications.—Medical News.

gr. XV
3 V-M.

grs. xvi

o ij

Эiy .3 iv

“Bill Nye,' the famous wit, acted as brevet- Semmola's Regimen : This consists in the obumpire in a game of base-ball between the servance of the forgoing rules and as an inter"regular" and homoepathic doctors of Minne- nal remedy its author prescribes the following, apolis, one day last week. He says that “ the to be taken daily: common,error seemed to be the same as that

& Potassium iodide.... made in the Garfield case—an incorrect diag- Sodium phophate..

...3 ss Dosis as to the course and location of the ball."

Sodium chloride.

.3 iss

Mix and dissolve.
Strophanthus as a Cholera Specific.

This amount suffices for 24 hours, and is to According to a report published in the Indian be taken at convenient intervals. Medical Gazette at Calcutta (Oct. 1887), Dr. Bamberger's Regimen : This prescribes the Sanders presented to the Calcutta Medical Soci- rigid adherence to the milk diet, and assists it ety an abstract of 17 cases of Asiatic cholera with tonics and iron. Its author recommends successfully treated by him with tinturia stro- the following: phanthi, in the Mago Hospital. The abstract 1. Pills of perchloride of iron after the folgives the following symtomatic outline: lowing formula, from 3 to 6 to be taken during

Quick recovery from the stage of collapse ; the 24 hours: a gradual and slow rise of temperature ; quick & Perchloride of iron....

...3 ss return of pulse at the wrist; quick stoppage of Marsh trefoil (menyanthes trif.) in the vomit; the return of normal urination,


Эiy were so remarkable that Dr. Jones, who at first

Extract of taraxacum, sufficient.

Mix and divide into 100 pills. was very sceptical, became fully convinced of the efficacy of the remedy," etc., etc.

2. Pills of sulphate of iron. For these Bam“Adults were given repeated doses of 10

berger prefers Wiethe's formula as follows: drops each. Children of 2/2 years were given ® Sulphate of iron... three drops. A boy of 8 got four drops. In

Sodium bicarbonate. one case of profound collapse, the dosing was

Extract of taraxacum, sufficient. continued for four hours at the rare of one drop Mix and make into 60 pills, of which 3

are every five minutes, and then at the rate of a to be taken in the morning and a similar numdrop every ten minutes; no other application ber on going to bed. was used : the recovery was complete.

3. Infusion of cinchona bark, made by exhausting 300 grains of the contused bark with

6 ounces of boiling water, and sweetening Vomiting of Pregnancy.

with half an ounce of syrup of orange peel. Lying with the shoulders low and the hips A tablespoonful of this infusion is to be taken elevated will give quick relief. A linen com- every two hours.—St. Louis Med. and Surg. prese, saturated with French brandy, strapped Jour. tightly over the gastric region with adhesive plaster, acts mechanically in holding the mus

Ergot in Labor, Antipyrin for After-Pains. cles quiet, and will sometimes do wonders in

Ipecacuanha in Labor. these cases.-N. Y. Med. Times.

(Extract from letter from France, by E. S. McKee, M.D.,

in the Medical Register.)

Does ergot of rye increase or decrease uterine Therapeutics of Bright's Disease.

contraction ? was the object of the clinical reThe Revue generale de clinique et de thera- searches of Blanc, of Paris, on one hundred peutique gives the following summary of the

He gave hypodermic injections of therapeutics of Bright's Disease.

ergot to forty women for the first five days after Classic Regimen: Climatic precautions their confinement; to twenty women he gave consist in avoiding humidity and rapid changes ergot on the tenth day after their confinement; of temperature. In dietetics the patient is told to forty he gave no ergot. External measureto avoid highly spiced and irritant foods; avoid ments were made every day, and at different eggs, wines, liquors and beer and to confine times intra-uterine catheterism was employed. himself to the milk diet, either absolute or He reaches the following conclusions. That the mixed.

employment of ergot during the first five days Senator's Regimen: This permits the use of exercises no favorable influence on the uterine white meats, including pork, starchy and her contractions, but, on the contrary, numerous baceous foods, fruits, fats and milk. It also observations tend to show that it is, to a certain allows wine diluted with water. It forbids all extent, unfavorable to the regular retraction of

the uterus. This fact militates against the use

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red meats.








of the ergot of rye during confinements. In the are more frequent and some less so than afterpresence of secondary hemorrhagmehis remedy wards, but as a rule their proportionate moris the most useful. Its action will be the more tality is less. There are special differences in marked the longer the interval since the par- the action of drugs, the most important of turition took place.

which is the greater influence of alcohol for

good and evil. Finally, children respond to Antipyrin for after-pains is the subject of a

treatment, as they often succumb to disease, memoire by Riviere (Gazette Hebdomadaire).

more readily than do older patients, so that The author shows the advantages of antipyrin with them our responsibility is the greater.for diminishing the pain without modifying the

The Polyclinic. contractions of the uterus, and, in consequence, relieve the after-pains. It possesses a real superi- We are indebted to that bright and useful ority to opium, which calms the pains and friend to the physician, the Philadelphia suppresses the contractions. The author has Medical Times, for the following practical administered antipyrin via the stomach in doses articles: of one gramme, and in this manner has, in many

Oscular Antisepsis. cases, decidedly calmed the after-pains. He, in

The oxycyanide of mercury is a very reliable some cases, increases the dose to two grammes,

salt; soluble, not acid; does not precipitate the but that is the maximum, and it is rarely neces- albuminoids as the sublimate does, and scarcely sary to pass it. When given in this dose the

acts on metals. It is better borne than the antipyrin is administered in divided doses, the bichloride, and is more active than this upon one separated from the other by an interval of

the micrococcus aureus. Chibret employes a one hour.

solution of this salt in too, and gives it in

the form of prolonged baths, as its effects are Ipecacuanha in labor is used by Carigel (Revue more powerful when contact with the mucous de Médecine) in doses of from one and one half membrane is more prolonged. He also washes to three grains as an oxytocic. He was led to

the anterior chamber after the operation for this use of this drug by its remarkable influence cataract, and leaves his instruments immersed over uterine hemorrhage. He found that it in the solution many hours before operation. stimulated the uterus and at the same time Hirschberg, of Berlin, employs a solution facilitate dilatation of the rigid os. Under its of the sublimate in do in the operation for use uterine contractions, hitherto very painful, cataract; and Mayer a sublimate solution, but without effect on the os, become changed odoo, in the same operation. so that they have an active expulsive character

-Bul. Gen. de Thér. and cause less suffering.

Examine the Urine Before Operating. Practice Among Children.

MORTON says:

"I make it an invariable Dr. Dickinson, lecturing on the differences rule to examine the urine of every patient on between children and adults in regard to mor- whom I am going to operate, except, of course, bid action and the effects of treatment, thus in cases of extreme emergency.

The presence summarizes his results :

of albumen of sugar largely influences my Children differ from grown people in their prognosis. greater susceptibility both to exhaustive and recuperative influences. Such of their diseases Rules for Incisions in Teale's Amputation. as are of the nature of growths partake of the rate of progress which belongs to the period of

“ ist. Select the place where you are going

to cut the bone. development. This applies to the fibroses as well as to the isolated tumors, though the

2d. Take circumference of limb at that fibroses are far more infrequent than afterwards. point. Half that will be the length and Many inflammatory disorders, particularly of breath of the long flap. the brain, are more common in childhood

3d. One.fourth the length of the long flap than later, but with regard to many inflamma

will be the length of the short flap.

-Morton. tions the power of recovery is greater. Those of the lungs are more frequent and cause more

A New Antiseptic Powder. deaths, but in the individual the prospect is better. Acute rheumatism is comparatively in- " Iodoform has many objections as frequent, but when it occurs it brings greater antiseptic dusting powder in operations, not danger to the heart. Some febrile complaints' the least being its unpleasant odor. Then it

an a

has been found by experiment that its germi

Original Communications, . cidal properties are not so great as were at first

short articles on the treatment of diseases and experience supposed. In all my future operations I intend with new remedies are solicited from the profession for this

lepartment; also difficult cases for diagnosis and treatment using a mixture of one part of bichloride of

Articles accepted must be contributed to this journal only. mercury with 1000 parts of oxide of zinc. The editors are not responsible for views expressed by con


Unused Manuscript cannot be returned.
Certainly it is excellent discipline for an author to feel that he

*ust say all he has to say in the fewest possible words, or his Migraine.

eader is sure to skip them: and in the plainest possible woorde

pr 148 reader will certainly misunderstand them. Generally, R Tincturæ opii deodorat..... .m ilj-x

lo', a doronright fact may be told in a plain way; and we wants

Insonright facts at present more than anytking else.-RUSKIN. Potassii bromidi.....

gr. XV.

In these columns, A is frequently used instead of 3. Aquæ camphoræ, Aquæ cinnamomi.... āā.....f3j


Uterine Displacements and Flexions-Their Sig.---Take as a dose every hour or two, till the pa- Mechanical and Clinical Treatment. tient goes to sleep.

Editor MEDICAL WORLD : When he wakes, the migraine will probably The question may here arise, What holds be gone. It is then often well to put

the pa

the uterus mainly in situ ? tient on a course of strychnine as a prophylactic I quote from Dr. Hart, anatomy of the female measure.

- Woodbury. pelvis, whose work has thrown a valuable light

on the mechanism of uterine dislocation; inCoryza.

deed his investigation has supplied an essential

link in the chain of causation. In the Weekly Med. Review, Love advises

He says: "Two layers or planes of fasciæ, the use of melted vaseline, injected into each which form a sort of pelvic diaphragm, are nostril several times a day. In some cases the mainly concerned in maintaining the womb in addition of carbolic acid and alum, or the use situ. The anterior or pubic is roughly trianguof ointment of red oxide of mercury diluted lar in shape, with its base stretching across the with sixteen parts of zinc-ointment is recom- pelvis, meeting the anterior edge of the squaremended.

shaped posterior or sacral plane and sustaining In a recent case of coryza, we tried the effect the uterus between them. The uterus inclines of the local application of vaseline oil. The forward, the pubic layer is thinner, and naturresult was unexpectedly gratifying. This en- ally looser, on the attachments, than the sacral, couraged us to prescribe the same remedy for a and permits the amount of uterine mobility catarrhal pharyngitis, in teaspoonful doses. rendered necessary by the varying conditions The patient reported that two doses gave the of the bladder and rectum, and the enlargement quickest and most perfect relief she had ever of the organ during pregnancy; but, it is to be experienced in similar attacks; but the taste of observed, that this normal mobility is provided the remedy was disagreeable.

for to a certain extent forwards and backwards,

and upwards, but not downwards. Relaxation Medical Treatment of Uterine Fibroids.

or rupture of these layers of fascia will favor

uterine displacement; but the direction of that In an exchange, Dr. Bedford Brown details displacement will depend upon which layer is his experience in the treatment of uterine most involved. If the pubic layer has suffered, fibroids. He speaks highly of the calcic phos- anteversion will result; if the sacral layer has phites; the prolonged use of which in some yielded, retroversion will occur. Such, then, cases was attended with a steady diminution in is the mechanism of uterine dislocation, which the size of the tumors. Local means were used results entirely from alterations in the condition to control the hemorrhage. In some cases hy- of its attachments and supports. Increased bulk drastis and phytolacca were also employed. and weight of the uterus might help to produce The author lays great stress upon the rapid and displacement, and subsequently exaggerate it, thorough saturation of the circulation with the but it could not alone imitate the movement. phosphates of lime and soda, as a means of The causation of distortion or flexion on the restoring the lost equilibrium of nutrition, ar- other hand, while undoubtedly favored by disresting increased cell proliferation and exuda placement or version, is more immediately detion, and promoting their absorption. The pendent, as we would expect, on changes in the most interesting part of the paper is where the tissues of the uterus. These altered conditions author details the results in three cases of cer- are chiefly two, namely: atony, which may vical adenitis with eruptive fevers. The lacto proceed from deficient 'ennervation, from enephosphate and hypophosphate of lime produced mia or other deterioration of general health; or, a speedy amelioration.

secondly, actual tissue degeneration, the effect

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