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.A. oz. 3.

To Prevent Abortion.

REVIEWS. Dr. Q. C. Smith suggests the following:

The Short-Hand Exercise Book, in five parts, with Fluid extract of ergot,

Key. By D. P. Lindsley, 817 N. Forty-fifth street,
Fluid extract of black haw,

Tr. belladonna,

This is a system of short-hand writing called “ Taki.
Tr. ipecac,...
af 3 j.

graphy” by its author. Our examination of it leads us M. Sig.-A small teaspoonful, t. d., after meals. to believe that it is very readily learned, and the most

practical of all the many systems yet in vogue. Lessons It is said to be especially suited to the pre

by mail. vention of habitual abortion, caused by deranged constitutions, and is also very effective A Text Book of Animal Physiology, with introductory for allaying uterine irritability resulting from

chapters on General Biology and a full Treatment of

Reproduction. By Wesley Mills, M.A., M.D., L.R C.P. traumatism or external violence.

Of course

(Eng.). With over five hundred illustrations. Cloth, the bowels should be kept comfortably open 700 pages; price, $5.00. D. Appleton & Co., New regularly. Opium is not admissible in this York. class of cases, unless it is desired to terminate

This magnificent work commences with the lowest pregnancy without delay.--Nashville Journal form of simple cell-life, and gives the reader a careful Med. and Surg.

highest forms are reached. The physiology of each element and organ is given-not in a dry and perfunc

tory manner, but in a philosophical style which but few Cough Mixture for Children.

authors can command. Every physician should know

comparative physiology in order to properly appreciate B. Ammonium bromide,

human physiology. Here, at last, is a text-book which Ammonium hydrochlorate, each dr, i

will be entirely sufficient for his wants.
Orange flower water dilute...fl. oz. I
Syrup dextrin (glucose) enough

The following pamphlets will be of interest to the to make....

practitioner: Dose-One-half to one teaspoonful.

Seventeen Years in Dilating Urethrotomy. By F. - Western Druggist. N. Otis, M.D., New York.

Reformation in the Practice of Medicine by the

Dosimetric Method of Practice. By J. E. MacNeill, For Urticaria.

M.D., Denver, Col.

The «Perfected Evacuator," for Removing Stone from

the Bladder. By Fessenden N. Otis, M.D., No. 5 W. ☆ Fluid extract of calendula leaves,

Fistieth street, New York.
Syrup, of each, oz. j.
Sig. One teaspoonful four times a day.
This we obtained from Dr. J. Q. A. Clowes,

M. D., of Shiloh, Ohio.

Use Stewart's Ointment for all cases of hemorrhoids. INSTANTANEOUS REMEDY FOR LUMBAGO.

We have used Lambert's Lithiated Hydrangea with Collodion, tincture of iodine, liquid ammonia, much satisfaction, equal parts. To be applied widely over the

Send to C. N. Crittenton, 115 Fulton street, N. Y., parts with a camel's hair brush.

for sample of Hydroleine.

Parkę, Davis & Co., Detroit and New York, will furFormula for “Warner's Safe Cure.”

nish you any new drug required. R. Liverwort Leaves ..


Hemorrhoids “in a nutshell." Address, Dr. W. P. Jamaica dogwood bark.

Agnew, San Francisco, Cal.; for cut of a new rectal Ergot (grains)


speculum, etc.
Jaborandi leaves
Wintergreen leaves

SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS.-Mrs. O'Toole.-Phat's
Stillingia root.


this Oi am tould about thim thryin' to have the saloons Couch grass (trit, rep.).

closed on Sunday, Phelim? Digitalis leaves

grs. 125

Phelim.-Begorra, they say that it's a fact; bad 'cess

to thim, says Oi. Percolate with 25 per cent. alcohol to seven

Mrs. O'Toole.—The meddlin' haythin! Be jabbers, pints, then dissolve in the percolate nit. potash Phelim, me jewel, they will be afther thryin' to prevint grs. 2,500, add syr. simplex one pint. M. ft. a fray-born American from batin' his woife ef we don't Sol. S. Dose half ounce.- From Brit. Med. Jour.

watch the elections close. British American Citizen.

A sick man expressed a desire for some apple dumpMuch interesting work in hand for January lings, and his wife made a dozen. A little son sat by

the bedside watching the dumplings disappear one by number.' Don't fail to send in your name and

After eleven had been devoured, the boy said: dollar in time to get it.

Pa, can I have a dumpling ?” And the invalid, biting

Try this:




YOUNG AMERICA AND FAITH DOCTOR.A Scranton mother whose son had toothache, took him to a faith healer. “Look me in the eyes," said the doctor, fixing a fascinating gaze on the weeping youth. “ Now your toothache has entirely disappeared. You haven't a bit of tooth-ache about you.” _“You lie! I have,” yelled the boy, with a fresh howl! The mother then took him to a dentist,

AN EARLY RISER.—“Pat, you must be an early riser. I always find you at work the first thing in the morning."

“ Indade, an' Oi am, sor. It's a family thrait, Oi do be thinkin'."

“ Then your father is an early riser, too, eh?”

“ Me father, is it? Faix, he roises that early that, if he'd go to bed a little later, he'd mate himself gettin' up in the mornin'."-Ex.

Durable Batteries. The editor of the Massachusetts Medical Journal writes to the Jerome Kidder Manufacturing Company, of 820 Broadway, New York, thus :

GENTLEMEN :- I have one of your tip batteries, which I have used for upwards of five years, and for the first time I find a repair needed. The platinum plate has given out. I believe that for range, regularity and smoothness of current, and therapeutic scope, your battery is unsurpassed, while for convenience it certainly has no equal. If I can insert the platinum plate myself please send it and I will remit promptly. Yours very truly,


into the last of the toothsome delicacies, said ; “ Go away, my son; your father is sick."

We have the utmost confidence in the purity of McArthur's Syrup of the Hypophosphites of Lime and Soda. See their interesting advertisement on page

Dr. William A. Hammond, of Washington, D. C., has a larger number of patients in his sanitarium for the treatment of mental and nervous diseases than ever be. fore in the history of the institution, although he opened about a year ago with more than half the rooms occupied in his immense new building.

Dr. Hammond is conducting a number of experiments in the treatment of epilepsy by localizing the brain lesion, trephining and paring the convolutions. He will publish the result of his experiments in the near future,

We know from personal experience that Crystalline Phosphate is a very valuable preparation.

Write to B. Keith & Co., 75 William street, N. Y., for enlarged manual on concentrated medicines, etc.

A generous sample of Fellows' Syrup will be sent on application to James I. Fellows, 48 Vesey, St., N. Y.

Write to Henry B. Platt, 36 Platt St., New York, for sample of the matchless disinfectant, Platt's Chlorides.

If you want a private formula, put up in pill form, write to the Norwich Pharmacal Company, Norwich, N. Y.

Write to Willis H. Davis, Keokuk, Iowa., for his catheter scale, free, and catalogue of buggy cases and instruments.

Address I. O. Woodruff & Co., 88 Maiden lane, New York, for sample of Freligh's Tonic, the Phosphorized Cerebro-Spinant.

Provide yourself with an elegant pocket-case, filled with granules, from the Upjohn Pill and Granule Co., Kalamazoo, Mich.

See the matchless buggy cases and hand cases advertised by the Phillips Instrument House, 14 Marietta street, Atlanta, Ga.

Send to the Hastings Trust Co., 224 South Ninth street, Philadelphia, for superior trusses, supporters, elastic stockings, etc.

We have had good results in the use of Succus Alterans in syphilis and scrofula. Address Eli Lilly & Co., Indianpolis, Ind.

If you wish to test Horsford's Acid Phosphate, send to the Rumford Chemical Works, Providence, R. I., and guarantee express charges.

We have found bovinine a most valuable tonic and reconstructive. Sample by mentioning this journal. J. P. Bush M'lg Co., 2 Barclay street, N. Y.

This is the season of the year when Platt's Chlorides are especially valuable, as disinfectant, deodorizer, and general purifier and prophylactic against disease.

Do you want a good operating set, or any new in. struments you see mentioned? You can find them at Chas. Lentz & Sons, 18 North Eleventh St, Phila.

Send to the New York Pharmaceutical Company, Bedford Springs, Mass., for their large pamphlet, entled “A Demonstration;" free, if this journal is mentioned.

A generous sample of Cherry Malt Phosphites, and also of Buckthorn Cordial, of Scott & Browne, 132 Fifth avenue, New York. Delivered free, if The MEDICAL WORLD is mentioned.

Write to W. H. Schieffelin & Co., 170 and 172 William street, N. Y., for their pamphlet, giving full information regarding the new hypnotic, sulfonal, and the new antipyretic, phenacetine.

Father—William, you are running up enormous debts around town. You must remember your uncle is not dead yet.”

His Uncle's Heir_“Yes, but he has discharged his doctors, and is now undergoing treatment by a Christian scientist."--Life.

We have a very enterprising instrument house with us this month-A. É. Yarnall, 1020 Walnut street, Phila. Please see his advertisement. We should be pleased to have all our readers who need instruments to give him a welcome. He has been long establishod and has had a successful career.

Mrs. Briske_" Johnny, did the doctor call while I was out?"

Little Johnny (stopping his play)—"Yes’m. He felt my pulse an' looked at my tongue, and shook his head and said it was a very serious case, and he left this prescription and said he'd call again before night.”

Mrs. Briske_“Gracious me! It wasn't you I sent him to see; it was the baby." —New York Weekly.

A board of physicians were inquiring into the state of mind of an alleged lunatic. “You told us just now," said the chairman, “ that you were the Emperor Napoleon, and now you say you are the Duke of Wellington. Pray explain yourself.” “Quite right," returned the


MALTED MILK The only Food that requires NO COOKING, or the addi

tion of MILK. Soluble in water. Always ready for use.

SAMPLES FREE. Addrose, MALTED MILE OU., Racine, Wig.


Medical World .



No. 12.

....516 ....516

On the Prevention of Consumption....493 Urticaria ......

The Chemicals We Eat
..494 Mistletoe.

.514 Pathies and Isms............... 480 Shock..

.496 Eczema-Chronic Cystitis-Profession

Thuya Orcidentalis in Epithelioma of al Courtesy : CURRENT MEDICAL THOUGHT:

..514 the Larynx and Pharynx.. 1496 Olive Oil for Gall-Stones.

.514 Sectarianism in Medicine...... .481 Beta Vulgaris for Habitual Constipa- Hydrocele in the Female..

.515 Typhoid Fever..... 481 tion and Hemorrhoids...

.496 A Convenient and Comfortable Dress- The Medical Mirror,

.496 QUIZ COLUMN: ing for Fracture of the Bones of the Notes of Some New Medicaments 497 Hand......

Diagnosis and Treatment Wanted......515 ...........481 Treatment of Cold Abscesses

and Sunflower Seed for Malaria..

Should the Baby be Washed, .482 Adenitis....


A Puzzler for Solution....... Notes ... .482 Complications Following Abdominal

Pruritns Vulvæ ...

..516 A Vehicle for Iodide of Potassium ..482


.498 Diseases of the Nasal Passages..

Central Goitre...

.517 482 The Doctor. ..501

.517 Precocity and Senile Activity.

Anti rebrine in Amenorrhea....... 483 The Small-Pox Microbe

.501 Cocaine for Traumatic Cystitis. .484 Class-Room Notes.....


.484 The Lament of the Cultured GonococORIGINAL COMMUNICATIONS :

Personal and General..

.517 cus. 404

Electrolysis in Surgery.

.617 The Public Work of the Physicians....485 Pages from a Physician's Life. .603 Cervical Stenosis..

..518 Pus in Urine.. ..485 A Medical Autobiography. ..505 Epilation

.518 Phenacetine in Whooping-Cough.. .485 The Climacteric Period; its Physiology. FORMULAS : The Effect of the Entrance of Air into Pathology and Diseases...

.505 the Circulation......

485 A New Use for Pilocarpine.-Delivery Enlarged Testicle; Hiccough; Some Differential Table of Convulsions. .486 of Placenta.-Opium for Consump

Useful Remedies for Sleeplessness; ..487 tion....

507 For Chropic Diarrhea: Rheumatic Physical Education in Children. .488 Chronic Cystitis..

.507 Neuralgia; Castor Oil Chocolate .....519 Confirmation of Magnesia Sulph. for Science vs. The Microbe Doctrine.. ..508 Cough Mixture for Recent Colds; FormWarts.-Case in Practice. ..... 488 Scrotal Eczema.--Scabies.

ula for Treatment of Alcoholism; The Abortive Treatment of Acute Ca- Significance of the Girdle Sensation. ...511 Radam's Microbe Killer; A Shotgun tarrh of the Nose and Throat.. 488 Odd Case No. 2....

..511 Prescription for Asthma; Psoriasis ; Turpentine in Affections of the Dyspareunia.......

.512 Tænicides for Children...

.520 Throat and Lungs.. .488 A Fair Acknowledgment.

.512 To Prevent Abortion; Cough Mixture A Simple Method of Treating Umbilical Palmar Eczema ...

.512 for Children; For Urticaria; Formula Hernia in Infants .. ..489 | Hot Water to Abort Boils and Felons...512 for "Warner's Safe Cure."

..521 Treatment of Whooping-Cough .489 Monstrosity-Hydatids.

....512 Treatment of Inguinal and Femoral Malignant Spotted Fever...

...513 Reviews..

.521 Hernia ... .489 Infectious Diseases





The most important Romedial Agent ever presented to the Profession for PYHTEPSIA, VOMITINA IN PREGNANOY, OHOLERA INFANTUM, CONSTIPATION, AND ALL DISEASE

ARISING FROM IMPERFECT NUTRITION, LACTOPEPTINE precisely represents in composition the natural digestive juices of the Stomach, Pancreas nad Salivary Glands, and will, therefore, readily dissolve all foods necessary for the recuperation of the buman organism




and various medications required in general practice, in the form of ELIXIRS, SYBUPB, LIQUID, ETC.

SPECIAL NOTICE TO THE MEDICAL PROFESSION : Whenever satisfactory results are not obtained from the administration of Lactopeptine, we will consider a favor 1 rach facts are reported to us, for there can be no doubt that substitution of Pepsin or some of the cheap imitations of Lacto peptine has been practiced, whenever the theras atic activity of Lactopeptine is not uniformly demonstrated in its indicatona. Por 1074.

THE NEW YORK PHARMACAL ASSOCIATION fond addrew to New York Pharmacal Associt on for copy of Medical Almanac containing valuable information


PHENACETINE:-Dr. DUJARDIN-BEAUMETZ, Paris.-" It is above all as an analgesic that Phenacetine outrivals its predecessors. While it is quite as powerful as antipyrin and acetanilid, it does not cause the pain in the stomach, or the scarlatinaform rash of the former; nor does it give rise to the cyanosis of the latter. However prolonged may be its administration —and we have given it for months in doses of 1.0 to 2.0 Gm. (15 to 30 grains) per day we have never observed any bad effect. We have used it for the relief of every form of pain (neuralgias, migraine, rheumatic pains, muscular rheumatism, acute articular rheumatism, the lightning pains of tabes, etc.) and always with the best results."

M. F. PRICE, M.D., President Southern California Medical Society.—"A patient says, “I have headache,' and I order Phenacetine with confidence, and always with a report of relief.”

Thos. W. AYERS, M.D., Jacksonville, Ala.—“As an antipyretic I have had nothing but the very best results from its use. As an antineuralgic there is no question, but it is superior to antipyrin. It is much more energetic in its action than either antipyrin or antifebrin.”

SULFONAL.-HUNTER MCGUIRE, M.D., Richmond, Va.—“ Has found it particularly valuable in insomnia following the use of alcohol.”

HENRY M. WETHERILL, JR., M.D., Ph.G., Philadelphia.—“The almost universal report of Sulfonal is that it has little or no effect upon the vast majority of insomnious subjects save the important one of increasing, prolonging the natural tendency to sleep; that its action is not narcotic but purely hypnotic.”

W.H. FLINT, M.D., New York. (Discussion before N. Y. State Medical Association.)—“He had used Sulfonal as being the most efficient or desirable of the new hypnotics. He had not yet seen a Sulfonal habit. There had been about eighty per cent. of successes in his cases."

JAMES STEWART, M.D., Montreal.—“Sulfonal produces no disagreeable secondary symptoms nor any unfavorable effects on the heart or circulation. Its action was by giving rest to the cells of the cerebral cortex and thereby causing sleep.”

Sulfonal-Bayer has been before the Medical Profession for some time, receiving its unqualified endorsement, but the use has been limited in many cases, owing to the hesitation of the practitioner in recommending so costly a remedy.

A substantial reduction in price having been made, it enables physicians to freely prescribe it whenever indicated, and brings it within the reach of all classes of patients.


(MODADE.) SUCCUS ALTERANS is a purely vegetable compound of the preserved juices of

Stillingia Sylvatica, Lappa Minor, Phytolacca Decandra, Smilax Sarsaparilla and Xanthoxylum Carolinianum, as collected by Dr. Geo. W. McDade exclusively for

Eli Lilly & Co., and endorsed by Dr. J. MARION SIMs. SUCCUS ALTERANS continues to gain favor from its remarkable Alterative and

Tonic properties, eliminating specific poison from the blood and increasing the proportion of red corpuscles in anemic patients to a wonderful degree; is endorsed by the

medical profession and in use by many hospitals of note. SUCCUS ALTERANS in venereal

and cutaneous diseases is fast supplanting Mercury, the Iodides and Arsenic; and is a certain remedy for Mercurialization, Iodism and

the dreaded effects often following the use of Arsenic in skin diseases. SUCCUS ALTERANS is also strongly recommended for its Tonic and Alterative

effects in the many forms of scrofulous disease and in all cases where anemia is a factor. Such patients rapidly develop a good appetite, sleep soundly and gain flesh rapidly. Many cases are on record where patients increased ten to twenty

five pounds in weight in a few weeks. SUCCUS ALTERANS is giving satisfactory results in treatment of Chronic Rheu

matism, and can be used with confidence. SUCCUS ALTERANS may be given for any length of time, without injury to the

patient. SUCCUS ALTERANS is put up in pint round amber bottles and never in bulk.

Price, $2.00 per bottle. Send for copy of our Hand-Book of Pharmacy and Therapeutics. Useful

for reference and contains much valuable information.


(LILLY.) Phosphorus and Nux Vomica, as is well known to the profession, act as powerful tonics to the nervous system, especially the spinal cord, and can be relied upon as possessing real aphrodisiac power. The Damiana used, is the genuine Turnera Aphrodisiaca. By our process for the manufacture of Phosphorus Pills, a thorough subdivision of phosphorus in the mass is obtained, and, with a coating perfectly protecting it from oxidation, there is nothing to be desired. It is necessary that the administration of this pill be continued from three to four weeks, or until the system is thoroughly under the influence of the remedy. It is indicated in mental overwork, sexual debility, impotency. It is decidedly beneficial in cases of nocturnal emissions, the result of excesses, mental apathy, or indifference, and in an enfeebled condition of the general system, with weakness or dull pain in the lumbo-sacral region. In diseases of the reproductive organs of the female, and especially of the uterus, it is one of our most valuable agents, acting as a uterine tonic, and gradually removing abnormal conditions, while at the same time, it imparts tone and vigor; hence, it is of value in Leucorrhea, Amenorrhea, Dysmenorrhea, and to remove the tendency to repeated miscarriages. One Hundred Mailed on Receipt of $1.00.




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