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needs to be practised with care. The practi- cussed with sufficient frequency and certainty tioner should know or try to find out when and as to warrant confidence in the use. whom he should bleed, and when and whom Grave cases are not commonly brought to not, how much and for what pnrpose. The the attention of the surgeon until they have run routine bleeder and the routine prescriber of for several days. In the mean time various do. drugs will miss their mark often than hit it. mestic applications have usually been employed We must practice our profession upon scientific to relieve the pain. When these have failed, principles and upon experience; otherwise we after days of agony and the loss of nights of cannot excel.

sleep, the patient presents himself suffering I do not intend to make converts to venesec- from deep, tensive, throbbing pain, that in tion, but to bring the subject before the profes. dicates the formation of pus. What is to be sion for study and consideration, the same as done? To temporize at such a time is criminal. we suggest the use of other drugs and remedi. To trust to unguents and cataplasms is but to al measures; neither do I think it necessary to prolong the misery, with the certain prospect write up its origin and history together with of serious damage to the patient, and in the its former abuses, but simply to record my ex- near future, regret on the part of the surgeon. perience with an old and potent remedial The deplorable results of delay in such cases measures. FRANK R. BRUNNER, M. D. are only too well known. After weeks and Eshbach, Pa.

months of pain, and suffering and loss of time,

it is fortunate if there is not also loss of bone, Tracheotomy on Domestic Animals. stiffened joints, and impaired functions of the Editor MEDICAL WORLD.

hand. I noticed in June number, page 205, an arti- tory be too many such. In this case the young

to cle reporting an operation of tracheotomy on a horse. I wish to say that such an operation on

surgeon failed to recognise the real nature of the horse, is of no danger whatever, and is al

the trouble, displaying profound wisdom, and ways attended with good results. I have known diagnosis of blood-poisoning, a mysterious and

at the same time pacifying his patient by a sage a horse, that worked for many years, with this dreaded term that does duty for all sorts of unartificial nostrils. The only precaution is to wash out the tube in carbolized water, once a

explained conditions, until it was too late to day. I performed the same operation for a

arrest the progress of the disease. case of obstruction due to a sweet potato. After

The penalty of this oversight was that the the removal of the obstruent, the tube was re

man, a mechanic, through his suffering lost moved, without any bad consequences. This

over twenty pounds in weight, and lost also six was a cow, and when I was called, the animal

months of valuable time. Eventually it became was suffocating. I give you this about tracheo.

necessary to remove the remnant of the index tomy, only to impress upon you how little or

finger and part of the corresponding metacapal rather how dangerous an operation we consider

bone of the right hand, and he is now unfitted tracheotomy in veterinary practice.

for pursuing his regular business. Savannah, Ga. .


I have no new remedy to propose, but I wish to

emphasize the value of a very, very old oneTreatment of Felons.

prompt, deep, effectual incision. By this means,

in a moment, a painful abscess is converted inEditor MEDICAL WORLD :

to little more than a simple incised wound, and In the current medical journals, there appear thus untold relief is afforded. from time to time "infallible methods" of The resort to topical applications and delay treatiug felons by means of local applications. is presumed to be in the interest of conservaSomie of these are endorsed by physicians of tism and humanity, but the effort to avoid the repute, who seem to claim many cures and few direct issue is a mistaken forbearance, which failures; others are floating prescriptions, often often entails most serious consequences, without responsible paternity or vouchers, I am not of a sanguinary disposition, but serving to fill space, and sometimes doubtless to there are a few simple operations that afford me delude the credulous.

such a feeling of satisfaction as I derive from While it is quite ' possible that superficial this, when I see the pus “ welling up” beside gatherings have been dispersed by the timely the knife. I know that I am doing good, and application of such agents as carbolic and salicy- the panever fails to appreciate it also. hc acids, iodines, mercury, alcohol, calcium or If you are in doubt whether or not to operturpentine, it is not probable that deep-seated ate, give the patient the benefit of the doubt phlegmons, situated in the sheaths of the tendons by incising at once. You will never regret it. or beneath the periosteum have been so dis- Brooklyn.


.gr. xx

.Δy x

Peculiar Case of Blood-Poisoning. day, and I know he will be pleased with the Editor MEDICAL WORLD :

result. Such treatment is not original with

me; but I have found it very effective in my I believe the following case may be of some

experience with the disease. One of my cases interest to the fraternity.

I cured with it after all the rheumatic and neuJ. S., while working in a tannery, cut one of rotic remedies had failed under the observation his little fingers very slightly, and septic pois- of several physicians. oning followed. He came into my office two

Dr. Guyon (page 431) might examine his or three days after the injury, suffering mild constitutional and less local effects. In a few patient for a tape-worm, pin-worms, or other

intestinal parasites. If the symptoms point to minutes he complained of faintness, and at

the former, give male fern; if the latter, sanonce went into convulsions, followed by a co

tonine and calomel are the best vermifuge. matose state. He remained in this condition

Dr. Hardwick's patient (page 431) may have about six hours, when he partially returned to

vesical calculi, along with an excess of phosconsciousness. During this time his pulse was scarcely perceptible at the wrist, also very rapid phates, to account for the symptoms.

Kingman, Maine. R. J. Love, M.D. and irregular. In short, the patient had every indication of early dissolution. The following morning there was no improvement in his con Senile Gastric Catarrh.-Report of Dr. Robindition, and his stomach was so irritable that it

son's Case. would retain nothing. His case looked so Editor MEDICAL WORLD: gloomy that all gave him up to die, and I could

On page 340, Sept. No., I reported the case not help sharing in their opinions. Still I de- of my mother for diagnosis and treatment. termined to make another effort; so I pre I take this opportunity to thank those of our scribed as follows:

fraternity who kindly came to my assistance. B Acidi carbolici...

·gtt. iij

I will not mention their names in this connecSodii hyposulphitis.

tion, for reasons that I will state before I close Spts. frumenti..

this article. There was a diversity of opinion Quinia sulph,


in the seven letters that I received; as much so This I put in a mixture containing one egg, as there was with those of the profession who some beef peptonoids (Reed & Carnrick's), saw the case. I consider it quite a compliment with milk, and injected into the rectum ; to be to those of the fraternity who gave the diagno. repeated every four hours. It had the desired

sis and treatment so nearly correct without seeeffect; and, to be brief, the patient made a ing the case, and relying wholly upon my imgood recovery. I may state that, when he was perfect description. Most of the remedies first taken, I administered 20 grains of calomel,

ihat were suggested have been used, together 10 grains of quinine, and something over half

with a great many more having due reference an ounce of whiskey. I also cauterized the the stomach, duodenum ard gall cyst. wound with pure carbolic acid, and applied a Before I reported the case to THE WORLD, solution of this acid and acetate of lead to the the various opinions that had been entertained arm, which had at once swollen to thrice its by the profession were: gastritis, gastro duo. normal size. It was the calomel and whiskey denitis, neuralgia of the stomach, passage of that restored him to consciousness, and thus gallstones, with reflex neurosis, etc. saved him for the time being; while, later, to The weight of opinion that I received by the enema must be attributed his final recovery. private letter was that the case was one of indiThe points of interest in the case are the

gestion per se. One contributor was of the sudden onset of the severe symptoms and his opinion that it was a tumor, probably cancerrecovery when the system was so overpowered ous, of the spleen, with reflex neurosis. with the poison; the rapid increase of the I have consulted various authors upon the local as soon as the constitutianal symptoms subject : viz., Trousseau, Flint, Bartholow, became severe. It shows, too, how unfavora- Hartshorne, and lastly Loomis & Charcot. ble a case may appear and yet recover; also am of the opinion that Loomis & Charcot, in that we should not, under such circumstances, their excellent little work on the diseases of be too ready to surrender our patients to the old people, correctly described my mother's dark messenger.

case, under the head of senile gastric catarrh. I would strongly advise Dr. Caller, who And in the case in question I am constrained to states his case on page 431, to try hypodermic believe that not only the mucous membrane injections into the neighborhood of the affected living the stomach and duodenum is involve i ; parts, of gr. sulphate of morphia, along with but that the mucous membranes in general are ito gr. of sulphate of atropia, once or twice a involved.

[ocr errors]

I failed to state in my summing up of the Now, in forty years' practice, meeting every case that she is subject to uterine hemorrhage, conceivable condition possible or probable, Í at times very copious; also the bladder, kidney, have never found it necessary to go after or and lower bowels are at times involved. As hurry in any case to remove the placenta. To the child must suffer in consequence of follicu- say the least, it is bad advice to subject a lar change that the mucous membranes undergo woman who has barely gotten through a labor, during the period of dentition, so many old long or short, to additional worry of mind and people, especially of the lymphatic tempera- body by forcibly thrusting the hand into the ment, must suffer from an atrophic change in vagina and womb to remove a body so much their declining years. With this idea promi- inferior in size to the child, which it has lately Dent in my mind, I ordered the following: gotten through with, and thereby proved its R Bis. subnitratis,

ability to remove the placenta in due time if Fld, hydrastis....

āå dr. v

let alone and properly encouraged by a little Creasoti...

m xv judicious manipulation. Tr, nucis vom.

..M xx

Never go after the placenta. It is like the Liq. pepsinä.... .q. s. ad fl. oz. iv

Quaker woman's apples-it will come all right M. Sig.-Teaspoonful at meal-time.

if let alone. If your patient is all right other The above, no doubt, may truly be denom. ways, rest easy. J. M. PROCTOR, M. D. inated a shot-gun prescription; but it has re North Salem, Ind. lieved the case. She has never had an attack since she used the first dose. She can eat any

Jaborandi-Diphtheria. thing she wants but pork. She is practically Editor Medical World: to-day a well woman.

In the discussion on jaborandi for erysipelas, I am therefore not only thankful to The Med. World and the readers who helped cific as I have found. In the pathology of diph

count me in for jaborandi; it is as near a speto enlighten me, but to such men as Profs.

theria I am a localist-believing the germ should Loomis and Charcot, whose able work on the

be attacked in its faucial nidus before it gains diseases of old people is worthy of commenda

entrance into the system, by as strong a germition.


cide as is consistent with safety, in the form of Bridgeport, Ky.

spray, gargle, or insufflation.

My choice has been the bicloride of mercury Coffee to Destroy the Odor of Todoform.

in spray, 1 part to 500-4000. But any of the gerEditor MEDICAL WORLD:

micids will do: carbolic acid, permanganate of Methods for rendering iodoform inodorous potash, tinct. iodine, tinct. iron, listerine, perare as numerous as they are unsatisfactory, and

oxide of hydrogen, benzoate of soda, lime water, I do not wish to add to the number, but would salicylic acid, sulphur, and turpentine; but for state that a year or two ago I read somewhere, heaven's sake don't kill your patient, or comwhere, I cannot now remember, that coffee promise his nephritic future, with heroic doses would destroy the order perfectly.

of turpentine, or anything else. After trying in vain for some time to obtain

At the same time disinfect the prima via by finely powdered coffee from my wholesale

a few two to three grain doses of calomel, fol. druggist, I sent to a drug mill and had a pound lowed by castor oil and turpentine. Having of the best Java coffee pulverized, and have commenced this treatment early you will look since been using it with great satisfaction, using in vain for the constitutional disease. equal quantities of iodoform and coffee.

I am very much interested in your journal. When I have used iodoform and that odor I like its tea-table talk of the multum in parvo clings to my hands, I ask for the coffee-pot and

style. Our light should not be hid under a simply wash them with the coffee, and the odor bushel, but should so shine that others may see

It is certainly superior to tannin, whether we are astride a hobby, or radiating balsam peru, bergamot, etc., etc. Try it.

scintillations of truth. H. C. CLAPP, M.D. Theo. H. BOYSEN.

Mendon, St. Joseph Co., Mich. Egg Harbor City, N. J.

Picrate of Ammonia in Malarial Fever. Retained Placenta.


After reading your answer to Dr. G. A. Dr. Coleman seems to think that the pla Hawkins, in the August issue of The WORLD, centa is in some way fastened to the uterus, I sent to St. Louis and procured an ounce of and advises not to wait longer than fifteen the drug. minutes before going after it.

After adıninistering it in fifteen cases of ma.

is gone.

larial poisoning, I can unqualifiedly confirm all quickily and nicely that no one but myself and the good reports made by Sir Martin Clark consultant ever learned of the accident-a hapin India.

py sequence that at the time I attributed to the My experience with picrate of ammonia, almost total absence of blood or lochial dishowever, is more limited than his. This sec- charge, and which absence for a time worried tion of Arkansas (the White River Valley) is me me no little until I saw that no harm was rethe most intensely malarial in the South, and I sulting. In a later confinement, as in previous often meet cases of chronic malarial poisoning, ones, I learned that such was her normal condipresenting the symptoms of jaundiced skin, tion in labor. large, flabby tongue, covered with a thick Have not some of THE WORLD's many yellow fur, gradually diminishing in color as it readers anything to say in regard to the acDears the edges; enlarged liver, and spleen tion of the Hendson Co., N. J., Medical Socioccupying half of the abdominal cavity. ety in regard to dead beats and mutual protecIn the majority of such cases quinine alone tion against them?

W. J. E. aggravates the condition of things. It is then that the picrate of ammonia, given

Erysipelas. in half grain doses, with about two or three

Editor MEDICAL WORLD: grains of quinine, every three hours till six

A great deal has been written by your cordoses have been given, acts like a charm. One case in point, presenting all of the above respondents of late with regard to the cure of

erysipelas. I don't think that there is a better array of symptoms, will suffice:

remedy than the one I am about to give you, as Mr. F., age 50 years, had a violent chill July 4th, and although he took quinine to pro

it has been thoroughly tried in my native counfound cinchonism, the chill returned on the

try, England, from time immemorial, and with

the greatest success. third day, and so continued, either as a quar

I drop two drops of rhus tan or a quotidian, for six weeks. I put him

toxicodendron tincture, and two drops of belon ammonia picrate, gr. 42, and quinine, gr. lish), and give according to age of patient.

ladonna tincture into half pint of water (Eng3, every two hours, till six doses were taken,

For an adult a tablespoonful, and reduce the resulting in perfect relief, and he has remained

dose as the age of the patient may demand. I 50 ever since, a month having elapsed. Contrary to Sir Martin Clark's experience, I

also use for local application an ointment made

as follows: Cut up into an iron pot any quanmittent fever. "Two of the patients complained tity of leeks (such as are used in soups in Engof nausea after taking the medicine. After land), and then put in enough hog's lard

to breaking the chill, and to reduce the size of the

cover it nicely, allow it to boil very slowly for liver and spleen, I have found nothing to equal ready for use. I always keep it in stock and

fifteen minutes, strain through a sieve, and it is the following prescription ;

consider it a valuable ointment for various purR Prussiate of iron..

Quin. sul....

. ij

poses. Jaborandi may be all very well, but I Strych. sul.

.gr. ij

never fall back upon an uncertainty when I Acid Arsen.

.gr. ijss

have a certainty at hand. Try my pet remedy Copper sul...

Dr. John Cook. M.--Ft. pill No. 30.

Lake Shore Villa, Utah. Take one three times a day.

[Dr. Cook will hardly refer to jaborandi as Query.-Will some of the brotherhood, who an uncertainty" after he has given it several reside in the malarial districts of the South, be thorough trials. It is quite in order, in rekind enough to inform me, through the col. porting the merits of a remedy in this manner, umns of THE WORLD, the best way to give to give some details as to the usual time recalomel so as to prevent salivation ? Also, the quired for its curative action. Erysipelas is a best remedy for mercurial salivation ?

self-limited disease, running a typical course, Weldon, Ark. S. H. SINGLETON, M.D. and usually tending to its own recovery. The

remedy which would prove itself master of this Dry Deliveries,

disease must have the power to cut it short. Editor MEDICAL WORLD:

The remedy which temporizes, or guards the Some time since, when “obstetric experi- patient until the disease has spent its force, ences” were the order of the day, I related a

and thus allows the patient to recover, case of rupture of the vagina coincident with in the true sense, a specific.--Ed.] version at seven months for obstinate hemorrhage, ruptured to such extent that several inches Atropia solution should be left severely alone of the small bowel protuded, but healed up so in cases of glaucoma.

.gr. iv

and report.

is not,

We appreciate the manner in which the pro the tweezers or a depilatory; not really remefession shows its approval of the Physician's dies at all, hardly palliatives. A depilatory is Distinctive Badge. We regret that our efforts only a deep shave, removing the hair appato obtain a sufficient supply have fallen so far rently; but seldom in reality, unless it has also short of the demand. The orders that have destroyed the papillary layer of the skin, which been received have been carefully filed away, it sometimes does, by setting up such an amount and will be filled as soon as we can get the of inflammation as to produce this result. Debadges from the manufacturer. We cannot pilatories thus frequently produce a worse distake time to write to each one personally. figurement than the one intended to be cured,

We also have to announce that the first are always unsafe, and their use cannot be too lot were made without a sufficient knowledge strongly condemned. of the cost. In order to keep up the standard The tweezers, like the razor, afford only of excellence and fine finish we are reluctantly temporary relief, and in some cases really seem compelled to advance the price to $2.00 to stimulate the growth. each on all orders sent after this issue of The What relation does this form of blemish bear WORLD has been received. See November to the general system? It is found in all types WORLD, page 414, for full statement of require and conditions, and not by any means confined ments.

to the masculine appearing woman.

Strumous persons often įresent a superabunThe matter expectorated by patients suffering dant growth of the natural hair, and it seems from gangrene of L- lungs develops a charac to be generally conceded that an excessive terlstic oderci urnips after it has been kept growth is an evidence of an aberration of nufor a while.

trition, and not of increased vitality.

A moustache upon a lady's face is said by The great nuniber of requests for private arswers, some of our close observers to indicate an enfor the information and benefit of the writer, makes it necessary for us to charge a fee for the

time' required. largement of the ovaries, or at least a derangeThis see will be from one to five dollars, according to

ment of the menstrual function. Cases are on the amount of research and writing required.

record where a general growth appeared subse

quent to the suppression of the catamenia, and Electro-Therapeutical Department.

disappeared from other parts of the body upon

the re-establishment of the menses; but not Cases, questions or views upon electricity in medicine are invited.

from the face, though apparently not increasing

much. Others where the growth appeared after We hope to be able to announce to our read

the re establishment of the periods; not, howers next month, that Dr. Walling, the shilful

ever, attributed to such return, but rather to

the disturbance to the nervous system caused by electrition and strong writer, whose valuable

the cessation. articles we have had the pleasure of reading for Among insane women facial hypertrichosis is some time, has accepted the position as perma- of frequent occurrence, but generally appears nent editor of this department.

after the insanity. There appears to be some curious relation between the over development

of this form of the epithilium and nervous disElectrolysis in Facial Blemishes.

orders. As the will power declines, the vegeOne of the most annoying blemishes upon tative functions predominate, and often the the female face is superfluous hair.

sexual power is greatly increased after that A manly form or voice or face is rarely cov change which we call somatic death, the skin eted by a woman; and it is utterly absurd, in many instances retaining its vitality for a even cruel, to tell a lady that such a thing is of comparatively long time, its vegetative function very little moment, or a disease that will not goes on, and hair and nails are said to have kill her.

been developed enormously. This is denied A mole upon the face, a growth of hair, a by some of our dermatologists. I shall not stop slight mother's mark, a sallow complexion or a to discuss the point, confining myself to live few wrinkles even have produced such a mental subjects, only noting the fact before alluded to, condition in a proud, sensitive woman as to that excessive growth of hair is not considered demand the utmost skill of some of our ablest as indication of either strength of body or surgeons to combat.

mind; as Dr. Fox says: In such a condition, as in all other diseases, “ The Sampsons of our day are clean-limbed the first thing to be done is to remove the and naturally short haired, and an abnormal cause. Not so very many years ago the only growth of hair in length or location indicates remedy for hypertrichosis was either the razor, an abnormal condition of the nervous system."

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