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If this suggestion will be borne in mind and The only literature I can refer to on the used, you will save many an old man years of subject is found in the American Journal of suffering.

the Medical Sciences, July, 1881, page 164. Dr. Stroud is likely to derive benefit in his The fluid extract can be obtained of Messrs. case by combining this procedure with the in- Sharp & Dohme, Baltimore, Md., list price ternal use of the A. ext. of saw palmetto, in $1.20 per lb. twenty to thirty minim doses three or four times In cases of emergency a decoction can be a day. I believe if Dr. Bock, p. 153, will adopt made by boiling two ounces of the bruised seed this plan, and see that it is faithfully carried out, in a quart of water, down to a pint ; strain, he will derive great benefit from it. Will and give all during the succeeding twenty-four any one trying it kindly report through this hours. journal?

I have seen no disagreeable effects from its “Southern California's” prospective treat

W. J. CRAIGEN, M.D. ment in his next similar case might have a good Cumberland, Md. moral effect on his patient, but I doubt if this course will increase his venereal practice. His own criticism, a few lines above, is probably the

For Rectal Worms—Treatment of Gonorrhea. correct one—too great a variety in treatment. Doctor Allen, p. 169: Is not the trouble in

Editor MediCAL WORLD: the Professor's case accounted for by the heart In answer to Dr. A. P. Poaps, on page 172, lesion? Sternal pain is often the only subjective | April MEDICAL WORLD: Mix a solution of symptom from the near proximity of the labor table salt and water of such proportion that ing heart with the engorged lungs. Your re- 3ij of the mixture will contain a teaspoonful of course lies in first regulating and controlling salt, and inject in the rectum. Repeat on the heart-beat, pushing the means taken to the alternate days three or four times, if necessary; extent of overcoming the dilatation, if there be usually twice is sufficient.

usually twice is sufficient. This has never any, that causes the regurgitation; second, less. I failed with me. Those worms cannot exist in ening peripheral resistance. For the first digita

salt water. The patient should lie still after lin (genuine) pushed strongly; and for the the enema is given, until compelled to go to second, baths, friction, and Aannel clothing at stool. If this fails, please report, as I never all seasons of the year. I presume this will be knew it to fail. an old chestnut to the doctor. Am curious to see what others have to say. I get the best ef

IN REPLY TO SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, Page fect from the digitalin granules made by the

158, APRIL NUMBER. Metric Granule Company, of Chicago.

The cure of gonorrhea, in some cases, is no Ravenswood, Ill. Dr. W. C. ABBOTT. triling matter, as I long ago learned, not from

books, but by experience. Such remedies as

the doctor describes will often produce just A New Remedy for Vesical Catarrh, Cystitis, such results, or did for me in my early practice. Irritable Bladder and Frequent Micturition in the Aged.

Any preparation of mercury, sulphate of zinc,

nitrate of silver, acetate of lead, or, in fact, any Editor MEDICAL WORLD:

and all astringents too strong, given in the early In reply to Dr. H. E. Stroud's inquiry, page stage of gonorrhea, will be very likely to result 159, April, 1889, I recommend him to admin- in stricture or orchitis. Many cases thus treated ister to his father the fluid extract of Sorghum come to me from other M.D.'s. It is far better saccharatum or Sorghum vulgare, in teaspoonful to do nothing than to use such remedies, doses three to five times daily.

especially in the early stage. I have had but This is the product of the common broom- one such case as yours out of a large venereal corn seed, and must not be confounded with practice in the past year, and that was a case broom-top or scoparius.

demanding quick work or certain exposure of It is diuretic, sedative, demulcent, and sooth- his true condition. ing to the irritated urinary organs.

I will say to the brother, “ Never use any I have been using it a number of years, and medicine the first two to four days, after the have found it very beneficial in cases of irrita- discharge appears. Use only warm water fretion and tenesmus, where there is almost con- quently injected with a P.P. vulcanized syringe stant desire to micturate, but small quantity (use no glass syringe). Use the injection imonly is expelled at each effort.

mediately after urinating, so as to avoid carry. In the aged who are compelled to rise fre- ing the virus further up the canal. Give at the quently at night to void their urine, it has pro- commencement a laxative of any bland cathartic, duced great relief.

if necessary, to keep the bowels loose. After

i qt.

three or four days' use of warm water, use

In Dr. H. E. Stroud's case, page 159, I would instead :

recommend tr. iodine applied, once a day, over B. White pinus canadens's (Kennedy's). 3 i,

the space anterior to sphincter ani, and, interMorphia sulph......

grs. XV

nally, the following: Aqua fow...

.f.3 v.
R. Fl. ext. phytolacca,

f Aiv. M. Sig.–After passing urine to wash out the canal,

Soda bromide, ...

Aiv. inject a full P.P. syringe of the medicine, holding it n

Soda iodide..

Ai. the penis three to four minutes. Use three times a day.

Soda phosphate..

Aiv. If more than one bottle is required, fill the

Aqua menth, q. s ad........ 3 xii. bottle each time after the first one is gone, just

M. S. One-half fluid ounce before meals and at bed.

time. the same, only use Zij of the pinus canadensis; order plenty of nourishment, no intoxicating To Dr. Minich, page 170, for “those feet :" drinks, avoiding all excesses, and you will have

R. Alum...

Z i. no cases of orchitis, or stricture, and last, but

Salicylic acid..

Ai. not least, make no failures, nor will even need

Hot water.... to blister the penis.

M. S. Soak teet every night 10 to 15 minutes, rubThe above course, properly followed out will

bing them at same time. It will cure them. soon give you venereal cases from a distance as Pierre, So. Dakota. W. B. STEERE, M.D. well as in your city. If Southern California sees fit to write me, giving me his correct

Gonorrhea. name and address, I will give him my unfailing management of syphilis.

Editor MEDICAL WORLD: Fairbury, Neb. I. HUMPHREY, M. D. I was amused at the communication that ap

peared in the April number of The MEDICAL The Ideal Laxative.

WORLD, under the heading, “Gonorrhea, a

Failure." Editor MedicAL WORLD :

Evidently the doctor lost sight of one of the Dr. J. H. Myers, of Lewiston, Penna., on most important principles of surgery in treatpage 161, April number, asks “ What combina- ing his patient. tion of medicines will make a liquid cathartic, He had inflammation of the mucous mema teaspoonful to contain a dose for a man, brane; no matter if it was specific. pleasant to the taste, that will operate without The first indication, in any inflammation, is griping and be cheap enough for poor people to put the part or member as much at rest as keep on hand in place of pills ?"

may be, the second, apply something soothing, I can give a splendid one that I have tried and the third, tin for over a year, and have written it fifty times The first move the doctor made upon the disfor others.

ease would probably have been curative, if Take one-half pound of figs, one-half pound persisted in, had he left off that part of the of prunes and one-half ounce of senna leaves. treatment which might be termed strategic, Put the senna leaves in a quart of water, and viz., copaiba, spts. nitre, etc., internally. boil 15 minutes covered. Then strain and add But when he commenced beating about with two teacupfuls of white sugar, cut up the figs the wind, using first one remedy, and then and prunes and add them, then boil the whole another, he was awfully “at sea

" without a until the fruit is soft-perhaps a half hour. compass, and it is not to be wondered at that Take a teaspoonful after each meal. If the he should run upon the rocks. bowels are obstinate take a thorough cathartic The doctor will do well to try the following first, and this will keep them regular.

plan of treatment, when he again has a patient, is a gentle laxative, but will keep them as regu- instead of confining him to his bed and blislar as clock work. Keep on ice in summer tering his penis : time to keep from souring: Shelbyville, Ind. MRS. G. H. Dunn.

R Bismuth subnit...

.3 ij

Muc. acacie,
Gonorrhea.-Sweating Feet.

Aquæ puræ

āā f. 3 iv

M. Sig. Inject Zij 3 or 4 times daily, aftır urinaEditor MedicAL WORLD :

tion. On pige 158, nymphæ odoratæ should be the powdered root. Tr. of "celery seed" is not commonly found in drug s'ores. It should

R Magnesii sulph...

3 ij Aquæ puræ. :

.f. Ž iv be prepared by digesting two ounces of seed to

M. st. sol. Sig. Tablespoonsul in 4 ounces of water, one piot diluted alcohol.

four times daily.

No. 1.

No. 2.

No. 3

.grs, viij.


If the patient is plethric, or is troubled with I would have used for the second stage the soluchordee, add to the salts antimony et potass. tion of bichloride, which was ued in the first tart., grs. iv.

stage, to render the discharge antiseptic, and Continue this treatment until urination does would have relieved the pain and encouraged not cause much pain or “ burning," then the discharge by having the penis held in hot order

water, which I see was done in this case. I never allow my patients to follow the habit of

putting cotton over the meatus and holding it B Zinci sulph..

there by means of the foreskin, but I have them Ext. belladonna Ad.

.M. iv.

make a poke out of muslin and fasten it Aquæ puræ...

.f. 3 viij by means of tape sewed to the open end Ft. Sol. Sig. Inject 3 ij morning and night.

and passed around the body, and at the bottom Continue No. 1 if necessary.

If the patient

of this poke some absorbent cotton is placed can't go to bed (and few will consent to do so), having a rag wrapped around the penis and

to catch the discharge. This is better than put a suspensory bandage on him.

held ihere by means of a string tied tightly Vary this treatment if necessary, but don't

around the root of that organ, thus obstructing apply an irritart to an inflamed surface-don't

its circulation. try to put out a fire by adding fuel to the flame.

In the third stage,

when the Report results through The MEDICAL

discharge has lessened and assumed a mucoWORLD. J. G. TIDBALL, M. D.

purulent form, is the time I use astringents, Howard, South Dakota.

and nitrate of silver' gr. 12 - gr. j to the oz. is as good as anything else, and in some cases

it has succeeded where other preparations have Gonorrhea.

failed. But there is no one remedy to be rec

ommended above all others. Every physician Editor MEDICAL WORLD :

has his favorite, and I presume all have done In reply to “Southern California" of April good work and all have failed. I have found No., p.p. 158-9, I think he made the first mis- that the less you handle an inflamed mucous take in the strength of his bichloride solution. membrane the better will it be for it, and its The solution he used is tood, and it would have unhappy master, and, although I do not doubt been better to have used a goddo in water that the doctor in this case has treated more as warm as could be borne, in tue nist stage, as cases of gonorrhea than I have, yet I cannot the efficacy of injections in the first stage is due help, inasmuch as he invites it, to criticise his not to the drug, but to the soothing effect of the treatment in that he did too much, especially hot water. Saline diuretics and purgatives are in the first and second stages. I know some of immense value in this stage, asarea bland diet patients will say, “Well, doctor, if you

can't and rest. It is certainly a mistake on the part do more than you are doing now, I will go to of the doctor to use any vigorous treatment in someone who can;" but you had better let the first stage of gonorrhea, although he may them go and let the other man have the be importuned by his patient to cut the disease elephant on his shoulders. You will not lose short. If we attempt to do so we will only anything by it-you will be the gainer. lengthen the time of the disease, besides causing The next case you have, doctor, put him to our patients a vast amount of suffering, as in the bed, but do not blister his penis, or you will case of “Southern California." I know it is have an elephant on each shoulder. I bli-tered hard to resist the frantic appeals of our patients, a penis once; the man was marr'ed. he is now especially if they be married men, but we must 'single; and my wife was almost ani not let our sympathies run away with our judg

so was his. ment, which is often the case, as it probably I have not gone into the pathology this was in our brother's. I never used the balsam disease, as you all know the pathology of an copaiba mixture, and consequently cannot inflamed mucous membrane, and when the speak either favorably or unfavorably of it, but treatment of gonorrhea becomes based on its I I do know something of nitrate of silver, and pathology, it will be handled with gloves, and do not hesitate to condemn it in the first and not be burned with caustic injections, for which second stages of gonorrhea. It is a dangerous

it can never become tolerant. Then strictures, remedy when the mucous membrane is in con- the result of destruction of the mucous memdition for it to attack, which condition is favor- brane by caustics, will become a thing of the able in the first and second stages, and a urethra past dark ages, and homes once more the abode which has been attacked by it may well feel of angels. proud if it comes off without a stricture. Newark, O. W. B. MIDDLETON, M.D.

Treatment for Gonorrhea.

Removal of Placenta.


I have been somewhat pleased and interested Dr. H. E. Stroud, of Oceanside, Cal., wants concerning the discussions that have taken place a simple quick and harmless treatment for the in The World, and more especially concerning cure of gonorrhea. For his benefit, and that the third stage of labor. of the numerous readers of your valuable and We all know the old adage about doctors dispractical journal, I send you my treatment, agreeing, and they all seem to have an opinion with which I have permanently cured acute anu of their own on the subject, and they are not chronic cases in from two to five days. I be- afraid to let that opinion be published. lieve gonorrheal inflammation specific; to over- Last Friday morning I was called in haste to come that and produce simple inflammation and see Mrs, H., and found she had gotten through then cure it is what the patient wants.

the first and second stages of labor alone. To accomplish this, I adopt the following They had been waiting for nature to complete trt atment:

the third, but had been waiting in vain, so sent If, in my judgment, I deem it necessary, I for help. When I reached there I found her have the patient inject a four per cent, solution

panting and gasping for breath; in fact, all the of muriate cocaine, and retain from eight to symptoms of post partum hemorrhage. ten minutes. After using the above, I have him I hastened to work, for here moments were use the following injection:

precious, for a young mother's life hung in the

balance. Pains she was having, but no pro☆ Sulph. zinc..

-Ə ij Sulph, morph.


.gr. x Aqua...

.f3 iv

The proper remedies were given, and a quick

examination showed a womb that was partly M. Sig.-Injection. No. 1.

full of blood and placenta. I introduced my This I have him inject and retain five minutes,

hand gently, removed the clots, and at the same and repeat the same two or three times, use this

time a pain came, and, grasping the placenta,

I removed everything and bleeding stopped. injection every four hours. After twelve hours,

The mother said, “I feel so comfortable now." I then follow with injection No. 2.

I stayed with her until danger was past, and R Act, zinc,

then left, to continue my work, happy with the Act. morph.

thought that I had heard the calls of nature, Aqua.

.f 3 viij answered her, and assisted her to save another M Sig.-Injection. No. 2.

precious life.

But THE MEDICAL World, the visitor that I This I have the patient inject and retain as find myself looking forward to welcome each he did with No. 1, until cured; it is important month, came that night, and reading the dis. to instruct the patient how to use the syringe in

cussion concerning the third stage of labor, my a proper manner. Fill the syringe about one

jaw fell. I had done wrong to-day. I ought to half full, push the piston forward until the solu- have sat down and watched nature finish her tion reaches the mouth of the syringe ; it is work, if it had been twenty four hours doing it; then introduced within the mouth of the penis, but it would not have succeeded in this case, for the solution is forced gently but firmly as far

the mother never would have lived for the work as the disease extends. Remove the syringe,

to be accomplished. and, by gentle pressure on the mouth of ihe Brother physicians, did I do right? I am penus, retain the solution.

young yet, and if I am not doing right I shall Gonorrhea being a local disease, needs but be doing a lot of mischief before I am called to little internal treatment. The successful doctor strike work, if I l ve. The mother is doing well will meet indications and overcome them as they under the treatment, I believe we are only may arise. D. W. McCarthy, M. D. nature's assistants, but we must be quick to Cincinnati O.

hear her calls and hasten to her help. I never have left the placenta alone for one hour before I found the reason for its not coming along,

and if it needs my help it gets it, and yet I never Editor, MEDICAL WORLD :

had bad results from the practice.

I never had a patient that did not get up I have received the Visiting List and Ledger of quickly from childbirth. I don't assist in the Monthly Balances, and am delighted with them. They

third stage of labor for the comfort of myself, are all you represent them to be.

but for my patient;' for I find that if I wait for Palmetto, La.

R. H. ANDERSON, M.D. any length of time that the mother is suffering


gr. iv


third stage.

both in body and mind, for she well knows Naphthol-Hypertrophied Tonsils. something is wrong and her life is not safe until

Editor MEDICAL WORLD: all is riglat. With my left hand I always follow the con

Would like to know dose of beta-naphthol, traction of the womb in last pain of the second

and uses. stage of labor, and know where the placenta is,

What is best treatment for hypertrophied and there act accordingly. As a general thing tonsil, where knife, etc., are objected to? it lays in the mouth of the womb, for with

Patient, aged 6, healthy, good parentage. the finger you can move it a little to one side,

Avonmore, Pa. W. FREDERICK, M. D. and in moving you excite a pain and all is over,

[Beta-naphthol is used in parasitic skin disand you save your patient much pain in body

eases, locally, in a combination of from one as well as distress of mind.

per cent. to ten per cent. with vaseline, lanoline, I never have seen bad results from quick re

lard, oils, ether or alcohol. It should not be moval of placenta, but have seen hour-glass applied too freely over a very large surface, as contractions and post-partum hemorrhage by it is diffusible and has caused toxic symptoms. not being at the bed-side at the end of the

For hypertrophied tonsil the best of all second stage to help in the completion of the remedies is the electro-cautery. F. D. BADGER, M.D.

Excision or astringent gargles are next to be Coventry, Vt.

thought of. of the latter there are many favorites, including sulphate of zinc, hydrastis,

tannic acid and vegetable extracts containing it, Quiz Column.

etc. Bartholow recommends the injection of

tincture of iodine into the substance of the Questions are solicited for this Column. Communications not accompanied by the proper name and address of the

gland.-Ed.] writer (not necessarily for publication). will not be goticed

The great number of requests for private answers, for the Information and benefit of the writer, makes it necessary for

Strophantus. us to charge fee for the time required. This fee will be irom one to five dollars, according to the amount of research and writing required.


Can you give in your journal anything in re

gard to the therapeutics of strophantus ? Tonsils and Virility.

H. D. CHAMPLIN, M.D. The only responses to our suggestion in April

103 Jennings ave., Cleveland, Onio. World, giving cases, contradict the theory [The literature regarding strophantus is, as there mentioned. This agrees with our own

yet, quite meager. It is used as a substitute observations.

for digitalis in cardiac weakness from various

causes. Its advantage over digitalis is claimed Dr. J. G. Snyder, of Osborne, Kan., asks

to be that it does not contract the arterioles, advice in a ca e as follows: “Patient when he

while it hastens the venous circulation-a most goes to sleep cannot be aroused unless smothered important aid to an over-taxed heart. It may with a pillow, or something to cover the entire be termed mainly a “symptomatic" drug. It face, although he will arouse, if left to himself. is claimed to have no cumulative effects. -Ed.) He will converse intelligently when asleep."

Viability of Fetus. In the October, 1888, WORLD, page 362, is What is the youngest age at which a fetus a short article on a drink for chronic diarrhea. can be born alive? To the directions must be added : for each dose I have a patient who gave birth to a fetus boil a sufficient quantity of the powder with five calendar months old, and it lived for onewater to make a cupful of the preparation of half hour. I know that the woman had been the consistency of rich chocolate.

pregnant just five months.
Silver City, la.


[Cazeaux and Tarnier, page 1184, say: Correction.

in There is no evidence to show that a fetus In the December, 1888, WORLD, page 438, born at an earlier period than between the the first prescription in the second column is fourth and fifth month can in any sense be incomplete. The quantity of Auid extract of said to be born alive. hydra:tis should be A. oz.j. At the last should « Living children have beenborn between the be: Aquæ rosæ, q. s. ad. A. oz. iij.

fourth and fifth months of uterine life. There

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