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of light compelled me to give it proper atten R Hydrarg. bichloride ............ grs. 4 tion. I first fixed it to use upon a Cleveland

Aquæ dest. ................... fl. oz, 8 student lamp. I removed the top and bottom

M. S. Wet a cloth in the lotion and apply to the joint

| and cover with oiled silk. of lantern, also the handles (it would be well to leave handles on), turned the shade from

C. B. HUTCHINS, M. D. before the glass, soldered in a piece of nickel San Francisco, Cal. plated copper for a reflector, and it was ready to use. By adjusting it over the lamp chimney

[Doctor, would it not be as well to allow the and behind one of the chimney fenders, it patient to inhale gas from the gas-burner in the proved to be the proper height to get the full dwelling house ?_ED.] size of the flame. I used it in this manner for some time, when my student lamp was ex. changed for a large library lamp with double

Business-like Collections. wicks, and the question at once confronted me

| Editor MEDICAL WORLD : how to use the police lantern concentrator of rays. The question was quickly solved to my

I do you only justice in saying that you have satisfaction. however, for it was an improved given me in medical literature the best value combination. All I had to do was to remove

for my money I ever received. the lamp chimney, set the concentrator on in

I wish country doctors would generally adopt side the fenders same as a chimney, then the | my plan of collecting bills, namely, promptly chimney exactly fit inside the top of lantern,

present them every first of January, April, July and the concentrator of light was complete,

and October, and have back-bone enough to with no effort on my part, and at no expense

obtain cash or note on interest. I get one or and more satisfactory than ever. I now use the

the other every time, or there is a thoroughly concentrator on any medium size lamp, the

good reason why not. I never try to keep patron furnishing lamp, oil, and chimney at

friends with the class who can but will not pay, their homes. The concentrator can be slipped

but, on the contrary, I sit down on them flat. into any coat pocket or wrapped with paper

footed. By these means I find I can live, while and carried in the bottom of the buggy. It

my professional neighbor, who may know more will aid in securing a powerful light, provided

than I do, is (at least sometimes) compelled to the doctor calculates it so as to get flame directly

want. in rear of the lens, and a good reflector in back

Prairie-itch in my hands is still often unconof the flame chamber. If the doctor bas not a

quered. I wish I knew why? police lantern at hand, any tiosmith can make Ransom, III. Dr. James Mac Coy. a proper frame, and the hardware store will fur nish the glass lens. Hegewisch, III. H. John TilloTSON, M.D. Two Years, Detention of a Dead Fetus in Utero.


On Dec. 22d, 1886, I was called to see Clara Illuminating Gas for Respiratory Diseases

Hall, a colored woman, supposed to be in labor. Gonorrheal Rheumatism.

On making inquiry I found that she was the Editor MEDICAL WORLD:

mother of one child thirteen years old. Had

never aborted. On making a digital examinaIn some of the journals lately I have seen ad

tion I found the os quite high up-in fact, vised the use of inhaling remedies to destroy

it was almost impossible to reach it at all. No the microbe of consumption.

dilatation whatever. The womb was contract. For some time I have sent my patients suffering ing tolerably hard, but the pains were very far from incipient phthisis to the gas-house in this

aparţ. I diagnosed labor in the first stage, city to inhale the gas, as in hooping-cough. The

but could not make out the presenting part. I result has surprised me. The cough disappeared would remark here that the woman was very in a short time.

fleshy, and that I could not make out the posiI have also used the same remedy in the in

tion of the child by palpation. I do not refluenza, with a cough, hanging on for two or member whether I felt the child move or not. three months in many cases. I am convinced

The labor being very slow, I left for home with that it aids very much in curing the cough.

instructions to call me if the pains became As you like short communications I won't faster. I called to see her again twelve hours speculate.

later and found that the pains had ceased. I The best remedy I have found for gonorrheal

did not make any further examination, but told rheumatism is :

the husband that he could call for me when the pains came on again. One week from the time to dilate the cervix; but the process was very of the first call the husband told me that his slow, as the parts would scarcely yield at wife had her sickness slightly, but no pains. | all. However, after considerable delay and The discharge continued for about one month, manipulation, he finally succeeded in introducing but no pains. I called to see her several times, a large urethral sound, which he rotated with but made no digital examination. The patient very little trouble. said she had not felt the child move since the There was no discharge from the womb night she was first taken sick.

whatever, no tetor on examining the sound, The discharge per vaginam was slightly fetid not more than two drachms of blood lost from at this time. I came to the conclusion that the the forcible dilatation. child was dead, and I insisted on making an | Dr. S. diagnosed fibroids and suggested a effort to bring on labor; but the patient objected. course of treatment. I was still not convinced, Still I commenced to give ergot, and kept it up but said little about it, as I had no way to several days; but it had no effect, except to stop | prove that I was correct. Patient bore the the hemorrhage. The patient said that she felt chloroform well, but suffered with nausea afterwell, and was able to do all her wirk. I saw wards very much. She became very restless the patient often for the next twelve months, as about midnight, but did not complain of much she was living on my farm. She seemed to be pain. She died rather suddenly at 2 o'clock in good health, able to do farm work most of A. M., after making an effort to get up. the year, and menstrated regularly after the first At 8 o'clock A. M., I made a post-mortem seven months. Her abdomen was about as large examination. On opening the abdomen I as it was at the time of expected cumfinement. found the abdominal walls attached to the Menses became more scanty each month, and anterior portion of the uterus, and with conhad ceased entirely by the eighteenth month, siderable difficulty succeeded in separating it Jure, 1888. The patient now began to complain there from. There was also inflammatory adheof pains at irregular intervals, sometimes quite sion between the fundus and the small intestines. severe and very much like labor pains.

There was about a pint of bloody water in the Igave ergot with the hope of increasing the peritoneal cavity. I finally succeeded in detachpains, but it had no effect. l had to give mor- | ing the womb from its surroundings. Some of phia to get any relief. The patient was in bed the adhesions were very tough, almost like about half the time for the next three months. cartilage. The womb was about as large as a She had lost considerable Alesh, the womb v 2:y half gallon jug, and in some places very thin. hard and reached about two inches above the I could plainly feel the cranial bones inside. umbilicus. Intermittent pain most all the time. | I placed the womb on a table, and, on opening

Warm applications and morphine gave some , it, I found an eight or nine months' fetus, very relief. About this time, Nov. 15th, 1888, a very much decayed. offensive discharge began to pass from the | The fetor was terrible. The flesh was vagina. I made a digital examination; also entirely gone from the bones of the crarium and examined with the speculum. Found the os also from the large bones. The skin and flesh high up and very hard, somewhat enlarged. I on the posterior part of the trunk was still tried to pass a small probe, but could not do so. intact. I was still of the opinion that it was a retained The breech of the child was presenting at fetus, and advised an operation, either to dilate the cervix. On introducing a small probe at the cervix or abdominal section, but the patient the external os, and passing it upwards, I found would not consent. I tried most everything to that it did not enter the uterine cavity at all, relieve pain, as morphine made her sick at th but penetrated the cervix very near the internal stomach, but would finally have to return to os, and entered the abdominal cavity through morphine.

a rather ragged opening, showing very plainly Feb. ist, 1889, the patient in bed all the the reason why we had not detected any setor time; able to get but little sleep on account of the day before. It also explained why the the pain; getting weaker every day; but little sound rotated so easily. This opening was to appetite; stomach very irritable.

the left of the womb. Of course the bloody Feb. 5th, I called on Dr. S- , of Austin. water, spoken of before, came from the parts After pruducing complete anesthesia with chlo lacerated by the sound. I did not examine the roform, Dr. S- introduced a modification ovaries or tubes, as I had no help, and the fetor of Sims' speculum and found the cervix very was so bad that I was anxious to get through. hard unyielding. After considerable time and I sent the uterus to Dr. S. for examinausing moderate force, Dr. S— succeeded in tion. passing a probe through the cervix. With I have very few remarks to make in regard to drawing that, he introduced a dilator and tried the case. I have been able to find but little

relieve her she succumbed to the disease, and thought it might prove interesting to the readers felt thanks and three cords of live oak

literature on the subject. I know that a few

Obstetrical Statistics. very eminent men have had the same accident Editor MEDICAL WORLD : happen to them that we had in this case; that is, the penetration of the abdominal There has, of late, been considerable discuscavity. The cervix was so tough that I do not sion in your journal regarding the treatment of think we could have ever succeeded in dilating the placenta, and it is only by testimony from it sufficiently to remove the fetus per va various sources that the truth on any subject ginam.

is reached, as discussions on practical points The only way, in my opinion, that the child in our art enable us the more certainly to grasp could have been removed at all, would have the subject in its fulness. It is these practical been by Cesarian section, and even then I am discussions of matters of every day practice satisfied that, if the patient had not died under that prove of the greatest benefit to the major the operation, she would have died from septic number of the great army of physicians. The poisoning in a very short time.

practical usually is so frequently overshadowed Likely our treatment hastened her death, but by the theoretical, that it is a boon to the she could have lived but a short time anyway.

greater number of us, who are the followers, to W. A. ELLISON, M.D. be able to find these points of every day work Manchacı, Texas.

practically discussed.

In my practice there has not been a very abundant harvest of obstetrical cases; for you

will find in many places in California that layFatal Case of Mumps.

men consider themselves, in many instances, Editor MEDICAL WORLD :

sufficiently expert to manage cases April 20th, I was summoned to see one Mrs.

themselves. But, such as my practice has furWay, aged 84, and found her afflicted with brazen-faced, add my mite of testimony of

nished I may, I hope, without seeming too catarrhal fever.

The catarrhal inflammation did not extend heyond the bronchial tubes, and

the fifty-five cases of which I have record, the

Of these, all but

following is a brief resumé: by the tenth day the patient was convalescing four were vertex presentation . very nicely. However, on this day, my atten

Of these, fion was directed to a pain, complained of twenty were in first position; eleven in the during deglutition, in the region of the angle into second; five in the fourth position, three

second position; one in third position, rotating of the jaw. On examination I found the lower of these rotating into fir:t position; eight verpart of the left parotid gland tender to the touch, and slightly swollen, and the next day torily diagnosed. One of my recorded cases

tex cases, in which position was not satisfacthe entire gland was inflamed, and the right one slightly so, and very tender to the couch. I

was transverse, vertex lest, right hand and arm now concluded that my patient had the mumps, ing. One of the vertex ca es was complicated

presenting. Two breech cases, knees present. regardless of her extreme old age. Suffice to say, that there were no untoward symptoms was replaced quite easily by using two fingers

with descent of funis; but, fortunately, this more than usually occur with this disease, and by the fifth day the inflammation appeared to scending, and the child saved. I had one case

of the right hand, the head imm diately debe subsiding, and the patient doing extremely of twins, and in five cases labor terminated beBut on the morning of the sixth day, I was

fore I arrived upon the scene of action. sent for in a hurry, the messenger informing child was still-born. One of these was trans

Of all my cases, there were five in which the me that the patient was supposed to be much Worse, and on my arrival at the place I found

verse presentation; another, in which the pelthe patient with the following symptoms : livered by p dalic version, but died before this

vis of the mother was contracted, the fetus destupor, stertorous respirations, jactation, etc. She could swallow liquids when aroused from

was accomplished. The case of transverse

presentation was the third confinement of this But in spite of all we could do to patient, both previous children having been

stillborn. died at four o'clock next morning. Deeming finement, I had the pleasure of delivering the

A year later, in her fourth conthis a case of mumps with metastasis to the brain, occuring in this extremely aged person, 1 breech case for which I received their heart


the stupor.

of your valuable journal.



In the three remaining still-born cases, one of which was a breech presentation, it was a

Austinville, Penn.

difficult matter for me to determine the exact Among my cases I have had three in which cause; but in two I found the forceps necessary, | puerperal fever was plainly manise ted, due to and it required about all my strength to extract pelvic cellulitis. One patient was confined in the fetus in both of these cases.

bed for about six weeks, but recovered perIn all my practice the forceps have been re fectly, and a year later was delivered of a fine, sorted to in but five cases, and in two of these, healthy child. In another case the cellulitis as just stated, the children were still born. was quite severe, resulting in complete rigidity

Of these fifty-five cases which I have re-l of the uterus from the accumulation of a mass corded, the children were males in twenty six of lymph in Douglas' cul de sac. This case, in cases ; females, twenty-five; of the remaining the course of four or five months, was as well number no record is before me regarding this as ever, apparently. The third, in three weeks point.

from confinement, was on her feet, but did not In but two cases was there any hemorrhage | gain her usual health for two of serious import, and these both were con months. trolled without any dire results by use of the I have yet to lose my first case from confinealum plug, retained for a few moments until ment, yet I do not attribute this fact to any the action of ergot administered brought great skill, but more to "good luck." about firm uterine contraction. My practice THE MEDICAL WORLD is the most practical regarding the treatment of the placenta is to and the best adapted for every-day use of any remove it as soon as the cord is tied and of the half dozen journals which I lake. severed, unless, perhaps, a few moments rest

W. F. LYNCH. M D. is granted the mother just for a “ breathing Walnut Creek, Contra Costa Co., Cal. spell;" and usually the interval from the birth of child to the moment I sever the cord is sufficient for this, for I almost invariably wait for

A Healing Salve. the cessation of funic pulsation before the liga

| Editor MEDICAL WORLD : ture is applied. After this is done, I proceed to remove the placenta by what might be

Dr. H. S. Haid, page 114, March No., asks terme 1 a combination of Crede's method and

for a formula for a good healing salve. He will extraction-manipulation of fundus over ab

find the following very good for all purposes. domen with left hand, and slight traction on

Take of cord with right, and when the uterus is relieved & Olive oil...................1 pint. the first and second fingers of the right hand are

Common resin used to hook out the mass.

Bees wax

Venice turpentine, each........%2 ounce. Following this it is my usual practice to ad

Melt, gradually raising the oil nearly to the boiling minister a drachm of the fluid extract of ergot. point, then gradually add This drug I very seldom employ at a period Red lead... ............3 ounces. prior to this, for in most cases I find it is un

While on the fire do not burn it; boil it necessary.

slowly till it becomes a dark brown color; reIf there has occurred an almost complete

move from the fire and add one dra hm of cessation of uterine contractions during labor,

camphor when it is nearly cold. This is a I sometimes administer a half drachm of the

wouderful salve for burns, scalds, scrofulous, drug, if there is no direct obstacle to the ad.

fistulous and all other ulcers. Spread on linen vancing head. I never had but one case where

and renew daily. it seemed "hour-glass contraction” was pres

If the brother gives this a trial, I think he ent, and that case was one in which a drachm

will have just what he wants. of ergot had been given to hasten labor.

T. S. PYLE, M. D. However, it was overcome by introducing the

Menno, Mifflin Co., Pa. hand, shaping the fingers as a cone, and steady upward pressure through the os, maintained for a few moments.

Cure of Paralysis and Atrophy by Vacuum. Among my first cases I find notes regarding the result to perineum and its treatment. In Editor, MEDICAL WORLD : twelve cases the perineum was sutured with On page 167 of April World, Dr. Craver, of from one to three sutures. But as it has been Bryan, Ohio, asks advice of your readers in my almost invariable practice to apply sutures regard to a case of partial paralysis and loss of even in slight lacerations beyond the four sensation of both hands. If the doctor will chette, it is safe to say that in a great majority make a tin tube sufficiently large to insert the of cases the suture has been used immediately arm up to the elbow-rubber band around top after placenta was removed and clots turned out. - about three inches wide_bottom closed with

I will use.

.gr. vij

gr. Hy

small tube in the bottoin end to receive a small

If, for example, I fancy the patient rubber hose, which is attached to an air pump, has no confidence in small doses, he will get and exhaust the air, producing partial vacuum, infusion of queen of the meadow. While, on the blood will be drawn into the arm and hand. the other hand, if he object to large doses, he Then use friction with his hands after taking

gets the lithia. them out of the receiver. By this means he will In conclusion, I desire to say that, were it soon build up the wasted tissue and strengthen not for

the fact that your space is too the nerves, and have the satisfaction of saving valuable, I could quote over one hundred casez his patient, happy, with two useful hands. from my case book wherein the two remedies I have restored paralyzed arms from lead cured.

C. A. WALTERS, M.D. poisoning, and built up wasted limbs in this 111 Milton street, Brooklyn, E. D. manner. In 1869 I cured a badly frozen foot, which was cold and of a bluish purple color, with no sensation in the foot, in this manner.

For Enlarged Prostate. (Several doctors, including a surgeon, recom Editor Medical WORLD: mended amputation as the only means of relief.) I also cup with the air pump.

Permit me to say through The World, to I see on advertising page xvi. that Dr. Con

Dr. H. E. Stroud, that he will find a satisner, of Labette City, Kansas, advertises a phy- factory result, in the following treatment: sician's cane as something new. I have had a R. Pulv, opii.... cane like his (except hollow handle) made of

Ext. belladonna. hard rubber, holding 16 bottles, which I have


.gr. Xxx used more or less for thirty years. I simply

M. Ft. suppositor no. vj. mention this to remind the doctor that there Sig.-One every 3 or 4 hours, or as needed to keep is nothing new under the sun."

the patient completly under the influence of the opium W. R. GODFREY, M. D.

for 6 or 8 days, taking care to never let the patient get

up, or to exert himself in any way during this timeMichigan City, Ind.

keep dry heat to the rectum and perineum (not warm but hot), give no medicines per stomach, do not draw

the urine or use the catheter for any purpose. Enlarged Prostate.

I have had the best of success with this treatEditor MEDICAL WORLD:

ment, after all other treatment had failed. I In the April number of your

was called to treat a professional brother some

valuable journal, Dr. David Bock (page 153), and Dr.

3 months ago who was suffering very much with H. E. Stroud (page 159), ask for advice for

prostatitis, and who had used all the medicines enlarged prostate.

mentioned by Dr. Stroud, including the opium I would say to both that during the last ten

suppositories, but had failed to keep up the

treatment as it should be. After 9 days' treatyears I have had no difficulty in treating this troublesome condition successiully. My treat

ment, the Dr. was able to attend his office busiment consists of two remedies only, but they

ness, and has had no trouble since. If Dr. have been sufficient in all cases.

Stroud should try this treatment, and give it a The first is carbonate of lithia, given in 2 to

thorough test, I would like to hear from him 4 grain doses. If cystitis is present as a com

through The WORLD. WM. HALL, M. D.

Wichita, Kan. plication, no attention need be given to it, for the lithia will cure it just 25 surely and more speedily than any other rimely in the Materia

Enlarged Prostate. Medica. No anodyre !üll rilirse hestintress of cystitis as quickly as an ",

ICAL WORLD: My second remedy in this roulesome

I send this, not as a solution to Dr. Stroud's dition, i. e., enlarged prostate, is queen of the puzzle, but simply as a suggestion to the meadow. This I usually give in the form of an brothers. In the early stage of a similar case I infusion, about half a pint for a dose. In about offer the plan advocated by the late lamented 15 minutes the patient will be able to pa s the A. B. Palmer, of the University of Michigan: urine without any difficulty. I have also used " When difficulty is experienced in passing the tincture with satisfactory results. Were I water from this cause, as the stream starts let forced to confine myself to either one of these the meatus be tightly compressed laterally, pretwo remedies it would be impossible for me to venting the exit of urine, when the same, pressed decide which I would prefer. Both have done strongly from behind, will stretch the urethra, their work promptly, and when prescribing so that the remainder of the act can be accomthem the patient's idiosyncrasies decide which plished with comparative ease.”

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