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The patient's diet was restricted entirely to will not hurt much. Continue alternately vegetables, for the first week or so, till an im- burning and removing until you clean it pretty provement was apparent, when meat was al- well out. Then plug the surface with cotton lowed sparingly. Lastly, a bandage was worn saturated with a solution of one pirt carbolic day and night from the umbilicus, with the acid to sixteen of alcohol, and bathe the surhead of the penis downward, with the idea to rcunding parts w th the same. In about twenprevent spasms and erections, which, in my 1y-four hours you will see the surface begin to opinion, is beneficial in helping the healing of shrink, and the dead tissue to separate. Then the parts. All fermented liquors, excessive poultice with flax-seed at night, and u-e the lifting, long continued exercise, etc., were carbolic acid solution by day until it is healed. I strenuously forbidden.

have found this more success ul than any other Since that time, now ten years, I have ex- method during the last thirty years. perienced no trouble, except in one case, with- Wakef eld, Mass. CHARLES JORDAN. in a year, when I thought the peroxide of hy, drogen diluted would perhaps be better ; but I was obliged to give it up and return to the

A Question of Ethics. acetic acid as my sheet-anchor. This treatment is devoid of all risks and ap

Editor MEDICAL WORLD: prehensions. Begin always with a calomel and I am a physician practising at a seaside rejalap purge, and repeat every week or ten days. sort on the Pacific coast, and my best season

Before closing I may as well add, that whilst is when the eastern tourists are here. Of late in Half-Moon Bay, Cal., I cured a farmer years it has become quite the thing for eastern of a wen situated near the sternum, between people to visit California, and of course a great the fourth and fifth ribs, with acetic acid. I many invalids are among the visitors, and from have at present a very elderly lady with a wen them I derive the greater part of my income. in close proximity to one of the dorsal vertebræ, This is, however, greatly curtailed, owing to as large as a hen's egg. The treatment consists the fact that among the visitors are eastern in acetic acid six drachms, aqua four ounces; physicians—from all the large cities east-who dip a small flannel, doubled, in the solution, not only prescrible for their acquaintances (to place over a dry piece, and apply het hand. which no objection can be made), but lay themirons above the part, as hot as can be borne, selves out to catch other patients, even those two to three times a day. The tumor is already who reside permanently in the town. These diminishing; if it comes to a stand still, as in doctors violate our state law in not registering the first case, scarifying and beginning with a their qualifications, and when they are tired of weaker solution will be gone through with, one town, or there are no more patients, they gradually increasing the strength of the acid. move to another resort, and repeat their preda

In the January number, page 9, Dr. Engle-tory operations. man uses this acid for intra-uterine injections, I would like the opinions of The WORLD suband is convinced of its possessing antiseptic scribers as to the ethics of this scheme. Is it properties. I have never used it for such pur- the correct thing to travel from town to town poses, but will give it a trial; certainly it is covertly acting the traveling quack, and injursafer than corrosive sublimate, carbolic acid, ing their brother physicians in the towns in permanganate of potash, and other drugs used which they illegally practice? I say acting the for such occasions.

quack, because in no case have any of these Santa Rosa, Cal. E. MAGUIRE, M. D. celebrated eastern doctors registered as required

by California laws. Did they do sɔ we would

not grumble. We can't get along without The Treatment for Carbuncle.

MEDICAL WORLD, and the opinions of its sub

scribers are most valuable. A continual postEditor MEDICAL WORLD:

graduate course for one dullar per annum. As I have read much of interest and value in Santa Cruz, Cal. YERBA BUENA, M.D. your journal, I wish in my turn to give my method in treating carbuncles, large or small, which is uniformly successful.

The apparatus

Carcinoma of the Liver. and material are simply a sharp, hard wood stick, and nitric acid. At the "point" of the carbuncle, Editor MEDICAL World: where the pus is forming, apply the acid until Mr. F. C. T., aged forty-eight years, of a bilyou “deaden" the surface in area about the size ious temperament and medium size; family hisof a copper cent. Then, with the stick gradu- tory: faiher died from cancer of the stomach ally cut and dig out all the dead matter. It when sixty-two years of age; one aunt died from

.grs ij grs. vi grs, vi

cancer of the uterus at the age of thirty six; one a day, gradually increasing the ammonia until half-sister had cancer of the tongue, but has the dose reached one drachm. The liver gradubeen treated and apparently cured. About ally decreased in its longitudinal and transverse January ist, 1887, he complained of chilliness diameters until its size was diminished twoand severe pains in the region of the liver, which thirds. This treatment was continued up to la-ted three or four days. At the point where the March ist, when he changed his location, drove pain was loca'ed he said he felt a lump as large as his team and rode in a wagon over a rough road his fist, which continued to increase in size, the seven or eight miles, and was very much expain continuing, but less acute. He was treated posed, as it was a cold day. Relapsed. Ascites by different physicians without any apparent began to show itself again; placed him on the relief; was able to go about and do light work, diuretic treatment again, which had but little but was unable to bend forwards.

effect; ascites gaining ground; feet and legs November 8th, he applied to me for treat- began to swell; digestion becoming very much ment, the following symptoms presenting them- impaired; the bowels were getting very in. selves: general cachexia and hydremia firmly active. seated, appetite fair, some ascites, and marked

R Elaterii... emaciation. The liver was so enlarged as to Gambogiae. elevate the lower ribs, showing itself quite Ext. hyoscyami. prominently, extending from the right hypo

Misce et cum aqua fat massa et in pilulas sex divichondrium to the left, descending to the crests denda. of the illii and os pub's, filling the entire front portion of the abdominal cavity; the lower

One of these pills was to be taken whenever edges of the organ were quite perceptible, as

a cathartic was necessary, repeating the dose if well as the body, and almost entirely free from

it did not operate freely in six or seven hours. pain and tenderness. The greatest suffering

Also a wineglassful of the decoction of euonywas confined to that portion between the right The cathartic operated well, but the case went

mus three or four times in twenty-four hours. hypochondrium and the umbilicus. The urine was scanty and orange colored, specific gravity

on from bad to wor:e; emaciation, ascites, and 1010, no traces of albumen. Patient had al general anasarca gaining rapidly every day; ways been quite healthy up to this illness, and breathing becoming quite difficult. was becoming very much concerned about his

April 8th, 11 A. M., I performed paracentesis present condition. I gave him very little en.

abdominis, whilst he sat on a chair, removing couragement, telling him the chances of recov

four gallons of serum, which gave temporary

relief. ery in such cases were not good, and ordered

After that the treatment was symptom

atic. the entire abdomen to be painted with Lugol's solution once a day, and if it produced sitting on his cnair

, removing four gallons


May 3d, 4 P.M. I tapped him again whilst soreness passed of, then continue using it again quite comfortable after its removal, but very

a half of fluid. He expressed himself as feeling in the same way. I also prescribed the following:

much exhausted; slept well the most of the

night following, his intellect remaining clear Potas, acetatis.

3 ij until about seven o'clock the following morning, Ext, cactus A.


when his pulse began to Aug, his mind wanDecoct. buchu..

.f 3 vi

dered, and at eight o'clock he expired apparentM. Sig.- Dessertspoonful every six hours until free diuresis was produced.

ly from exhaustion. Did not get a post-mortem examination.

T. G. STEPHENS, M.D. He called again in about a week. The kid

Sidney, Iowa. neys had acted very freely, and ascites all disappeared. The diuretic discontinued and the [This case would have been much more valufullowing ordered:

able to the profession if a post-mortem had B Ammonia muriat.

. 3 ij

been obtained.-ED.] Ext. ergot, fid...

Ext. hyoscyami, fid.

Aquæ q. s ad...
M. Sig.-Teaspoonsul well diluted in water every

Water the Cause or Origin of Contagious and six hours.

Infectious Fevers. Patient reported again in a week, feeling Editor MEDICAL WORLD: better, the liver not quite so large, appetite still The agency that water may assume in the good. Same treatment continued, with the propagation of fatal diseases has received of late addition of a dise of syrupus ferri iodidi once

years much attention.




.f3 xvi

In this way

Investigation has confirmed the belief that in and engulf brooks and rivers. water has in a large number of cases been re- mud, sand and gravel, with the remains of sponsible for epidemics of typhoid fever, scarlet plants and animals are swept below ground, and fever, malarial fever, etc.

accumulate the deposit there. The water may appear clear and limpid as The contamination of rain water becomes the purest spring water, and may still be con- still greater, should it circulate through or drain taminated with organic matter of vegetable or off peatty grounds or alluvial deposit formed by animal origin.

rivers wherein are entombed plants and animals. It makes no difference whether the water is In case of cities or towns having no sewerobtained from shallow or deep wells, the com- age system or an imperfect one, the rain water mon or artesian wells.

would carry the sewerage into the wells, whether The common and accepted belief is, that deep or shallow. Privy-vaults would also drain artesian well water is absolutely pure and free into the wells within the town limits. from organic matter, and hence free from infec- From the above it appears clear enough, that tion.

the waters falling upon the surface are the real This motive is wrong.

Artesian wells have feeders of deep and shallow wells. been bored to the depth of over two thousand Chemically speaking, the silicious sandstones feet, passing through the different geological and granite rocks of the Azoic age furnish the rocks down through the St. Peters Sand purest water, while the lime-stones and magneStone (this sand stone is on a level with the sian rocks of the same furnish an indifferent Mississippi River and even down to the Potts- water, derived from sost surface water filtered dam Rock, which is some two hundred feet be. through many thousand feet of the contorted low the St. Peters Sand Stone.

strata of the magnesian lime-stone becoming by Investigations have demonstrated that all of absorption and filteration saturated with carthe layers or strata of rocks contain organic bonate of lime and magnesia and organic matlife.

ter, and this organic matter is the cause of inIt is only in the Azoic region where no or- fection and contagion. ganic life is found. To get a more definite idea In conclusion, I will reser to a recent epihow water becomes fouled or contaminated, demic which occurred in a New Jersey suburb, one will have to study the chemical and me. where the milk was accused of having acted as chanical action of rain water as it falls on the a disseminator of typhoid fever. surface of land.

On investigation of the water supply of the The rain acts upon the surface of the earth in milk man, who furnished the milk, a well of two ways, chemically and mechanically. unquestionably bad water was found on his

The chemical aciion of rain arises chiefly premises. The water supply in the meadow • from the solvent power of carbonic acid, which where the cows were pastured was contaminated the rain absorbs from the atmosphere, and

with sewerage. which acts upon rocks and organic matter

What was the cause or origin of the epiThe mechanical action of rain is shown by demic ? Was it the milk? Or was it the water the way it washes off the finer particles of rock in the milk?

H. SCHAFER. and soil, and carries them down into the gravel Igo, Shasta Co. Cal. and streams.

Results of rain action in the decay of organic matter, though general and constant, is not uni

Retained Placenta-Ergot. form. When the rain falls upon land, and, instead of running off in brooks or rivers, sinks Editor MEDICAL WORLD: into the ground, it, after a more or less circuitous I have read so much of late in your valuable journey, returns to the surface in the form of journal in regard to the bug-bear, retained plasprings. These springs may be cold or hot. centa, that I cannot refrain from contributing If hot they are deep seated.

One thing I admire in your journal Rain water or snow contains only a small is the free and easy intercourse of ideas among quantity of carbonic acid derived from the at. its contributors. I trust that this letter may

be of mosphere but acquires more in sinking through some benefit to some one, though I cannot expect the soil, and then easily dissolves the carbonate it to be appreciated by those who contend that of lime, and magnesian rocks. The constant my practicecomes under the head of “ Meddleremoval of carbonate of lime and magnesia some Midwifery." from underground rocks gives rise to the for- I am not an advocate of hurriedly removing mation of long subterranean tunnels, cavities the placenta, by any means; but, when we wait and caverns.

for nature to assert herself, give ample time for The roofs of cavities have been known to fall the detachment of the placenta, and for coagula

my mite.

I put the

to form in the uterine sinuses, which is the better says in giving quinine in pneumonia: “Jf it plan, to use all the necessary antiseptic precau- does no good, it will do no harm." tions and remove it, or let it remain to slough I always use ergot, but not will after the third away, and probably produce post-mortem hem- stage of labor, and have never had the least orrhage, puerperal septicemia, or the many undesired effect. I don't think trouble is likely other serious results likely to follow?

to follow when it it used properly. I used it, If either could be considered “brutal,” it also, in a case of enlarged prostate, patient occurs to me that the term is more applicable to sixty years old, with the very best result. The the latter. We cannot rely upon nature too obstruction was so great as to nece:sitate the much; we often find that she needs assist use of the catheter for ten days. ance.

patient on ten drops, increased to twenty, three I was called to a young woman, 18 years old, imes

times a day, and complete recovery folprimipara, atiended by a very good midwife, lowed. early in the morning. Late in the afternoon Just a glance at the acrostic on amputation, I was sent for to “clear her," as they termed it by Prof. Dennis, told me from whose pen it Upon arriving I found the patient, and entire was, as it was familiar to me, being a student household, very much alarmed at her condition. of his, class of '86. I examined her closely and found the uterus The manual of treatment surpasses my ex. firmly contracted, and could find no trace of the pectations, and THE MEDICAL World I can't placenta, though the midwife assured me that do without. May it live long and prosper. she had made several unsuccessful attemp's to

Dr. W. B. CRAWFORD. remove it, and in her efforts had torn the cord Lexington, N. C. loose.

I used all the necessary antiseptic precautions, administered chloroform, and as the parts very

No Lochial Discharge. readily relaxed, I succeeded in removing a hard

Editor MEDICAL WORLD : upon close examination, I found to be the pla On April 16th, 1889, I was called to attend centa, but with not a half dozen drops of blood Mrs. A. in her fifth confinemert. Arriving at in it. In an hour I left her comfortable, and the house, I found that the child had been deshe made a speedy recovery.

livered about ten minutes before my coming, Soon after this I was hurriedly called to a case under the care of a woman who had played the with the information that the lady was bleeding role of midwise. Inquiry revealed the fact to death.

that the labor had leen normal and comparaUpon arriving, I found a pool of blood on tively easy. The husband told me that, conthe floor, and the bed saturated; patient al trary to his protest, the midwife had removed most exsanguined; pulse very weak. She had the placenta immediately, by pulling on the fainted once or twice before I arrived. Upon cord, and that its removal had caused severe examination, I four d the placenta torn half in pain. two by too forcible traction by the midwise. The interesting feature now comes.

On the I did not hesitate one moment, as the faint following morning I found that there was no spark of life was fast flickering. I remove loch al discharge. Examination proved that the remaining portion, administered ergot and the uterus was firmly contracted, and that brandy, and in two hours left her comfortably there was no elevation of pulse or temperature. sleeping. A rapid recovery ensued.

Warm applications over the womb were ap; In the two cases, what would nature have plied and changed every fifteen minutes, and done if left alone? I find it necessary, also, vaginal injections of warm carb lized water very often in a large, roomy pelvis, after the were given every four hours. This treatment uterus has expelled the placenta, to introduce was pursued for several days in the hope that the hand and remove it.

Experience is the the lochia would be established, but the result best teacher.

was a failure. ERGOT.

In the meantime the pulse and temperature

remained normal. The patient was then put I concur fully with Brother Morrill, page upon quinine, iron, and ergot, and warm car115, March number, in regard to the ad- bolized vaginal injections twice a day were ministration of ergot, and though my supply continued. of the second ingredient of his most excellent At the end of a week examination showed prescription is decidedly limited, I prescribe that the uterus was undergoing involution-in it in such quantity as will give me the happy short, that everything was normal except that assurance, as my late lamented Prof. Flint | there was no lochia.

The case has apparently made a good re- I consider it the best germicide, as it is the covery, without any lochia from first to last. least harmful and the most effective. For the

I have not been able to find any similar case past two weeks I am using it in the form of a on record in the literature in my possession, spray, in one of the worst cases of eczema, of although I have examined more than two hun. four years' standing, which had so far resisted dred medical journals in search of such.

the assauts of a dozen doctors backed up by as I would be glad to have the experience of many drug stores, and is now almost well. the readers of The World in respect to such For syphilitic ulcers, soft chancres, diphcases, with their opinion of the cause and best theria, ulcerated cervix, in fact, whenever there treatment to be pursued.

is pus or germs, this is the true remedy. Downs, Kansas. O. F. SHEARER, M.D. in gonorrhea, when the penis is highly

inflamed, use the injection four to five times a Women Physicians in Kentucky Insane

day and the inflammation will rapidly be subAsylums.

dued, leaving the urethra in a perfectly healthy

condition. The use of a suspensory is a great Editor MEDICAL WORLD :

relief to the patient. Will you kindly give place in your journal to

The f. ext. of black willow is very good for the following open letter? and oblige.

the erections. (MRS.) R. C. CHENAULT, It is also the remedy par excellence in gleet, The Kentucky Senate has passed a bill pro

and there is nothing like its inhalation to cut viding for the appointment of women physicians short a paroxysm of asthma. as assistants in the insane asylums. Should

I don't claim the peroxide of hydrogen this bill become a law, women physicians of

(H, 0,) to cure gonorrhea in three or eight other states will be eligible, provided they days, for I don't believe there is anything that were born in Kentucky; and their names will

will do so without danger; but it will cure it in be held in readiness when appointments are in

three weeks and leave the unfortunate in the order, if sent to Miss Laura Clay, at Lexing

best of condition. R. CHAREST, M. D. ton, Ky.

St. Cloud, Minn.
Peroxide of Hydrogen for Gonorrhea.

A Home-made Light Reflector.
I intended for some time to give the readers

Editor MEDICAL WORLD: of The MEDICAL WORLD my favorite treat- A law in the treatment of throat, nasal, ment for gonorrhea and gleet, and I will take and ear diseases that all physicians are familiar the opportunity of Dr. H. E. Stroud's offer to with is, that the completeness of the applido so now.

cation of remedies has much to do with the What I consider the simplest, quickest and

aggregate result.

Experience with concenleast harmful treatment of gonorrhea is peroxide trators of light at considerable cost has led me of hydrogen in injection Aj to the 3 of distilled to the use of a suitable cheap, convenient apwater, three to five times a day.

pliance that can be transported and used whereInternally ten to fifteen grains of soda bicarb. ever a common house lamp can be had. Taking every three hours to keep the urine alkaline. it for granted that the physician has a two or

Walking to be avoided as far as possible, three inch concave mirror with head band and also beer, coffee, pepper, etc.; keep the bowels numbers 2 and 5 throat mirrors, tongue depress: regular; use a syringe with tapered end and or, ear and nasal speculum, and other needed soft rubber tip for the injections.

instruments for making a thorough examination, The peroxide of hydrogen is used a good he must have in addition a good reflected light, deal in commerce for bleaching purposes, so and to be able to secure this at patients' houses that there are different qualities of it on the is a satisfaction indeed. It somehow satisfies market.

the patient that the doctor knows his busiFor medical use it must be neutral to the ness" and examines thoroughly all there is to litmus paper, odorless and colorless. This the case, and is, therefore, better prepared to kind you may have from C. Marchand, 10 prescribe, which feeling is very agreeable to the West Fourth street, New York City. It must patient and physician. This light concentrator be kept at a temperature below 65° F., and I made from an old dilapidated police lantern no metal must come in contact with it.

that I had about the office, and had often In writing to the above named firm you will "halted between two opinions,” keeping receive a pamphlet on this valuable remedy throwing out. The idea was not perfected well worthy to be studied.

until an accident to my Tieman's concentrator


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