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REVIEWS. Cazeaux and Tarnier's obstetrics. P. Blakiston, Son & Co., Philadelphia. The fact that this is the eighth American edition shows its popularity on this side of the Atlantic. This popularity would be impossible without excellence, and the excellence exists in abundance in the volume before us. Illustrations are abundant, some of them being colored. The text is plain, carefully worded and very exhaustive. An appendix by Dr. Paul F. Munde is given.

PHOTOGRAPHIC ILLUSTRATIONS OF SKIN DISEASES, an atlas and text book combined. By George Henry Fox, A. M. M. D., New York. E. B. Treat, 771 Broadway. . This beautiful work continues on its even progress, each part being the equal of its predecessor, and reflecting the greatest credit on author and publisher. The names of both are guarantee enough for the outcome of their labors; and, when complete, the work must take the foremost rank among a class of books which call for unusual talent from the former, and rare care and industry on the part of the latter. The photographic illustrations, carefully studied and compared, should place the general practitioner almost on a par with the hospital physician, for they are second in value only to living cases. The book is divided into twelve parts, now in course of completion. It is replete with valuable formulæ and suggestions for treatment; and were the illustrations even absent, Professor Fox has succeeded in photographing each disease on the mind's eye, by his clear and forcible descriptions. The two combined afford us an excellent means of becoming proficient in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the skin. When the work is finished, we will make an extended criticism ; up to the present, we have naught but praise to accord. The price is only $2 per part.

The prospects are that this will be one among the largest gatherings of medical men ever assembled in this country.

Dr. W. B. Outten, of St. Louis, is the chairman of the committee of arrangements, and everything will be complete for the accommodation of the surgeons.

Any information desired can be had by addressing the Secretary, C. B. Stemen, M.D., Fort Wayne, Ind.

For a convenient, efficient, and at the same time inexpensive Faradic battery, see Weinhagen's Victor.

Do you keep a towel wet with Platt's Clorides in the sick-room of your patients ?

For spring clothing, see advertisement of that famous tailor, E. O. Thompson.

We have recently examined Vetter's new galvanic battery. It is exceedingly compact, simple, and convenient. It can be made either a wet or dry battery. The cells are all securely closed, so there is no slopping of liquids. Requires no repairing nor renewing for three or four years. It is always ready for use. See advertisement and write for further information.

See new advertisement of that sterling preparation, Maltine, with its numerous combinations.

See F. W. Stewart's advertisement, and send for a sample of his ointment.

Give McArthur's Syrup to your cases of lung troubles that have not been cured by other remedies. Nearly every physician is sure to have such cases on hand a this season of the year.

Now that spring is coming, see that you get acquainted with the best infant's food. Very prominent in this line is Carnrick's Soluble Food, A certain painter said that he mixed his paints with brains. We believe that Carnricks Food is mixed with both brains and conscientious scruples; that is, we believe it to be prepared with skill, and that its purity and high standard are con. scientiously maintained. Write for sample and literature on the subject. See advertisement.

Prescribe London Essence of Beef when you want a reliable restorative for delicate constitutions,

Jensen's Pepsin is still in the lead. See advertise. ment in this issue.

You never fail to get any drug, however rare, from Parke, Davis & Co.

We have used Succus Alterans with gratisying success. Address Eli Lilly & Co., Indianapolis, Ind.

Wm. R. Warner & Co. are constantly devising new and ingenious combinations, and putting them up in elegant shape for ready dispensing.

Tarrant & Co., New York, have control of those two master preparations--the genuine Hoff's Malt Extract and Tarrant's Seltzer Aperient.

Always prescribe or dispense Battle's Bromidia, Iodia and Papine.

Samples of Ford's Pepsin or Golden Scale Pepsin will be furnished free by Gaunt & Janvier, 365 Canal St., N. Y.

For samples of that matchless Phosphorized CerebroSpinant, Frelighs Tonic, address I. O. Woodruff & Co., 88 Maiden Lane, N. Y.

Send your address to the N. Y. Pharmaceutical Company, Bedford Springs, Mass., for valuable ideas in treatment.


LAWYERS. By George W. Field, LL.B. Price: cloth, $1.75; sheep, $2.00. Banks & Bros., Albany, N.Y.

This is a 12 mo. book of nearly 300 pages. We have no hesitation in saying that it is of great value and interest to physicians, as it discusses in a comprehensive manner many questions that are of importance to the active medical practitioner. Tbe author quotes liberally from many of the larger legal works on the subject discussed, and thus he gives us the gist of all the larger and more expensive works on medical jurisprudence. The work is divided into the following ten chapters, viz.: Medical Witnesses; Medical Expert Testimony; Insanity and its Legal Relations; Privileged Communications; Abortion ; Criminal Liability for Negligence or Misconduct; Practice without a License or Diploma Prohibited; Civil Liability for Malpractice; Damages; Compensation; and Medical Ethics. There is also an appendix giving the opinion of the Supreme Court of Iowa on the constitutionality of the Iowa statute, regulating the practice of medicine.

OPPORTUNITIES. We are using with perfect satisfaction the double slide wedge end rectal sepulum made by Dr. S. T. Yount, of Lafayette, Ind. We cheerfully recommend this instrument to all who treat disease of the rectum.

The Annual Meeting of the National Association of Railway Surgeons will be held at St. Louis, Mo., on Thursday and Friday, May the ad and 3d, 1889.

The knowledge that a man oan use to the only real knowledge; the only knowledge that has ll and groroth in it and converte itsell into practical poroer. The rest hängs Kke dust about the brain, or drien like raindrops of the stonos.-FROUDR.

The Medical World.

expiros. You are invited to renew promptly, when this

Hsber's receipt is given.


J I TAYLOR. M. p..

amount of blood effused, the site of its effusion, and the manner of its disposal. If the

blood is only effused in small quantity, the clot Subscription to any part of the United States and Canada,

may become protected by a sort of cyst, imbedONE DOLLAR per year. To England and the British Col. onies FIVE BAILLINGH per year. Postage free.

ded in the cerebrum, and do little or no damThese rates must be paid invariably in advance. Notice is given on the wrapper when your subscription

age for some years, if the patient is of good potice is given. This is necessary if you wish to continue

constitution and young. In decrepit persons, to receive THE WORLD, as it is sent only as long as paid for. the clot will not readily contract, and will be

We cannot always supply back numbers. Should a number fall to reach a subscriber, we will supply another, I noti

more liable to inflammatory processes during Med before the end of the month.

healing, so that softening, with its train of evil Pay no money to agents for this journal unless pub

consequences, will be favored in its vicinity. LOUIS LEWIS, M. D., M. R. C. 8.,(Eng.) EDITORS.

In favorable cases, the clot becomes encysted W. H. WALLING, M.D., Electro-Therapeutical Dep't.

in a few months, and paralytic symptoms meanADDRESS ALL COMMUNICATIONS TO

while diminish. When the paralysis increases "THE MEDIOAL WORLD,"

progressively, the prognosis will be unfavora1520 Chestnut Street,

ble; for it points to progressive disintegration PHILADELPHIA, PA.

of nervous matter in the neighborhood of the

cyst, which may spread to the corresponding Vol. VII. May, 1889. No. 5.

side of the pons varolii and down to the lateral column of the spinal cord. The site of the

effusion has much to do with its after-effects. Cerebral Hemorrhage.

If it has occurred into the sensory portion of The popular notion that it is the third attack the brain, sensation may be more readily re esof apoplexy that kills is erroneous, though, of tablished than when it has happened into the course, people are apt to die in it as well as in motor portion. Hemorrhage into the thalathe first, or second, or fourth for the matter of mus opticus is usually less grave than into the that; but in a large number of cases, the corpus striatum ; and paralysis of the right side first attack is fatal. Those who survive several of the body is more serious than of the left, attacks are so enfeebled that they are left but for it almost invaribly impairs the speech. wrecks of their former selves. Through ad Moreover, the left side of the body more easily vancing atrophy of the brain and its cortical regains its use that the right. substance, their mental and physical faculties Expectant treatment is of little avail. The become more and more blanted ; senile maras- timely use of ergot, to arrest the formation of mis is established; and their vitality and aneurisms; the administration of phosphorus, powers of resistance are so enfeebled that a to improve the nutrition of the impaired nerveslight cause, such as bronchial or intestinal ca- cells; and galvanism and faradization for the tarrh, may terminate their existence. Under purposes of stimulation, are the principal the most favorable circumstances, they seldom | means at our disposal, to combat the results of regain the entire use of their faculties; for the cerebral hemorrhage.-Louis LEWIS, M. D. effused blood inevitably destroys a number of nerve-cells, and these lost cells will only be re

"New" Diseases. placed by connective tissue. The loss of Pelvic hematocele was first pointed out and function thus involved will depend "on the described by Néla:on thirty-nine years ago; ha.

gr. ”

OZ. 6S

fore then no work, not even among those de. or services were placed entirely at the disposal voted to the diseases of women, makes the least of any and every one who asked for them, reference to the existence of such an affection ; without regard to their ability or intention of now it is fully described, commented upon, paying. and its treatment distinctly defined. Exopthalmic goitre, or “Graves' disease,” was un

INDEX OF DISEASES. known until described by Demours seventy-one

(In this index the diseases are taken alphabetically, and prescriptions embodying tbe latest and best treatment for

each disease are given. The index will be continued from years ago; there was absolutely no written de

month to month until the catalogue of diseases is exhausted. scription of it in any language, though the

Began in March number, 1886.-L. L.] symptoms are more obvious and characteristic

Spermatorthea. and constant than those of most other diseases.

Cold affusion to scrotum. Steel sound. Cold douche Are these diseases of modern life” due to a to perineum. Spinal ice-bag. Electricity. Small

blisters to perineum. new and unusual “modus vivendi,” or did they exist long ago, and yet escape the notice

B Ext, belladonnæ.. of all medical observers ?

L. L.
Ext. nucis vomicæ..

gr. X Ext. lupuli ...


For one pill. Every night.
The Business View of It.
When a physician is called to attend a case

B Camphoræ.,
Ext, hyoscyami ää v he has not the opportunity and privilege of ex Divide into two pills. To be taken at bedtime. amining into the prospects of certain financial reward as a merchant or mechanic has when he & Inf. digitalis, one teaspoonful three times

day, and two doses at bedtime. is asked to extend credit for goods or work. He must go and do the best he can, and retain

Ext. cimicisugæ. the case to its close, or he will at once arouse

Tinct. opii...

.dr. j Syr. tolutani..

.dr. ix the indignation of the community at his so

One teaspoonful three times a day. called heartlessness, and thus lose the patronage of many who are willing to pay their bills.

& Tinct. cantharidis....

dr. iss In view of this fact, would it not be well if

Tinct. ferri perchloridi.
Acid. phosph. dil..

..dr. j physicians' accounts were made an exception

Aq. dest. ad.....

.oz. viij in the laws of those States which allow the Two tablespoonsuls three times a day. exemption of a certain amount of property from attachment for debt? This will work no

B Phosphori... .

Ext. nucis vomicæ.. hardship to any one, for all the physician wants Ext. gentianæ.. is his reward from those who can pay if they Divide into twenty pills. One night and morning. try; he is generally willing to do cheerfully

B Ext. belladonna..

.gr. * the worthy charity.practice which properly fal's

Zinci sulphat,... to his lot.

One pill, three times a day. The family may do without the new clothing or furniture until they are able to pay the cash

B Potass. bromidi....... .....02. j

Inf. digitalis. for it if the merchant refuses credit; but when

One teaspoonful night and morning. the physician is wanted he is wanted right away, and there is no opportunity of putting R Ferri arseniatis... the transaction on a proper business basis.

Ext. ergotin...

.A. dr. ss Every application for his services becomes an

Divide into thirty pills. One night and morning. absolute demand.

R Strychniæ sulphat, Let every reader urge the importance of this Quiniæ sulphat. subject upon the member of the Legislature

Tinct. ferri perchlor.

Glycerini..... from his district. If any one should object to

Half a teaspoonsul in a wineglass of water every olur it, ask him how he would view it if his goods | hours.

.dr. j

.gr. j

.gr, x ...dr. iss

.gr. iss

.gr. v

.gr. j

[ocr errors]

.oz. iv

[blocks in formation]

& Potass. chlorat,



[merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small]

Aq. dest..... As a drink,

gr. So

B Potass. chlorat...
Syr. simplicis

..dr. ij
Aq. dest....

ad oz. ij One teaspoonsul every four hours, in water, for chil dren over eight years, or less in proportion,

& Potass. chlorat...

dr. j Decoct. cinchona.

oz. vj Two tablespoonfuls three times a day in alcerative stomatitis.

.gr. 80

B Potass, chlorat.
Tinct. cinchonæ,.

oz. ij One teaspoonful in water, thrice daily, in gangrenous stomatitis,

Pulv, aluminis, q. s., locally, as a dust ing powder, tu ulcerative stomatitis.

gr. )

oz. )

R Cupri sulphat....

As a paint in ulcerative stomatitis.

Hydrarg. cum creta, gr. ) ter die.

. gr. 48


R Potass. chlorat...
Acid. hydrochlor. dil.

dr. j
Syr. aurantii.
Aq. dest.

. ad oz. iij One teaspoonsul, in water, every two hours.

gr. iss

dr. ij

Syphilis. & Hydrarg. perchloridi .

Tinct. ferri perchloridi.

oz. j
Ol. caryophylli.

m. xviij Aq. dest. ad.

oz, ij One teaspoonsul three times a day in syphilis with great debility.

B Hydrarg. cum creta.

gr. xij Pulv. ipecac co..

Seleat. alb.... Divide into twelve powders, one three times a day.

gr. xij gr. xxxvj

dr. ss

.gr. 80

B Ammon. carb..

Potass. iodidi
Tinct. cinchonæ

oz. ij One tablespoonful in a wineglassful of water three times a day.

gr. j
gr. Oj XXX

B Hydrargyri. bicyanidi...

Quiniæ sulphat...

Ext. gentian co
Divide into twenty pills, one three times a day. oz. j

As a mouth-wash.

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☆ Hydrarg. iodide virid.

Ext. opii...

Ext. hematoxyli q. S., et fiat pil.
One night and morning.

gr. ;
gr. ss

B Pil. hydrarg....

Pulv. opi...
The pill night and morning.

.gr. ij


B Calomelanos.

Pulv. opii....
The pill night and morning.

.gr. %

dr. ss ..dr. )

R Potass. ioridi..

Ferri tartarati
Sp. chloroformi..

Inf. quassiæ. .
Two tablespoonsuls three times a day.

.dr. iss
oz, vj

gr. iij

.gr. I'2.

R Potass. iodidi,.

Hydrarg. perchlor.

Int. quassiæ.. Three times a day.

.oz. j

gr. iv,

B Hydrarg. iodidi rubr....
Aq. dest. ad....

256 mins. lodii iodidi, q. s. to dissolve the iodide of mercury.

Sig. m x for hypodermatic injection in syphilides.

.dr. ss

B Potass. iodidi

gr. 42
Potass, bromidi.

dr. j
Ammon. carb.
Sp. chloroformi.

..dr. iss
Aq. dest. ad

.oz. vj Two tablespoonfuls three times a day in syphilis of brain.

B Iodoformi,

Bismuth. subnitrat,
Pulv. zinci. oleat...

partes equales.


Pulv, zinci. oleat...

.. partes equales

B Zinci sulphat....

Tinct. lavand, co..

Aq. dest.... Dressing for initial lesion.

.gr. ij ..m. V ..oz. j

R Potass. chlorat

.dr. išs Acid, nit, dil

.dr. iss Decoct. cinchonæ ad.

oz. vj Two tablespoonsuls three times a day in salivation.

dr. j

02, ISS

R Sig. soda chlorinatæ

Aq. dest. ad.....
As a gargle.
R Acidi salicylici,

Calomelano: āā.....
For venereal warts.

.. partes equales.

Hydrarg, perchloridi, gr. Do in 15 minims of water, injected under the scapula, once daily.


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