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Miss R., aged 20, apparently healthy and care, (about' Nov. ist, 1888.) But the other strong, good sound teeth, no catarrh, functions trouble is still increasing. I find nothing that all performed normally, apparently, has a very would lead me to suspect aneurism, or a new offensive breath, sometimes complains of food growth in the chest. I had thought possibly it distressing her.

might be myalgia or neuralgia, but have treated Would like to hear through the columns of him for both with no improvement. The pain your journal as to the cause and treatment in at times radiates from the sternum to the right each case.

side in the shape of a fan, and occasionally to To C. C. C., November WORLD, I wish to the left side; size of sore spot about as large as say that for years I would at times lie with the a silver dollar. Now, gentlemen, of the professoles of my feet against the cold plastered walls sion, what in your opinion is the trouble with of my bed room for “ burning feet,” and an the professor ? His habits and mode of living old lady friend advised me to soak my fect in are temperate, and he is teaching every day. water, hot as could be borne, with soda bicar Garwin, Iowa.

DR. M. L. ALLEN. bonate in it, which I did, and have always obtained relief. I have often walked in the Will some of our brethren give treatment for snow in my bare feet for it. In my case I

ulceration (scrofulous) of the superficial lymknow it is a neurosis. G. O. FRASER. phatics?

H. HOWLAND, M. D. Randolph, O.

Plattekill, N. Y.

Help Wanted. Dr. J. Ashworth of Denver, Colorado, reports

Editor Medical WORLD: success in treating typho-malarial fever with sulph. carbolate of sodium and fluid extract of Mrs. F., English, aged 38; nervo-bilious baptisia. He also recommends picrate of amon temperament, medium height and weight; ium for the purpose of reducing the temperature,

mother of three children, youngest 12 years of age; never miscarried; no “specific trou

ble whatever; enjoyed good health previous to Editor MEDICAL WORLD :

last confinement; appetite, as a rule, fair; di- . I have a case which I wish to submit to the gestion somewhat tardy; kidneys perform funcreaders of your valuable Journal.

tions according to general condition of patient. Prof. S. J. Lowe, principal of our schools, After her last confinement she had “ weakage 30, married, parents both living and ness," and was treated, and gradually grew healthy, about one and one half years ago had

Just what that “ weakness" was I can. what we term here “ Dutch measles,”-a severe not say; but in short time she was taken with attack but made a good recovery. About one cramping spells,” and became bedridden for year ago first noticed a pain at the junction of several years. After the usual run of doctors, the first and second parts of the sternum upon entered hospital. Was benefitted somewhat. making certain movements, which seemed at Then came courses of medicine by the differtimes to be more severe than at others, but has ent doctors again. At times improved; then a been gradually on the increase, until now it is siege of complete prostration, caused by the almost unbearable at times. The pain is greatly excruciating pains produced by cramps. There increased by pressing his hands together, by seemed to be no help for her, as she employed pulling on his socks or shoes, or upon reaching the very best of physicians of all schools of after a book while seated at his desk; also upon medicine ; but with same result: temporary returning his head to the left, or bending his lief, then return of old complaint. body backwards. There is no very great pain The writer was called to see the patient early upon pressure over the sore spot. Upon a care last fall. Have watched case since. Made ful examination, I can find no lesion of the careful examination. Found her in an exhaustchest or sternum, no enlargement or tender ed condition. She had just had a cramping points. The lungs are sound, he has no cough, spell, and her emaciated body was covered with Do difficulty in breathing or swallowing. Pulse a mild perspiration. The only trouble or eviwhen lying down, 76, and sometimes as low as dence of disease that I could find was a retro50, but upon rising out of bed and standing up flexed uterus, with a slight enlargement of right runs up to 100 to 120, and upon sitting down ovary; only slight discharge at intervals from drops back to 75 or 8o. Has no difficulty of

Has no difficulty of vagina; menses regular. The uterus was rebreathing upon exertion, and respirations are not placed, and, I presume, like the other doctors, I increased upon exercise. Temperature normal. commenced a general treatment, with about the Has mitral regurgitation. Appetite very good. same degree of success. There was one pecuThe heart trouble has greatly improved on liar feature I failed to note: that was that, up digitalis and iron since he first came under my to the time I took charge of the case, only one


doctor had the opportunity of seeing patient ing will bring them on. He says he is in no have a

cramp," and I was fortunate enough pain while in the spells; rather die than live. to meet with same opportunity. Patient sitting Father and father's father died of rheumain chair. The muscles of face twitched and tism of heart, one brother of aortic aneurism, rapidly passed into tonic spasm. Then mus and one brother living that has a heart trouble. cles of arm, then of hand, of thigh, leg, and The left side of the chest is a little fuller toes; sometimes all present at same time; or

than the other. Digestion rather poor. By first one, then would skip and operate in dis spells, especially in summer, has diarrhea. tant part of body. After twenty minutes of Has been troubled a great deal with diarrhea this torture, the jerking would begin, and her

since in the army. O. L. MAPES, M.D. feet, arms, head and body would jerk and snap Mesopotamia, o. so that I expected to see her bones give way. Patient conscious and talked rationally when

Editor MEDICAL WORLD: ever muscles of jaw would permit her so to do.

Somebody tell me what is good for sweating The spasm would subside immediately when

feet? I have two cases on hand now that ever hot water was brought in contact with the muscles afflicted. While she was having the

sweat until they are soaked, and the steam

rises from them when shoes and stockings are “ jerks,” two large men tried to hold the offending limb, but failed; and when the strength

taken of-and smell! The odor is awful. displayed during attacks is compared with the

I have tried everything I can think of and

failed. Have been tempted sometimes to cut weak, delicate, emaciated body of patient, it seemed wonderful.

their legs off to see if it would relieve the This patient, I will venture, has taken enough


I want the editor and all the good doctors drugs in different forms to start a drug-store,

who read this to send in their best remedies at and with same degree of effect or relief. I

once. I have also had a few cases that sweat know that I tried all drugs that her condition indicated, and then on general plan, with but

profusely about the genital organs, for which

suggestions will be in order. same effect. At last I placed her upon “Schuerler's tissue remedies," and for the period of


Worthington, Ind. six weeks she was free from attacks; but now she is as bad as ever.

Diagnosis Wanted. I would ask, what manner of irritation produces this condition ? B. R. Le Roy, M.D.

Mr. D., age 30, habits regular; general Chagrin Falls, O.

health good, and from healthy parentage. Fifteen years ago he had a severe abscess about

the knee, resulting from a large boil improperly Editor MEDICAL WORLD :

treated, which left deep scars above the jointand I wish to ask through your valuable journal in the popliteal space. Every spring this abscess treatment and diagnosis of the following case : would return, and no treatment availed as a preThe patient, an old soldier, has been troubled ventive. Two years ago he came under my with spells, beginning by sensation of heat in

I dissected out the popliteal sac, which the heart and extending gradually all over the hastened the recovery from an attack, and the body, followed by double vision, vertigo, faint interval was the longest he ever enjoyed. When and“ all gone " feeling, as he expresses it. it did return, however, it came in the fall. He Although not able to speak or move a muscle, has had two attacks since; but the last one was he knows everything that is said and done. the mildest he ever had. But long.continued

While in these spells his pulse is from 40 to suppuration has taken place so often that noth50 per minute. The whole left side becomes ing is left but ligament, sinews, and the cavity so numb that he cannot move it for some time extending deeply underneath the biceps. At afterwards. Auscultation over the heart; there times there is fluctuation under the patella, but is a double blowing sound which can be heard the pus escapes at the other openings. He has at times by parties sitting close by him. He | been under the care of several eminent doctors, complains at times of a sensation of cold water who disagree in diagnosis and treatment. Some dropping inside of heart. Also of a pulling and would treat for rheumatism, others for acute dragging at the heart: this last is not while he synovitis; others thought it due to scrofula ; has these spells, but between.

still others to caries of the bone. But, despite Until the last year or two he been able to all the treatment, suppuration would ensue. work. These spells prior to this would be only What is the cause ? and can there be any two or three a year; but since he has been com real cure except by amputation ? pelled to give up work of all kinds, even read. Doonsville, S. Ć. J. R. CARNELL, M.D.

As a

Now if any

[We would suggest thorough and frequent jaborandi, and pills made of pill. hydrag, pulv. cleansing of the cavities with a solution of scilla and pulv. digitalis āā xxx grs, made into either corrosive sublimate or silico fluoride of 30 pills. Supported the constitution with sodium, 1-2000, carefully removing all septic tonics and iron in some form, and for the eyes matters. Establish good drainage, and build I have given her a preparation of potass. iodidi. up the patient by every possible means. aud small doses of Fowler's solution. This preventive, give calcium sulphide, keeping the helped her eyes considerably but still they are bowels free. —ED.]

not what I would like them to be.
one can advise me by letter or through the

columns of THE WORLD, I shall be grateful and Advice Wanted.

give credit to whom credit is due. Editor MEDICAL WORLD :

[Doctor, suppose you examine the urine and I have a patient, a man, native of Holland, make other investigations for disease of the age 50 years, light complexion, medium height, kidneys._ED.] weight 140 lbs., has enjoyed good health up to Case Second.-Mrs. H-, aged 44, marabout 12 years ago, at which time he complained ried, one child, is corpulent, has had a weak with a pain in his neck, right side. There is stomach for years, and also has a gastro-hepatic no enlargements of the lymphatics on either catarrh. In the morning upon rising she spits side. He has not had syphilis. The pain is whole mouthfuls of bile, at times she gets spasmodic and sharp, lancinating in character, bilious, complains of shortness of breath, a which becomes so great that he has loss of con- choking sensation, and of a dull pain in the sciousness, and falls down wherever he is. He

right side up to the axilla, and across the breast had an incision about four or five inches long to the sternum. This pain is nearly constant made along the sterno-cleido mastoid muscle,

and is not exaggerated upon lying down. The but nothing abnormal could be found. He

tongue is coated white. This pain is what has been to all the medical colleges of Cleve- worries her most, and is there whether she is land and has not derived any benefit; also been

bilious or not; she eats pretty well, and her to Europe with same result-no better. He

bowels inove nearly every day. I should like has taken all the bromides, strychniæ, anti

to hear from some of the brethren in regard rheumatics, iron, cod-liver oil, etc., and is no

to this case, especially for something to take better.

and keep away that pain as I am anxious to do Now, gentlemen of the medical fraternity, her all the good that can be done. hoping that from this meager description you [Doctor, you probably have a case of chronic will please advise me as regards treatment duodenal catarrh, with consequent hepatic oband your opinion as regards its nature, any struction, and will derive benefit from leptanadvice will be kindly received. The MEDICAL drin podophyllum and phosphate of sodium in World is the best of journals.

small doses, repeated just sufficiently often not to Cleveland, O.


produce catharsis -ED]

Case Third.—Mr. K—, aged 30, has bad Editor MEDICAL WORLD:

gonorrhea for nine months, and has been Would you or any one of the medical fra- treated by five or six M. D.'s. I have been treatternity please help me in the following cases: ing him for the last two months and have done

Case First.-Mrs. - aged 47, married, him some good but he is far from being cured. 3 children, was for years a dyspeptic; last June He has a discharge yellow, thick and ropy, was taken sick with acute gastro intestinal then some days there is very little discharge. catarrh, vomited often, and had diarrhea, He takes good care in diet and takes no stimu. but before this disease came on she had trouble lants. He had steel bougies passed before he with the menses, being then in the period of came to me, without any good whatever. He change of life. The patient once menstruated passes a good stream of water. The seat of in that time, in the latter part of July, and not pain is far back. I have given him different since. I carried my patient safely through preparations without much good being done. these diseases, but now we are troubled with If you, or any one can give me a good preone of the sequellæ, viz. : dropsy. I have re- scription for this patient I should be ever so moved the greater part of this; in the lower much obliged. If there is any one that wishes extremities there is very little if any, but the to communicate through letter, I should be face, especially the upper eye lids were very glad to hear in regard to either one of the three edematous, still somewhat so and the eyes are

cases stated. very painful. I have had the patient on pulv. What is the best thing to do for facial neujalapa composita, fluid extract of scoparius, ralgia in pregnant women ? elaterium, and equal parts of digitalis, nitre and Egypt, Pa.

H. D. LEH, M. D.

P. viij
.P. j

...pcc. M.

P.iv .p. j. •P. XXX M.


[Doctor, we think that the hydrastis, boro

FORMULAS. glyceride, etc. mixture, which we have published twice in THE WORLD, will cure your

-Attacks of urticaria occurring at night case.--Ed.]

may be successfully aborted (says Dr. Ohmann

Dumesnil in Medical Chips, January, 1889) Scaly Eruption.

by the administration, at the time of the onset,

of a pill containing one-sixtieth of a grain of Editor MediCAL WORLD:

atropine. Of course, the patient'sgeneral conI have a patient, a young man, single, thirty dition should receive subsequent care. years of age, temperate, who has a scaly tetter of about sixteen years' standing. Has general

-For retraction of the gums, the following dryness of the skin, but no constitutional dis

is said to be an excellent mouth wash (N. Y.

Medical Abstract):turbance, and no specific history. The eruptions are somewhat circular, covering the body

R. Acid, tannic....

Potassii iodidi.. and limbs, but not on the hands, feet or face.

Tinct, iodinii, some on the scalp. There is no secretion, and

Tinct. myrrhæ.

āā p. V no severe pruritis.

Apuæ rosæ... Epidermal scabs are throwm off in abundance. Put a teaspoonful in a glass of tepid water and rinse He had external treatment with no success.

the gums three or four times a day. What can I do with the case ?

-An excellent application for burns is sugValcourt, Quebec, Canada.

gested in Journal de Pharm. et de Chirurgie : D. DESNOYERS, M. D.

R. Cocain, muriat., [Doctor, we recommend the following oint

Acid, boric..

..āă p. ij ment :


Acid. carbolic. ☆ Ichthyol (ammon).

Aquæ destillat..

āã 3i Adipis..

Dissolve the cocaine in the water, and the boric acid 31

in the glycerine; mix the two solutions, add the carbolie M. S. Apply at night.

acid, and apply on absorbent cotton. Also give ichthyol gr. iij. three times a day in capsules.-Ed.]

-Dr. Rouquette (Bulletin de la Phthisia

Pulmon.) prescribes the following in pulmonary Editor Medical WORLD :

tuberculosis : Please give me a prescription for the perma- R. Creasoti, ment cure of rectum worms. They are from Iodosormi..

..5 centig. % to in. long and continually bother my

Sodii arseniatis.

.72 millig.

Calcii chloridi, patient. I have tried almost everything: in

Extract. opii, jections of all kinds and medicines internally.

Terpene, The best was hydrag. sub chloride with colo

Cupri acetatis... ..āā 5 centig. cynth in powders. They seem to be located in


.q. S. m. the rectum about 8 to 12 inches up and crawl

Fiat pil. j. out at the anus. I have tried all the anthel- Sig.-One to three pills daily at meals. mintics, but they only give temporary relief. The MEDICAL WORLD is the best paper print

- The most popular antiseptic dressing for ed and you can always count me a subscriber.

open wounds, in Paris, is said by the chief

pharmacist of one of the hospitals to be made Los Angeles, Cal. A. P. POAPS, M. D.

as follows (N. Y. Medical Abstract):---
R. Iodoform,.

272 gm. I learned in The Medical WORLD of the use Olei eucalypti..

Paraffin. of jaborandi for erysipelas and can testify to its

.50 gm.

Vaseline.. specific properties in that disease.

I have just had three severe cases and treated all of them

It is convenient to handle, and may be used as an ap

plication to ulcers and also as an emergency dressing. with it.

W. H. HODSON, M.D. Lockport, N. Y.

_Dr. Loomis, of New York, suggests the

following formula for a pill for gout:The Medical World Visiting List - This visiting

R. Extract. colchici., acetic., list is arranged in movable tablets, and each monthly

Extract, aloes, record is kept separately. Accompanying the visiting

Ipecac. pulv., list is a very ingeniously arranged Ledger of month

Hydrargyri chloridi mitis.....ãā gr. j ly balances,” where each patient's account is kept ready.

Extract, nucis vomicæ..... 4-7. M. for immediate reference. This system needs only to be

Fiat pil. j. used to be appreciated. --- Amer. Med. Digest.

To be taken every four hours until purgation occurs.

.20 gm.

--50 gm. M.


.dr. ij

These pills may be carried about and em

Pulv, gentianæ,

aurantii cort. ployed at the first sign of an attack; they will

" zingiberis.

Aa30 often abort it. (Minn. Medical Journal, Feb.,

Alcoholis, 1889.)


....ãā Oss or q. s. M.-Macerate or

to one pint, -To blister the skin quickly, . Medical

Dose.--One teaspoonful 3 times a day. Record, February 16th, 1889, suggests the following plan : Into a watch glass, pill box, or any similar small receptacle, pour ten drops of

Injection for Hemorrhoids. concentrated water of ammonia (aqua ammoniæ fortior); cover the liquid with a bit of The formula used by Q. A. Shuford, M. linen or a little cotton wool, and at once apply D., of Tyler, Texas, is as follows: the cup upon the skin where the blister is

R. Pure borax..

..dr. 1 required. Press so that the vapor is confined

Glycerine.... to the inside of the vessel. A red circle will Mix and rub thoroughly. directly be observed outside, when it will be

Add: certain vesication has taken place. Half a

Salicylic acid......

...dr. I minute or so is all the time required to obtain


...dr. 4 the result. The blister may be dressed in the

Mix and rub thoroughly. usual manner of dealing with a blister from cantharides. Acetic acid, concentrated, applied

Add: to the skin will also in a few minutes produce

Carbolic acid..... .......dr. 3 vesication. In such cases evaporation should Rub all together thoroughly, put in a vial, and let be prevented by some suitable covering. Bibu

stand until it clears, when it is ready for use. lous paper lightly wetted with a little of the

From one to eight drops are used, according to the

size of the tumor. ethereal extract of cantharides, instantly applied to the skin and covered with a piece of

ANTIPYRINE IN ENURESIS. adhesive plaster, will answer for the same pur- Dr. S. T. Yount, in The Medical Waif, advises the pose.

use of the following in the incontinence of children : FOR PRURITUS ANI.

R. Antipyrine..

. A. oz. j Prof. Waugh recommends painting the parts with tr.


..oz. j benzoini, avoiding the mucous membrane.

M. Sig.–Teaspoonful at bedtime.

He reports cures of chronic cases in from three to six

R. Aquæ camphora,
Tinctura catechu,

For Amenorrhea.

āā zi

Dr. H. C. Woods says the following formula opii..

known as Dewee's Emmenagogue Mixture, he Potass, bicarb.

.3j M. S.—Teaspoonful pro re nata,

relies upon almost exclusively in the treatment of simple atonic amenorrhea.


of iron should be as the anemia, of aloes as R. Alcoholic

the state of the bowels, of cantharides as the Pulv, resinæ guaici..

susceptibility of the urinary organs : Pulv, myrrhæ,

Re Tincturæ ferri chloridi.

3 iiij. Camphoræ,

Tincturæ cantharidis ..

Pulv. capsici....
....āā 3 iv

Tincturæ aloes.....
Mix and macerate seven days, and filter.

Tincturæ guaiaci ammoniatæ..
Syrupi q.s. ad..

-3 vj.
S.-Apply externally, and take 25 drops in water as

Sig: Tablespoonful three times a day.Medical

B. Hydrarg. chloridi mite.... Dj

Antiseptic Paste for Ulcers.
Pulv, camphoræ. .

.gr. V

L'Union Medicale of May 19, 1888, gives Acidi carbolici.

.gtt. ij Cerat, simplicis ..

3 ss

the following formula for an antiseptic paste: M.-Apply night and morning if needed.

R Iodoform...

• 40 grains. For seat worms, add pulv, aloes, j.

Essen. eucalypti..

35 Paraffin..



3 12 B. Pulv, cinchonæ rub.......

This paste is especially adapted to the treat“ cascarillæ,


.3 ij

[ocr errors]


3 iss.

ment of Ulcers.- Medical News.

3 ig

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