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Peculiar Result of a Wound.

habitual constipation. I have used the followEditor MEDICAL WORLD:

ing remedy with good success in the most ob

stinate cases : I have a case to report that might prove of some interest to the profession. A man during Ext. nuc. vomicæ., the civil war was struck with a piece of shell

Ext. belladonnæ.....

. Kā gr. 4

Pulv. aloes soc.. about 14 inch below the infra orbital foramen

Pulv. rhei.. in the soft parts—at the same time the canine

gr. j Ol. cajuputi.

gtt. j tooth of the same side was struck and made it

M. et. ft. pill 1. slightly loose. The sore refused to heal and

Sig. One such pill morning and night; later pill assumed the appearance of a slow epithelial

every or every other night as required. cancer, and remained so until a few weeks since, when the tooth became very loose and he had Cooperstown, Wis. FRANK SIMON, M. D.. it extracted. The result was the cancer (?) healed and the man is now well. What will successfully prevent the “ringing

Answer to Dr. Elliott. in the ears,” caused by the administration of

Editor MEDICAL WORLD : quinine, and and not interfere with its therapeutical effects?

The prescription difficulty which Dr. J. A. Clay, Ky.


mentions on page 85 of February WORLD, can

be overcome, I think, if he will filter several For Gastralgia.

times and then exclude from the light.

Pilot Rock, Or., Ed. F. GUYON, M. D. Editor MEDICAL WORLD :

I would advise H. C. Simpson, M.D., of Modoc, Randolph Co., Ill., first to be very

Write Plainly. regular about his meals, as regards time, and very particular in the selection of articles of

We have had so much trouble lately with food, as he has undoubtedly learned already

careless manuscript that we wish to give notice what agrees with him best; second, would ad

that we will not hereafter hand to the printers vise one teaspoonful of granulated phosphate of manuscript that is not written reasonably soda in half a tumblerful of hot water before plainly. It is not given to all to be able to each meal, and two or three tablet triturates

write an ornamental hand, but any one who of nux and pepsin after meals.

Would apply

has brains enough to be a competent physician over epigastric region iodide of mercury oint

can write a plain hand if he will only try. ment, and cover with oiled silk; this can be at

Remember you are not writing to an intimate tached to his wrapper with safety-pins and wear

friend, who is familiar with your chirography, it constantly. Also, use electricity daily, or

and on ordinary every-day topics, but to a on alternate days.

printer, an entire stranger, and using technical, Punctuality in regard to the daily evacuation professional words and phrases, which must be of the bowels is also very essential in effecting plainly written and not abbreviated in order a cure.

that any one may know what you mean. We I wish to add my mite in respect to my ap.

are unwilling to submit our readers to the unpreciation of THE MEDICAL WORLD, which certainty of such work. What is worth writing I have taken for two years.

I consider it the at all is worth writing well. We ar, perfectly very best of any I take, of which there are six willing to correct errors of language, but not to or seven in number.

take the responsibility of determining what you Oneida, N. Y. H. W. CARPENTER, M.D.

meant to say.

Confirmation of Pulsatilla for Enuresis.

We desire to make the proper correction and Editor MEDICAL WORLD :

to extend apologies to Dr. D.C. Hewson, of Pulsatilla tinct. for in continence of urine has Orange, Texas. In his article, on page 67 of been very successful in my hands in children as February WORLD, the dose is properly a tearecommended by Dr. C. H. Walters, page 69, spoonful as he stated. Feb. WORLD, 1889. Springfield, Mo. J. S. NEWTON, M. D.

For Chronic Constipation.

The index comports with all your other work. It is Editor MEDICAL WORLD :

first class in every particular.

CALVIN D. Vilas, M. D. Dr. S. S. Gentry ask for a good remedy in Lake City, Minn,

I am

Electro-Therapeutical Department.

respondent could carry out some original inDR. W. H. WALLING, 1411 Arch Street, Philadelphia, Editor.

vestigations, the result of which would be welOasos, questions or viows upon electricity in medicino comed by the profession. are invited.

Trusting that I have made my answer clear, (Letters should be addressed to Dr. Walling, separate from

I remain, etc., any better to the business department.]

A. LAPTHORN SMITH, MD, In order to render this department still more useful to the patrons of TAE WORLD, the Editor, Dr. Walling, will per

Pres. Electr. Soc. of Canada. sonally answer any inquiry regarding batteries or instruments, Montreal, March 5, 1889. giving advice as to mode of operating, etc.

He will also select and forward, at manufacturers' regular retail prices, anything that may be wanted by the great army of WORLD readers.

Excessive Sweating of Hands and Feet.Every battery sent out will be thoroughly tested, and all

Bromidrosis. instruments carefully inspected, so as to guarantee satisfaction. If you have a preference, state it. Always enclose This condition we believe to be of neurotic stamp for reply.

origin, and must be treated accordingly. Primary and Secondary Currents.

The peculiar microbe found in connection

with bromidrosis is not, in our opinion, the cause Editor MEDICAL WORLD :

of the disease, but rather one of the results, so a constant reader of the MEDICAL

that whilst we must disinfect thoroughly and World, which I consider a marvel for the continuously, disinfection alone will not cure money, and in the March number I notice an

this most obstinate and troublesome affection. inquiry from Dr. Thos. Hermann, p. 121, con

on For Dr. Minnich's case we would suggest the cerning an article of mine in your October, '88, following treatment: A hot foot bath every number, on electricity in gynecology. As the night, and after drying the feet, wet them well point he raises is an important one, I take with a solution of boric acid letting it dry on, pleasure in answering him. There are two

changing the stockings every day; the stockings, currents in every Faradic machine, the primary by the way, should be of soft woolen, especialcoming from the carbon of the battery, rushing ly in winter, and every other night use Faradthrough the stationary coil of coarse wire and

ism to the hands and feet by placing the posiback into the zinc. This is a galvanic current, tive pole in the foot and hand bath by a double interrupted, but of so small an electro motive

cord, with the negative about the waist (see force that it is of no practical value and is

Feb. WORLD, pages 80-81), with ten to fifteen therefore never used for purposes of electrolysis,

minute sittings, using a pleasant current. while as an interrupted current its effects are

Give strychnia for its central, and atropia for harsh and inferior to those of the induced cur

its peripheral action upon the nervous system. rent. The current set up by induction in a Frequent general bathing should be enforced, coil of wire placed near or around the primary the diet and habits carefully regulated, and wire, but in no way connected with it, is called everything avoided that tends to lower vitality. the secondary or induced current and is the

The same general plan may be followed for one employed under the name of Faradism. sweating of the genitals by immersing them in The effect obtained from this secondary current

a bowl of water, to which is attached one posivaries considerably, as I have pointed out in

tive cord. They may also be dusted with a the article referred to, according to the fineness powder containing powdered boric acid, French and length, or the thickness and shortness of

chalk, etc. Such a powder might also be used the wire. If coarse and short and the interrup- for the feet if thought best.-W.H.W. tion slow, we obtain powerful contraction of muscular fibres, whether voluntary or involun

Faradism in Congestion and Obstruction of the

Liver. tary, situated at or near the poles; while if the wire is thin and long and the interruptions For Dr. Leh's case, given on another page, we rapid, we obtain a remarkably sedative action would further recommend the following, viz: Seat on the sensory nerves.

the patient upon a well wetted sponge connected Instead, therefore, of having this secondary with the negative pole of a Faradic battery. coil made in a piece with the primary one, I For the positive use a small carbon or metal would recommend your correspondent to tell electrode say one half inch in diameter, of his electrician to make two distinct secondary course attached to a suitable handle, and the coils of the above kind, so that he can slip point covered with a little absorbent cotton whichever one he likes over the primary coil, well wetted, and work the point well up under and to attach a fast and slow interrupter, for the floating ribs, about three and a half to four the reasons stated in my paper. (Amer. Journ. inches from the umbilicus, pressing firmly in Obstet., June '88.) At an outlay of a dollar or and then turn on as strong a current as the two more a few extra coils of different sizes patient will comfortably bear; then increase and could be procured, with which your cor- decrease it by the sliding rod of the machine

and, as the patient becomes a little accustomed

Electricity in Dysmenorrhea. to it, interrupt the current sharply a few times.

Editor MEDICAL WORLD: A very strong current can be borne in this way, without affecting the muscles; as the A lady, thirty years old, married four years, electrode is worked in between them we get as

no children, health and appetite good, bowels near the gall bladder as possible, and the whole regular, has been suffering with dysmenorrhea organ is acted upon, the effect being apparent in

for six

years. the next stool.

For a week previous to the appearance of the A pleasanter and easier method is by the

menses, she is nervous, don't sleep at night and belt-electrode, described on page so of the

vomits her supper almost every day. Three or Feb. WORLD ; modifying it to suit the case.

four hours after the flowing is established, she W. H. W.

is taken with strong expulsive pains as in labor;

these last for a couple of hours with intervals of Vomiting of Pregnancy, Electricity for. four or five minutes. Dr. Adolph Günther, in the Lancet, men

She has frequent spells of vomiting whicn tions five cases in which he found electricity of

relieves her. There is great sensitiveness of the greatest service. In none of them could

the vagina, the os uteri is rather hard, size any pai hological condition of the uterus or its

normal. She has leucorrhea, and there is some appendages be detected. Four of the cases

anteversion. Menstruation often appears one were primiparæ. The remaining case was that

week too soon or too late. of a woman who had had two confinements

Five weeks ago she applied to me for treat

ment. previously; in her first pregnancy she had suffered from sickness, but not in the second ; in

I put her under electricity, as it was the only the earlier months of the latter, however, she

thing she had not tried, she said. had suffered from severe pruritus of the thighs.

I applied to the os uteri the uterine electrode Some improvement only was obtainable by re

attached to the positive pole of a galvanic batgulating the diet; but this was not of any long tery, and the negative to the lumbar region, duration. Narcotics had only a temporary

sometimes to the feet every other day. General effect. In the absence of pathological indica

Faradization in the interval. tions, we must seek for the explanation of the

I used five to ten cells for twenty minutes. vomiting in the reflex action between the uter

The 17th her menses appeared four days late. ine and the gastric nervous supplies, just as the

She had considerable pain, and I felt somewhat tonsils are enlarged in asthma, because of the disappointed, as I thought there ought to have relation of the cranial and gastric nerves.

been more improvement; she seemed to be The female genital organs may be considered

satisfied, however.

Shall I continue the same treatment ? as related to other parts of the body from a vasomotor point of view, and the occurrence of

I have noticed that after applying the convomiting is probably sometimes to be explained

tinuous current the leucorrhea always increases, from a consideration of that circumstance. In

yet I have seen it recommended in this trouble a severe case'a definite degree of sensitiveness is

by some authors. present, and he believes that there is a func

Are you in favor of using salt in the water to tional neuralgia of a reflex nature.

wet the electrodes with ? Some advise itHe applied the anode of a constant current

others do not. It seems to increase the current in the form of a sponge, in a metal case covered

a good deal.

R. CHAREST, M.D. with rubber, to the cervix.

St. Cloud, Minn. The cathode was a plate about four inches [Ans.-If you make intra-uterine applica: by five inches. This was applied over the spine, tions of galvanism, use the negative pole interbetween the eighth and twelfth dorsal vertebra. nally; the positive pole is hemoastatic in its It is important to see that the current is not in- action, and would be contra-indicated here. termittent, and to use only one of low strength. We would suggest the following mode of He commenced with two and a half to three applying galvanism : Commencing about two milliamperes, and never increased the strength weeks before the expected period, apply the higher than five milliamperes. Each sitting current through the abdomen by placing upon lasted from seven to ten minutes. The vomit- it a thick pad of absorbent cotton well wetted ing ceased in four days, at the most, in all the -say six by eight inches in size-covered by a cases. As some degree of nausea remained, metal plate, to which attach the negative pole the treatment was continued for some weeks.- of the battery. Archives of Gynecology, etc.

Place a similar pad over the lumbar region (We presume the Dr. used a well wetted cotton -the patient being recumbent-connected with pad under the cathodal) negative plate. -Ed.] the positive pole, completing the circuit with the battery at zero, and gradually turn on as be slow, and the needle operation may be necmuch current as the patient will bear, say from essary. Electrolysis properly performed is perthirty to fifty milliamperes, continue for from fectly safe. Yet we do not advise it except by three to five minutes, and as gradually reduce. operators of at least some experience. Make two or three applications per week.

Measure the neck and note from time to time The increase of the leucorrhea noted was the change in size, if any, for in the later stages probably due to the action of the positive of treatment the reduction is very slow indeed ; electrode for twenty minutes at a time.

and please report progress.-ED.] When the positive pole is used in contact with mucous surfaces the electrode should be made of either patinum or gold, these metals Electricity in the Diseases of Women, by G. Betton not being decomposed by the acids which col- Massey, M. D., physician to the Nervous Department lect at this pole.

of the Howard Hospital; late Electrotherapeutist to

the Ortheopedic Hospital, etc., etc. Cloth, 210 pp. Salt added to the water renders it a better Price 1.50. F. A. Davis, Publisher, Phila. conductor, which accounts for the seeming in- This little book by Dr. Massey is a yery timely addi crease in the strength of the current.--Ed.] tion to electro-medical and surgical literature, dealing,

as it does with the practical side of the question, giving Editor MEDICAL WORLD :

the results of treatment and the methods employed

without dwelling too much upon mere theory. I would like the opinion of the readers of This might well be called the “Spaying Age.” Ovarithe World in regard to a patient who has been otomy has been performed in hundreds of cases where suffering from partial loss of sensation in both

no relief from the distressing symptoms was obtained, hands since last Oct., unable to button the jeopardy.

the lives of the patients being needlessly put in dress, the shoes, to comb her hair, or to do The profession is awakening to the fact that we have anything that requires a complicated movement in electricity a safe, and in a great many cases a certain of muscles. Cannot feel a needle or pin when

remedy for the serious diseases peculiar to women. between the fingers. The patient, a woman of

Where old methods fail, these new ones step in and

restore the patients, and we are thoroughly convinced 52 years, of delicate constitution, suffered some

that before resorting to the acknowledged danger of anyears ago from atresia of the vagina. For the asthetics and the knife, electricity should be given a fair last few months she has gained in flesh, due to trial; and the author has given explicit directions how a less active life than formerly. Would like

to proceed, describing instruments and appliances, and suggestions as to treatment.

reporting in full various diseases successfully treated,

such as amenorrhæa, dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia uterine Bryan, Ohio. S. BELLE CRAVER, M. D.

fibroids, displacements, endometritis, etc., etc. (Will the doctor please give us more of the history of this case. Is there any heridity, or

say that having been associated with him for the last

two months at the Pennsylvania Hospital, we can certify specific taint? Has she pain as in ataxia, or is

from personal observation to the good results in many there any tumor that could cause the symptoms? of these cases. We earnestly commend the book to our Also whether the trouble came on slowly or readers as a most excellent treatise upon a very interotherwise. We suggest faradism, placing the esting subject by a practical and successful worker. negative sponge below the occiput, and applying

There is one thing, however, which we would imthe positive over the anesthetic area by the

press upon every reader of this valuable little work,

who is not familiar with electrical applications, and that wire brush, using increasing currents. Frank- is not to attempt intra-uterine treatment too hastily. lin's would perhaps be preferable, but is not It all seems so simple and easy that almost any one generally available.--Ed.]

could do it, and so they might, but they might also do infinite harm through ignorance or carelessness, or

both. Treatment for Goitre.

In all cases begin with low powers and work up as Editor MEDICAL WORLD:

experience is gained, or results justify. Please give me the electrical treatment for uncomplicated goitre of nine years standing. The MEDICAL WORLD of Philadelphia deserves well Bealsville, Ohio. G. W. GITHENS. for issuing a most convenient pocket edition of American

hospital formulæ for ready reference. [Ans. The safest method is by applying Their visiting sections (removable each month) and galvanism directly to the tumor, using well ledger for monthly balances is captivating to the man wetted electrodes, the direction of the current who is a laggard at book-keeping or too engaged to give being immaterial. Use ten to fifteen cells, five

time to posting his work-indispensable and cheap.-

Medical Chips. to ten milleamperes, with daily sittings of from five to fifteen minutes. If the tumor is soft in character it will prob

THE MEDICAL World is the only medical journal

in the United States having a department of Electroably yield quite rapidly at first. If hard and

Therapeutics. Readers say this department alone is dense the reduction, as in all hard growths, will worth more than the yearly subscription price.

the , we may

[ocr errors]

Quiz Column.

ver be used for a long period on the hair and

whiskers. Questions are solidted for this Column. Communication

The constitutional effects of chronic nitrate not accompanied by the proper pame and address of the Writer (not necessarlly for publication), will not be noticed of silver poisoning are progressive loss of ap

The great number of requests for private answers, for the petite, albuminous urine, faulty putrition, palinformation and benefit of the writer, makes it necessary for pitation, and a dark purple mark on the gums us to charge a fee for the time required. This fee will be from

and nails, caused by deposit of the reduced one to five dollars, according to the amount of research and writing required.

metal. Later on, deposit is made in the true

skin, which becomes general all over the body; The article on Sulphide of Arsenic in Feb. and the kidneys, liver, and heart become the ruary WORLD has attracted wide attention.

seats of fatty degeneration. Many of these Dr. Lewis kindly gave of his own private sup- observed in those who habitually use poisonous

effects, especially the minor ones, have been ply to the many who inquired about the drug, hair dyes, nitrate of silver being their most to make a test. Many letters have been received from these cofirming the beneficial frequent ingredient. effects as set forth in the article. A report of these will be made next month.

Correction. The number of requests for the drug has be- The seventh formula for scarlet fever on page come so great that Dr. Lewis fiuds it necessary 47 of February issue should read thus : to make a charge of one dollar for 200 tablets

R Acidi carbolici...

.gr. j. of one thirtieth grain each. Address, Louis

Acidi acetici..

3j. LEWIS, M.D., 36 North 19h St., Phila , Pa.

Tinct. opii..

3 j. Sp. chloroformi.

.3j. We are pleased to acknowledge the receipt

Aq. dest...

,ad 3 viij. of a fine cabinet photograph of Elmore Palmer,

One tablespoonful every four hours. M.D. (class of 1864, University of Michigan), One of our subscribers has written to us deBuffalo, N. Y., and of H. E. Stroud, M. D., of scribing the apparently disastrous results of Oceanside, Cal.

bleeding as practiced by him on an old man

in a case of uremia. He draws attention to the We have heard it said in very reliable circles fact that bleeding is yet mentioned among other that excision of a boy's tonsils' in early child- modes of treatment, in Dr. Lewis' chart on the hood is always followed by sterility in man- varieties of insensibility. hood. Have our readers had their attention It is questionable if this treatment would be directed to this subject? Brief reports, with advisable where the patient is old and feeble, reference to as many as possible of actual cases but high authorities sanction and advise its emsupporting either side, will go far towards ployment in certain cases; and the chart is insettling an important question.

tended to include all means of treatment, leav.

ing the practitioner to fit his remedy to the Dr. S. H. Cowden, of Morrillton, Ark., exigencies of the case. wishes the experience of any one who has used saw palmetto in gleet.

Tonsilitic Concretions. Offensive breath. TreatDr. H. E. Stroud, Oceanside, Cal., will give

ment for Burning Feet. a prize of five dollars for the simplest, quick- Editor Medical WORLD: est and least harmful treatment of gonorrhea. Miss M., aged 30, has for years been troubled

with the formation of calcareous concretions in Bromide of Lithium in Rheumatism. the tonsils, which work their way to the surface. In reply to a correspondent from Union, When they first break through the surface the N. Y., the dose of bromide of lithium varies odor is very offensive. When pressed upon from gr. ij to gr. x. —Gr. v three times a day pus sometimes runs from the opening. At times would be a suitable commencing dose in the several can be seen at once partly out, and treatment of chronic rheumatism. It may be

cause attacks of coughing, and sometimes given in combination with other drugs, or alone vomiting. When they are removed the irritain water, syrup, or milk.

tion passes away. The left tonsil is completely atrophied, and the right is following. Yet the

formation continues in both. Silver Poisoning from Hair Dye.

Patient has post nasal catarrh, otherwise A subscriber asks the probable effect on the healthy, but rather spare, perhaps as fleshy as constitution, if a dye containing bitrate of sil. mother or sisters.

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