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with alcohol. It is the most seductive of all In nocturnal emissions of our drained out fancy drinks, producing an agreeable intoxica- young men, the drug is used with the most tion, which, however, cannot be controlled, marked benefit. The pollutions cease entirely, and tends towards epileptiform convulsions, and virile power and passion are not in the least sometimes death.

diminished. Hashish is a powerful narcotic, extracted from an Oriental hemp, and is much used in the East as an intoxicant. It causes extraordinary

The fluid extract of this invaluable berry is mental excitement of a pleasing character, if a nutrient tonic, far in advance of the comp. not used too freely, when it produces intense hypophosphites, almost equal to the tincture of narcosis.

oats, but has a special action upon the glands None of these agents can be of any benefit to of the reproductive organs, as the mammæ, man, except when employed medicinally, which ovaries, prostate, testes, etc. Its action is that cannot fairly be urged in the case of wines and of a great vitalizer, tending to increase their liquors. These, used advisably, aid and pro-activity, to promote their secreting faculty and mote digestion ; invigorate the nervous system;

add greatly to their size. give a fillip to strength and functional activity,

It is specially indicated in all cases of wasting when jaded by age and the exigencies of a civic of the testes, such as follows varicocele, or is lized life; and thus act as a sort of indirect food. induced by masturbation, or which is often No doubt, with many people - perhaps the present in sexual impotency. majority-alcohol, like tobacco, is a created In atrophy of the prostate, so very common necessity, and men have become the victims of in cases of sexual perversion, this drug operates their own weakness; but its very moderate use

in a most remarkable manner, in overcoming can hardly be condemned on accouut of those the withered, blighted state of the gland; so who systematically abuse it. Countless thou in uterine atrophy dependent upon ovarian sands thus use it, and yet may truly be called blight its action is unexcelled. In gynecologitemperate ; and there is no tangible proof that cal practice it is much used to promote the such a man may not live to be old, and still a growth of the mammæ. man

But it is on the prostate gland that this rem“Whose latest and most leaden hours

edy exercises its best effects. Great medical Fall with soft wings, struck with soft flowers; authority states that when “the hair becomes When life's sweet sable ends,

gray and scanty

the prostate Soul and body part like friends; No quarrels, murmurs, no delay,


gland becomes increased in size," and this irA kiss, a sigh, and so away.'

respective of age. Nine men out of every ten Louis LEWES, M. D.

have enlarged prostate, and one atrophy, ages

varying from 35 to 75, respectively, the result Sexual Therapeutics.

either of early indiscretion, as masturbation,

or excess, or perversion of the sexual act, or [We note the following remarks on some sedentery habits, or from improperly cured new remedies in the Pacific Record of Medicine

gonorrhea. and Surgery.]

The prostate is composed of two lobes and a SALIX NIGER.

median portion. Sometimes one portion or all A sexual sedative of the highest order, ad may be enlarged-the part affected influences ministered in from half to one drachm doses, the function of micturition, whether it be three times a day, exceeds in therapeutic power wasted or enlarged. A patient may have enthe action of the green root tincture of gelse. largement as great as a small cocoanut and no mium and the bromides combined, without any obstruction to micturition, provided the median deleterious effect whatever,

portion is only but slightly enlarged. The Auid extract of the black willow, highly A man with prostatic trouble has always imozonized, is a tonic, stimulant, sedative, astrin- paired sexual power, verging on partial or comgent and germicide. Its area of action is the plete impotency, with wasting testes; with urigenito-urinary organs of both sexes.

nary trouble, either a frequency, or a dribbling, Our country, our climate, our civilization, a lack of power of propulsion. The dribbling our literature, predispose our youth to hyper or lack of power of retention is altogether difemia of the lumbar portion of the cord which ferent from stricture, for in the latter the presides over the genitalia, and to such affec- power is good, strong; although it may be as tions as nymphomania, satyriasis, onanism, fine as a thread, or split, or twisted like a corkseminal incontinence, ovaritis, cystitis, prosta screw. titis. Its action is most remarkable in reliev- , Prostatic disease, acting reflexly on the brain, ing and allaying all irritation.

gives rise to innumerable cerebral affections.


Here is a quotation from a text-book on the public hospitals. This would be a wise precaumedical treatment of enlarged prostate: tion, provided it be made the duty of the chlo

"There is nothing to be done for it; you roformist to supervise the administration of the cannot diminish or increase the size of the anesthetic and not to give it in each case himprostate by any known means.'

self. It would be a fatal mistake to teach the The use of the saw palmetto in both enlarged laity that only those who have made this their and atrophied prostate completely invalidates special business can give anesthetics with comthe above statement.

parative safety. In proof of the fact that acciDid our space permit, we would cite case dents may occur even with the most experienced after case, in both morbid conditions, in which Mr. Twynam said that Mr. Clover, of London, the saw palmetto was used, in which the size had administered anesthetics to four thousand of the prostate was equalized, the difficulty of patients without a death, and then had two micturition was relieved, the stoppage, drib

deaths within two weeks. bling, lack of force, completely overcome, and

I have taken occasion before this to express the improvement in sexual power steady and the opinion that no one should essay to give most gratifying. A perfect rejuvenation fol- any anesthetic before having studied its effects lows the use of the palmetto; the general nerv upon a number of patients under the care of ous system becomes balanced and reinvigorated. an experienced physician. · There is enough unNYMPHÆ ODORATA PASTILES.

certainty at all times to justify the operator in The glucoside isolated from this old and re

having an assistant to give the anesthetic, if one

can be had. liable remedy is attracting well merited atten

The choice of an anesthetic should be agreed tion. This glucoside has an extremely bitter, astringent taste, extremely hygroscopic and not

upon by the operator and the anesthetist;

should there be a difference of opinion between well adapted for internal use, but as a local remedy in all relaxed, devitalized states of the

them then the opinion of the latter should have vagina it has no equal. Added to the butter precedence.

In writing of a case in which death occurred of cocoa, it forms a most elegant pastile, tonic and astringent to the vagina and uterus. One

during the administration of chloroform, the of these inserted every other night produces a

editor of the Brit. Med. Jour, says:

“Dr. Robertson does not add any material complete revolution in the tissue, and causes contraction and vital tonicity. They are spe

facts to the report we published last, but concially indicated in prolapsus uteri, leucorrhea, ted, namely, that he, unassisted by any other

firms the main points upon which we commensexual lethargy, sterility, and whenever the reproductive organs are worn out by frequent

medical man, undertook to anesthetise and opparturition or exhausted by sexual excesses.

erate upon a patient. The fact that the patient Petch would not hear" of another medical

man being called in to help, simply showed she Ethics in Administrating Anesthetics. did not appreciate the gravity of the situation. An interesting discussion on this subject took

Dr. Robertson asks was he, telegraphic complace at the Sydney Branch of the British munication being closed, to refrain from operMedical Association (Brit. Med. Jour.). In ating in another and urgent case, and the anthose cases in which one man gives the anes

swer is evident. Urgency and inability to prothetic and another does the operating, the presi- cure professional assistance would always exondent, Dr. Chambers, was not sure as to the ex erate a practitioner from running risks, however act amount of responsibility that each should undesirable ; but we do not gather that, in the take; but the utmost confidence should exist patient Petch, there were either urgency or any between them.

insuperable difficulty in obtaining assistance Dr. Shewen was right when he said that the

from another medical man. We are then conresponsibility cannot be equally divided be firmed in our opinion that no medical practi. tween the operator and the administrator, but tioner should undertake the charge of the anfalls wholly upon the latter as soon as the patient esthetic and of the operation single handed. is taken in charge. However, the laity do not If such a thing be done we cannot accept the see it in this light, and in some cases the sur statement that "every precaution was taken geon bears the greater part of the blame for ac prior to, and during the administration of, the cidents.

anesthetic."- Weekly Med. Review. Unquestionably experience in the administration of an anesthetic is a decided advan

Editor MEDICAL WORLD : tage. It was the generally expressed opinion have a struck oil.” It is unique and practical. I trust

I acknowledge the receipt of your Visiting List. You at the meeting referred to, that a special chlo

a rich sale will reward your enterprise. roformist should be appointed for each of the Geo. H. Falls, Ed. and Pub., St. Louis Med. Journal.

.gr. j


.gr. iiss

Camphoric Acid as an Antiseptic.

-In 'applying wet cold in the local treatBy Dr. Max Reichert (Berlin). Camphoric ment of inflammation, substitutes for ice water acid is produced by oxidation of camphor by are i part alcohol, 6 parts water; ormeans of nitric acid, and occurs in colorless R Potassii nitrat.

..5 P rhombic crystals or needles. It is very slightly Ammonii chlorid,

..5 soluble in cold water, much more soluble in


..16 65

M hot water, and readily soluable in alcohol,

(Prof. Gross.) ether and fixed oils. The solutions should, -Prof. Parvin directed in a case of amenor. therefore, always contain a certain amount of rhea, in a girl aged 14 years, alcohol. The author has employed camphoric B Potassii permanganat. acid with much success in various diseases of Sig. Three times a day. the fauces and larynx. It is an excellent

- The forms of quinine best for hypodermaastringent and antiseptic even in weak solu

tic use are the lactate and bromate. They are tions, and has no poisonous properties. In

soluble, especially in warm water. The doses tonsillitis a i to 2 per cent. solution as a spray correspond to those of the sulphates. (Da Cosor gargle is much more efficient than chlorate ta.) of potash, borax, etc., and if used early may prevent suppuration. Ulcers of the mouth,

-For a child aged 7, with night terrors, Dr. nose, phaynx and larynx, of tubercular or non

Rex directed that the supper should consist of tubercular character, are healed rapidly by

bread and milk only, restricted the general applications of 2 to 6 per cent. solutions, and

diet, and orderedsmall wounds, ulcers and eruptions of the skin

Chloral hydrat.

Sig.-To be taken at night, and increased if necesare also benefitted by this treatment.-- Weekly

sary. Med. Review.

For a man with peripheral neuritis, caused Bluish-black colorations of the skin from gun

by working in wet sand, Prof. Da Costa or

dered powder may be removed by washing the skin with a wash of ammonium bihydrojodicum and

R Ext. pilocarpi Aluid...

.gtt v aqua destillata (equal parts). The red spots and ten grains of iodide of potassium three

Sig.--Three times a day. left by this wash may be removed by diluted hydrochloric acid.--Zeitschr. fur Therapie. times a day. Med. Era.

-For a case of disseminated sclerosis Prof.

Da Costa prescribed-

B Hydrarg. chloridi Jo

Sig.-Three times a day.
From The College and Clinical Record.

And - The prolonged use of phosphorus as a medi

R Hyoscin. hydrobromat.

.gr. To cament is attended with danger. (Bartholow.) Three times daily, for tremor.

- Qatmeal is very indigestible, and frequent For internal hemorrhage Prof. Gross dily gives rise to gastro-intestinal catarrh and

rects constipation. (Bartholow.)

R Acidi gallici..

gr. iij

Pulv. digitalis, -For a woman with chronic cystitis, at the

Pulv. opii, Jefferson clinic, Dr. J. C. Da Costa ordered the


ūã j M bladder washed out with a solution of boracic

Ft. pil. j. acid 2-3 grs. to 3 j, and benzoic acid, to be Sig.–Every four hours. given, in pill form, three times daily.

---For a girl with anæmia, in which the red --For a child aged 27 years, at the Jefferson corpuscles were found to be diminished nearly clinic, with the milder form of epilepsy and one-third in number, Prof. Da Costa directed catarrh of the duodenum, Dr. Rex ordered 10

a meat diet, 3 grs. sacch. pepsin at meals, and

the following: grs. phosphate of sodium t. d. and-

R Liquor. potassii arsen.

m iij Potassii brom..

Tinct. cinch. comp.


M. Sig.-Four times a day, in milk.

R v

Sig. Three times a day. -Where the iodide of iron is not well borne

---In typical connective tissue tumors the by children, Dr Rex advises the following:-

growth is circumscribed by a capsule of fibrous B Ferri pyrophoshat..

tissue, so that a circumscribed tumor simply Potassii iodidi..

.gr. ) Syr. limonis...

separates or displaces the surrounding struc

.gtt, xx Aqua destillat..


tures ; but there are other tumors which are Sig --May be given three or four times a day. diffused; they grow from the periphery; they

gr. ij

.q. s. ad.

.gr. %. M.

infiltrale surrounding parts. This distinction is strict economy in this direction, as happy very important to bear in mind in making an thousands can testify; and we hope, next year, anatomical diagnosis between benign and ma. to be able to so reduce our expenditure as to lignant tumors. Whenever you find a tumor make four medium-quality brains last us for surrounded by a capsule, the diagnosis is posi- twelve months. This ought to bring us new tive that it is not a carcinoma, but it does not subscribers ! follow that it is not malignant tumor. (Gross.) -To prepare antiseptic gauze" used for

For THE MEDICAL WORLD. dressing wounds, etc., Prof. Gross directs :- The Use of Peroxide of Hydrogen and GlycoBoil the gauze (to remove fatty matter) in a

zone in Therapeutics. solution of 16 lb. sodium carbonate to the gal Chemist, Graduate from the " Ecole Centrale des Arts

BY CHAS. MARCHAND, E.C.P., lon of water, for eight hours; rinse with clean

et Manufactures," Paris. water, and keep in the following solution: To

DIPHTHERIA. the pint of ordinary bichloride of mercury i

Diphtheritic micrococci.—Buhl, Hüter and to 1000, add glycerine Z ss, alcohol 3 j.

Oertel have demonstrated that, in diphtheria, _In the constitutional treatment of inflam- the membranes contain micrococci. Oertel mation, to reduce temperature, reduce the ar- found these micrococci in large numbers; not terial tension, and quiet the pain and headache, only in the diphtheritic membranes of the in addition to other measures Prof. Gross re

organs of the throat and their surroundings, as commends the following fever mixture :

well as the contiguous lymphatics, but also in B Liquor. potassii citratis.

.f3 ss the general circulation of the blood. Spirit ätheris nitrosi..


Micrococci are about 0.00035-0.001 milliTinct. aconiti....

gtt. iij Morphina sulphat.

metre in diameter, slightly oval and scattered, Sig.-Every 6 or 8 hours.

being generally found in the shape of short -In the case of a man with incontinuence of

chains. They also form continuous masses of urine following typhoid fever, urine highly " zooglea,” spherical or cylindrical in shape; acid, Prof. Da Costa ordered that he take no

and they thus penetrateby destroying them, sweets nor acids in diet, and the the following

the connecting and muscular tissues which surprescription :

round them. In some cases they obstruct the ☆ Tinct, cantharidis....

capillaries of the glomerules and the urinary Tinct, ferri chlor..

.gtt. xx

tubes of the kidneys. Syr, limonis,

Together with the micrococci, we find in the Aquæ, ca pts. æq. q. s. ad .........3j. M. diphtheritic membranes bacteria shaped like a Sig.–Take four times a day and reduce to three times a day.

small stick; but these are evidently accessories.

From what precedes, it is evident that diphCroup.

theria is nothing else than a microbic infecDr. Carpenter read a prescription given by tion, which must be mastered in its incipiency Dr. Shurley to the class, as follows:

by using as a local application the most power

ful antiseptics. B Pilocarpinæ muriatis. .gr. % to X Pepsinæ....

.gr. I to 14

Chemically pure peroxide of hydrogen, Acidi hydrochlorici.

.gtt. 2

which destroys micrococci with extraordinary Aquæ destillatæ..

3272 rapidity, gives the most satisfactory results. M. S-A teaspoonful every hour.

(See the New York Medical Record, Aug. 13, Gratiot Co. Mich. Med. Soc. --Amer. Lancet.

1887-"Dioxide of Hydrogen," by Dr. J.

Mount Bleyler; New York Medical Record, As to Brains.

October, 1888-“Some Clinical Notes of DiphIt has been estimated that we get a complete theria and the Treatment by Peroxide of Hynew outfit of brains about every two months. drogen,' by Dr. G. B. Hope.] The duration of a nerve's life is about sixty Then, whenever a physician is called upon days. Each flerve-cell has its own independ- to treat a well pronounced case of diphtheria, ent functions, subordinate to the higher func- he should at once administer diluted peroxide tions of the whole brain “en masse;" and the of hydrogen as frequently as possible, in the latter acts as a sort of boss or overseer to the form of gargles, or, better still

, by copious individual actions and life of each separate irrigations of the nose, throat, larynx and pharcell. Every cell is destroyed and renewed

ynx. . every two months, so we each get siz brand Diphtheritic membranes which develop in new brains per year ! This seems to us need the morbid centre are so destroyed as fast as less and wilful extravagance, which should they are reproduced. All these membranes not be encouraged. Personally, we practise 'disappear almost instantaneously as soon as

..gtt. v

they come into contact with peroxide of hydro- Dr. Joseph O'Dwyer, and which has already gen. But it might accidentally happen that been described in many of the medical jour. portions of them be carried into the stomach nals, by Dr. J. Mount Bleyer, Dr. Waxham, or in the larynx, which would cause a derange- | Dr. Dillon Brown and others, does not exclude ment, the consequences of which might be the above treatment. most serious from the fact that their action. In closing this subject of the treatment of would evade the physician's control. Then it diphtheria, I will take the liberty of saying is necessary to have recourse to an internal as that personal experiments authorize me to affirm well as the local antiseptic treatment.

that all the antiseptics recommended or used in To do this, instead of resorting to more or

the treatment of this terrible disease, even in less dangerous antiseptics, such as bichloride of small doses, are in varying degrees almost as mercury, sulphide of calcium, iodoform, or dangerous, owing to their corrosive and toxic other similar toxicants, experience has proved properties, as the disease itself. that glycozone in one-half or one teaspoonful For instance, cauterization with nitrate of doses, in a glass of tepid water, administered silver very seldom assists in the cure, and it every two hours, will prevent all complications, has been frequently noticed that it even renders without the least danger of poisoning, or with it absolutely impossible; because it destroys out even producing the slightest irritation of not only the microbic centre, but also the surthe mucous membranes of the stomach.

rounding healthy tissues which have not yet The irrigations are made after the method of been invaded by the micrococci. As to biDr. J. Mount Bleyer, of New York, by taking chloride of mercury, toxicologists know that it a soft rubber catheter and attaching it to å frequently causes poisoning by absorption. So fountain syringe, and thus apply it from one every one knows, or ought to know, that the nostril to the other. The pharynx and larynx absboring power of the mucous membrane vaare irrigated every two hours.

ries according to the temperament or the state Any similar apparatus constructed entirely

of weakness of the patient; from which it fol. of glass or vulcanized rubber may be used.

lows that, in a large number of cases, the most All metals except gold, silver, platinum and

skillful and careful physician would be abso. pure tin producing a more or less deleterious lutely powerless to control the action of such a effect on peroxide of hydrogen, physicians poison. must never lose sight of this recommendation

Then it is unquestionable that if the physiif they do not wish to expose themselves to

cians who have praised this mode of treatment exceedingly grave deceptions.

of diphtheria, with a solution of bichloride of Irrigations or gargles require the use of Chas.

mercury, had had the precaution not to recomMarchand's peroxide of hydrogen, 15 vol. C.

mend it as the one which would always give P. medicinal, diluted in proportions which the best results, they would have rendered a vary according to the gravity of the disease: great service to the medical profession; and 2 to 3 ozs. peroxide of hydrogen, 15 vol. C. P.,

more particularly to the unfortunate patients, with enough distilled or boiled water to make a

who, being subjected to this treatment, are pint.

liable to die, not of diphtheria, but of incidenIf, by reason of a too copious or too violent

tal poisoning. irrigation, the patient should swallow all or The bichloride of mercury treatment cerpart of the liquid, it need cause no apprehen- tainly kills more diphtheritic patients than it sion. The sensation would be more or less dis can cure ; albeit the destruction of diphther. agreeable, and he might even feel nausea once

itic micrococci with bichloride of mercury is or twice; but no fear of poisoning or of any unquestionable, and almost as rapid as its deirritation to the mucous membrane need be struction with peroxide of hydrogen. entertained.

Consequently, if theoretically the use of biIn fact, the nascent oxygen or ozone, which chloride of mercury in the treatment of diphwould then escape with exceeding rapidity by theria is most logical, it must nevertheless be immediate contact with the mucous membranes abandoned practically, inasmuch as its antisepof the stomach, always produces a slight prick tic properties are accompanied by corrosive ing sensation, which does not last more than and toxic properties which render its use as fatal two or three minutes when the peroxide of hy as the disease itself. drogen is diluted as above indicated.

Per contra, Ch. Marchaud's peroxide of hy. It is unnecessary to state that in some cases, drogen C. P., which possesses the same antiin order to overcome stenosis and increase the septic properties as bichloride of mercury, is chances of a cure, it would be prudent to re neither corrosive por toxic. Its use consesort to intubation. The operation, invented by 'quently precluding all danger of poisoning,

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