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:3 iiss.

about 250° C., which can be accomplished B Salicylic acid..

•30 grains. within two or three days without complaint on

Tincture benzoin..

45 grains. The air as on its way

Neat's foot oil..

3 iij 3 ij. the part of the patient.

M. from the thermometer to the mouth is considera

This treatment carried out daily for some bly cooled, and as the valves do not shut per- weeks will be followed with good results. fectly, outer air is also admitted-so that the

Dandruff and itching will disappear. Hairs inhaled air at 250° (thermometer) amounts in

which are stiff and dry become flexible and reality to only about 150°.

oily, and where no hair was hundreds of small 4. Should pulmonary hemorrhage occur, the hairs will make their appearance.

Of course inhalations must be suspended.

this only holds good when the hair-growth is 5. With hemoptysis the inhalations are to not destroyed. be continued, with the direction however that

In very obstinate cases the following is the inspiration must be as shallow as possible.

worthy of trial: 6. With acute pleuritic inflammation,rule 5

B Carbolic acid....

.15 grains. is to be observed, excepting when very severe,

Sublimed sulphur....

-75 grains. then rule 4.

Fat from a horse's neck.....

. 3 iss. 7. • After having finished a sitting, the pati

M. ent must keep the room for at least half an

The author relies very much upon pilocarpin, hour; then only may he be allowed, and even

which he prescribes either in the form of an encouraged-only however in favorable weather alcoholic solution or pomade : -to exercise in open air.

B Muriate of pilocarpin... 30 grains. As a matter of course, treatment by means


3 v.

Lanolin.. of hot air inhalations permits the fulfilling of

Oil of lavender.

.25 drops. any other therapeutical indication that may ap- M. pear necessary, more especially the administra

That the addition of balsam of Peru to hair tions I know of none.

pomades takes the place of an antiparasite is Dr. Louis WEIGERT,

well known, and the following would make an Internat. Klin. Rundschau.


efficient though somewhat expensive pomade: Translated from the Philadelphia MEDICAL

R Muriate of pilocarpin... ·30 grains.
Muriate of quinine..

60 grains.
Precipitated sulphur.

3 iiss. Balsam of Peru......

:3 v. Treatment of Baldness.

Ox marrow........

3 iij. Dr. Lasser (Therap. Ztsch., December, Before applying the pomade the scalp should 1888) recommends for alopecia areata the fol. be thoroughly washed with soap and water and lowing treatment: For the first six or eight allowed to dry; then the ointment should be weeks an experienced hand should thoroughly applied, but it should not be left on too long, soap the scalp for ten minutes daily, using for before being again removed with soap and rethis a strong tar soap. A good lather having applied. been formed, it should be removed with an Tar in the form of tar-baths is also an excelirrigator, using first luke-warm and then cold lent remedy as well as an antiparasite.-Munwater. The cold douching will, after several chener med. Wochenschrift, Dec. 25, 1888. repetitions, harden the scalp somewhat and prevent catching cold, After the scalp has

For Rigid Os and Perineum. been thoroughly dried the following lotion

Dr. Abraham Livezey, of Yardley, Pa., for a should be applied :

great many years has used a rectal injection of

a teaspoonful of tincture of lobelia in a suffiB Solution of bichloride of mercury, 8 grs. to 5 oz. cient quantity of mucilage of slippery elm,

Cologne water, āā Z ij 3 v.

flax seed or other mucilage, immediately after

a pain. This evacuates the bowels, making the Then the scalp should be rubbed dry with labor more cleanly, and relaxes the os and perialcohol, ninety per cent.,

to which

neum, rendering the use of forceps unnecessary half per cent. of naphthol has been added. in most cases. The well-known combination The scalp now being free from any fat what- of tincture of gelsemium and lobelia in suitever, the following is applied:

No. 51:



able doses by mouth will act almost as promptly.

* Their optimum is 37.50 C.; at 38.500 C. their growth is only poorly; at 420 C. their development Ceases entirely; if exposed to a temperature of 500 C.. they die within one month, and one single “ boiling up," 1.1., 1000 C. destroys them completely.


The index for World for 1888 could not be im.
proved on, and greatly adds to the value of the volume.
Six Mile, Ind.


..f3 iv

Anemone Pulsatilla in Gonorrheal Orchitis. resort to such a drug when it has absolute prop

Dr. Martel has employed anemone pulsatilla erties of which it is important to avail ourfor some years in gonorrhoeal orchitis with selves, and where the patient has an especially success. In 1885 and 1886 he reported a series

strong stomach," otherwise we do more harm of cases whic he had cured with this agent, in

than good by administering it. The stereotyped doses of thirty drops of the tincture in twenty

directions : " Take after meals,” is not always four hours. The drug has the advantage of right. mitigating the pains and enabling the patient

These remarks are suggested by common exto walk. Dr. Bazy has taken up the experi perience, and especially are borne out by the ments lately in the Hospital Midi, Paris, and result of some comparatively recent investigacommunicates to the Sémaine Médicela, No. 2,

tions bearing upon this subject, and with which an account of forty-eight cases so treated. In

we all should become familiar. thirty-five cases, recovery was complete; in Experiments dealing with the influence of ten, there was marked improvement; in two,

medicines, beverages and condiments upon recovery is uncertain ; and in one case the drug digesting mixtures have now been published by had no effect.

Fraser (Jour. Anat. and Physiol., Vol. xviii); Razy employs the drug in the following

Petersen (Lancet, 1886); Gluzinsky (“D. formula:

Archiv. f. Klin. Med.,” xxxix); Roberts

(“Dietetics and Dyspepsia." London : Smith, & Tinct. anem. pulsatillæ.......gtt. xxx Syrupi ..

Elder & Co., 1886); Eccles (N. Y. Med. Jour., M. Sig.-Dessertspoonful every two hours. Dec. ith, 1886); Fowler Dietetic Gazette,

July, 1887). The remedy is willingly taken and well borne

The results of these experiments clearly by the patients. Treatment must be continued showed that of the great variety of drugs until complete recovery occurs. The average employed, the effects of which in digestion time required for cure is eleven days. Wiener Med. Presse, Jan. 20, 1889.

were observed many markedly interfered with the digestive process, when given in apprecia

ble amount. The Interference of Remedies with Digestion. One lesson of these investigations would be

It is evident that the accomplishment of per- that those remedies known to delay or interfere fect digestion requires not only a healthful state with digestion should be given in that interval of the organs concerned, but of the nervous between taking food, when the digestive promechanism which animates and regulates their cesses are most nearly at rest. functions. When we consider on the one hand

-The Dietetic Gasette. the intimate and delicate relationship which exists between the nervous and glandular systems, and

The Modern View of Diphtheria. how susceptible it is to mechanical, chemical or physiological disturbances; and, on the other, This has been formulated by the Medical think of the properties of many of the drugs Register as follows: “A disease due to the which we are accustomed to administer, we need poisonous product of one or more germs found not wonder at the disagreeable and even disas

in the mouth, and affecting the human system trous effects so frequently produced upon the in proportion to our inability to dislodge them digestive processes and organs. Now, it cer

and their facilities for reproduction." tainly is not in the line of curative treatment to interfere with the nutritive processes by thus A very interesting article on the hymen, with striking at their very roots. There may possibly a graphic series of plates by Dr. E. S. McKee, be instances where it is advisable to establish a of Cincinnati, O., appears in the January

istolerance of the, at first, intolerable medicine.

sue of the Annals of Gynecology, of Boston, But we think that such a procedure will be Mass. found to be generally only admissible and valuable in chronic and pretty forlorn cases. Editor MEDICAL WORLD: It is well known that some physicians have

The Medical World is the best Journal for the the knack of prescribing very tasty and attrac- price that I ever read. The sample copy you sent me tive medicines, while others are notorious for is worth one dollar alone. their bulky and nauseous doses. A nasty

Nathan KING, M. D. remedy brings odium not only to the prescriber,

186 West Peters St., Atlanta, Ga. but to the profession at large. By its bulk, its taste, consistency, and very appearance nausea, A wash of equal parts of lactic acid and glyand even vomiting is often induced. This, to cerine is said to remove freckles, and to be begin with, is all wrong; and we should only harmless to the skin.

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Remedy for Chilblains.

employed, in Mosler's clinic, camphoric acid Sometime ago a correspondent asked for a

in one-half to one per cent. glycerine or alkaremedy for chilblains to relieve the burning line solution in the form of gargles, applications and itching. I have found bathing them in a

made with a brush, or inhalations, and has hot solution of baking soda and painting with

obtained good results in slight catarrhs of the

larynx, throat and bronchi. The action of R Alcohol...

.3 iv

.3j Acid carbolic..

washings of a twenty per cent. alcoholic soluM.

tion, diluted with lukewarm water to one-half

or one per cent., was especially favorable in give more relief than anything else.

two cases of chronic cystitis. [We have found balsam of copaiba a most

Given internally, camphoric acid seems to excellent application for chilblains.-ED.]

be of advantage in the night-sweats of phthisis.

It may be given in capsules containing fifteen Enuresis in Children a Serious Malady.

or twenty grains.-Schmidt's Jahrbucher, Jan. Prof. Waugh in a recent lecture said : Enu

15, 1889. resis is often the first link in a long chain of serious troubles. Children thus afflicted

CLASS-ROOM NOTES. become early and inveterate masturbators, which

From The College and Clinical Record. leads to spermatorrhea and prostatitis, later on to locomotor ataxia and insanity. They inherit -In a case of post-hemiplegic chorea, Prof. feeble constitutions. Some of these cases are Bartholow directed five drops of the fluid exabsolutely incurable.

tract gelseminum ter die.

-Prof. Da Costa regards the examination for Dangerous Antipyrin Compounds. bacilli of tubercle of the highest diagnostic value Antipyrin, when combined with spirit of ni

in the recognition of phthisis. trous ether containing any free nitrous acid, -The long continued use of hot water as a produces a poisonous compound which may be

drink is injurious, bringing about atrophy of called nitroso-antipyrin. It is characterized by the gastric glands. (Prof. Bartholow.) a greenish color after standing, and care should

- In the case of a man with aneurism of the be taken by physicians not to prescribe them

thoracic aorta, Prof. Bartholow directed low together.

diet, rest, ergot daily, and iodide of sodium The chemical action which occurs is ex

3j ter die. pressed as follows:

- In the treatment of the laryngeal compliCH,N,0 + HNO2=C,HN 0, + H2O.

cations of phthisis, Prof. Da Costa advises the Antipyrin Nitrous acid " Nitroso-Antipyrîn

insufflation of iodoform or application of From experiments it is also inferred that an

cocaine. tipyrin with belladonna makes a dangerous -In a case of inflammation of the patellar compound, the patients suffering severely from bursa, with accumulation of fluid, Prof. respiratory oppression, cerebral pressure, sen

Gross tapped the sac by a trocar, removed the sation of great discomforature and fright.

fluid and injected twenty drops of pure

carbolic Much care should be exercised in prescribing.

acid. antipyrin in combination with other remedies - In the treatment of' fetid bronchitis, until it is better known.- The Formulary.

Prof Da Costa recommends full support, cod

liver oil and carbolic acid, both by inhalation Foreign Bodies in the Alimentary Canal. and internally. When a foreign body, metalic, hard, sharp,

- Prof Bartholow directed in the case of a or otherwise liable to be dangerous, has been

man with ascites, the patient being already too swallowed, do not give purgatives, but rely upon

weak for any of the more active remedies, that a coarse vegetable diet--potatoes, bread, cab.

te abdominal muscles be faradized with a rabage, turnips, etc.

, but especially potatoes, with pidly interrupted current daily. sometimes the aid of a little opium, to produce

When ordinary remedial measures fail to large fecal masses, which will surround the

arrest hemorrhage from the lungs in a reasonforeign body, and carry it safely through. You

able time Prof. Da Costa recommends sulphate need not expect its expulsion short of from two

of copper in 72-74-78 gr. doses, or tinct. matico, 13 ss-j every four hours.

- In the treatment of tertiary syphilis Prof. Camphoric Acid in Catarrhs of Mucous Gross advises the following:

Dr. Max Neisel states in the Deutsche Med.

R. Potassi iodidi,..
Hydrarg. chlor, corrosiv.,

* Water.

to ten days.

gr. I. Wochenschrift, XIV, 40, 1888, that he has M. SIG.–Three times a day.

gr. x

gr. ss gr. j.

gr. iij.

-For after pains of labor, Prof. Parvin -In the treatment of mucous patches in the advises, if treatment be necessary, the fol- mouth in secondary syphilis, Prof. Gross lowing :

advises first :-dry with absorbent cotton R. Opii pulv.

and apply a four per cent. solution of cocaine; Camphora,

then apply the following with camel's-hair Ft. pil. j.

pencil : M. Sig.- Every hour till relieved. -When using the alkaline treatment for

R. Hydrargyri nitratis (acid.), ....

p.j acute rheumatism, during which anæmia or

Aquæ destillat.,

p. xij.

M. Sig.–Apply daily once, and between applicarelapses are liable to occur, give quinine

tions may use the following :from the middle of the attack and during

R Acid. pyroligneosi,

3 convalescence to obviate these conditions.

Aquæ destillat.,

f.Z viij.

. (Prof. Da Costa.)

M. Sig.- Use as a mouth wash.
-In erysipelas in strong, robust subjects,
Prof. Da Costa advocates the use of pilocar-

-In the treatment of chronic alcoholism, pine or jaborandi, gr. of hydrochlorate of

Prof. Bartholow says: For the disorders of pilocarpine hypodermically; repeated again in digestion, morning vomiting, loss of appetite, four hours, provided pronounced diaphoresis accompanied by wakefulness and nervousness

, has not occurred.

the appropriate remedies are abstinence, careful -Prof. Bartholow ordered for a case of

alimentation, and such tonics as quinine, nux posterior spinal slerosis, the use of the rubbing vomica, and the administration of bromide of wet pack, i. e., rubbing with a sheet dipped in potassium to procure quiet sleep. In the more water about the temperature of the body, and

chronic cases, where degenerative changes may in addition the internal administration of bi

be expected to have taken place, arsenic in chloride of mercury.

small doses, hypophosphites and cod-liver oil -For jaundice of three years' duration, with

are recommended, and should be given for

several months. evidence of specific disease, Prof. Bartholow

Chloride of gold and sodium directed

or corrosive sublimate will retard changes

taking place in the connective tissue, if given R. Hydrarg. iodidi viridis, Extract. belladonnæ, āā

early enough. Fiant pil. xxx.

-When hospital gangrene occurs, isolate the M. Sig.-One t. d.

patient at once. Remove the slough by -For the irritative fever of phthisis pul- roughly rubbing with sponge (immediately monalis, when treatment is absolutely necessary, burning the sponge used), cleanse with warm Prof. Da Costa recommends—

water, dry the wound and cauterize thoroughly R Antipyrin,

with chloride of zinc (with just sufficient water Quininæ sulph.,..

gr. j.

to convert it into an oily liquid) by means of Ft. j. in capsul,

absorbent cotton; allow cauterant to remain M. Sig.-Ore every few hours.

on ten minutes ; remove and apply antiseptic -As local treatment of the joints in acute dressings. An anesthetic should be administered rheumatism, among other means, Prof. Da during treatment; good nourishing diet and Costa advises the following :

opium to relieve pain subsequently. (Prof. B. Potassii nitratis.


Morph. sulph.,

-Aseptic catgut ligatures, chromicized for
Aq. destil.,


use on the larger arteries, may be prepared as M. Sig.-Keep the joint saturated. -For a case of phthisis at the clinic, Prof.

follows: Take 200 grains catgut; remove fatty Da Costa directed ol. morrhuæ f. Z iv t. d. ; in

matter by immersion in ether for twenty-four halations of terebene 3j to Oj boiling water and hours; wrap when dry on spools and immerse the following prescription :

forty-eight hours in following solution :B. Liquor. potassii arsenitis

m iij

R. Acid, chromic.,...
Tinct, nucis vomicæ

gtt. v.

Acid, carbolic., .
Tinct, cinchonæ comp.,.

Spirit. vini rectificat.,

f. 3 ij. M. Sig. ter die

Aquæ destillat., -In the case of a child with tubercular disease of the knee joint, after breaking up the ex

Remove the catgut under antiseptic precauisting adhesions and placing the part on a

tions; dry, wrap up in any aseptic impermeable splint, Prof. Gross directed rest, extension, and

material, and before using place for a short the following :

time in ordinary 1 to 1000 corrosive solution

to which one-fifth its weight of alcohol has B. Iodoformi,

p.) Unguent. simpl.,

been added; these ligatures cut through in M. Sig.–Rub well in twice daily.

about seven days. (Prof. Gross.)

gr. ij.

gr. ij.

gr. j gr. cc

f. Žviij. M.

P. X.

. Original Communications,

nal braces are of great service (1) by restoring

to some extent the obliquity of the pelvis, and Short articles on the treatment of diseases and experience (2) by affording an artificial support for the with new remedies are solicited from the profession for this intestines. In some cases of anteversion I indepartment; also difficult cases for diagnosis and treatment.

Articles accepted must be contributed to this journal only. troduce a Hodge pessary, and so succeed in The editors are not responsible for views expressed by contributors.

raising the fundus of the womb above the pubic Unused Manuscript cannot be returned.

bone, and when once raised to this position, Certainly it is excellent disciptine for an author to feel that what better method of keeping it off the bladhe must say all he has to say in the sewest possible words, or his reader is sure to skip them, and in the plainest possible der than by the application of an abdominal words, or his reader will certainly misunderstand them. Gen. erally, also, a downright fact may be told in a plain way;

supporter. and we want downright facts at present more than anything This is Prof. William Goodell’s theory and else.-RUSKIN.

practice as taught in the Medical Department In these columns, A is frequently used instead of 3.

of the University of Pennsylvania, and is based

upon good and sound theory. Uterine Displacements and Flexions — Their

V.-CLINICAL TREATMENT. Mechanical and Clinical Treatment.

Regarding vaginal injections in gynecologi[Continued from March number,]

cal practice, they are either simple or medicaEditor MEDICAL WORLD :

ted, cold or hot, and are used for different

purposes, as cases may demand their employIV.-MECHANICAL TREATMENT.

ment. This was at first attempted, if I remember Emmett is the great advocate of hot injecright, by the late Sir James Y. Simpson, Dr. tions in gynecological practice. The rationale Gaillard Thomas and others, and their object of hot vaginal injections is that hot water as must have been to obtain that point d'appui a therapeutic agent produces contraction of the externally on the pubes or sacrum. These blood-vessels and absorption of hyperplastic contrivances, of which many varieties exist, I tissue and plastic exudation. The nutrition of recommend heartily to be relegated to the the parts in question is not interfered with by nearest gynecological museum as inefficient, hot as it is by cold injections; for the relaxed unclean, and not unattended with danger. capillaries regain their tone and transmit the

Dr. Meadows invented an admirable instru- blood more rapidly, while the contraction of ment on the above plan, which is of great ser- cold is so severe as to arrest circulation entirely vice in those cases where a combination of if continued. intra-uterine, stem and vaginal support is called Permanent restoration of tone and calibre of for. Some years ago it was considered the blood-vessels depends on the high degree of worst kind of quackery to recommend an ab- temperature, large quantity, long duration and dominal brace. Opinions on this subject have steady perseverance—a proper position, with undergone great changes. Abdominal braces elevated hips, not to be overlooked. I will can do a great deal of good if employed prop- admit that there are counter-indications and erly and under certain circumstances. When- dangers in using these injections where there is ever a patient tells me that she feels as if she a possibility of injecting the fluid directly into needed some support, a brace does good, and the uterus in cases of lacerated or gaping cervix she should be supplied with it. A brace does and a patulous os internum, particularly in not remedy a malposition of the uterus in the retroverted and prolapsed uterus. least, but it relieves the uterus of the weight Astringent injections are mainly used where of the superincumbent viscera by narrowing it is desirable, after having reduced displacethe aperture of the pelvis, and in so preventing ment, to corrugate the vagina and cause conthe viscera from resting upon the uterus. If a traction of vaginal walls, thus aiding materially woman has lost her sigmoid curve in her spine in affording support to the uterus, the vulva at and so no longer preserves the obliquity of the the same time regaining to some extent its natpelvis—the axis of the trunk of her body being ural resiliency. The several factors that tended nearly brought into a position of coincidence to produce or keep up the prolapsed condition with the axis of the superior strait-an abdom- are gradually eliminated, or at least lessened. inal brace will act like a charm. In the nor- One of the best astringent preparations which mal pelvis the axis of the superior strait forms has proved so eminently successful in my hands an almost oblique angle with the spine. When is the extract of pinus canadensis, which I this angle has been lost, from excessive hard heartily recommend

heartily recommend. Any existing ulcerations work or any other cause, the visceral weight, of cervix and os uteri are speedily healed by the instead of falling upon the pubes, falls directly above-named preparation. The general health upon the uterus. In such an instance abdomi- must be attended to. Iron, quinine and

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